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Can anyone give me the precise suicide burn time for a KSP2 landing ? I need to save fuel for this!
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Depression is about to take a hold of me again... Let's see how long it lasts this time...
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Vacation! It's just one week, but that's WAY better than nothing!


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@jerkchicken @hokumpocus @fetzen @13org Hey guys! Things have been a tad quite just wanted verify whether the reason is real life or if some of you have dropped. No worries either way. This is a hobby, not a commitment :)

I've been facing some major health issues recently, but still it would be a lie if I said that I had not simply forgotten about it being my turn to post. So shame on me! I'll try to fix this tomorrow -- it's already approaching midnight for me and I just came home from work.
The invite link is no longer valid :(

Location(s): Witches' Paradise
Interaction(s) with: Aromull @TheDoctor

The remainder of the evening and especially the night after had not been particularly benign to Andvari's mood to say the least. After his return to the tavern the hunter had been confronted with the issue of properly treating his wound. A thick layer of bandages could stop a bleeding, but with the projectile still buried inside the flesh infections and other problems were bound to come up. Luckily he had not been forced to try the procedure himself, but someone else fumbling around with a crude pair of pliers and a lot of pure alcohol poured along their path was no nice experience either.

The rings around Andvari's eyes were telling a story about how well the man had slept last night. Somewhat lethargically and with his shoulder wrapped in a new layer of bandages the hunter sat on a chair and leaned back against the wall. He had been doing so since early in the morning, grabbing one of the first plates of food that had been available. Along with the empty plate lay his crossbow on the table as he had been trying to find out how to handle it properly with the constraint of his left arm being limited. The results had turned out to be somewhat mixed, another reason why he did not look very happy.

The third and probably most grave reason for Andvari's current discomfort however raised its ugly head again once Aromull asked if there were any lost hunters. "Has anybody seen Emiliah ? If not then she's missing!" It stung deep inside him that there was the very possibility of him being the ultimate cause for her demise. After all he had injured her, even though only accidentally, but still. What if it really had been because of this wound that she had not been able to make it back ? On the other hand she had run into that madman who could be an important part in the equation as well. "Also I haven't seen another man with a large gun again. He was the last one I've seen together with Emiliah."
I'm sure giants and half-giants can become friends!

Or... I hope so... Otherwise... Erm... Yeah.
I'd be interested in this :)
I just noticed that with over three years this is the longest running RP I have ever been in, including the previous roleplaying site I was on before RPG.

Thanks for being allowed to be a part of this!
Saph & Andvari
A collab between @Kitty and @Fetzen

Location(s): Anonymous rooftop in Seren's Folly and the streets below
Interaction(s) with: None

“Mr. Gumpy Wolf ?” Andvari asked, breathing heavily since the pain so far had only become more intense. He was very surprised and equally glad about Saph’s sudden arrival, but the wording intrigued him. “Do you refer to your pet or to a human ?” Actually he would have been more happy about the former since at this point he had had his share with possibly crazy hunters. Animals could be much more reasonable at times, at least if not in particular circumstances.

“If it helps I can tell you that you don’t need to worry about goblins capable of more than the most basic forms of attack. I accidentally hit Emiliah’s hand when she got surprised by a goblin and I decided not to wait if she’d survive the wrestle perfectly well on her own. She hurried away, but then another guy showed up and decided to try and kill me with his rifle at first sight, no questions asked.”

“The big wolf of course! No one is as grumpy as Hunt is, although sometimes Uncle Bobby comes close.” Sapphire walked to the edge of the roof looked down at the last amount of goblins left below them as she listened to the man explain how he got the gunshot wound.

“Hunters shouldn't attack hunters… it was probably a misunderstanding though! Plus you aren't dead so that is a plus!” She cheerily said. Soon a growl was heard before a black shadow darted into the crowd of goblins at the base of the house trying to find a way to the two. “Yay Hunt is here! Do you need anything before I go kill off the rest of the goblins?” the small girl turned and looked to the injured man, the wind ruffling her cloak as she stood on the edge of the roof awaiting his answer.

“Well yeah, still being able to fist that madman into his face definitely is a plus! However that is assuming that my shoulder will ever work properly again” Upon Saph’s question Andvari looked around, primarily at himself, in order to check if there could be even more wrong than he was currently aware of. “I’m afraid I can’t be of much help from up here and as long as I can’t use this, but I think I won’t need any immediate assistance as long as the goblins stay away.”

