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ALERT- I'm going AFK for a week, anyone that sees this on here, I won't be about to respond, this is to both 1x1s/RPs.


I've RP'd for the best part of over ten years now here on the Guild, and particularly like military settings, both contemporary, past and near future. I have even dabbled in a little more experimental RPs, as well as created a plethora of 1x1s over my time in the guild. I've like creating RPs with a distinct flavor, but love classic settings too.

I'm pretty flexible and try and get back to people on ideas and responses, but sometimes, I may become very busy and it will take some time till I am un-busy- though I always come back!

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The entire scene played out right in front of Tobias's eyes, watching on as Gabby did what she did best. He had other troops to suppress, easily tearing through a group of enemies further in the quarry, the M134's tracers lighting up the distance, a few stray RPGs and rounds flying past with barely anything- after all, they were having so much lead sent their way, it made them have no chance of a reply from Tobias's anchored position at the top of the mine. Whilst he had mobility on his side, this wasn't an op that needed him to be moving around- he was an anvil to Gabby's hammer today, and with weaponry like they kind they had, sometimes it took that kind of dynamic to really tear things apart. The infantry that were trying to now get accurate fire on were now getting strafed with M134 fire, the rounds leaving nothing to the imagination when they hit their mark and cut them back.

But Gabby's work, fucking hell, now that was quite something....Gabby had a flair, a talent almost Tobias thought to himself. She was creative, he would give her that! His end of things looked cleaned up of the remaining hostiles in the mine's basin, as the thermals picked up no more signatures that were there- well, bar a DsHK armed technical running up the valley, or any that were now going the other way from them. Not to regroup, but to get the fuck away. Well, all apart from that technical...the .50 it had could actually do some damage.

With a slight movement, Tobias' HUD locked it and the mini-missile was off the rail from his shoulder, whistling into the distance and then slamming into the distant technical with a poof of smoke, and then a sparking, distant explosion. It seemed almost effortless, clean and slick, like swatting a fly as it erupted into flame, detonated completely. Hearing her comment, he couldn't help but chuckle, as the smoke cleared and the fire from the other BTR could be seen, burning away. Whoever was left was now running, and they were smart enough to realise that they were not winning this fight. Their main battle vehicles knocked out, almost all their technicals dead, they had nothing to win here, and everything to lose. The jungle was infinite, and they were not winning against these two- better to run to that.

"Honestly, you're such a show-off....but seriously, that's nicely done, couldn't have done that one better myself! I got eyes on em from thermals....let em go, Dunner. Watch 'em for anything, but they're no threat to us. I think we proved our point." Tobias spoke, chuckling and yet showing his more sensitive side, aware there was no point to waste ammunition here. With that, the crew of the BTR that Gabby had taken emerged from the frontal hatch of the BTR, speaking a language they both had no chance of understanding, locals of some kind. But they understood the angry Israeli fully, even if the lanaguage barrier was there.

They were fighting a war they believed in to their deaths, but same time, they'd decided to pick on the wrong interest- an independence movement against a major multinational rare earth mining company would not end well, not in any scenario. And they were petrified, covered in dust and soot from the spltutering and failing engine as they clambered out, hands over their heads, staring at the metal goliath, the four IFV operators in ragged shirts and jeans utterly terrified. If they were of a different kind that had fundamentalist ideals, Tobias wouldn't have trusted them even from afar, but these were people trying to earn a living and earn independence. They'd just ended up in a bad place, trying to free their people and using some poor westerners as a lever to that. But a contract was a contract. He had no doubt if the shoe was on the other foot, they'd happily murder him to bits too over money, or worse. They had committed an atrocity in the mine basin, the dump truck containing a dozen mine workers that Tobias's optics could see when zoomed in. But then again, murdering the IFV operators in cold blood as revenge wasn't gonna solve anything, arresting them wasn't an option, and realistically, they weren't the Iron Wolves' problem. Tobias knew Gabby might have her own thoughts on that, but it was why he didn't have the urge to cut down these poor bastards too, or do anything else. Besides, they weren't a paramilitary death squad- a contract was a contract and they had their end of the bargain fufilled, even as easy as it was, Tobias thought to himself. Bluestone wouldn't appreciate needless collateral, when there was already enough anarchy here.

