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With deliberate, but careful footsteps Zes moved down the corridor. Before he turned down a corner he paused, then drew his lightsabers slowly. He felt something in the Force, like an itch in the back of his skull. The assassin took a deep breath, then flicked on his matching weapons as he turned the corner. A sudden pause in his stride was brought as he found himself staring down a robed figure, the unmistakable aura of a Jedi knight shimmered in the force around them. Zes stared angrily at the Jedi, the twin blades of his crimson red lightsabers shimmering as he walked slowly towards his enemy.

"Stop right there Sith, drop your weapons immediately. We can end this peacefully." The Jedi exclaimed, a calm looking Mon Calamari. The amphibious being had not drawn his own lightsaber, though Zes could make out of the shape of it on the Jedi's left hip.

"Peace? Your ship is under attack. You're all going to die. Every single one of you." The falleen replied coldly, no peace or mercy would occur today.

"You're making a huge mistake, more Republic ships will arrive soon and your disgusting assault on the convoy will end. Give yourself up." The Jedi replied, as Zes took another step towards them. Then he too drew his own lightsaber, the green blade expunging from handle as he flickered it on.

The assassin twirled his weapons around menacingly, watching as the Jedi crouched into a defensive stance and tried to read Zes' motions. The standoff proceeded for a few more seconds before the aggressive Sith dashed forward, using the Force to launch himself at an incredible speed at his opponent. Both his blades spun as he slashed for the mon calamari's gut, nearly ending the duel before it could begin. He grunted as the Jedi met his attack with a well practiced block, green clashing with red as Zes contorted his body and hung in the air. He carved downwards as he landed on the opposite side of his opponent, trying to catch them off guard. The Jedi then quickly went on the offensive, reaching out with a flurry of slashes aimed at Zes, causing the Sith to backpedal with his own blocks. The Jedi was not a terrible combatant, Zes almost felt himself breaking a sweat as the two exchanged attacks.

Then Zes kicked it up a notch as he slipped to the side, just barely avoiding taking a lightsaber through the hip as he shifted out of the way. He let out a howl as he slammed both of his lightsabers directly forward, a smile slipping onto his face as he felt them tear through flesh. A loud clang sounded in the hallway as the Jedi dropped his lightsaber, staring ahead in shock as death took a grasp on the fool's soul. Zes shut off his own weapons, having won the duel as the Mon Calamari slumped to the floor in a heap. The assassin shook his head at his now vanquished opponent, before continuing on his way. He found what he was searching for, a pair of doors which lead to the surveillance room. As he attempted to open them he was met with resistance, the ones inside having locked them to prevent entry.

Once more he ignited his lightsabers, then shoved the twin blades into the doorframe. Zes had to move quickly, as he dragged the blades through the metal of the door he traced a hole large enough for him to fit through. The ship shook slightly underneath his feet, the battle still raging on the outside, and now the inside of the spacecraft. Metal screeched and burned underneath his lightsabers as he forced his way inside the room. Smoke emitted from the blades as he finished the job, then he kicked forcefully, then again as the metal door slammed forwards into the room. The smile on his face rapidly vanished as he heard blasters fire, and bolts slammed into the opening, causing him to duck to the side. He groaned as one had made contact with his stomach, his armor having absorbed most of the blow, though an ache sounded in the area of impact from the force of it. More shots rang out, crashing into the wall of the hallway opposite from the doorway.

He sighed, trying to think of a plan on the fly. Explosives weren't a choice here, he'd destroy the equipment inside and have made this journey for nothing. He did not believe there were many armed personnel inside of the room though, judging by the amount of shots fired. He'd wager at most three armed with blasters. Then the Sith figured it out, calling upon the Force he expelled an illusion into the room in one direction. To the Republic fools within it would seem as if Zes had just charged inside without a care in the world, drawing their attention. Predictably the men opened fire, in reality leaving a smoky mess on the wall. A moment later the Sith dashed inside, charging in from the opposite side of the room as the illusion. The poor trio of soldiers had no time to react as the actual Zes was upon them, slashing into the nearest one, nearly carving the man in half before he lunged towards the next and impaled him upon a lightsaber. As the third shifted to react he was launched upwards, slammed into the ceiling before Zes was upon him too and drove both blades through the poor sap's chest. They never had a chance against such a superior opponent.

With all immediate danger having been exterminated Zes took in another deep breath as he switched off his lightsabers and placed them back on his hip. He removed his helmet and walked towards a set of monitors displaying a multitude of views of the ship. Many of which were occupied with scenes of combat and death. Zes set down his helmet on a desk, then sat down gingerly down in a seat in front of a console connected to the monitors. His gut tingled slightly, he was certain he would find a bruise there later from the bolt which had struck him. The pain would only drive him harder to succeed and not allow such a mistake to happen again. As his eyes took in the monitors he focused on one in particular, which displayed a dark haired woman in a cell accompanied by a single Jedi.

It had to be her. Selene, oh how fun it will be to meet her.

Zes removed a computer spike from his belt then slammed the device into the side of the console, the screen rapidly flashed different displays before it allowed him access. He quickly downloaded a layout of the interior of the ship, narrowing in on the location of the brig in which the target was being held. Then he rose up from his seat and used the Force to utterly destroy the console, the monitors exploded in a flurry of glass as he crushed them. The Sith warrior then placed his helmet back on as he walked out of the room, sidestepping the torn door as he re-emerged into the hallway. He mapped the most rapid path to the target with his helmet's display, delighted to find that he was not that far from it at his current location. He ran down a hallway, then another one, pausing as a trooper squad stormed down an adjacent corridor, the soldiers too focused on a nearby firefight to even notice the wandering Falleen.

A turn down another hallway caused him to pause, counting a number of bodies in a trail leading to a doorway. Two clad in the robes of Jedi. Another Sith (or more) must have been here, which likely meant they had reached to the target first, to Zes' rage. He slammed his fist into a nearby wall, swearing loudly and leaving a dent behind before he walked ahead. He stepped through the doorway into the brig to find two beautiful women before him, in any other situation he would have been delighted by that prospect. His eyes danced over both of their frames, as he subtly clenched his left fist. A fiery haired Sith clad in red was there, alongside the mysterious Selene. Still, the day was not done, he would be the one to bring back Selene personally. Two consecutive failures were not something that Zes tolerated.

"I'm guessing you're the cause of all the impressive carnage out there? Too bad I did not arrive sooner." Zes stated to his fellow Sith, it was not small feat to carve through two Jedi. A third Jedi laid dead nearby, though who had killed him seemed different than the other two. It only dawned upon Zes that this mysterious stranger who had been the reason he and the others were aboard this wretched Republic filled ship was the cause of that death.

"You're free of those Republic dogs now. The Empire sent quite the strike force to get you. Though it does not seem like you needed rescuing." He added as he spoke to the dark haired woman, feeling the Force shiver powerfully around her.
@Bea I think the Force powers and abilities are pretty balanced and reasonable for someone of his age and status. