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Current Yes, I'm an oversize child. Deal with it. :P
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That moment you've got too many rp ideas floating in your head, but you don't want to overwhelm yourself? Yeah... I'm right there, suffering in silence.
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RP hunting is like finding the rare toy in the cereal box. Doable, but the time and effort is nearly more than I can bare!
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That amazing high when you realized how far you've come in improving your writing. It's impossible to describe, but drowns you in a positive glow.
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I love being a terrible person by making my PCs' lives miserable, it's art form that never gets old or boring.


Personal details I've got enough room to share.

Nicknames....Fallen (preferred), Reaper, Devour of lost souls, etc.
Sign...............Libra (true to sign surprisingly)
Occupation....Wandering and exploring the caves of my insane mind
Location.........USA (Lost in the Cornfields!)



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Formaroth Part 2: Throne of Lies
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X-Men: The New Era - Issue II: Avalon Rising
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Legacy of Heroes: The New Age
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I'm wondering that myself. I sent him a pm a while ago (10 days), but I've yet to get an answer or feedback. And I've seen him online a few times.
Drey’s consciousness turned inward. He had slumped into the corner nearest Brair's cockpit, idly listening to the others board. His hand tugged at the shirt collar clinging to him. He hated being out of uniform, but the operation had its orders. Any possible evidence of Empire involvement avoided. No uniforms, weapons or other obvious clues left behind. Drey didn't think it mattered much. The Republic's blame would itself at their front door no matter what.

Ever the good soldier, he followed his orders. He traded in his Imperial uniform for a merc one. The pieces of armor had seen better days. Discolored by age, they had a dull, reddish coloring to the once gunmetal gray. He had them placed on his chest, legs, and face. They protected the most vulnerable areas. The helmet had a faded skull pattern painted over the front. It served well to hid his identity while blending into the unruly crowd of mercs. Underneath it, he wore a simple brown tunic and black trousers ending in boots. His weapons were close at hand with the blaster pistol on his hip and his blaster rifle rested beside him. Any traces marking it as Empire were removed.

When Briar rolled the cruiser to the upper right, his arms snapped and gripped his seat. His elbows locked in place to keep him from toppling over. A harsh grunt slipped past his lips when a heavier merc, far better armored, slammed into his side. The guy muttered an apology as he straightened up immediately.

“It’s a rough ride, don’t worry about it.” Drey genuinely sounded unbothered by it.

Briar had talent as a pilot, but her flight patterns often left newbies rattled or queasy. In one’s case, Drey heard him hurl chunks on the metal grate. Drey couldn’t help the soft chuckle muffled by his helmet. When Briar’s voice came over the speakers, his hand moved to his blaster rifle. He quickly unclipped the seat's straps and stood upright. While the others were filing toward the boarding tube, he looked at the door to the cockpit. A few moments passed until life stirred from him.

His index finger curled then he did a few quick taps on the cockpit’s frame. Back in the day, whenever he departed from her ship, he started this tradition. It was his way to let her know she did well. Drey knew he couldn’t exactly tell her right now or guarantee he would survive to tell her afterward. So the little gesture worked best.

He inhaled.Go time, he thought then he began to file out with the rest. He doubted that Captain Corvinian knew he was on board because the rooster was vast. Drey truthfully didn’t know how Collem might’ve reacted to his presence, but he didn’t risk a negative one. Besides, he was a soldier first and a friend second.

Drey rushed out into the hanger. He followed the last of his boarding party right into the thick of the fighting. Heavy blaster fire came in from all directions. The Republic troopers attempted to advance. They failed.

A man next to him went down. The shot to his head took him down fast, the corpse crumbled and others kicked it away. No respect for the dead until after the fight. Drey hunched down. He overheard orders for counter fire. His eyes found nearby offloaded cargo crates and slide into cover. He took a knee then listened to the shots. His eyes caught the form of a Falleen Sith slip into one of the far, less busy corridors. Naturally, the Jedi went for the bigger threats: the Sith. The Jedi scum, unfortunately, numbered the few Apprentices he counted earlier. Eventually, a Jedi would cross their path. For now, Drey discarded this thought. Worry didn't help survival odds.