"Bluestone, this is Lionheart, Taron Range is clear. We got 'em on the run, none of these fuckers are staying 'ere anymore. Main compound is empty, there's more scrap metal about here but we're sorted. Call in the calvary, boss." He called out in the comms, moving down from his position down the mine's ramp towards Duner, the open-cast revealing a scarred landscape of barren red rock and heavy rainforest beyond that. It was a spectacle to see, and perhaps reflective of the warzones of the world they operated in, as he stood by her side and to the militants on their knees, looking out across the plain. He gave an arm motion to them to "piss off" and with that, they broke into a run, pissing off into the distance as soon as they had arrived.

"Affirm, Lionheart. UAV has all hostiles fleeing, the security team just cleaned out a mortar team and are now en-route to you, should be 10 minutes out. We'll have you extracted in thirty. I seriously doubt they're coming back after that, good job you two. Professional work out there." The South African called out, Tobias chuckling in reply as he walked around, checking the M134 as he replied.
"Appreciated, Bluestone. Hey, you weren't actually kiddin' for once, this wasn't as stupid as the last time were were deployed. Where we bailing out?" He asked, reloading both the P90s in the moment he had to do so, always wanting to have a mag about after the combat had died back. His body language could even be seen through the metal and composite of the suit, the suit remarkably organic for being a mechanical lump. Exos had that trait to them, more than just servos but an actual augmentation of the legless Cornishman's movement through the various actuators, and it had to be said....kinda fucking awesome.
"The Osprey can land in the far end of the compound, just back where you were. Just keep a perimeter and an eye open, you two." Bluestone called out, as Tobias shrugged, even visible to Gabby.
"Yeah, copy that. We'll waddle on over. Out." He replied, moving around, the heavy minigun and chain following the turn of his suit as he looked over to her, keeping a combat distance and spread so they didn't get iced by a rogue mortar shell. They were going to go back up the way they came as he switched the comms over to their personal channel, out of audible range to Bluestone or any other listeners.

"Y'know...I am gonna sleep like an absolute fucking bear on the way back, Gabby. Honestly, I'm not sure what's worse. Getting shot at by autocannon fire or sitting through tech debriefs in Bracknell. I get it, they need to assess every inch and bloody move of these suits, all the "reflex points" of the exos and so on, but....fuck me, I am gonna need a lot of caffiene to get through that. I honest to god hope they've got those upgrades ready to go, because I could certainly use a more powerful AC unit after today...." As blunt as he could be, he knew it worked on Gabby, giving a little bit of that roughness to her stoic demeanour.
That was an epic post- you definitely had an indulgence there writing it, that I can tell!


@Silverwind Blade

Sorry for the triplicate- but are you happy for me to give us a a timeskip after your next post? I want to cut back to them back in the UK, and run a little bit to explore their characters a bit more- kinda like some of the stuff in GEARS we had.....but set in Bracknell (what can I say, it's a very strange sense of humour I have when it comes to settings :P )
Tobias gave a simple middle finger back, chuckling.
"Now that is the sound of a hot girl with a fat arse, always thinking about food and shit blowing up..." The Cornish merc slyly remarked, swinging his M134 in the opposite direction, aware he was going to take a different angle to her. Moving the other way and back through the courtyard, a few stragglers pinging off rounds at his armour. With a spool and a blast, the silence was deafening, then broken, then back. The hard stomps of steps into the gravelly mud gave him more than a moment to refocus on another group of targets. They really weren't expecting something like this, Tobias thought. They were ready for an aerial assault, maybe a poorly planned attack by the mine's security team- this in itself was like taking a lemon to a knife fight. Not gonna end well, not for the lemons who were here...and Tobias knew full well that while they'd torn the base's upper part to bits, they had left most of it in tact. Maybe a few bullet holes, but nothing major yet. That was their gift. Though if they did have permission to raise Ragnarok, no doubt the scene would have been different...

