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This sounds like it could be fun. Question for ya, just to make sure I'm understanding correctly. Would players be forming teams to compete against each other, or against NPC teams?

Hi there! First off, thanks for giving this a look-see.

Depending on the amount of interest this gets, the general intention is to allow for both cases. Essentially:

1) Your resident temple mystic, oracle, dragon, Shen Gong Wu radar, supercomputer, alien, etc. will alert your team of a recently awakened Shen Gong Wu artifact nearby.

2) A different team (whether a different team of PCs or a team of evil NPCs) will also be alerted, leading to a race and potentially (generally-speaking, most likely) to two or more characters reaching the artifact simultaneously, leading to a Xiaolin Showdown!

3) The winner of the Xiaolin Showdown wins the disputed Shen Gong Wu artifact, as well as any additional artifact wagered in a game of luck, skill, strength, speed, etc. determined by all participants of the game. This game will be disputed via a dice roll, which means that a team may be unlucky and lose all of its artifacts; this wouldn't be a "game over", it would just be a "try harder; maybe do a heist".

I would like teams of three initially to encourage more teams and therefore that PvP aspect, but each team could technically be six members deep based on available elements.
House Blackwood

Ever Watchful

Recent History:
Every House is subject to the ebbs and flows of fortune and currently... House Blackwood's fortunes are in ebb. Ser Edmund Blackwood wasted away to a mysterious and sudden illness too rare for the Blackwood Maester to treat and a scant few years later, Lord Quentyn Blackwood was slain by Ser Otho Bracken in a tournament melee, meaning the only remaining trueborn Blackwoods were all of legal minority. Thus, over the past two years, a regency council has ruled over Raventree Hall, forcing the Flock of Young Ravens to bide their time before exacting their revenge.

Household Members:
King's Landing
Prince Brynden "Bloodraven" Rivers (27). Master of Whisperers of King Daeron.
Lady Melissa Blackwood (45). Courtier in the Red Keep. Former consort to late King Aegon IV.
Princess Mya Rivers (29). Courtier in the Red Keep.
Princess Gwenys Rivers (28). Courtier in the Red Keep.

Blackwood Vale
Young Lord Bennifer "Benny" Blackwood (14). Lord-in-waiting of Raventree Hall. Squire to Ser...
Young Lord Robert "Bobby" Blackwood (12). Lord Benny's younger brother.
Young Lord Roland Blackwood (10). Lord Benny's younger brother.
Young Lord Roger Blackwood (8). Lord Benny's younger brother.
Ser Lorent Blackwood (16). Knighted by inheritance as knight of Muddy Hall. Lord Benny's older cousin.
Maester Mollen. Specialized in history and geography. Unable to treat late Ser Edmund's illness.
Lady Sylvia Blackwood (37). Born to House Ryger, mother to Lord Benny and his siblings. Current regent of Raventree Hall.


Sounds like a cool concept. Just a question, since DBZ Time Patrol includes a bunch of alternate universe versions of main characters: are you expecting us to use canon characters or OCs, and if OCs, can we be the alternate universe version of a canon character?

The Story So Far…

Omi, Raimundo, Kimiko and Clay were the students of Master Fung in the old Xiaolin Temple in China, tasked with collecting all Shen Gong Wu once these ancient magical artifacts awakened. This is because the Shen Gong Wu are incredibly powerful artifacts capable of either destroying the world or bringing upon an age of darkness should they fall in the wrong hands.

Master Fung’s intrepid students were close to completing their quest on several occasions, only to be thwarted at each step by recurring villains such as: Jack Spycer (evil boy genius), the Heylin witch Wuya, and evil Xiaolin monk Chase Young, who each sought to collect the Shen Gong Wu for their own nefarious needs.

Unfortunately, the battle with Chase Young would eventually lead to the destruction of the Xiaolin Temple, the death of Master Fung and Chase Young’s escape. Disillusioned, the Wudai Warriors disbanded, disavowing their leader Raimundo’s pleas to stick together and eventually founding independent temples around the world, for they all understood one thing:

Eventually, the Shen Gong Wu would awaken once more.

The Working Concept…

So, the general idea behind this RP will be to form small groups of RPers who can work together and compete against other groups to collect all Shen Gong Wu, store them and finally put an end to the threat that is their continued awakening. That being said, none of the other temples can be trusted to keep their Shen Gong Wu safe, can they?

In other words, it’s a competition. Therefore, we will be using Simple World; a PbtA variant intended to allow for quicker gameplay without playbooks or the sort while still relying on (2d6) dice rolls. The mechanics you’ll need to keep in mind are as follows:

Instead of stats, we will be using approaches similarly to FATE. You will roll these based on how you “approach” a situation. The approaches are: Cool, Hot, Sharp, Blunt, & Cute.

Additionally, we will keep track of relationship stat values with your teammates, which will be variable based on how close you are with each individual member of the team.

Lastly, your rolls may receive a +1 bonus based on whether you’re being helped by a teammate, a -1 malus if you’re being hindered by an opponent, a +1 bonus for optimal or inventive use of a Shen Gong Wu artifact, and lastly, a +1 or -1 from the GM based on general context, so make sure to challenge your opponent to a game that is stacked in your favor and remember: Gong Yi Tanpai!


You are a student of one of Master Fung’s former students. Form a three player team first and each of you select one out of the following six elements: earth, fire, water, wind, wood, lightning. Then fill the following character sheet:

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Just dropping by to introduce myself as it is recommended. My name is Goose, I started playing forum RPs about 12 years ago, although I did stop for a while. It's recently been recommended to me that I retake writing as a hobby, and keeping a journal seems too tedious, so here I am.

Looking forward to playing with you all!
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