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Bailey releases Nikola reluctantly, somewhat disappointed she might have not done well enough to warrant an immediate review. The dissapointment, however, was drowned out a second later once Floofel made her announcement. "That is the height of unfairitude Miss Floofel!" Bailey said, fixing the mothly maid with the pouting look that could only be rivaled by Eva. "Miss Eva already gets to embrace you intimately in private all the time. Surely an exception can be made for an empirical study of cuddle quotients?!" She argued, trying to sound and look reasonable and utterly failing to as her voice cracked and she picked up Mr. Teethapus, hugging the stuffed toy to soften the blow of her rejected hug request.

Odhra clears his throat pointedly at his summon, the scorpion girl shooting to attention. "Bailey. You don't get what you want from a tantrum." He said curtly, cutting off his summon before she had a chance to provide an excuse. The scorpion girl went a bit sheepish and stared at the floor while Eva launched herself at her sister.

Odhra watched the ensuing...sibling assault was really the only way he could describe it, a bemused smile cracking on his face. He didn't really have siblings back home, so it was always nice whenever Eva's childishness got the better of her. Often at expense of Livia's dignity as their clubs 'cool' representative.

Bailey watched as well, but shuffled awkwardly to Odhra's chair, plopping down in his lap roughly and snuggling into his side. Jealous that Eva gets to hug whoever she wants and not get scolded (Unfair!!!!) but not really wanting to risk upsetting her master anymore with bad behavior. Odhra silently pats his poor (spoiled) summon briefly before turning back to Nikola, pen and paper raised expectantly for his assessment....after a brief addendum to the bottom to add Livia to list. If only because he was curious to see where Eva's assessment of her sisters qualities would rank in her wide berth of cuddling experience.

@Lord of Evil@Rune_Alchemist

"Its settled then!" Odhra said to Nikola in a chipper voice, completely missing the other boys confusion. "Nikola will act as our judge for the snuggle comparison test!" He added, taking out a notebook and a pair of glasses, donning them quickly. "We'll start with the, sorry Sio. The Model battery first, to establish a base line of huggability. So who wou-" He began, before being interrupted by a chitinous form darting past him.

"Perpare to be subject to my embrace flesh body Nikola!" Bailey yells, practically throwing herself onto the invoker in question, wrapping him quickly in a hug. To describe Bailey as 'boney' would be something of an understatement. Hard spikes of vestigial exoskeleton poked out from her skin at odd angles, and her relatively thin frame had little cushion to hide that. But she made up for it with enthusiasm, the hug warm and sincere as she practically oozed friendliness. Her tail and arms wrapped tightly around Nikola, her stinger hanging uncomfortably close to the boys face, as she squeezed hard pulling the boys chest to her own as a small blob of venom formed at the tip of her stinger.

"...go first." Odhra finished, watching the display with no small degree of amusement. He didn't seem particularly worried about Nikola, either because the venom was harmless (Given it was Odhra, that didn't necessarily provide much comfort...) or because he was simply used to such displays. "Well, ...good a start as any. Alright Nikki" Odhra says, "Please rate your level of enjoyment with hugging Bailey."

Bailey smiles at Nikola, her grin going wide as she emits a sharp buzzing noise, apparently pleased with her performance.

@Lord of Evil@Rune_Alchemist


”Young Master…” A feminine voice croaked into Fran’s skull, the noise at once both comforting and rattling his teeth until they threatened to fly from their sockets. Fran groaned objectionably, rising from his place atop one of the messy desks of the Artisan’s clubroom. While he couldn’t see himself, or his servant for that matter, he could tell she likely had some objections to how he must have looked. His hair stuck up at odd angles, silver locks tilting awkwardly into his obscured vision, with a few smudges of grey-black coating their tips. His clothes were little better, the button up had somehow lost nearly half its buttons during his rest and what few remained were struggling to keep him halfway decent.

So all in all, today was starting out fairly normally.

”Miiiillltiii….” Fran grumbled, his hands flopping gently around the desk in search of his glasses for a moment. ”I told you to wake me up at three this afternoon. This is not what three o’clock looks like.” He continued, finally finding his glasses and putting them on, his eyes refocusing quickly to the familiar darkness of the clubroom.

”I apologize young master...” The voice said again as space tore itself apart for a moment, Milti stepping through. ”But you asked that I keep you abreast of any significant changes to Lady Olgmire’s condition.” She chirps, her tentacles moving quickly to his side and brushing out the worst of the tangle of his hair. Fran stared at his servant for a moment, his confusion clear on his face.

”She called last night saying she might not make it…?” His servant offered, hoping that would suffice to jog his memory as she attempted (and failed) to fix his bed head. After an awkward silence she continued. ”...She is the model sir.” She added.

”Model fer what?” Fran asked dully, leaning onto the desk and giving up, knowing full well Milti would tell him even if he didn’t put any effort into trying to remember. The shoggoth sighs, her tentacles retracting from her master’s frame after smoothing out what she could. ”The model for this mornings Artisan club still life sir. She has just informed me, or rather you, via ear wrym that she will be unable to make it. Citing Gastrointestinal distress.” She said primly, handing the offending ear wrym to Fran, the echoes of retching still playing clearly through its speaker even at a distance.

”Uuugh. That thingy….” Fran whinned, declining to get a better listen of the poor girls continued suffering. ”Can’t we jus’ cancel it? ‘S not like we’ve got a lot of people to disappoint anyways.. ” he half slurred, laying back down onto the desk as he readied himself to make this problem not his anymore.

”I’m afraid not.” Milti said sternly, her tone killing any notion he might have had of getting out of this nearly instantly. ”If we were to do so that would make the 47th consecutive event to which you were responsible for organizing to have been canceled. And need I remind you that should that happen agai-”
”again then the remaining members have threatened to quit...” Fran finished for her, his voiced pained. God he doesn’t know who nominated him to the position of club chairmen but if he found out he was going to throw them into the furthest reaches.

Part of the reason he’d joined the Artisan’s club is that next to nobody ever did. When you attended a school for summoning all sorts of magical beasts and mythological creatures, learning how to paint really seemed like a waste of time. All in all, it was probably the second least popular club, with a grand total of six members at his last count. Not that he counted closely. The club mostly left him to his own devices, content to let him sleep on the job so long as he occasionally got an event together.

Not that he ever did, which was sort of the problem. The rest of the club had banded together to MAKE him do his job, sick of having to do his work for him. And if they quit, then HE’D have to be the one to handle all the paperwork associated with a club dissolving due to lack of membership. Yeah, hard pass.

Taking the ear wrym he cut the connection to whatsherface and took a look at a nearby clock. 40 minutes till the club was meeting. That...really wasn’t enough time to find someone respectable enough to fill the slot. Thankfully, he didn’t really need (or expected) to find respectable.

Placing the ear Wrym on he quickly zero’d in on his new rube volunteer. ”Come on...pick up. If I’m awake I know you are…”

The Earwyrm only rang for a few seconds before it was answered.

“HELLLO IT'S YA GIRL LIZ, WHO BE CALLIN!?” Her loud voice rang over the wyrm, almost threatening to deafen whoever was on the other line.

“Master Lizaveta, now is not the time to answer calls.”

“Ah, shut up Fel, I've earned a break. Trying to fit muffin with this voice modulator is annoying.”

Fran winced as his ear exploded from the sheer volume of his ‘friend’. ”Good morning Billboard. Its Fran. I need you.” He said after sighing, rubbing his eyes as Milti set about the room, carefully righting upturned canvases and generally tidying up the space.

“Geh, why you always gotta be mean?” Liz grumbled. “What the hell you need me for ya lazy nerd? Need me to fix your toaster or something?”

”I’m not mean. I am simply direct.” Fran objected, an audible thunk being heard across the ear wrym as he laid his head down. ” As for what I need….it is less I need you and more I need your body. I’m in a bit of a tight spot and’re the only one I can trust with it.” He said, thinking he was being pretty clear with the whole thing. Its not like he made a big secret out of his membership in the artisan’s club. And Liz, for all her bluster, was probably smart enough to put two and two together.