Covering off the other part of the base, Tobias took his pick of the angles at the other end, taking aim at some of the infantry disembarking, laying fire into a digger further down the mine, cleaning up a squad by another Hilux technical, decimating them with relative ease as the tracer rounds caught the pickup truck and lit it on fire. An insergent ran up to him on his right, the suit's sensor picking it up as Tobias watched him come in close, letting him continue running with the comedically oversized machete for the small frame the guy had, knowing this guy had certainly some balls. He was too close for the M134, but that was just gonna end badly. As he swung, Tobias swiped to the side, punching the guy with a solid right hook doubled over, before grabbing him by the scruff and yeeting him, all the way over the protected gate edge that led into the open-cast ravine below and to a very long way down.
"Guess he tried to get the drop on me, right Dunner?" The shit pun echoed with no silence, as he approached said gate, seeing the BTRs crawl up as he raised his M134 again, the barrels spinning as the rounds went down range, blasting a group of following infantry peppering her with rounds, making sure that when she went to fire her AT, she wouldn't be the main target in view.
"All yours, Duner! Turn em to scrap!"
"Got it, Nolan. Moving." Andrew replied, the Kiwi moving down to another rock in the snowy hillside, the ghillied-up arctic sniper under the cover of his collegue, and knowing he had his own explosives to set. While Eric had a hell of a job to lace the site's SAM and AA sites up, Andrew knew his was just as valuable, needing to eliminate the secondary radar array. And while it wouldn't be much, it was better he went alone, making sure that Nolan could at least cover them both while they laid the site up. The dawn sun was beginning to slowly arise on the horizon, very, very gently bringing the light in

With a bounding move, he stood above the dome, seeing the a fireteam come out, sweeping out and across the ridgeline, as if they were returning from patrol. They were radio'd up, which was an issue- one of them having a headset on over their warm beanie hat, or as more likely that Nolan would call it, a toque. Once he started this, it was gonna be a matter of time for Eric. So instead of using his MP5 to spray up the group, Andrew waited, letting them walk away.

"Eyes on, four tangoes, moving out of the dome. Don't fire on them. Let em go. Look like they're headed over your way, Eric, they have comms and radios. They're way too close to the base to put them on edge. Let's buy some time here, let em go till we're ready to start picking them apart." Andrew called out quietly into his throat mic, aware that while they had the rounds to shoot at anyone here, doing it this close to the facility was going to burn them. After all, the other patrol had at least been scattered and far enough away from the base to go missing for a few hours- these lot were about to go into the base, likely returning from the last posting. That would lead them to be in the shit- and as difficult as it was to not act on intiative, these poor bastards had another hour to live, it seemed.

As they moved away, Andrew dropped down the rocky slope, moving into the fenced perimeter of the dome, MP5 drawn, watching his quarters. Approaching the front door, he pushed inside, sweeping the inside of the radar facility. Up the steps, he slowly went around, hearing the sound of Russian. Crouching by the door frame, he took a peek, before taking a moment's breather. Time to go. With a sweep, he pushed in, nailing the two operators inside, quickly railing them with a hail of silenced 9mm fire, the sound unlikely to leave the building at all given the MP5SD's effectiveness. They barely had time to even react, the control room now clear and and giving the Kiwi the opportunity to work away. Pushing them aside off the chairs, Andrew set up the plastic explosives he was carrying, lacing it in the mainframe of the radar station, the 2kg of charges able to blast this entire place apart to pieces, at least the internal components. Dragging the bodies aside, an icky task, he placed them into a store cupoboard, a crude move but the only thing he could think of- trying to mop the blood from a brush that was inside there as best as possible. From a master sniper to a fucking cleaner, honestly, what was this life Andrew wondered to himself....but the job was done and in the case another rotation was coming through here, there wasn't a soul to be obviously seen. Charges ready, he came out of there, the sniper aware he had more to take on.
"Radar dome is rigged to go. Cordite Two, I'm headed back to you. Looks clear to me. Osprey, how you doing down there?" The Kiwi added, hot-fotting it back up the hill, aware that the darkness was slowly fading away, and soon they'd have to get themselves entrenched in their OPs to snipe from. They had a panoramic view of the bay from up here, and as the pink sunrise continued, it brought the crystal-clear glacial white into view, the snow flurries finally beginning to die back. It wasn't going to help the insertion teams, but they wouldn't have an AA threat to deal with once the job was done.