A bolt hissed as it darted past his helmet.

In response, Drey pulled up. He fired the blaster rifle trigger three times. One trooper dropped from a blow to the head, another clipped in a shoulder and the final shot missed. He dropped behind the crate. The man next to him popped up. He let out his own two shots and also dropped down. Like a well-oiled machine, they took turns firing in rotation. The blasts were random as they observed each other’s stance, ready to take the other's place. Drey’s heart began to thump heavily against his chest. The adrenaline filled his head until it buzzed, the idea of surviving death lingered at the back of his mind.

“Fucking Republic,” his shooting partner hissed.

“I rather deal with Republic troopers than the Jedi. Eventually, one will cross our path if the Sith don't deal with them.”

The man got back up and fired, “Are they that tough?”

“Haha, you better believe it. One on one combat, you want to avoid at all costs.” Drey answered and took his turn.

He spotted a Republic trooper take a chance and rush ahead of schedule. When his ally rose for his turn, Drey’s hand shoved his head back down. The man went to curse at him, but a blaster shot narrowly missing his head. It silenced him. Drey turned back to his 'friend'.

“I think it’s time to switch up the pattern. Don’t want them picking us off, right?” He suggested.

“Right,” the merc said, catching his breath again. The shock poured into his stature, but Drey continued to ignore it. For the man, only gaining experience would change it.

“You toss a flash grenade and I’ll give you cover fire. Ready?”

The man nodded. Drey counted down on his fingers before he rose and opened fire. Several shots flew toward the enemy. The last few stranglers dropped down for cover again. A few mercs, seeing Drey’s aggression, joined in his attack. A firestorm provided the perfect cover. The young merc pulled the pin then tossed the flash grenade. Drey's hand jerked to cut his neck as a universal gesture to stop. All fire died down from his improvised team.

Seeing an opportunity, the enemy looked out from cover and aimed to return fire. A blinding flash followed by a deafening sound met them instead. Drey briefly ducked behind the metal crates until it died. He gestured for half of the mercs to advance before the rest started a new round of blaster fire on their targets.

Drey watched the surviving troopers slip into the nearest corridor. Once in a while, they stopped to fire causing Drey and his team to seek cover. Seven mercs had followed him into the upcoming storm. It became a shitty one soon enough. A human woman in her late twenties walked down the hall with purpose. Her hand pulled a metal cylinder into it. It hissed to life, a green blade of light at the end. A Jedi had arrived. She began to bat away the blaster shots, deflecting them into the walls or floor. A lucky shot almost hit a merc on occasion.

“Shit, fine.” Drey looked to the men.

“Open fire with everything you got, but aim for the allies, not the Jedi. She will hold back to protect her allies. Don't stop firing until they stop moving. One of you get a grenade ready and toss it at the Jedi’s feet. I’ll do the rest.”

They nodded then began to pour down a hail of fire on the small group. Drey pulled his helmet off. He needed the full range of sight for this shot. The earlier merc he befriended had gotten out a grenade and looked at him. He smiled then counted down from three.




The explosive bounced toward the Jedi’s feet. Immediately the Jedi stretched out her hand to send it. She spotted Drey move into position too late. The aim to spread out her focus working perfectly.

As Drey pulled from cover, he aimed for the grenade. When the Jedi moved to throw it back, he had already fired twice. One-shot at the grenade, the other at her ally. Drey just smirked.

An explosion engulfed the Jedi and her allies. It sent their bodies into the far wall as they crumbled into the floor. When it died, Drey and his team continued. Drey stepped over the corpses. He paused at the Jedi's. He aimed his blaster rifle down and double-tapped. The Jedi's body twitched from the impact but it didn't move again. He couldn’t be too careful with these force users as he rushed to catch up with the other mercs.
Late arrival Drey Remun reporting in. I'm working on a post, but he'll have been there the whole time and with the main force of mercs. Aka, a face in the crowd for the moment. A perk of an Imperial trooper he can blend in until he decides not to. I just need time to sort out the scene in my head first for my post.
Lo Lya’Tre sighed. She rested her elbow on the bunk’s edge and rested her muzzle on her hand, her eyes scanned the room’s interior for a distraction. All her efforts failed. Her fur rippled from the boredom creeping into her mind. It battered at her wall and created fissures, allowing her worry to spill out. They swirled and spread outward. A blackness centered around her heart where it threatened to strangle it. Feeling the anxiety building, Lo closed her eyes.