“E-eh? My...body?!” There was an audible 'thunk' as whatever Liz was working on slid off the table and fell to the floor. “You insult me then you!? There was a few seconds of silence that followed as Liz grumbled something just barely inaudible. ”I dunno who taught you to flirt, but that ain't the way ya do it. Request rejected. I got better things to do, ya sleep zombie.”

Fran stares into the middle distance, eyes unfocused like...well a sleep zombie. ”I fail to see how asking you to model for the Art club is flirting.” He said bluntly, deciding that Liz was no longer smart enough to put two and two together. As always, she seemed to go beyond the call of duty, despite no one asking. ”I figured you would have been thrilled for an opportunity to preen and prance about like a show pony....” he drawled slowly, now atleast somewhat worried that Liz might not do it.

Time to use the big guns then. He sighed loudly into the ear wrym. ”Ah well, if you wont do it...I’m sure your housemate Rena would be more than happy to….” He said, voice slightly sweeter and more attentive than normal. Rena was just as annoying to him as Liz, but the mousey platinum blonde that was machina’s resident welding enthusiast was also a rather hot topic to his ‘friend’. of her anyway.

”How is she by the way? Last I heard she’d passed you in terms of cumulative scores. That puts you at what rank again? 65th I think it was?” He added dreamily, knowing he’d probably get an earful about this later. Thankfully, ignoring Liz was a lot easier than asking her for permission.

“....WHAT.” Liz stood up from her chair. The balls on this guy was amazing sometimes. “Geh, what the hell you talking about? That fat cow got lucky! LUCKY! The professor was probably too busy staring at her boobs to grade the exams properly!” The petite redhead snapped. “And why didn't you just say that in the first place!” She scooted back from her chair, standing up and placing a hand over her chest.

“Obviously, as someone who is far more good looking, energetic, and overall just simply better than that hussy, I would be a far better choice for a model!”

”Good. “ Fran said dully, emotion falling out of his voice like a brick back into the familiar flat monotone. ”Be at clubroom C in 10 minutes. Milti will help you get undressed. I owe you...nothing. I owe you nothing. But Milti is giving me that look that says I have to say something appericative or I will get in trouble. Remember. C in 10.” He says in a clipped tone, snapping the connection through the ear wrym off before the redhead had a chance to rebut.

Milti stared at her master,disapproval written all over her face. ”Young Master…” She said warningly. ”Need I remind you that it is poor form to treat a young lady like that…”

Fran shrugs before laying back down on the desk, deciding that his comment about Liz’s dubious quality as a proper lady would only net him more hassle. ”Just let me know when she gets here…” he grumbled, immediately falling back asleep.

-A few minutes later-

The door to the club room burst open. A large metallic spider walked into the room. Atop it, sat none other than Lizaveta. She was leaning back, hand resting atop her mount with a book in her other hand. Her labcoat was unbuttoned, showing the school uniform underneath, and her legs were hiked up to make sure everyone had a good view of them.

“No need to stand up,” She called from her mount as Muffin shuffled into the room. “But your goddess has arrived. Feel free to paint or sculpt me like the perfectly build machine that I am.”

From his seat at the desk Fran...stayed slumped, loud snoring echoing throughout the room. He did, if nothing else, take the suggestion not to stand up to a whole new level. Milti, however, strode quickly to Muffin’s side, patting the metallic spider’s thorax gently. ”Lady Vasilev, It is so wonderful to see you again!” The shoggoth warbled, raising a tentacle to help the small girl down from her mount. ”On behalf of both my master and the art club thank you again for volunteering. We’ve got about twenty minutes until the rest of the club arrives so we’ve plenty of time to get you ready.” She chirped, her many eyes swiveling in different directions as she pinpointed the things she’d need to fix or collect.

“E-eh?” Was no one here? She expected everyone else to already be here. Oh well, she'd make her grand entrance later. “Hmph, alright, then!” She hopped of Muffin, using Milti's tentacle to help her hop off the spider. Muffin waved a claw at the shoggoth, before positioning herself in the middle of the room and relaxing. “Nice to know one of you isn't rude, hmph.” Liz said to Milti. “Alright, so what are we doing?”

Felicia slowly walked into the room behind Liz, hands held in front of her. She cast Milti a bored glance, but otherwise didn't seem intent on interacting with anyone here. The robot settled next to Muffin, resting a hand on the large spiders leg.

”I am glad you asked madame!” the shoggoth said, bouncing in place happily. ”Today's event was organized by the young master. Many of the club feel like their practice with anatomies is somewhat lacking. So the young master decided that a few sessions dedicated to improving on this front was the best option. Today we will be doing the preliminary nude still life to determine where everyone's current level of skill rests and on what elements they need to improve upon.” She explained, slowly walking over to a corner of the room and pinning the corner of a sheet to a wall.

[color=Grey] “How rude.”[/color] Felicia sighed idly, draping herself over Muffin, rubbing the top of the Spider gently. [color=grey]“He interrupts our work and doesn't even have the decency to greet us. And they say this one is rude.”[/color]

“N-nude?!” Liz stuttered out, blushing lightly. “W-well, Felicia's right! You should be thankful I'm taking the time out of my day to help you. I want to hear that idiot fran to thank me personally. I was busy developing a voice modulator for Muffin.”

Milti raises a tentacle to her chin for a moment, considering a few things. As a servant, she couldn’t actively defy an order given to her by an esteemed guest. But, conversely, she couldn’t actively permit an insult to her master (however very much deserved) to be perpetrated on her watch. After a few silent seconds a thought finally occurs to her. ”Would Madame perhaps instead wish to partake in an act of...let us call it petty vengeance?” She asked, an inhumanely wide grin of thousands of razor teeth spreading across her face in what she thought was perhaps a playful manner.

”The young master’s earlier behavior ...leaves much to be desired. As his caretaker, I am concerned that if such open and crass assessments of his female peers forms were to continue, he would go unwed. Rightly so might I amend. If the young lady permits, I would like you say ...make him eat his face noises?”

“...I like the way you think, Milti.” Liz replied with an impish chuckle. Well fine, if she couldn't get that pile of failure to reply to her directly, then this was the next best thing. She trusted Milti wouldn't do anything weird, or put her in a weird situation, so it was fine. “What ya got in mind, Milti?”

”Well, firstly…” Milti says, strolling silently over to Fran’s side. A pair of thin tentacles slide forth from her sleeves, wrapping themselves around the frames of Fran’s glasses and removing them slowly. It would be nice to say this took some degree of finesse, but given Fran’s track record, she probably could have shaken the damn things off him and he’d not have woken up. ”The Young Master has a horrible habit of wearing his glasses to bed. As his servant, it is my duty to make sure they are removed. It would not do to have him near sighted for an extended period of time in a school environment after all. Especially when he can only barely make out detail from approximately six feet away.” She explained in an airy voice, somewhat mocking of her own role.

”Secondly, I am to provide you with the equipment necessary for acting as our nude model. Hopefully he will find his assessment to be...a learning experience.” She added, making a point to walk to an oddly specific point on the floor before gesturing vaguely to the sheet she hung earlier. ”On the chair provided you shall find a pair of flesh tone undergarments and tape for your breasts. Please forgive the slight discrepancy in shade, but it was short notice. Also please do ensure only to cover what is necessary for decency to be maintained. After all…” She says, grin now widening so far that it the toothy maw was beginning to lap her skull as her many eyes narrowed to slits. ”We wish to provide as close to a real experience as we can for our club members.”

“Heh.” Liz's mouth curled into a smug grin. “Milti, your wasted on that lazy, unmotivated zombie. You ever think about working for someone else?” She asked absentmindedly as she walked over to where the garments and the sheet was located. Phew, she wasn't actually gonna be naked. It would have been embarrassing, but she'd do it. Totally would. Yep. She didn't mind the attention at all.

