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"Back in my day, we didn't have them fancy movin' picture machines. Damned kids, nobody writes letters anymore."
t. washed up D-list Spam celebrities

Face it, geezers. Ya'll're just a bunch of has-beens. Ya'll'just'can't hack it in this brave new world of emojis and diaperposting. Ya'll'should'just'frick'off'back'to'myspace'and'bebo'b'kuz OldGuild is passé and NuSpam is what the kids krave.

Get this guy outta here

<Snipped quote by Foxes>

how's sex in the city

so good

gossip girl coming up next

hey buddy
this is now an impeach mahz thread
I remember my first thread in Spam before Guildfall, I got yelled at by a very angry man with a vulcan avatar and a username that was, like, "The Australian" or something. Good times.

Classic Australians
This would be the perfect time for a play. The return of the Old to take over Spam from the nameless.

I'm upset I felt moved enough to log in and post on this.

Back in the day I was Jett Ryu, but I decided to change my username after dealing with my (former) girlfriend's ex who kept harassing me.

it's never too late to meet a fellow too-old-to-be-posting-here dude.

... If you were there when Foxes got doxxed ...

We doxxed people before we had a word for it. We were ahead of the curve.
Hi foxes.


Now that's a name I haven't heard in a long time.

Honestly we should just put together a compilation of all of the old RPG members and like figure out where everyone ended up.
At least a few of these things were from before even I was around in RPG, but I think I still understand all the references.

RIP Spam

It lives on in our hearts and memories, if not on this board.
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