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The next to step forth is the Sorceress, Alison of Waltone. She bows in the formal manner, offering a deference to the Princess as is required by tact and circumstance. She remains bowed as she speaks.

"I come to present the plight of my people as well; though the history of Waltone is rife with conflict against the Royal Family, I have served loyally in my time as matron of the House. I come here even now to pledge my services personally to this Quest. If it is within my power to do so, then I will ensure that the peoples of the Dale have their faith restored in the Line of Braedan." Her words were a calm and even presentation; a simple authoritative oath. "In return, all I ask is that you hear my plea; in Waltone, the dead do not rest. It started one year ago; those buried in the earth rise again, their spirits absent and their bodies filled with some unholy wrath. Each night, with the falling of the sun, the earth stirs and graves are torn asunder; even the bones of animals discarded after meals, if not handled properly, coalesce into a danger. At first I sought to end this on my own- but my powers have not revealed the nature of this curse to me, and I must seek aid from outside my lands."

As she speaks, a bitterness and resentment creep into her voice. She scathes by the end of her sentence, and rises from her bow; though the fury in her eyes is directed within rather than without, her vitriol for her own perceived weakness and for no-one else.

"The sun provides ample safety, but come nightfall my people are trapped in their homes and the magics of my bloodline are not enough to do more than stay off the threat. All I ask is that you consider the people of Waltone in this quest, as we all make our journeys."

She steps back, once again falling quiet at Crimson's side. Gen, once again, turns her head and fixes a ludicrous stare at Alison; her strangely piercing, fire-fuelled, gaze almost trying to bore into the noblewoman's skull from across the room. Regis flicks her with his tail, and Gen rubs her head and looks downwards, the fire in her gaze melting away into childish anger at her friend.

Vigil detects from Regis' demeanor and scent the following; Soft fear (Apprehension, nervousness; not Terror), The Remnants of Adrenaline (Fight/Flight, Is This Place Safe?), Exhaustion (Safety At Last? Can I Finally Relax?)

Mildred, calm under the passion of Dag'Tyr and the revelations of Amaryllis and Alison, curtsies towards the Adventurers at the bottom of the throne.

"Protectiveness and compassion are wondrous traits. Things I hope we can all learn and share together again. Allow me to take the first step, then; What are your names, little ones?" She asks softly; her tone seeming to even pierce through Gen's fervent and furious aura. The girl absentmindedly tunes the lute, looking to Regis. They share a look-

Vigil once again receives additional information from Regis' demeanor; The Fear Fades; The Adrenaline Calms; Tiredness Overtakes All.

Regis nods slowly, finally speaking up in a manner audible to most rather than his barking whisper;

"Regis. Tribe of Gen." He declares with the scratchy roar of a childish beast. Gen, emboldened by his declaration, points up at the Princess audaciously;

"Gen, yer Ladyship. Tribe of Gen."

Mildred gasps at that, and offers the children a delicate smile; "I've not heard of the Tribe of Gen before." She prompts them. "Nor have I heard of the Lady Gen's prowess as a musician. I'm told that your music bewitched the Tralaya; is this true?"

"Aye; what's it matter, Cos?"

"...Well." Taken aback, however briefly, by the girl's flagrant nature, Mildred recovers well and continues. "It takes quite some skill to accomplish that. How would you like to play for me here in the castle?"


"As I thought- What?" She was completely blindsided by that. "Forgive me, I admit I was making a presumption; Permit me to try that again." Mildred blushes ever so faintly, the color rising in her cheeks providing her much needed humanity to her spectral visage. "Gen, what is it you and Regis want to do?"

"Well..." Gen shuffles, tugging at her sack of a dress in a distraught manner. "I needed a Lute to earn coin, to buy a new dress, to feed Regis and meself, and then once that was all sorted we were gonna be big damned heroes."

Mildred's expression remains colored from her earlier embarassment, but now she smiles a bright and lovely smile of sincere joy at that response. Even Pyke breaks his stoicism with a chuckle, his natural charisma flowing through the room and setting the atmosphere at ease in a subtle way. The other guards and attendants in the room all seem to lose a tension that was unnoticed with Pyke's laughter; his mirth and Gen's earnest nature disarming most in the room, turning the severity of the throne room, in spirit, into the warmth of a tavern.

"I read the situation quite wrong indeed- If that is the case, Lady Gen, then you will receive those things in order. The lute will be paid for, you will have a new dress- and suitable travel clothes as well- you will be fed, and the Tribe of Gen will be most welcome on this quest."

Gen's eyes simmer, their fire fading into a childlike wonder and awe at Mildred.

