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3 days ago
Current Anything is a thing here.
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1 mo ago
I don't know anything about Mahz, but I'd ~really~ like to have that vacation time off from work. (That banner has been there a while, yeah? =P)
2 mos ago
Unforeseen things hindering unpacking - but Sunday.i will at least be in touch (hopefully x.x )
2 mos ago
Only the moving part left of buying a house... then I will be back! If I still have people at this point haha. ^^;
3 mos ago
Level of commitment to writing - refuses to do so on phone because ‘is annoying’. Receives bluetooth keyboard. =D


  • 18+ = RP Partner Must Be 18+
  • Female, plays all pairings (MxM, FxM, FxF) and either gender. Lean towards MxM more often that not.
  • Adult Job = Work 3 13-hr shifts M-W EST
  • My Typical Response Time = One to two days for OOC, RPs could vary but will respond at least once a week
  • Typically High-Cas, can do Casual.
  • Friendly = OOC always chatty if partner wants
  • Roleplaying Limits = will not do torture, rape/molestation, etc actively. My characters might have it in their past though.
  • I like romance in my stories - I like depressing romance with a happy ending the best. But romance isn’t always necessary and I also appreciate a slow burn.
  • Savvy = Mostly do PM posts - so, my post count won't be reflective of how I do - and
  • Have been writing since I was 12. It is my only “hobby” though I don’t have some crazy superiority complex about it
  • Tend to fan-girl the characters of RPs I am in

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Inkarnate 3 days ago
I keep mixing you up with @Fading Memory.
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