Tossing off her labcoat, Liz quickly undressed, tossing her clothes carelessly to the side. Next came the flesh colored suit. Weird, but it was doable. Slipping on the garments, Liz slid them over her legs, taking a moment to make sure they left as little to the imagination as possible, the shorts cutting them off just at her upper thigh. This was a 100% fool proof plan that could not possibly go wrong.

“Fully dressed!” Liz shouted. “You can start drawing whenever. And make me look good, and don't forget to be generous in the chest area.”

Milti raised a tentacle to her lips, stifling a giggle at the girls eagerness. Fran shifted in his sleep, mumbling something barely audible about advertisements. ”Now hold your horses…” The shoggoth said, sliding over to the girl. ”A few things first…” She said, gently taking off the girls glasses and placing them on the table next to Frans. A trio of tentacles slid out from the maid’s wrist, carefully and expertly combing through Liz’s hair and tossing it into a sultry wild mess. ”There. Perfect. Now, take your position and get comfortable, I’ll awaken Fran…”

“A-ah hey I can't...see...” Liz narrowed her eyes. She herself, was farsighted, so she didn't have trouble seeing far away, but close up? Yea, she couldn't see Milti's pretty face. Eh, shouldn't be too much of a problem since she wouldn't be doing anything up close. Smirking to herself, Liz took a moment to decide how she wanted to do this. Something sexy. Something daring, something using that chair. Hm...ah.

Climbing into the chair, Liz sat in the chair sideways, stomach facing the back of the chair. She propped her arms on the back of it, resting her head on them, facing Fran. One of her legs hung lazily off the front and waited for Milti to wake the other summoner.
Content with the trap laid out before her, Milti walked over and gently pat Fran on the back. ”Young master. The meeting is about to start…” She coo’d, her voice echoing inside the collective groups skull with surprising volume. Fran shifted uncomfortably from his heap, yawning as he raised his head. ”Fucking hell...Milti I said to wake me when Liz got here. Dont tell me that dumb bim-” He grumbled briefly, rubbing the sleep from his eyes until he spotted Liz.

Pink exploded on the young mans face as six black tentacle shot from his clothing, slamming into the tile floor and hurling him bodily away from the girl, as though space might somehow provide the decency she was currently lacking. There was a loud slap as he covered his eyes stammering. ”Milti the FUCK IS SHE NAKED FOR?” he demanded. ”SHE’SNOTSUPPOSEDTOBENAKED.FUCKSHIT.OHGODSIFCOGSWORTHSEESTHISI’LLBEDEALING-...” He starts, speaking far faster than one might expect from such a normally lax boy before suddenly realizing what he WASN’T feeling on his face.

Keeping his hand firmly in place, just in case, the tentacled youth turned back towards Liz’s vague direction. Blush now redoubled with the addition of annoyance. ”Oh you think you’re fucking cute, eh b-billboard?” he attempted to seeth, the image somewhat failing at the stutter.

“Yaahahaha!” Liz laughed loudly. That's the fastest she'd ever seen the guy move. “What's the matter, sleepyhead, can't handle true beauty?” She didn't change her position from the chair much, only holding a hand to her mouth as she sat up straight. “Finally realizing the charm of this billboard is more than Rena? Go on, compliment and shower me with praise already.”

Fran ground his teeth together, glaring daggers at Liz as he slowly lowered himself back down into a skulking over to her. ”Big talk when it took me being vision impaired to think of you as even slightly cute.” He huffed, ‘leaning’ (more tilting oddly in her direction while his legs dangled beneath him really…) into her face. ”Hell. Blind me and you’d probably the sexiest thing on two legs by default.” He added.

“Vision impaired? You mean my natural beauty blinded you!” Liz shifted her position again, leaning back in the chair and extending her slender leg towards Fran, pointing at him with one of her toes. “Come on, back me up here Milti.”

”I am inclined to agree with Madame’s assessment sir!” Milti said, bobbing happily from her position. ”You did react rather strongly to her appearance. And you have mentioned before that red haired females are to your preference.” She added helpfully, eyeing the clock carefully but saying nothing more.

”That was ONE time!” Fran blurts, shooting Milti a damning look at the shoggoth rolled off easily. Turning back to Liz he quickly wrapped a tentacle around her ankle, pulling her and the chair forward with a soft squeak of metal on tile. ”As for you, is your ego really THAT inflated? The hell is your problem with not being the biggest issue in the room at all times?” He asked, leaning forward and practically bumping noses with Liz. ”Maybe the reason people like Rena more than you aint got anything to do with pointless chest fat!“ He half yelled, startling Milti.

”Uh Young master…” She attempted, her voice going ignored as her summoners tempers began to flare.

“Tsk, I'm ten times cuter than that cow.” Liz sat up, puffing out her chest as her chair was pulled forward. “Smarter, cuter, and one-hundred percent better at everything than she is. Those big bahongaloos are the only redeeming quality she has!”

”Oh yeah. Her boobs are why she’s more popular than you.” Fran says, rolling his eyes. ”Not the fact she’s NICER than you. Yeah you might be cuter but if you’re so great why is it that she’s got dozens of friends and you’re stuck with me?”

Liz opened her mouth to respond, but words initially escaped her. She was perfectly nice, wasn't she? Sure she was a little headstrong, but it wasn't like she was intentionally mean to people...right? “Hah? Me stuck with you?” She laughed, standing up in the chair. “What about you then, huh? What's that mean for you that you're stuck with just me?”

”I…” Fran started, backing up a bit, looking ready to back down and racking his brain for a good come back. ”Dont flatter yourself Billboard. I only hang out with you cause you dont look at me weird for being a cripple!” He blurted, slapping a hand over his mouth a half second later.

“....Yahahaha!” Liz laughed brightly, placing one of her feet on the back of the chair, hands on her hips. “See? You said I'm mean, but doesn't that mean I'm a nice girl? I let you hang out with me, so obviously that makes me much nicer than that cow!”

She put her weight on the back of the chair.

“So don't go saying I'm not nice, ya hear-eh!?” The chair, unable to take the weight of it, began tipping forward at an unstoppable fate. “Yeeep!” Liz squealed as the chair barreled forward, stumbling and sending her crashing down to the floor in Fran's direction.
As soon as Liz’s fall registered in his brain, Fran’s tentacles leapt forward and wrapped themselves around her arms and waist. For a second, he almost felt proud of his good reflexes and was about to rub the save into Liz’s face when he realized something. That right now the only thing holding either of them up were his legs. His totally useless actual legs.

With a mighty cry of ‘FUCK’ Fran was thrown to the ground as Liz toppled ontop of him. He felt his head crack against the tile, pain blossoming in the back of his head. Thankfully, it didn’t seem like it was too serious of a fall. It hurt to be sure, but it didn’t hurt enough to fully quell his annoyance with the scrawny redhead.

”Mfuffer fnuke..” He started, his voice...oddly muffled by something soft pressing against his face. Cracking his eyes open he felt the energy drain out of him as he was greeted by Liz’s...well, even now he’d strain to call it ‘cleavage’. Was more of a canyon really. A very very close and very warm canyon he noted, if the heat on his cheeks was anything to go by.

He quickly threw his eyes upward, eager to look at anything other than that right now. Liz...seemed alright. Her hair was still tossed about in wild trussels but otherwise it looked like the tentacles (And himself) broke her fall rather well. ”L...Liz you ok?” he asked, trying to command his tentacles to release the girl only for them to give a small squeeze. Panic, evidently, threw his control out of the window.

“Geh, Lemme goooo!” The redhead squealed, panic setting in as she struggled against the tentacles. “I'm fine thank you just lemme go!” She shouted, her chest rubbing against Fran's face. “Eeek-That's not some place you should be touching!?”

”C..calm down!” Fran said, trying and failing to get his tentacles to listen to him. The offending appendages pulled the girl closer, rubbery black skin sliding smoothly and soundlessly as they drew her arms in. ”They’re freaking out cause you’re freaking out!” He said over a face full (half full?) of bosom and quickly wrapping his arms around the girls waist in an attempt to get her to stop wiggling. Both to help his tentacles and so he could try and breath reliably without being smothered. ”Just calm down and let them figure out you’re not a threat.” He grumbled, trying not to think about how (admittedly) cute the little squeaks Liz was making were. He’d have to bring that up...later.