Having said this, the man’s other hand reached to the piece of clothing underneath his leather armor and he ripped off a chunk of it in order to press it tightly against the entry wound. By now a rather considerable amount of blood had poured out and he had no intent of letting this continue any further.

Sapphire nodded in response before turning to face the street, her back to him. “I will be back when they are all dead.” The girl pulled her hood back up, a grin spreading on her face as she crouched and then jumped off the roof, flipping and landing in the middle of the goblins. There was a short moment of silence as no one moved and the creatures simply stared at her. Then they all seemed to let out a warcry as they charged towards her.

She pulled the same move that she had earlier, bending and spinning, catching goblins with her scythe as she did. But when she stopped her spinning she took a step forward launching some of the goblins into the building across the street. Some of them just launched with the goblins that met the actual blade of the scythe.

At the perfect time Sapphire jumped and landed on Hunt’s back as he ran through the group grabbing a goblin’s head in his jaw and crushing it. He hated the taste of the blood but he was always treated to big juicy pieces of meat by Saph to get the taste out. He may get annoyed with her but she did spoil him.

As she sat on Hunt’s back, Saph glanced back to see how many goblins were left. Not too many. Perfect. “You know what to do Hunt!” She called as she adjusted her legs so she was riding the wolf like a horse and leaned forward, her main arm holding her scythe extending back so the scythe’s blade formed a 90 degree angle in a way with Hunt’s body.

Hunt ran, turning around before running straight at the goblins but on the side so the scythe cut through the midsection of the goblins within the blade’s reach each time they did the maneuver. They did this until the goblins were all dead, Hunt came to a stop and Sapphire hopped off.

Saph was quick to look over her wolf for any injuries. He had a few small cuts from the swords and knives of the goblins but they were shallow and could be easily taken care of. Sapphire herself had a few minor cuts herself, none too deep that would make her brothers, father, mother, Aunt, or Uncle freak out; maybe she did have one or two deeper ones but it was expected when fighting goblins.

“Okay Hunt, just head on back to the tavern. Aunt Sophie will know to give you a big piece of juicy meat from me!” Saph didn’t even wait to hear if he’d reply, causing the wolf to huff and simply sit down as he watched the girl climb her way back up to the roof, using her scythe as the main tool to do so. Hunt would wait for Sapphire before he returned himself, she got into trouble too easily and he was not leaving her alone.

“You still alive up here?” Sapphire asked as she finally pulled herself up onto the roof, placing her scythe in its holder on her back as she approached the man. “I forgot to mention, I’m Sapphire. That’s my name, what’s yours?!”

As Saph was on her way back onto the roof, Andvari was busy raising himself to his full height again. He had wanted to see what was going on below for himself and if he could help somehow, but the fact that the huntress suddenly reappeared could only mean that she was ‘done’ somehow. Still pressing the piece of cloth onto the wound he approached her, then being able to see the mess below on the street.

“Impressive…” was his first reaction, even before telling his name: “I’m Andvari. Andvari Markat, to be precise.” Seeing all the dead goblins and gore below caused his stomach to turn over and while the color in his face turned towards a green-ish hue he was able to hold back his desire to throw up just barely. “I guess cleaning up this will take a while. However I currently can’t even hold a shovel.”

The huge man took a step back away from the edge of the roof, but it was more of a tumbling one. “Do you know if there’s any good healer in this village ? I really could need one once the more critical cases are dealt with. Also… have you seen Emiliah ? I hope she’s still alive!”

“Pleasure to meet you! And to answer your question I know of one really good healer… but last I saw she wasn’t doing so great herself. I know there are a few others, not as good as her though, but they help out when she can’t.” Sapphire mentioned.

“We should get to the street and get back to the tavern. Don’t want you passing out and falling off the roof. As for Emiliah, no I have not seen her. She is quite talented though, so don’t worry bout her.” With that Saph, jumped back down to the street and awaited Andvari. She and Hunt, whom she now noticed had stayed, could offer support to the man as they walked. As ridiculous as it would look, she was stronger than she appeared so she would actually be of some help.

Andvari stepped forward towards the edge of the roof, slowly and carefully. For a brief moment it almost looked as if he’d just topple over the point of no return and fall, but he caught himself, sat down, and then took the much smaller leap from that position. From up close only part of the mess on the streets was in his view, but with much more detail that did not exactly help to make him feel better. Slowly he started moving towards the tavern, but soon his hand reached out for hers for additional support.

