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Its kind of looking like this may not take off though :(
Name: Tabitha Oneiroi
Age: 23
Gender: Female

Personality: Tabitha has always been, in many ways, irresponsible. While she is loyal and trustworthy enough to friends and family, they all recognize that what Tabitha wants,Tabitha will do, and with little to no consideration to the consequences. Add to that her innability to make up her mind, and Tabitha has cultivated a reputation for impulsivity. Despite this oft-repeated criticism of her character, Tabitha remains incorrigible in her behavior.

Ms. Oneiroi has also cultivated a reputation as an exceptionally lazy person, albeit a competent one. When a choice presents itself, she will always take the path of least resistance. I almost everything she does, she gives the minimal effort. That lazy attitude has carried oger into her demeanour, speaking, and moving in a slow, almost lethargic manner. One of the few things she actually does put any effort into is her swimming, while in the water Tabitha is alert, animated, or in the words of her mother "finally awake".

As anyone who knows Tarot, used to be a practicing Wiccan, and claims to be a Lucid Dreamer, Tabitha has quite the reputation for being a bit of an oddball. Not that she has done anything to dispel this opinion of her, happily offering readings to anyone who asks, sharing stories about her years and experiences with her Wicca group. Regarding her Lucid Dreaming, she has always been a bit more tight-lipped, happy to explain or offer advice to any curious individuals who may be interested in experimenting with it herself, but rarely sharing her experiences, even when pressed.

Tabitha’s upbringing was mostly ordinary, with a happy childhood, loving family and warm home, if a bit quiet at times. When she was eleven, her upbringing took a short detour for the worst when her parents briefly separated. During this unfortunate time in their lives, Tabitha found herself being used as a pawn in her parents games, each of them attempting to play her against the other to their own benefit. While not old enough to fully understand what was going on around her, Tabitha nonetheless felt used and slowly began to retreat within herself. Slowly, her parents began to realize the trauma they were inflicting on their own daughter. Miraculously, this realization somehow managed to save their marriage, and they managed to pull together shortly before their daughter entered high-school. Tabitha often wondered in her teenage years if after graduating they would begin to separate again. Whether or not this was their intentions at first, after graduating and heading off to college her parents relationship was stronger than ever before.

While in high school, Tabitha was an unremarkable student. As an athlete she was much more notable athlete, she and her swim team won one competition after another. She may have went on to have a long and successful career in the sport, if it had not been for a tragic accident. Heading home from a party one night in a car with some of her friends, all of which had been drinking, Tabitha nearly drowned after they careened off of a bridge - after passing out underwater, she woke up on the shore receiving CPR from her best friend. After narrowly surviving and losing two of her teammates in the accident, Tabitha chose to retire from the sport, to the dismay of her coach. She went on to finish her high school years uneventfully, taking up smoking in her final year, to the great dismay of her former coach, and parents.

In college, Tabitha studied philosophy, and began to experiment in “alternative spirituality” as she describes it to anyone who asks her now. She ended up joining a Wicca group, and remained with them until earning her degree. This is also when she took up Tarot as well as lucid dreaming.

After leaving college to enter the workforce, Tabitha discovered the stereotype of useless degree’s to be more than accurate - to her great disappointment. After working a seemingly endless stream of dead end jobs, she found a job working as a telemarketer. The job was not the most glamourous, or rewarding, but it did pay moderately well, and it was easy, which was enough to convince her to settle for the moment.

Since beginning her telemarketing job, Tabitha’s life has become decidedly uneventful, almost boring. Her working hours blend together and she is more asleep than awake most of the time. At her apartment, she wastes away her time playing a MMO by the name of ‘Manabot’. In fact the few times she feels truly alive, or awake is when she is spendig times with her friends, so when one of them suggested a trip to Europe, Tabitha leapt to agree, happy for a break from the monotony. Even more encouraging, when she decided to do a Tarot reading for herself, the reversed devil chose to make an appearance. For Tabitha the omen was clear and her bags were packed, and the ticket bought the very next day.