”Uh Young master…” Milti said from the side lines, raising a finger to try and get the two attention. ”Milti not now!” Fran barked back, not really in the mood for whatever the traitorous shoggoth had to add. He’d had just enough of her shenanigans for the day thank you very much!

“I'm freaking out because they're freaking out!” Liz shouted. “How do you expect me to be calm when I got these slimy tentacles touching me in places!?”She squealed again, pulling at a particularly annoying tentacle trying to coil around her neck. “You calm down first! I'll calm down when my cute butt isn't on the liiiine!”

The tentacles, for their part, seem to take offense that the implication of them being slimy. The one freed from Liz’s neck coils around her wrist and begins to slither steadily up her arm. ”I’ll calm down when you calm down!” Fran yells, attempting to uncoil a tentacle from the girls midsection. ”And this isn’t one of those stupid pornos you read. They’re not going to try and do anything weird to your scrawny ass!” He adds, the tentacle he was working on loosening ...and then dipping quickly behind Liz. Sliding quickly down her back and into the hem of what little she had keeping her modest and sliding out the left leg from the front. ”...SHUT UP THEY DONT NORMALLY DO THAT.” He said, ignoring the fact that they sometimes did that. But when they were YOUR tentacles it didn’t seem so bad.

“Eeee, I don't believe you! That tentacle's definitely feeling me up!” Liz squealed again, trying to do her best from turning this entire thing into a bad doujin. She wasn't being very successful, if the one slowly slithering down her backside was any indication. “This is not how I imagined my first time to gooooo-geh!?” A sharp smack was delivered to the back of her head, causing most of her body to fall limp.

“That is enough of this farce.” A cold, mechanical voice interrupted the two of them as a strong, metallic hand reached down and grabbed Liz by the waist. “Organic, I suggest you unhand This One's summoner or this one shall be forced to register you as a threat.” By now Liz had at least, stopped struggling.

“...ooof, why'd you have to hit me so hard.”

“Because this was annoying to watch.”

”Finally someone sensible..” Fran said with a sigh, turning his attention back to the tentacles. They writhed for a moment, still agitated with Liz and his own panic, but were calming quickly. But eventually they calmed enough that Fran was able to start uncoiling them from Liz’s form. Finally all but one were freed, Fran quickly taking the time to skitter out from under Liz and turning away, turning away dutifully as the one still trapped in the girls clothing retracted quickly.

”Thank you Felica. “ Milti said, feeling that maybe she let this get too far out of hand...and not regretting it. ”Young master I feel as you might wish to kno-”

”What Milti? What could I possibly wish to know that wouldn’t make this dumpster fire of a morning better?” Fran asked, rubbing his eyes and wanting to disappear down a very very dark hole.

”...That Lady Rena has arrived…” Milti said, stepping to the side as a flushed platinum haired girl cast eager glances between the two of them.

“...I believe we have wasted enough time here.” Felicia threw Liz over her shoulder.

“ clothes!”

“We have more clothes in the dorm. We can let this organic flesh thing have them.” Liz wasn't in any position to wiggle out of the robot nuns grip. Muffin had seemingly been watching the whole thing, fidgeting back and forth, desiring to help but her body was far too big to help intervene in any reasonable way. She cast a glance over to Rena as Felicia carried her by.

“So how long have you been there, tits for brains?”

Rena shot Liz a coy smile. ”Long enough that if you call me again I’ll make sure the whole school knows you like to park in the handicapped zone.” She said, voice sweet and friendly despite the threat. Fran quickly re-evaluating as to who the nicer one was. Right now it was Muffin. Muffin was the nice one.

Sighing, Liz gave her dismissive wave.

“Yea yea, sure thing.” She let her body hang over the robots body. “See ya later.” Muffin was following after, making little mechanical chirping noises. “Fine, fine, just my wounded maidenly pride...”

Fran watched as the trio leave feeling... a little guilty for how things turned out. He threw a look towards Milti, the shoggoth not shrinking under the annoyed glare in the slightest but standing as prim and confidently as she had through the whole exchange.”Soooooo…” Rena chirped, taking out a pen. ”When’s the model getting here?” She asked, a mischievous glint in her eyes saying she already knew that answer.
”....I need a favor?” Fran asked, wilting under the gaze.

”I think I can arrange that...for a price.”

Fran swallowed hard, deciding that he hated the weekends.

”In an amateur respect, yes." Lorcan said, shooting Eric a pleasant smile and returning the handshake, the lie coming with such startling grace even HE almost believed it. "He must not follow the competition scene much, if at all. Good. Doubt he would have accepted otherwise..." He thinks, not once dropping the welcoming grin. Lorcan, for as much as he hated it, would have to admit there was an upside to all those tedious balls and galas. They made him exceptionally good at faking pleasantries.

"And yes, I am new. Just arrived yesterday as it happened." He said, leaning over and examining the Estoc. Aside from performing admirably as a perch, there was little to note about it. The construction was sturdy, if a bit spartan compared to the more decorative flair that plagued the sport. "Bottom left side of the grip is more worn than it should be." He noted mentally. "Guess he tightens up too much when he parries. But atleast he's using the blade length to his advantage and knows to use his forward hand as a pivot point. Unrefined but experienced enough not be considered helpless. I'll start him at....30% effort. With a 10% window up or down after I assess his footing." He thinks, brain automatically rattling off the normal battery of assessments he'd do before a match.

Lorcan blinks after a moment, realizing he's probably been caught staring. "I like your summon." He says, shooting Eric a playful look and chuckling slightly. "It's...cute. Suits you." He adds, turning back to the other young man. "You mentioned needing breakfast first yes? You headed that way currently or do you wish to meet up later? I'd hate to presume to join you for a meal uninvited after all..."

"Thank you Floofel..." Odhra sigh as he took the tea and had a deep sip. The sugar was...noted, but went largely ignored. The blend still had the dark tartness that he enjoyed and honestly, he was not about to fault the moth woman. She was only doing what she tought was best and he'd be damned if he didn't accept that happily. "And we're not!" He objects quietly, thankful that Baily and Eva seemed preoccupied with her toy. "Livi's just a friend..." he mumbles, glacing over at the girl in question just in time to catch a coy look as she spoke to Nicola. He failed to catch what she had said, but the look she gave sent a shiver up his spine and sent a flash of pink over his cheeks. He sat straight up in his seat, sipping his tea deeply and sent her back a pouting look that, for all the world, told the girl that she was not helping!

Thankfully, Max's arrival provided a much needed distraction. Odhra turning to watch as Mr. Teethapus was lost in a sea of pillowy...pillows. Baily, for her part, seemed as excited for the strange analogs as the small girl next to her. "Miss Floofel's is very pretty!" The spider girl trilled, joining Eva in the comforting mass and squashing Mr. Teethapus between herself and the Floofel Pillow. "I desire to compare this comfort device's quantifiable hugging properties to the real life analog! Perhaps a side by side litmus test is in order?" She chirped to Eva, throwing a wildly excited look to the moth girl. "Miss Floofel please approach so that I may embrace you deeply!"

"Baily..." Odhra said thick with warning. "You know better than that..." He adds, the Spidery girl shrinking slightly in embarrassment. "Since there is a pillow of myself it would be a violation of experimental standards and practices to have me participate in the control group..." She grumbles, hugging both Eva and the pillow party slightly in embarrassment.

"Exactly!" Odhra said, looking a little pleased at his summon. "If we want objective results, We'll need a non-represented and unbiased person to hug both the pillows and the three of you in turn. And provide a metric of enjoyability. Given this is mostly for fun, lets say on a scale of 1 to 10...and yes if she agrees you may hug Floofel recreationaly afterwards." He says, looking over the group.