Sapphire was quick to grab his hand and put it on her shoulder, Hunt coming up on the other side to provide additional support. “Don’t worry, we got ya.” She informed him as they walked by his side the whole way to the tavern.
Someone who apparently has not been me in my last post should start to include @IcePezz in the list of notifications, otherwise our strategy of copying the list from the previous post, replacing one's own tag with that of the owner of the previous post and posting the result as the new tag list will fail forever!
No more trees... An-Hasst initially felt anything but sure about what he should think of this. On one hand he was a part-time wood elf and as such very fond of large plants growing as they provided good cover and advantages to anyone with superb mobility and agility, on the other hand he also was a part-time giant, more fond of open areas like this one. In any case however they were standing in front of a very interesting phenomenon. A densily populated forest did not stop spreading for nothing, but only for a good reason like too much height up a mountain or a natural obstacle.

"The statues look quite intact, so I doubt they have been standing here for eons. The question is what has made all the plantlife disappear and not repopulate this area over time. I don't see even as much as grass."

The Skayleigh stepped closer to one of the giant stone men, craning his head to look up to that of it. The statue 'merely' was about two times taller than him, so its arms were in his reach with a little effort. He wrapped his strong hands around the stone wrist above him, then pulled himself up hoping that nothing would break. Using all four limbs in order to get more friction An-Hasst crawled upwards until he could see over the stone man's shoulder and into the rocky void ahead of them. A quick inspection later he jumped down again so he didn't have to talk that loudly.

"Nothing... at least for a mile. I don't see why we shouldn't continue here as we'll probably have to cross this area on our journey anyway, but I also wouldn't be surprised if we'd encounter different animals than in the forest. If any, that is. Does anyone in the village know about this ?"

@Mortarion@Gardevoiran@BCTheEntity@POOHEAD189@Stormflyx@The Fated Fallen

Interacting with: Emiliah (@Ellion) and Mat (@TheDoctor), though only indirectly
Location: Anonymous rooftop in Seren's Folly

Andvari could see Emiliah rush towards another man, another hunter apparently that had just popped up in the street. He seemed to be at least as injured as she, very unfortunately and even so by his own hands, had become. Andvari didn't know the male person, nor could he understand any of the words they were exchanging from this distance and with various fights going on around him. Yet he did understand the immediate meaning of an elongated item with a trigger on one end a steel barrel on the other that was being pointed towards him.

Did he manage to hide and cover in time though ? Not even remotely. The bullet was faster than the sound of the gunpowder exploding, but when the surge of pain set in the latter had already passed and blood had started to pour out of Andvari's left shoulder, drenching the woolen lining underneath the leather. It was a feeling of warmth he very well could have done without at this point, especially since the root cause of it was a comrade! Or an ex-comrade for that matter! He would beat the shit out of this man, stomp on his torso until at least a few ribs were broken! Or maybe he'd even let the 'beak' on the front of his crossbow punch into his gut and rip it open, allowing him to pull out the stinky contents and hang their owner from the next lantern with it, on one leg and upside down! Or maybe Bobbdy or someone else who had not lost his mind would do something like this!

Just seconds later however this purely hypothetical inrush of fancy ideas for revenge collapsed though. Andvari could feel his legs growing weak and starting to buckle. He had to lay down or he'd risk falling off this roof in an uncontrolled manner. He dropped his weapon before sitting down himself. His left arm was shot quite literally and lacked the strength, precision and freedom from pain necessary for being of much use anymore, so what to do now ? Just sitting here and doing nothing didn't sit right, if not for the others still in the fight then at least for the fact that he'd be rather defenseless if any goblin would finally manage to crawl up here. Maybe they could even smell blood and were attracted by it ? On the other hand he couldn't just climb down while the streets were such a mess...

Using his legs and his still intact right arm Andvari tried to load another bolt while sitting on the roof. If any goblin would come up here he'd at least have one more free shot to go on with, but it wouldn't be easy to resist the temptation to just return the favor to that crazy guy that did this to him. He'd have to try and hold on to the thought that his own, accidental mistake now was shadowed by another act of friendly fire that had been commited on purpose. In this state a perfectly healthy anonymous crazy guy actually would be of much more use to him than an anonymous crazy guy who had been impaled by one of these enormous bolts only one person in this village probably had around.
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