Natalie nodded, chuckling at the thought that Victor had of the Moon's Gaze.
"I'm up for that, Victor. Well, not sure if I'm very wise...but I try my best. Give me what you got." She replied, giving a beaming grin, snuggling up as close as their armours would allow them to, being ready to let him paint away.
"You know, I never used to be much of a warpaint woman do have a knack, Victor." Natalie added, feeling intimate in spite of everything going on. They didn't give a damn- if someone had a problem with their relationship, they were welcome to ask them to stop, but like anyone was going to even dare that...

On the other side of the bench, Ross looked over to them, back to Carl.
"Oh definitely....he seems like a good bloke to work for, too. Gotta admit, while this programme we're on is working well, after this is done I know my papers are coming up for renewal and depending on what happens, that could mean reassignment. I mean they'd be high to put the project on ice after this but...well, it's not exactly like this is going on the record. Not sure about yours, Carl but uhh...well, let's say I'll keep my eyes open on job postings over there after this is done." Ross commented cooly, watching as Natalie finished up, the blonde Russian now getting her paint applied.
"Thought you liked this line of life, Ross? They're mercs, not exactly going to be like what we get, calling in a hell of a lot more support and resource that we've got. It's a challenge...but I know what you mean."
"True but....well, the game is changing. There seems to be a lot more interest in their circle than there is in ours. Wouldn't doubt it."
@Silverwind Blade

Ah useful to know! Of course, I was thinking it was around 8 foot or so tall- definitely not as big as the ones at the bottom!
Lionheart watched as Gabby tore things apart, running the gauntlet near the cabins, Tobias taking the chance to lay down fire and suppress the vehicle pool, eliminating another onrushing team of hostiles, using the dump truck as cover on the far side from where Gabby was, as she came over. She had a dry and funny sense of humour, even while getting directly shot at, and he had to admit, it was why it was a pleasure to work alongside her. As much as she pissed him off, he took it well, just like she took how annoying he was, saluting back to her.

"You know, the usual. Making holes in 'bout yourself?" He replied, turning and firing the minigun on another team, quickly decimating the cover they were behind, dropping an elevated walkway with a group of enemies on it as what could almost be a Wilhelm scream could be heard, Tobias coming back into cover to let his M134 cool. The barrel was glowing orange hot, and while miniguns were the shit, it did go to show just how much lead they were both burning through- as serious as their supply was, rounds like that would heat weapons fast.
"Like uhh...getting the drop on them? No?" He added, moving out, aware she'd get that shitty pun, as he moved back into the open, bullets ricocheting and bouncing off the suit as blared more rounds out, moving up through the courtyard up to the maintainance shed.

"Right, so since your fat Israeli arse can't make it in, mind running security? I'll handle the inside of this. I'll be back in a jiffy." Tobias added with a calm demeanour, moving to the front door and sliding his M134 onto his side, taking an axe into one hand and a P90 into the other. It was a pretty wild dual wield, but one that would be effective, as he gave a nod to Gabby, moving past the jeep in the garage and into the bay itself. A lot of gunfire could be heard, and a couple of screams even as he went out of view, before coming back a minute later, a lot more blood and rounds over his suit. It'd been fun, whatever he'd been up to- Gabby hadn't seen it, though maybe she'd see the footage latero n.

"That's that one cleared.....wait, shit, the plant's manned!" He said, looking to Gabby as he came out, hearing another rumble from inside. With a gentle run, Tobias shoved into Gabby's suit, pushing her out of the way as he turned and laid fire out with the remains of the P90's mag, watching as the wheeled loading shovel drove out of the maintainance shed's shutter door and slammed straight through, rolling over the pickup in the garage and steaming towards them- the fact Tobias had shoved Gabby out of the way probably putting them out of harm's way. With a spray of rounds, Tobias laid out the operator, and in comedic fashion, the plant continued, the throttle pinned as it drove through the base's interior, towards another enemy group. For nearly dying, well, he'd take it.

