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The name's Sebastian. Sebastian Dabrowski.
I skateboard.
I am an actual Swordsman. No kendo, no fencing. Got me the katana for real and just self taught.
I have youtube videos. Just look up my name.
I love Halo, StarWars, manga & RuneScape.
I've never quit those ever. I started like around 12 in everything. Manga even got me into being a swordsman of my very own.
I got sent to jail for 4months before. While I was there I asked the Shredder (He was a Taipan/Eggeater Snake kind of guy) if he could teach me some thing or two about his style. He did. It was Brazilian Jui-Jitsu. He is a Bronze Belt.

He also taught me to workout. I was nothing but skin and bones.
AND SO I now weight lift, jog, Shadow Tai-Chi, and have incorporated water into my daily life as well.
I don't have plans for my future. But I am disciplined enough to accomplish a wife and family of my own. One day I shall.
Disney World would be kinda cool...

Halo Record: I played Halo3 for two consecutive years back before the master chief collection- so much so that Bungie emailed me a pre-code for Halo:Reach Beta. I Finished All the Halo games prior to Halo 5. H3 and Reach both got Legendary solo'd. H2 got Heroic. H1 got normal. ODST got legendary. Hwars got a normal. On HaloWaypoint I got the EVA Helmet for my Xbox Avatar. I got the katana on H3. I got about 1250 Gamerscore from Halo3 alone. As for Ranks in Halo3 I got to 34 in Lone Wolves. Made Field Major. and General Grade 4 in Halo: Reach.

StarWars Record: Made Captain in STARWARS: Battlefront 2. Kir Kanos and Quinlan Vos are my favorite characters. I support the Mandalorians Conquest more than any other empire.

Manga Record: I've Finished Yu Yu Hakusho, Rurouni Kenshin & Naruto. I couldn't finish Vagabond (it just stopped printing new chapters.) Death Note, Fairy Tail, Bleach, Cased Closed- I gave up on those more than half way in their series. They were fun but I just stopped for no reason. I still read One Piece (always up to date with that one) and I've recently started a romance with Vinland Saga.

RuneScape Record: I have been playing since I was 12 or something. I got 3 account banned somewhere in their 70s. Then I got this current one that's survived. I achieved 99 Ranged on it named Ice Cold Dew. Baron Ice Cold Dew.
97-99 was EOC.
On OldSchool RuneScape I recently achieved 99 Firemaking. About to achieve the Quest Cape.

P.S. For my tattoos I plan to have three. I got "DEATH" already printed on my right forearm. I will get a skull on my left bicep and a European Asp from my right shoulder spiraled down my torso(over my pecs, around the back, down my abs around my back again. From the shoulder point. So from the back first then my pecs.) But not until 2 years of rigourus training. So I have those abs and pecs first. Which I will, but wouldn't like to get the tattoo before hand. It'll be my vocation getting that tattoo.

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