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Current Honestly, I don't get the grief given to SAO when there's stuff like Mushoku Tensei where the MC actively lusts for underaged girls. And it's the most popular isekai in Japan.
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5 mos ago
Reminder that the Pentagon just confirmed UFOs are real.
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5 mos ago
Also, it's kinda annoying going back and forth writing short replies since I got other stuff to do and that just interrupts my rythm.
5 mos ago
Casual RPs here, I just cruise along whatever the GM has in mind.
5 mos ago
The only RP I took really seriously too. Planned worldbuilding and all that.


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Just tell them. No sense in continuing an rp you don't enjoy.
The story will take place in a small kingdom. Said place had recently gone through a terrible drought that would've starved its people if not for the Baron taking a huge loan from the Associate of Merchants, a multinational guild that acted as both a bank and a gold lending organization. Five years had passed and the king was pretty much in the red, unable to even pay the obligated interest payments. thus threatening a foreclosure of his territory. Indeed, the Associate was no mere guild. It had its own territory that it had purchased or obtained off the various kingdoms and empires of the world. It didn't help that the king himself was currently bedridden, with his wife dying of childbirth many years ago. Now the princess was forced to do his work in his stead.

Here's where you come in. You would help her with your knowledge that could perhaps increase the coffers of the kingdom. Or perhaps even bargain directly with the Associate. They would love to obtain your wisdom as well after all.

How you come in the first place is up to you. You can just suddenly appear inside the princess' bedroom. Or you can be a traveler that was kicked out of the summoned hero's party due to not having any cheat abilities.

The world overall is a pretty crapsack one. Most people live in poverty with only a few middle class and upper class. Most ruling classes don't care much about the peasants, viewing them as mere tools, either to keep their life of luxury or to wage war. Slavery is widely practiced, with the Associate being its most ardent supporter. The Associate is also benefiting greatly from the war economy going on while they remain neutral. And most technological advances are produced and owned by them, that they won't share without a steep fee.

I prefer the rp to contain heavy ecchi as well as harem elements, though this point is negotiable.
Bump. Still looking.

Perhaps the story could be about the hero turning into a conqueror, as he realized even without the demons, there are still many demonic vices in human society that needs to be corrected. Social reform, either by choice or by force.
Basically, the idea is to have your character isekai'ed from the modern world, bringing knowledge of modern technology to a fantasy medieval society. Your character will act as an advisor to a noble/princess in developing her territory, and she would take care of the actual business side of things.

This is tentative because I haven't yet thought up a concrete plot for it. I don't think an RP just about that idea is going to be interesting enough to be long lasting.
I'm interested in the idea but I don't think I would be comfortable using their looks. I would pretty much have to keep their personalities intact as well or else it wouldn't feel right for me.
I see. Just thought to confirm with you since you also mention something inspired by it.
Are you looking for exclusively FE Three Houses RP?
Bump just in case since my current potential partner is being slow.
Here's a character idea.

A wise hermit who lived on her own, whose job is to travel around nearby villages to sell medicinal herbs and potions as well as curing any sickness that popped out. With her skill, she could nurse him back to health physically, but mentally? It wouldn't be that simple.

She told him she could use an assistant, which, why reluctant at first, he accepted. She told him he could leave anytime he wanted after all.
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