"Well, that could have ended badly! Honestly, some people, you take mining equipment out of a Cornishman's hands and that fucking happens!" Tobias remarked, aware of just how stupid a way that could have been for them to die...and now another squad that had just come in were running away from it, as Tobias switched back to the M134, spraying in their direction and catching them while they were scattered. Oh, this was fucking hillarity, and Tobias was chuckling. With that taken down, other rumbling could be heard, as the BTRs were on their way, likely with more men.
"That sounds a bit more serious...the pleasure's all yours, Dunner. Don't go punching the drivers out of their cabs. Or do. I'll get the rest of the teams coming in, UAV shows they're coming out of the central area itself. Should be easy pickings, most of them will run once we start firing down there....and then it's fucking brekkie time, and my pasty is gonna be fucking freezing." Tobias said, a little nonchalant towards nearly getting run over by 10 tons of machinery, with or without armour, that was pretty much how you died a stupid death as a merc. But it wasn't over yet- and they still had the BTRs, and a few more squads to mop up.
Tobias had his target in mind- the AAA battery, a target that barely needed much at all compared to some. With a singular blink and a call-out, he assigned two pings to it, the mini-missile rack popping up for only a moment and flurrying rounds with another blink to confirm, the rounds outbound and flying into the distance. While it didn't compare to the sound of the GMG blasting and Tobias's M134 blaring, the gentle puff of smoke and fire in the distance of the mine was nice to see for the few seconds it took, before he came back to looking for other targets.
"Roger that Duner. AAA threat is gone, you have good connect right there. Eyes on BTRs coming out of the mine itself- want me to run security while we run in?" Tobias asked, knowing that on this run Gabby was packing more heat, but he was. It was a strange dichotomy- Gabby's suit was certainly heavier and had a lot more firepower, hell, Gabby almost treated it like a mini-mech compared to how Tobias's worked. But then again, what he lost in firepower he gained in movement- he could actually go indoors, it seemed more "wearable". Well, some indoors, at least. Depends how you enlarge the doorframe, and well, with the tools at his disposal, there were a lot of ways to do that. Suppressing a squad on the gate, Tobias quickly cleared them down, steering his canopy gently to avoid the trees and into the wide road coming out of the mine. The ground closing and closing, Tobias yanked on the yellow toggle, the three enormous black airbags firing moments before he hurtled into the ground.

Crashing down in front of the gates, soldiers ran out, Tobias clambering out forwards, cutting the material and the airbags away, leaving the mess behind. They were armed with nothing more than, they had no idea. With a turn of the M134, quickly the front group turned to paste, the rest realising very fast what the hell was going on, as Tobias cut the last of his bits away, seeing an RPG-7 carrying infantryman raise up and fire a round. It wasn't gonna hit, but the Trophy System still snagged it, yapping it out of existence as very quickly Tobias's M134 did it to him, the shrill of the minigun roaring as he moved forwards, seeing Gabby come in.
"Got your six, gal. We've got a shitload more hostiles coming in. Let's take em hand-in-hand, hey?" He added, moving forwards as the suit's actuators pushed into the dried mud, giving him the chance to push forwards and get around. With another burst, the M134 cut down another fireteam deeper inside, tearing apart their technical in the process, the Cornish merc able to create a bridgehead for Gabby to join in with. The compound was fairly thin in terms of buildings- a large group of portacabins, a vehicle pool for the mine, a small warehouse-sized maintainance shed and a few dump trucks sat about here, with enemy forces milling all over. Quite the scene, and quite the canvas to paint.
Yup, it's in BF4 as well I believe- low recoil, low fire rate high capacity SMG, very much like an Uzi!