"...though that said. Me, Eva and Livi are out as well. Since we'd have a natural bias towards our own summons...which just leaves Max and Nikola as prospective candidates!"

After his morning jog, there was fairly little on Lorcan's schedule which was...well. Not a NEW experience he supposed, but the first in a long time. Were he at home he was fairly certain that his family would have set up a meeting with some tutor or training session, either for his benefit or to curry favor with another family. Or worse, tea with a noble's son or daughter who was a fan and was less than subtle in their interests in his 'body of work'. It was frankly a wonder his parents kept trying their hand at those, considering the sheer number he'd feigned obliviousness through.

All that said, they were atleast better than the alternative his was discovering now. Lorcan was...bored. Terribly so. And he really had no clue as to how to deal with that fact. Pestering Isobel was an option but...given last night she might still be in a foul mood. Best leave her be for the time. The fact she was probably still asleep also made that a somewhat suicidal prospect.

”The hell do commoners do all day?" He grumbled as he walked the school grounds before his eyes caught a vaguely familiar glint of black hair. Ah yes, the upstart from yesterday who'd managed to calm Isobel's attempted rampage. He'd nearly forgotten about him.

Nearly being the operative word here. And given how much Albus apparently new of his cousin's private matters...

"We've certainly the morning for it." Lorcan called out, his voice calm and sweet as he approached despite the rising urge to grind his teeth together. The other man looked to be practicing some sort of martial art. Not a terribly combat effective one if looks were to be believed. The estoc resting on the tree, however, was a little bit more note worthy.

"Please forgive the intrusion, but...I noticed your weapon from across the way. Thought you might fancy a sparring match." He lied, making sure to for-go giving his name just in case. It'd be better to get the boy relaxed BEFORE he interrogated him, and fudging his own skill to make it look like they were evenly matched wouldn't be too great a challenge.


Odhra looked like he wished to sink twelve feet into the floor and stay there when Baily spoke, face going a little red as he turned to Floofel. "Raspberry tea with no sugar please." He said quickly, hoping if he ignored that mistake nobody would notice.

Upon receiving the high praise of Eva Baily squeezed the octopus plushie hard enough that its teeth chattered and smiled at the smaller girl, tail trashing wildly with joy. Livia's comment, however, brought a small pout to her lips. "But my phrasing was accurate?" She defended halfheartedly. "Master said you engaged in intercourse for about an hour. He even mentioned you wanted him to take out his big boy at the start! He also mentioned he was concerned about your elevated heart rate afterwards and said I should keep an eye out for possible sighs of exhaustion." She elaborated.

"B-Baily!" Odhra yelped, quickly rushing over and gently putting a hand over his summons mouth before she said something even worse. "She uh...she means Bubbles. Livia asked to borrow Bubbles for the ritual..." He corrected quietly, shooting Livia an apologetic look. Turning back to his summon, removing his hand before speaking. "Baily, I know you're not meaning to baby but...most folks would use the word 'discourse' in this context. Intercourse implies more...private subjects." He said, carefully side eying Eva to make sure he wasn't giving to much away.

The spider girl looked curiously between her master and Livia, brows knit furiously together as she attempted to piece together what she did wrong. After a moment, her eyes light up and she let out a keening series of chirps that could only be interpreted as laughter. "Oh! You mean that I was implicating you and Flesh Body Livia as having had engaged in se-" She began, the S bomb only being prevented as Odhra quickly replaced his hand over his summons mouth.

"Successful summoning ritual yes!" Odhra said quickly, feeling he nailed that recovery despite the panic in his voice and shooting Eva a strained smile. There was an awkward silence for a moment before an idea struck. "Oh, Baily, you wanted to introduce Eva and Floofel to Mr. Teethapus right?" he asked softly and allowing the Summon to speak once more.

Bailys eyes light up as she practically leaps over to Eva's side. "YES YES!" She blurted too loudly, eagerly holding the be-molared Mollusc out for Eva's approval. "Master got me a toy after I learned how to draw blood on my own! His name is Mr. Teethapus. He is a morphologically inaccurate octopus with a morphologically accurate scale model set of Flesh Body Chewing structures!" She explained rather unnecessarily.

The plush in question stares at Eva, its wide set friendly eyes staring into the abyss of existence as its tentacles flopped limply in the air. "Master says they are used in oral hygiene practices to put children at ease. I find this to be a wonderful idea!" she adds, hugging the large plush toy, its tombstone teeth clacking slightly at the motion.

Lorcan had awoken long before his roommates, the sun just barely peeking over the horizon and cast purple and pink streaks against the still grayed sky as he began his morning jog. Part of him wanted to stay in bed, was always the priority. Plus, it wasn't like he was currently privy to any club functions. ”I'll check the student directory later." He thinks as he rounds the corner of the Dragon Aviary for what felt like the fiftieth time.

He'd be lying if he said he was truly interested in joining anything though. His parents had made it pretty clear before he left that they expected him to attend whatever Junior Military group the school had available. It would make for good press back home. The young artist turned champion now beginning his long sojourn into civil and military service and all that shit. The old brass polishers would eat that up.

He scowled and attempted to push the implications of the orders out of his mind. No. Coming here was for HIM, and even if they benefited from the whole ordeal he'd be damned if they'd suck the joy out of it. Even if only vicariously.

”Least I got to hang out with Isobel for a bit..." He grumbled, recalling the cavalcade of idiocy that occurred the night before when he finally got back to his room.

Lorcan huffed, sweat beading off of him as he finally stopped his laps. Sixty Nine. He was doubtless that little troglodyte Albus would pull an innuendo out of that in some fashion if he were here. Finding a small bench off to the side of the path he peels off his shirt, letting himself cool off in the chill of the morning while there was still some privacy.

As much as he hated to admit it...he'd be hard pressed to say he disliked Albus. Oh sure, he was a perverted little freak with a host of neuroses that Lorcan was pretty sure he'd only just seen the barest surface of. But credit where it was due, the little trollop had actually managed to, in the most bizarre way possible, amuse him. Which was a damn sight more enjoyable than the other members he'd met of Dracona so far.

”...wonder when the culinary club meet next...." he said to himself, lazing into the bench and staring skyward.


"Sorry we're late!" Odhra cries, practically running into the CnF meeting room, carrying three heavy looking trays with him. "A few of my babies needed to get their weekly feeding and then the cobbler didn't set right so I had to remake it an-" The green haired youth blurted, words coming fast and furious and he wobbled towards the buffet table.

"Master..." A much softer voice coo'd as it entered the room. The spider like figure of Baily standing calmly in the door way carrying a very very large and fuzzy octopus with a disturbingly human like set of pearly white teeth. "We arrived on time. Hello Flesh Bodies!" Baily says as she smiles and waves a stuffed tentacle at the trio of other members.

"Ah..sorry. Good!" Odhra says, voice wavering a little as the words 'flesh bodies' floated to his ears. He grumbles something about needing to work on that as he sets out the food he'd prepared for todays meeting. "Anyway uh... I brought Veggie lasagna with ground mushroom and five cheeses. Homemade noodles this time, so do let me know what you think! Barbaque'd chicken with apple and cranberry chutney on rice if you don't want the vegetarian option..." He says, throwing Eva a knowing look and silently defending his veggie pasta dish, whose honor was DARED sullied (SULLIED!!!!!!!!) yesterday.

He sets down the dishes, quickly pouring himself some tea and putting the final tray before Floofel. Both for her approval and to know it would be kept safe out of reach until it was appropriate for members to serve Eva, but he had long accepted that fact. "And for DESSERT..." He said, looking a little proud. "Strawberry Cobbler with white chocolate and coconut shredded on top."

Baily plops down on an arm chair next to Nikola, smiling too wide and staring at the boy as her tail swished erratically behind her. "Master decided to make it last night after engaging with Flesh Body Livia in intercourse!" She chirped loudly and (atleast to her) helpfully.