She reached deep inside herself. Her breath inhaled then exhaled, letting the fear flow into the air. In and out, her mind focused on her breathing exercises. Slowly the dark thoughts faded with the passing minutes. It wouldn’t last, but for now, she had clarity in her thinking. A temporary peace. It frustrated Lo never to feel it for longer than a few hours a day. Every time she relaxed, a situation brought her negative thoughts to hound her. She hoped in time, she could better deal with her insecurities. For now, her efforts would have to be enough.

A spike of energy caused her foot to tingle and twitch. She glanced to the side and sighed, feeling her body become restless. Her mind turned to her internal clock. Though she lost track of the days, she still held onto the twenty-four hours in a day. According to it, Dai’s shift ended a few minutes ago. The human was a part of the crew and been Lo’s assigned bunkmate for the journey. Dai’s grumpy attitude had indicated she hated the idea of a bunkmate, in private soften toward Lo. This confused the young Bothan enough to ask Master Arv why. Master Arv, one of two Jedi knights that accompanied her from H’Ratth, had hinted it had to do with her age. This left Lo with mixed feelings on the matter. Still, she knew it didn’t hurt to be friendly.

Her thoughts were distracted when she felt her force sense tug at her. She turned her head in time to see Dai open the door and slide in, closing it behind her. The harsh expression melted into compassion. As she moved past Lo, the girl took the gentle pat on her head. Casually Lo turned about, watching her friend sit upon the bunk and rub her face.

“Everything all right?” Lo asked quietly.

Dai paused, peering one eye through her fingers. She sighed then dropped her hands to her lap. The hardened woman struggled with the right words before pouring out her thoughts in a blunt fashion.

“Yeah, I think. Just worried about your future is all. You’re so young and it’s hard to believe you’re a Padawan.”

"I don't look like it, but I am. I'm also proud to be a Jedi. I’m going to help the galaxy.”

Dai smiled, her hand raised to flatten out her hair back. “Just… be careful, okay? Maybe we’ll see each other from time to time.”

“I’m sure we will. Don’t worry about me, I’ll be okay. I won’t do anything stupid.”

“Good, night kid. I’ll see you around.”

“Night Dai.” With that parting phrase, Lo exited the bunk and searched for Jedi knights Typhis and Thorne.

“Lo, settle down. You’re more jittery than a wild nerf.”

Lo turned to look at Jedi Knight Typhis letting out a chuckle. She frowned, unsure what to reply to that. The Zabrak simply flashed her a reassuring smile. It revealed his sharp canines, but he had good intentions. She learned this on numerous occasions while riding the speeder bikes late into the evening. Tribal tattoos decorated the sides of his face down to his shoulder and she suspected also the arms. His skin took on a pale yellow color that reminded Lo of the desert pictures in the library. She found it rather pretty since it drew similarities to her lighter fur.

“You know he’s right. I rather not tell Master Rothul that you tie yourself into knots.” Jedi Throne joke, his amusement caused Lo to stop fiddling with her fingers.

“I’m sorry. I know I should be better, but I can’t stop.” Lo examined.

“It’s not something you can make stop, but learn to deal with. Just trust that in time, Master Rothul and you will learn the key to dealing with it.” Typhis sounded confident enough that Lo smiled.

“I hope you’re right.”

“Have faith, now prepare yourself. I believe we’re landing shortly.”