"I suspect you'd find a way out onto the road even if I locked you in the tower, besides." Mildred mutters, more quietly. "...I'd feel better knowing you were with other Heroes, and with Ser Pyke, than on your own." She says more strongly, addressing the group at large once again. "I haven't heard of music swaying the creatures of the Dark except in the case of the most treasured Prospero."

"It is uncanny." The Noctem woman speaks at last. "If her playing. I mean. Her music. Like his. Prospero is generations. I mean, rather. He is Reincarnate. His skill is. I mean." Her fingers ripple outwards, into a frenzy of motion and cracking sounds as she pops her joints deliberately and makes complex signs in the air. "If the Girl can play like Prospero, even if only in the shadow of Prospero, then I welcome their might to the Journey." Her voice concludes this at last, her dark eyes cast into an even deeper shadow by her lowered head and the brim of her hat. "I have Heard Prospero. In my Dreams. Haunting. His music, that is. It is Feeling rather than Hearing."

"She gets it." Gen says suddenly. "I 'eard Prospero play too! It's why I wanted a Lute; to be like 'im." She, and thusly Regis after a stunned delay, sprints over to the Noctem woman and suddenly hugs her lanky, long, leg. The Noctem recoils visibly from the contact, but in the next instant scoops Gen up into her arms and holds her up on a shoulder; the darkness of her eyes as deep as obsidian- and just as sharp.

"The name. U'Nunlo. An Oath. No harm. Young Ones Safe. My eyes see all. I swear it."

Regis growls in a vague manner, circling around the Noctem Woman- U'Nunlo being their name, perhaps 'being' is the more fitting term; The Noctem Being- but at Gen's apparent happiness and comfort he, too, relaxes and lays down at the Noctem's feet.

"As for your other statements..." Mildred has recovered herself admirably in the quiet moment she was permitted by U'Nunlo's sudden interjection. "I will ensure they are added to the Quest. I will have the Temple observe Renyo's Gateway; that disturbs me greatly to hear, and I wish to comprehend it further." She nods to Amaryllis. "And as for you, Kinsman, you were well spoken. Your words and meanings are precisely why I am engaging this Quest. I suspect your words ring true for many in the land."

she goes quiet for a moment. Thoughtful.

"The Kin are Plagued. That is news, indeed; your kind have secluded themselves well, and little news has spread from the Shield Mountains... And this business in Waltone; why is it only now being brought to my attention, Lady Alison?" She asks, genuine concern in her eyes.

"I believed myself powerful enough to resolve it." Alison bit, her cold words chilling the warm atmosphere a few degrees. "It has become apparent I cannot."

Mildred makes a warding gesture, a calming one at that, and continues; "Very well, I can understand your desire to be self sufficient in these times. I applaud your coming here to Fenhall to petition and offer your services. Your power is welcome to the Quest..."

And she proceeds to elaborate on the Issues of the Lands and the Quest;

At this point, barring any other specific questions/conversations you all need to make, the discussion on the quest and the days of preparing will take place. This is a nebulous amount of time passing, allowing you all to roleplay together or talk to some NPCs as you see fit. You are given lodging in the Palace, where you are fed, clothed, and provided 100 gold each to mark the initial patronage of Mildred for The Quest.

Additionally, you all achieve Level 4; this is the official 'end of session 1'. Feel free to discuss in character or OOC the Quest, express any questions or do any Downtime Activities [such as 'Research', etc] that you wish to do, or otherwise prepare for the next step in the journey. Where you all intend to go and what you intend to do is up to you guys; this is a sandbox with hooks in it at this point. Alison of Waltone, Crimson her Bodyguard, Tomas Smithson, U'Nunlo the Ranger, Gen and Regis, and Ser Pyke will be your initial companions on the journey. this is a 'free roleplay' period until you all declare you're wanting to leave Fenhall and go on an Adventure.

The Quest is to Unite the peoples of Aesithas and Rekindle the trust in the Line of Braedan that has been eroded over the generations since the Reforging of the Blade of the Dale.

*Banditry in the Dale; the ordinarily disparate and small groups have been growing more ambitious and organized, the troubled and starving bandits of last year have evolved into a more disciplined and cut-throat calibre. Mildred has received rumor of patronage; someone funding, feeding, and training the bandits to prey on the peoples of the Dale. The only lead she has on this is the increasingly dangerous passage to the Southland Deepwood, and the abysmal news that comes from the region.

*The Heartlands, so nearby to Fenhall, as has been elaborated on by Amaryllis, have gone to Rot and Madness. Mildred wants an expedition mounted to delve the Forests and see if there is a Source of the Madness, and if possible for it to be cleansed. She expresses concern over a location that Amaryllis has heard of as well, though has not visited in her isolated growth; The Heart Spring. Mildred elaborates that in the stories of the Heartlands, the Heart Spring is allegedly a magical font of the Everbloom's nectar in the center of the forest; if anything has gone wrong, it must be there.

*The Shield Mountains are under Plague; Dag'Tyr's knowledge is new here, but she stresses that this is as critical as the other issues- and she will do all she can to lend aid to the Kin in the meantime. She arranges for a party of healers to be drafted from the Temple and the Castle staff to head there ahead of time to do what they can immediately.

*Waltone is under siege from the Undead. When the Party decides to pursue this avenue of the Quest, Alison will voice more information on this issue.

*The Zephyrites in Isolation; Mildred fears that history is doomed to repeat itself, with the Zephyrites once again secluding themselves to their Cloud Kingdom. However noble their aspirations and goals, and how important The Old Nimbus is to Aesithas, she wants the means to travel to the Cloud Kingdom to be rediscovered from the obscurity of time so that diplomacy can begin once again.

*The Badlands are in disarray; Mildred wants stability returned to the region, and she'd prefer it to be under the lineage of Tyrania in honor of her ancient oath to her own ancestor. Anything that regains the might of the Behemoths in full to the peoples of Aesithas is worth doing, and while she is only able to offer minimal information on this request, Vigil will, when the time comes, be able to elaborate more clearly on the issues of the Badlands.

*Ultimately, she wishes for a dignitary of each people to swear homage to the Blade of the Dale and reforge the Alliance of Aesithas. To this end, the Blade of the Dale will need to be recovered from the edge of the Lands Beyond. Once all other goals have been completed, she will personally make this journey with you all to recover her birthright.
Wow I missed a lot. Huh.
So does a DC of 12 mean I have to roll 12 or higher, or does it mean I have to roll higher than 12?

Meets = Beats, just like AC.
Also thank you @Fading Memory! When they rest for the day, I'll have to make Tsak work on learning Magic Missile. I think when we hit lvl four, I'll have her learn the Magic Initiate feat which will give her two Cants and a 1st lvl spell

Main reason I cast it, not gonna lie; I read how your class worked and tried to give you something to work with.
Alrighty, I have joined a new Pathfinder 2e game on a Bi-monthly schedule; so every other monday and every Sunday I will be disposed (probably). As for my missing this past Saturday of posting, that was to give Vigil his chance there; I’ll have a post up by the end of tomorrow to catch up.
Sounds good to me. The farthest I’ll take it is if Brut’s karma ever catches up to him, she miiight just let it catch up.
<Snipped quote by rush99999>

I'm going to have to say 'No' on that one. I don't think Intimidation can be done as a reaction. ^^"

If you want the official, then any skill check takes an action by all technicality; even doing an ‘insight’, for example, in combat takes it up without a friendly GM. Not advocating for a particular call at any point, just trying to be a little helpful. It’s why people doing active perception checks to find hidden rogues is so punishing, etc.

Edit: Loud and Clear on their Escape, Boss
On Alignment; 5e doesn’t do hard and fast, I chose lawful good because if she has a choice she’ll follow rules and do the ‘right thing’ by her perception, there’s no point in digging more specifically as far as 5e really needs. It becomes an argument for most people.

All I need from alignment personally is a general indicator; I expect Brut to be cruel and selfish, I expect Jub to just be selfish (whether to the point of ruin or otherwise; I don’t have a stigma against Chaotic Neutral like a lot of folks do), neutral good I see as the ‘normal adventurer’; go with your gut, etc.

It’s just a vague indicator rather than the oldschool cosmic war that I know and love.

Zavakri is truly not for gunning down fleeing people, it’s not her vibe; if Boss said I could non-lethal a spell it’d be different, but if they’re fleeing beyond my range/I can’t do nonlethal then my only choice left is to let them go from my charrie’s PoV.

@rush99999 all my memery aside, our folks may truly butt heads sooner or later; I’m just clearing the air and saying I’m quite alright with whatever needing to happen happening. I didn’t want to butt heads IC more than we have without saying my boundary/asking what yours was for cohesive gameplay.
@Dark Cloud that’s because the Flaming Fist are too good at being the biggest gang in town, they’re extremely efficient at bullying people.
That was moooostly a joke. Her local cops were the Flaming Fist, and her dreams and soul obey clockwork callings; she’s somewhere between cockney bystander and ‘These Are The Rules, They Must Be Obeyed’ Orwellian croney.
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