There was a small pause as Tyaethe asked for volunteers, which was...well. Business as usual honestly. Say what you could about the vampire's honorable position, it didn't really detract from the fact that most folk weren't half as fond of her (comparatively) suicidal tactics. And while this (thankfully, by the look of calm on a few knights face) wasn't her plan, the knee-jerk reaction to avoid the undead knight's retinue was as strong as ever.

Gillian sauntered over to the vampire's side, knowing full well that his presence would do little to actually EASE any nervousness of potential volunteers. Their numbers would be filled regardless. And frankly, he'd more respect for the Vampire than the little girl playing at captain or Aria. The latter of which seemed eager to part his neck from his body for whatever reason, if her body language was anything to go by.

"As charismatic a leader as always Lady Radistirin." he huffed, taking a position at her right. He rolled his shoulders, metal cracking and clinking as artificial joints moved about. There was nothing really relaxing about the act, he couldn't feel if his shoulders were stiff anymore. But the motion was mentally relaxing if nothing else. "Where do you want me?" He asked simply. While he'd be more than happy to spear head the charge, it wouldn't do for the two knights to get in each others way. And setting his senior knight on fire accidentally due to was not exactly something he wanted to have to apologize for.

@Raineh Daze
Livia Fiore and Odhra Bebbin
Glade, Late Friday night.

Livia inhaled, a cool night breeze tickling her skin as she glanced towards the forest canopy. Night had fallen over L'Mordryn, and after sending Siobahn off and making sure Eva wasn't going to follow, the former noble was eagerly looking forward to see what would come of this summoning attempt. Odhra had given her quite the idea. A jiangshi. A perfect fit for her needs. Something a bit less stealthy than Siobahn, but far more dangerous in a direct confrontation.

Not that she wanted to have such things, but sometimes the direct application of force was the correct response to a situation.

Walking through the forest, Livia finally found an acceptable spot to try something. Not a clearing, but not heavily forested either. She doubted things would since she was the one doing the summoning, but if things did go awry for whatever reason, she wanted as many things between herself and whatever was happening since she didn't have Siobahn with her.

Speaking of...

“Odhra,” Livia turned towards the other summoner, briefly glancing in the direction of the school. “I don't mean to put you on the spot, but how's Bubbles doing?”

Odhra cocks his head at his friend for a moment, green hair turned almost black in the dim light falling in his face and framing his curiosity at the chosen spot for summoning. ”A moment, please.” He says simply, his eyes rolling back in their sockets as he reached out far into the realms. He stands with an unearthly stillness for a moment, eerily quiet save for the occasional clicking of teeth as his body mimics speech not given form on this plane.

”A bit gassy from his evening hunt. But otherwise he is fine and free should you feel the need to bring him in.” He admits, his features settling back into their normal warmth. He scratches the side of his head before continuing. ”Probably best make that a last resort though. He’s not exactly the most subtle of things to bring out, even at this time of night. And if I do, we’ll only have about...I wanna say three minutes at worst to get this situation under control.”

“I see.” Livia exhaled. “Good, good. I don't anticipate anything will go wrong, but...I dislike being without a summons...three minutes, though?” She asked. That was an odd time limit to have for something.

”Bubbles’ is a giant arthropod.” Odhra says, shrugging simply. ”Unfortunate reality of my babies is that their size is often incompatible with our own atmosphere. They lack lungs and instead breathe through spiracles. Basically a bunch of very small lung like structures along the body. As such, the much larger ones I have to essentially pull double duty in providing both the magical anchor for their existence here and provide the high oxygen their bodies need. Normally this isn’t too bad, but Bubbles is huge and his own regenerative abilities need to feed off my magical stamina. He’s...taxing to run at full strength.”

He taps his chin for a moment, considering something. ”That's probably an inherent advantage you phasma folk have over Bestia. We’re at times constrained by physical limitations of what we summon. Fish can’t breath without water and the like.” He says, not really having put too much thought into the houses before now. ”Don’t get me wrong. We can be heavier hitters. But you all have a little more leeway in what you can bring forth, even if its normally too abstract to survive….or even be considered live as the case might be.”

Chatty as usual, wasn't he? Livia listened with an amused smile. It made sense. She was no biologist or scientist, dealing more in mystical matters, but it was true. Insects didn't have the biological parts needed to survive in this atmosphere for long.

“An astute assessment.” Livia nodded. “Though, I will say at times, there are some constraints on what we can use and when. For example, various forms of undead are at their best during the night hours and grow weaker during the day.” A little known fact was that while Siobahn had no trouble existing during the day, there was a reason she normally hid herself in shadows. Sunlight made her uncomfortable. “But this is perhaps a better talk to have in a proper setting and not in the middle of a forest. I don't anticipate things will go awry, but should they do I'll be counting on you.”

Odhra gives a small mock salute. ”Righto! I’ll give you a little space in case you need to prepare stuff.” He chirps stepping a few feet back and kneeling next to a tree. He takes a few seconds to check his medical bag, the small interior light blaring in the clearing for a half second before he seemed satisfied and closed it. Then he sat quietly, letting his eyes readjust to the darkness and watching for the show to start.

“Right then, lets get this started.” She stepped away from Odhra, taking a few moments to mentally prepare herself. This was something significantly more powerful than a simple Wraith, though she supposed Siobahn wasn't quite so simple. Closing her eyes, Livia held her hands in front of her, the flat of her palms facing the opposite just inches away.

Relax her muscles...

Expand her mind...

Feel the outer realms...

Livia stood completely still, the cool breeze subtly growing in intensity.

She steered clear of the familiar, forlorn sensation of Siobahn's forest. The fey of the melancholy copse was not what she was looking for. She extended her mind further. Past the realms of fire spirits, the frigid realm of ice. The lands of the summer and winter courts. Realms she knew of well from her research, but never visited. She needed to go further. Further still.

Soon, she could feel it.

A subtle sense of dread began filling her. She could faintly smell rancid meat, metal, and...alcohol? A cold shiver passed through her body, but she wouldn't be deterred. Something here...yes, something here would be more than suitable. She had traveled far enough so this should be the area she needed to summon something from.

So she called.

And something answered.

Livia's body tensed, her throat clamping shut as a cold, icy grip wrenched her throat. No, she wouldn't quit. Not yet. Never. She would have whatever this was...! She pulled with all her ability, whatever it was on the other end trying to pull her instead. Her body was cold, a lack of oxygen was starting to cloud her thoughts.

“Ack-!” Livia coughed, desperately trying to refill her lungs with air. Just as suddenly as the grip formed, it was gone. A black portal opened in the air just in front of Livia, the rattling of chains and a horrendous smell of blood, alcohol, and meat filled the air as Livia stumbled backwards, any energy she might have had utterly drained.


A pitch black structure fell from the portal, slamming into the ground with force enough to embed itself into the soft earth. The black onyx structure was abhorrently ornate. Its surface was carved with intricate designs of unknown origin, crafted with an obvious careful and steady hand. The designs themselves seem to depict some sort of story, with human figures, demons, and other supernatural entities dancing across its surface in a myriad of patterns and stories. The thing sits upright, with the bottom being wide and large enough to support its massive weight without falling over. The top of it is carved and decorated with a number of jewels.

The entire sarcophagus was covered in chains, rusted, but still holding tight around the sarcophagus. Talismans of unknown origin were taped liberally across its surface, written in ancient languages.

Odhra stands slowly, resisting his first instinct to rush to Livia’s side until they knew WHAT she’d summon was or if it would do anything on its own. He lightly shuffled his way towards her, the air behind him warping slightly as he prepped Bubbles for an emergency entrance. Once he was at the other invokers side he knelt down, looking her over for obvious signs of trauma. There was no blood, much to his mix of disappointment and relief. But sweat beaded across her skin and hair, breaths were ragged and more uneven than he’d like.

But more disturbingly... ”Livi. Hold still a moment.” He said quietly, his voice calm but carrying a friendly authority that refused all counter argument. He cupped a hand underneath the taller girls chin, her skin slightly too cold to be normal. For a moment he considered taking a small light out from his bag but decided against it. He’d no earthly clue what the sarcophagus might react to.