A loud rumbling deafened everyone in the shuttle as it began to land. Lo held onto the straps securing her into place. Her fur flattened against her body until the shuttle grounded to a stop. One by one, the two Jedi casually rose from their seats. Typhis gestured Lo to follow them toward the exit ramp. She nodded then hopped onto her feet, walking in their wake. The trio entered the docking bay while the staff brushed past, all of them working to unload the supply crates.

“Someone should be along to pick you up shortly. We have to make our reports and finish up other businesses. Try to relax, little Lo.” Throne encouraged as they left her alone.

Lo Lya'Tre, a newly christen padawan, has arrived on Tython. While waiting for Master Rothul to arrive, who will she encounter and how will she pass the waiting period? She only hopes she doesn't die from boredom before she becomes an official Jedi.

This Thread is for Lo to gain interactions with other Jedi characters, create relationships, and pass the time while waiting for Master Rothul to arrive. I'm open to any suggestions for mini-adventures, activities, etc. Merely suggest it and we'll discuss it as a group. Who knows, we might get into a speeder race across the planet's landscape. The thread might come to its conclusion when Master Rothul's player intro her character into it, but that's up for debate and flexible.

If you decide to hop in, please pop in a link to your character sheet in the character tab.
Cast of Characters

Lo Lya'Tre
*scratches* Been too long since I made a thread on this site...

How long do you usually write?
One to two to several paragraphs

Do you enjoy writing collaborative posts for things like conversations, combat, etc.?

Is grammar and depth of writing important to you?
Yes, to the point of understanding. I'm not a Nazi about it, but I want to be able to understand it without struggling.

Are there any writing subjects you particularly enjoy exploring?
Grey shade stories. I like showing different sides of a single coin and exploring character development.

Is there anything you really dislike and want to avoid like the plague?
Auto-killing and god-modding my character.

Is there something you are uncomfortable with happening to your character?
For this one, I'm pretty all right with most things. As long as you check with me first of course.

Do you have any short-term or long-term goals with this character?

Short term
I didn’t have a Jedi character or a less traumatized character. So I made Lo to fill in that role, hoping to write out her journey from start to end as a Jedi. I also wanted to give the players of Master Dominik a little padawan to heal the hole his first one left with his death. I do hope someone scars her during her journey into the galaxy.

Long Term
The only long term goals I have are getting Lo up to at least Knight and maybe Master eventually. If anyone has ideas or wants to include her in their own individual plots, I would love it. Even if you just need a rival Jedi to counter and challenge your Sith at key milestones.


For now, these are the baseline of what I knew for sure. As she grows and develops, her CS will alter and reflect that. Including new flaws or strengths and skills.

Uh hello guys where may I inquire about a possible audition/join in sheet or something. I'm really interested in joining, However I haven't been on this site for a long long time so Im a little fuzzy on the etiquette so please cut me some slack.

Still open for new people. Just look over the OP, pop in the discord if you want to, and create a CS to post in the OC.

How long do you usually write?
One to two to several paragraphs

Do you enjoy writing collaborative posts for things like conversations, combat, etc.?

Is grammar and depth of writing important to you?
Yes, to the point of understanding. I'm not a Nazi about it, but I want to be able to understand it without struggling.

Are there any writing subjects you particularly enjoy exploring?
Grey shade stories. I like showing different sides of a single coin and exploring character development.

Is there anything you really dislike and want to avoid like the plague?
Auto-killing and god-modding my character.

Is there something you are uncomfortable with happening to your character?
For this one, I'm pretty all right with most things. As long as you check with me first of course.

Do you have any short-term or long-term goals with this character?

Exploring the differences between Military life in the Empire and working under Sith.

Fleshing out life in the Empire and showing that Troopers aren't just empty headed flesh bags. They don't always miss and when killed, they leave something behind.

Make a fun soldier style character that others enjoy interacting with. Either when they are shooting at him or fighting with him.


I designed Drey as a non-force using character that could be involved with the Military and the Sith. This means he's just as likely to be put on military missions as he is to be working under a Sith. I wanted to explore how someone in this position would have experienced and seen the world in the Empire. He is also available to add to anyone’s story as long as you don’t use him purely for canon fodder or intend to set him into a situation he will not logically survive.

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