Ah lovely- a nice name to have, looking forward to seeing how that gets explained out later down the line!
Tobias watched as she clambered in, Gabby someone who even in a spar the Cornish merc found relentless like his method. Perhaps he did have the handicap of his legs, but even so, she was powerful, someone with that similar kind of fire and energy. Regardless of the suit's capabilities, it was a needed characteristic to have, despite however much technical knowledge you had on what the suit could do, it was all about having that mindset, that warrior's fight. He stood up, himself pulling his suit's gauntlets into fists and back open again, chuckling as he heard her comment. Sliding his helmet down over his head, the HUD and OS fired up, quickly calibrating in Tobias's personal diagnostics, heart rate, and so on, before connecting to the weapons systems he was carrying. The suit wasn't there yet but in theory, it wouldn't be a huge step to pump adrenaline or other drugs into an operator's body to help survivability and combat resilience- though Tobias didn't want to be all drugged up if he had any say about it. The ultramarine blue tinted visor of Tobias's surrounded by the the black honeycomb contrasted the orange polarised visor and combat green of Gabby's Stormhound, the Cornish merc aware the Israeli had a heaping grin underneath as he did too.
"But not late enough to flex your big guns? I get it, you started pumpin' more iron so you can turn down the motors a percent. You could just piss yourself in there anyway....though please don't don't say you need a poo now. This whole jumping out of planes malarky is not going to help lurve, honestly..." He had his tongue out at this point in time as the accent drawled, aware that her deadpan deserved an equal reaction, and he gave her exactly much shit as she gave him as he looked out towards the pilot, before looking back to Gabriella.

"Looking good, sounding good, Gabby. Drone feed should be live. Looks adequately spicy, main compound is certainly where the most of them are, so that's where we're headed." Tobias called out to him, the little icon coming up as it stayed pinned in the top-left corner of his HUD, giving a bit of an oversight of where the enemies were, movements, and where the IFVs were posted up.
"DZ is five minutes out, door opening." The pilot called into their comms, as Tobias watched the door open, the wind howling as he looked back to the other armoured titan, Gabby's Stormhound certainly a lot more vast and larger. While she had a lot more armour, she was still a bit more lumbering, it was less of a suit of armour and more of a minature mech, better at being an anvil while his own armour was more like a hammer, and between the two of them they could pincer anything. He could at least take his indoors, but then again, he couldn't wield another weapon on a hardpoint, so sacrificed firepower for movement. The glowing pink sunrise could be seen as the door finally opened up wide, but was rudly interrupted by the noise of flak, pumelling away into the sky around the V22 as the pilot turned hard, banking in a combat manuever. It almost threw the Cornish exoskeleton, Tobias putting strain on the side wall as the pilot dived the aircraft, bringing the tiltrotor onto a different heading before the craft took any damage.
"It's a slightly warmer DZ than we expected...hold on, I'm taking us lower into the valleyside and popping up, I'll get you two both able to find that AAA and knock it out when you get out on the green?"
"Got a visual of it chief, it's in the southern corner of the mine. We'll knock it out for your way out, just get us to that LZ without getting killed!" Tobias called out, aware that while this thing would survive it, getting flak on an engine would be the end of their fun- or their parachutes. These suits were pretty fucking good, but falling out of a tiltrotor at 2,000 feet without one was not gonna be survivable...well, at least not yet. Pulling out of the valleyside and skimming past the mine's entrance, they had a short window on the green light, as the red flickered off on the reflection of their suits to a green.

"Light's green, go go go!" The pilot yelled, the Cornish marine already prompted to go. With that, Tobias gave a visible thumbs up to Gabby, grinning like mad as he ran the suit out towards the gaping rear door and with the mine and hostiles in full view, and lept into the void. This was a low-drop at full speed, so they weren't going to be under their parachutes for long as it fired automatically, the rectangular-shaped black and white-crossed parachute Tobias's personal choice. wasn't like there was room for personalisation in the military, but there was over this pride and joy, right? The airbag system would be a final crashing impact, activated by a large yellow handle- indeed, much like an ejection seat in some ways when it came to it. But right now, they had an LZ to clear, as Tobias brought the M134 to bear, and with a gentle pull of the trigger, the barrels span.
"I'm clear and on target...light em' up, Gabby!" The sound of roaring fire erupted downrange, as tracers flew from the sky, and the two armoured exos announced they were coming.
Oooh lovely! Forgot about the CBJ- the Swedish Uzi, doesn't get enough look in.

Random question- does Gabby use a callsign, or is Stormhound good enough? I feel like I've added far too many callsigns to things...
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