Instead he leaned his face in close, warm breath catching on the girls neck and clavicle as he examined her neck. On each side of her neck were four long claw marks. Not deep, he noted thankfully, but stippled with redness that blossomed on the girls otherwise pale skin. ”Something got its hands on you.” He said, keeping close and quiet. ”Nothing serious. Probably happened during the ritual. I’ve some aloe for that later. How do you feel? Any disorientation or pain?” He adds, keeping his pace slow and clear.

“Urgh,” Livia coughed, holding a hand lightly to her neck. ”Burns...slightly. Mild headache, feel like I got dumped into an ice bath...and I smell a rather horrendous combination of alcohol and blood.” She tried to chuckle, but only ended up having another small coughing fit.

The chains on the sarcophagus rattled gently in the breeze.

The portal hadn't closed yet.

”Noted. And you smell fine to me.” He half chuckled, eyeing the portal. ”I don’t want to rush you, but do you think you can keep...uh..that here and close that portal? I’m concerned about what keeping it open might do to you.” He added, a sudden small gust of warmth erupting behind the both of them as the gate he’d prepared for Bubbles earlier opened only the tiniest of fraction.

“Portal?...” Livia furrowed her brow, glancing at Odhra as she finally managed to catch her breath a bit. “I'm not...keeping any portal open, Odhra.” The invoker glanced towards the black hole like portal, wincing a bit as her neck moved. That wasn't right. She wasn't keeping that open, and Odhra sure as hell wasn't, so what was that even...! Before she could finish her thought, the air around the sarcophagus began to shimmer, several tears in space forming around it, cracking the air as several figures walked through the torn opening.

Grotesque looking undead shuffled through, wearing foreign armor and weapons as they slowly stepped foot into a realm not their own. With a guttural, demonic howl the four undead seemed to lock onto Livia and Odhra.

Odhra stares back at the four undead creatures for a moment, blinking owlishly at the quartet. ”....nope.” he chirps, smiling at the undead as space burst behind him. Briefly, the miasmic odor of blood and spirits is overwhelmed with the scent of rotting vegetation and tangy musk as the gate to Bubble’s primal world shatters open. Bubble’s hulking form barrels out, his form resting over the two kneeling invokers comfortably. Salvia drips from his mandibles in sticky globs and his stinger thrashest about wildly, a fist sized bubble of venom dangling from its tip and glowing faintly orange in the evening light. Bubbles answers the undead’s howl with a roar of his own, a series of clacking and chirping that (while not loud) resonates the air around him and making Odhra and Livia’s teeth vibrate uncomfortably in their skulls.

Unfortunately for Bubbles, mindless undead tended to lack what people knew as 'fear'.

Undeterred by the creatures appearance, the four undead soldiers shambled towards the insectoid creature, now focusing on it instead of them. A small reprieve as the four engaged Bubbles. One met the beast head on. It was slow, but there was an undeniable power behind its movements it bought its high, before swiftly bringing it down upon bubbles head.

Two of the others tried flanking the beast, trying to gain the advantage, whilst the last seemed to position itself in front of the sarcophagus.

“Hrn...they seem like simple undead, but they're not disorganized...”

”Looks like they’re trying to protect that...thingy you brought here. Any clue what it is?”

Bubbles, meanwhile, slammed forward, catching the sword on the face and driving forward. Blue-green ichor flowed from the gash as the beast charged forward, thrusting a paw and driving the undead into the ground where it belonged. The arachnids head swiveled quickly, the laceration already knitting together at an unnatural speed as its stinger tail swung like a battering ram into the skeleton on his left. Orange venom flushed from the stinger, pouring uselessly onto the ground in heavy puddles. But the sheer mass of the blow did enough to crumble the rib cage like powdered glass.

“Judging from the construction of it...a sarcophagus of some sort? It's construction isn't entirely indicative of eastern lores...” Livia pondered, utterly calm despite the ensuing fight between bubbles and the handful of undead. “I don't recognize those talismans either. And why is it chained shut? keep people out...or keep whatever is in there, in?”

The undead hissed as it was crushed beneath the arachnids blow, ancient armor and bones crumbling to pieces in an instant, returning it to the earth. The one on bubbles left was slammed with the stinger, its abhorrent ribcage nearly shattering itself in half, but the undead hardly seemed to notice. It hissed, a slow lunge forward, diving its rusted blade into bubbles side.

The second one lunged towards bubbles legs, using its blade to try and immobilize the beasts legs.

”Given its got a set of guards...I’m going to hazard a guess at keeping whatever it is in. Either way, if that is what you summoned you ability to influence is probably being hindered by the talismans. They probably need to come off...don’t suppose you know how to make replacement ones in case thats a terrible idea?” He asked nervously.

Bubbles hissed as his prey proved more resilient than he’d thought. Blades peirced everyside of him, only his pride taking any sort of permanent injury. Bubbles back leg crumpled as the skeleton to his right jabbed into his thigh, but it did little to really deter the creature. There was no need to move when his prey had been unwise enough to come this close. The stinger still embedded in the left skeletons chest lifted and slammed the undead into the earth once, twice, three times. Each impact sounded by a dull thump and the clinking of armor until it finally gave way entire.

”...hold on a moment. Bubbles!” Odhra said, the large creature not breaking its gaze to the final (and now lone) threat. ”Roll over.” A gurgle of amusement escaped the large creature as it hurled itself to the right, body slamming into the final attacking skeleton with a wet crack as the hulk half buried itself into the ground.

“Perhaps...they seem to be protecting it.” Livia agreed. There was only one way to really find out, though...and that was to open it. “I can't say I can remake those exact ones...but I could possibly do something should I need too.”

Livia watched with amused fascination as the last of the odd skeletal soldiers was dispatched by bubbles. The fourth so far, hadn't moved from its defensive position by the sarcophagus, and the portal overhead seemed to be growing smaller in size.

”Its a shame I’ve got to break them…” Odhra says, finally standing up as Bubbles wiggled on his back. Happily grinding what was left of the skeleton into a fine powder in the process no doubt. ”It would have been fun to figure out how they worked.” He sighs, snapping his fingers for Bubbles to rise. The spider creature rolls back to its legs, shaking briefly and letting the blades lodged in its side clatter to the ground as his body forced itself back together.

Bubbles waddled closer to the remaining skeleton, now calm in the knowledge that the threat to his master was all but non-existent. Almost casually, his stinger rose behind him, stabbing into the remaining skeleton and (like before) flailing its hooked foe about its body and into the ground. ”That said...for guards…” Odhra said, watching as his baby tore the skeleton a proverbial new one. ”They’re not exactly...I dunno. Good? Think maybe there are more of them to come or they just got made on the fly or something?” he asked, not quite yet approaching the sarcophagus until Bubbles had deemed play time over.

“Mhm, perhaps. Difficult to say. They were incredibly aged from what I could tell.” Unlike Odhra, Livia's curiosity was getting the better of her. “They may have just been whatever was easiest to make for now. Or perhaps they were not used to dealing with something like bubbles. From what I could tell, a human fighting them would be rather difficult.” As she spoke, Livia began walking towards the sarcophagus, cautiously curious of whatever might be inside.

“, what are you?”

By now the portal overhead and dissipated entirely.


The sarcophagus jolted forwards a few inches, whatever was inside of it had slammed against the interior walls. The metal chains holding the lid in place snapped, creaking, and breaking against the force inside. The talismans shuddered, doing little to halt whatever monster was inside. It shifted again, and again, until the chains could no longer hold the creature inside.

“...nhhhhn?” The sarcophagus lid slammed into the ground near Bubbles, a raspy, groaning voice echoing from within. “Aaaahhhhg-ack-urgh...aaah?” Something quite...odd quite literally hopped out of the sarcophagus, arms extended in front of it and dressed in foreign clothing, its lifeless eyes half opened.

