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I'm going to try and catch up over the next few days. I've fallen behind a bit in my recent frazzled state, and if I was holding up forward momentum of any capacity I apologize. Zavakri's kinda taken up the niche of quirky glass cannon so far and my slower pacing has backburnered my initial intentions to be a much more chatty and up front character- which isn't a bad thing, I thought I'd be able to post much more frequently (at least at first back when I first made her) but with the sheer volume of dialogue I need to write for her maybe my infrequency is a saving grace for everyone else's sanity.

That ramble is my way of saying 'if I get slow like this again, just ping me or something and let me know the intention to move the scene forward so I can try to keep up OOC with what's going on'. We have plenty of strong personalities so Zavakri not chiming in personally in every scene isn't necessarily a bad thing, anyways.
<Snipped quote by Bastian>

There's probably room! Excluding the Captain, we so far have three accepted characters, and given the shocking amount of interest, I'm aiming for around an 8-sized roster. You're welcome to take a shot if ya want! First come first serve right now.

Alrighty, update time: The fiance and I got much more involved in discussing the beginnings of our wedding plans in an impromptu discussion today and frankly I'm knackered. After rereading the last set of posts, my next one is going to be pretty 'short' and just establishing the scene of the tomb and will be up tomorrow evening after I get home from work. I now get to begin working out the 'new to DMing D&D on a forum' pains as I try to figure out the best way to balance player post-time with 'setting the scene time'.
Alright, moved it over and filled in the key equipment notes. If anything needs clarification or adjustment just let me know, I was trying to capture a vibe and may have gotten too wordy.

Edit: Added my 'long' background sections, expanding my outline. I have a new word processor to use, so I have some extra incentive to get to writing.

Edit 2: I have posted my 'Part One'.

Edit 3: Corrected minor capitalization errors and added basic height and weight information to homogenize sheet standard against others.
I can certainly work on a longer and more detailed backstory over time, I’m actually quite chuffed that you’re requesting it; I usually write too much and feel bad my first pass and have been working steadily to make more concise sheets. I’ll take that as a ‘mission accomplished’ and just have fun with expanding my outline for later.

Equipment will be filled out by tonight, and I’ll shift the sheet over at that time.

I just need to fill out her Equipment, otherwise this is complete. Posting now since I need to get myself to work and can finish that minor section tonight.
Alright, I'm stewing on an idea. I'll hit the boss up to clarify a few details then get something posted.
I'm not about to die or anything, I'm just stuck at about 70% energy and 30% brain power.
I continue to struggle with death.
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