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4 hrs ago
Current If it feels like you got hit by a truck, it means the microchip is working.
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6 hrs ago
What if we want none?
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13 hrs ago
I had a weird dream. Basically I was in a dungeon crawler type RPG, but I could trigger flags like in a visual novel.
21 hrs ago
Just heard gunshots a few blocks east of my place. The Twin Cities are going to turn into another war zone, aren't they?
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1 day ago
My weebas, where you at?


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Dark Cloud 9 days ago
Why can't you sleep?
AnnaWinters 3 mos ago
True that... It's just insane.
AnnaWinters 3 mos ago
That is the most perfect description I'm going to get today!
Thank you :D
KillamriX88 4 mos ago
lol @ padoru Calli. That's the good shit right there.
Lady Selune 4 mos ago
Making love to the monstergirls is temporary happiness. Getting loved by one is the true happiness.
AlternateMan 5 mos ago
Oh you know...
A real fucking vampire.
Crow 7 mos ago
Idea 1 yr ago
You went to hang out with Sayori?
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