“Hnnn...ah, my retainers...dead...? Ah, so useless...useless...make their bones into dessert...” The small humanoids eyes focused on the two humans. “...ah...? Human...not palace?” her head tilted to the side. “Ah...smell...sweet...perhaps one of you...My lord? The other...dessert...?”

Odhra stares at the tiny forgien zombie, eyes wide. ”My gods Livia…” He begins, his voice shaking. ”She’s….ADORABLE!” Odhra squeaks, hugging Bubbles thick neck to resist the urge to rush the poor little Jianshi. Odhra snuggles into the nape of Bubbles neck, the large beast ‘purring’ in response, content to be the object of his masters misplaced affection. ”Also looks like SHE made the portals somehow. Maybe some dominion over other undead and acting as a proxy invoker? But her hoooornnns~” He adds, his ability to analyze the creature before him now pretty much lost in the frenzied thoughts of what the C&F will do once they see this masterpiece.

“Nhn...” The Jiangshi's eyes turned to Livia. “ lord. My sweet are...him...? The one who called me? Ah,'s been so long. Sweet air...sweet, delicious life filled air...” A subtle, smile formed on the undeads mouth. “...makes me so, so very hungry....”

“Adorable yes,” Livia held a hand to her chin. “...though I am unsure about her temperament.” The jiangshi took this time to literally hop over to Livia, its stiff joints and muscles.

“ lord...Is that one dinner?”


“Ah, ah, that delicious looking boy. I can have him can't I? You summoned me and bought me a gift. Lord is too kind...”

“Well...I suppose if you want.” Livia smiled lightly. Probably no harm in letting this play out. She doubted this zombie could really do anything to Odhra as long as bubbles was here.

“Ah, ah~” With a odd giggle, the Jiangshi spun on her heels, facing Odhra. “Meat for Mizu, a pound of delicious red meat, for little Mizu~” She hopped towards Odhra...

And immediately fell flat on her face with an oddly adorable ‘squee’ noise and a small squeal.
Odhra stares down at the fallen zombie, Bubbles salivating over his shoulder as he rubbed his massive head agaisnt his master. He kneels down to the fallen zombie, staying just out of arms reachs for the moment. As adorable as this zombie was, he wasn’t so absent minded as to just let himself get eaten. ”You ok there...Mizu was it?” He asks, blinking curiously at the creature. ”Maybe you should stay seated for a little bit. No real telling how long you’ve been in that box for….” He offers, taking out his medical bag just in case he had anything that might theoretically help the poor zombie girl. Bubbles, meanwhile, glared down at the offending creature, practically begging her to try something so he might have an excuse to feed but making no movements beyond that.

“Mizushi-Douji.” She replied to Odhra with a small whine, arms flailing just slightly, trying to reach the boy just out of her reach. It seemed like she was having trouble bending her joints in any reasonable way. “Ah, my bed...sleeping for...years? Only wake...when feast.” Her mouth turned into a pout as she puffed out her cheeks. “Aaaah, this stupid undead body of miiiine. So stiiiiif....hungry...boy let me have just a nibble. Just a little tiniest nibble...”

“If she is a proper Jiangshi, then she likely unable to move well. According to my notes their limbs are in a permanent state of rigor, meaning for the most part they will be locked in place.” Livia knelt next to Mizushi.

”Aww…” Odhra whines, eyes rolling over Mizu like an injured puppy. ”Poor girl. I’ll look into artificial muscles we might be able to implant later. Since you’re dead I’m not too worried about auto-immune rejection.” he chirps, opening up the medical bag. ”Plus…” He adds, his grin turning vicious and too wide as his previously pleasant gaze settled into a cheerful leer. ”I’ve always wanted to try surgery on an active and conscious participant.”

”But until then!” He chirps, the momentary sadism being washed away in the boys normal aura of warmth. ”Would a little blood work well enough? Don't really have any medical waste at hand to give you….at the moment anyway. But I can stand to lose a pint or two!”

“I don't think that's a good idea, Odhra.” Livia bopped the other summoner lightly on the head. “Not for now, at least.” She was concerned for a number of reasons – mostly it being she wasn't quite sure Mizu would take just a pint or two. “I'll take her back to my dorm for now. See if I can get any more information about her.” Standing up, Livia grabbed the Jiangshi's clawed hands, helping to pull her up back on her feet.

“Ah, my lord...your warm.”

“And uh, thanks for tonight, Odhra.” Livia looked uneasily off to the side, hiding her mouth with a hand. “Really...if I tried this without you, I am not quite sure I could have handled it....and you too, bubbles.”

”Nope!” Odhra says, now taking his turn to bop Livia in return. ”You’re a lot better at this than most people are at your rank. Waaay better than I was anyway. You could have handled it on your own.” He said, scratching the underside of Bubbles chin. Bubbles slowly leans forward and presses his head into Livia’s chest with surprising dexterity for such a large creature, a heavy purring rumbling from the beast to confirm his masters assessment. ”Me and Bubbles just helped a little. Sides, it was fun! My poor big baby doesn’t ever get a chance to stretch his stinger enough. Don’t you boy?” He adds, the last part devolving into baby talk as Bubbles tail flails wildly about a small rain of venom arcing behind the two as the creature lavishes in the praise.

“Haaa...” Livia returned Odhra's words with a small smile. “Well I suppose I can't deny that if you're going to insist.”


“We'll see about getting you something to eat once I'm back in the dorm, Mizu.” Livia said, turning her attention back to her newest summons. Ah, she was exhausted. She really needed a bath and a meal of her own. Not to mention her neck. “ I have you to thank for my neck, by the way?”

“Ah, ah, Mizu is sorry, Lord...your neck was so pretty, so delicious...I almost broke it....” Mizu began hopping after Livia, the Sarcophagus she left behind seemingly not moving from its position where it had embedded itself in the earth, at least for now.

“I'll see you tomorrow, Odhra.” She headed back to the dorms, Mizu hopping along behind her.

Gillian dragged a body behind him as he skulked back towards the group, no small amount of gore coating his armor and hands. Say what one could about the benefits of having weaponized arms, clean up would forever be a chore. "If you've time to complain..." He said as he passed Fiora and Narciss, "You've the time to do something more useful. Like clearing a space out in a wagon to chain these folks in or securing the perimeter." It wasn't that he thought the two entirely wrong, and were the forces they were facing more dangerous he might agree. But as it stood, these bandits were hardly a threat. He was pretty sure the whole retinue could be asleep and the poor bastards they'd collected would still be all but helpless before them.

It wasn't arrogance that made him think that either. While the bandits clearly had some rudimentary training, as was evidence by their formation and their crossbow men using alternating volleys, it was really hardly better than the average milita's level of competence. To an average citizen, it would make them a legitmate threat. To Knights, festooned in armor likely several times more expensive than the whole of a farmers house and with training to match? Yeah. Kind of a joke.

He hefted the body over his shoulder, leaving the two Ladys of the Whining Court to their own devices, casually strolling over to where Aria was currently putting the screws to another of their poor survivors. While he could appreciate her honesty, opening an interrogation with the promise of death (albeit painless) was not exactly the best way to encourage someone to talk. "You know..." He said cheerily to the taller knight, dumping the body with a wet thud next to the bandit. "Most folks start with an introduction." he added, flicking the remaining gore from his fingers to the ground.

He kneels down beside his fellow knight, smiling calmly at their new captive. "You'll have to forgive the little lady here..." He said, taking a long second to chuckle at his own joke as if it actually amused him. "Nice to meet you friend, you can call me Gill. While I'd hate to take up more of your day than we've already have, I'd appreciate you answering her questions. If it proves true, I can probably convince the Captain that you should just get some jail time."

It was a lie of course, both in the sense of him not really intending to speak with the captain if the little bastard did talk and it being doubtful of her agreeing. But considering the man just watched his entire troupe get slaughtered, it was a lie he'd be readily open to believing . "Oh and uh...I'd do so quickly...Our ginger friend here isn't really the patient type..." He gives a dramatic sigh, patting the bandit on the head like one would a child. "You know I used to have real arms before she came along? Barbarian that one I swear."

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