Likes: diving, smoking, tea.
Dislikes: Small spaces (Claustrophobic), smoking, public transport, her job.
Vassal Magic: Dreamwalking
School Magic: Conjuration
Skills: Tarot, competitive swimming (former), Free Diving, art - primarily pencil drawing and watercolor painting, Lucid Dreaming
Occupation: Telemarketer
Other: Carries a small handgun with her, owns a Tarot deck of her own design.

Lore of the villain made me laugh, so I guess sign me up? Can I make a reservation for the dreamwalking Vassal?
As someone who doesnt know enough about the subject to have a valid opinion, it sounds to me like a gunsword, which has floated around in peoples mind since the gun was invented. There are even real life historical examples of them floating around. That's on one planet over lets say a roughly 500 year period of firearm use.

It seems silly to assume that 100 quadrillion people over the course of... okay I have no clue how long star wars' timeline is. It seems silly to assume no one has ever tried to build one before. I also don't see what would stop a non-force sensitive from building one themselves, unless the technology is a closely guarded secret of the jedi.

I'm in the same boat as most, having only seen the movies, so I dont know this Ezra character, what i would say is that unless it is actually stated he invented the first lightsabre/blaster hybrid ever, it is entirely possible that is only the first one that has been shown in canon.

I'm also confused about the argument that one has to be a force-sensitive to use a lightsabre effectively? To deflect blaster bolts, I fully understand. But in lightsabre on lightsabre combat it would seem to me its just wielding a hyper dangerous sword. I am by no means a swordsman, but i have sparred on occasion with friends who are (or as close as one can get in modern day, aka, fencing/Hema/kendo, yes they studied the way of the blade xD), and I've never hit myself, unless I'm doing something ridiculously stupid. Obviously an untrained individual would not fight effectively, but i see no reason a trained individual couldn't. Why someone unable to block blasterbolts would think engaging in cqc is a good idea I have no idea (in a large scale battle, I imagine a lightsabre would be a pretty good way to settle a random barfight).

Again though, i know next to nothing about Star Wars lore, each of my points may have a perfect explanation. If it is explicitly stated that Ezra invented the very first lightsabre/blaster hybrid, I would say one shouldn't break canon. I would also say I dont see any problem with saying that kills your interest, why roleplay if you cant roleplay what you want?

Albeit, the reply was curt, but perhaps they didn't want to argue further? Yes they were told it would be allowed if it had a sufficiently good explanation, but perhaps they thought wanting one was a sufficiently good explanation?

Just to throw it out there, I think an excellent explanation is that the owner thought shooting weakened blaster bolts that stun rather than kill, was more civilized than dismembering people at the least (heresy, i know). However being capable of wielding a lightsabre they recognize the utility and defensive applications, as well as the incredible power they can bring to bear should they have to. Assuming the character is not ambidextrous, being able to switch between the two without having to drop/holster one for the other would have obvious advantages. (I believe this was the reasonig behind gunswords as well) This argument would mainly be for force sensitives, and Jedi - primarily force sensitives, Jedi would more likely be capable enough with the force to incapacitate others through other means.
A kind/wise jedi might feel that imposing ones will through the force to subdue someone was a violation of the individual. This would probably be a case by case basis: For a bounty hunter i doubt they would mind binding through the force. However an angry teen (pick a reason) might need to be stopped as well and dominating them in such a way would be an easy way to ruin any chance of reasoning with them. Getting shot by a blaster wont necessarily help either of course but it wont be someone wielding a power they barely understand to control them.

Again, I don't know nearly enough to give an actual educated opinion on this. I merely thought the discussion was interesting and wanted to share my thoughts, and potentially offer a solution for anyone desiring a blastersabre. My second explanation for Jedi may go against the Jedi code or w/e and be completely invalid interpretation as to how jedi view the force.
I imagined just a National Security agency NSFW rp...

"Gimme a sec, I need to find a condom."

"Bottom left drawer."

"Excuse me?"

"Can you grab tbat strawberry lube you bought last week as well?"

"... Get out."
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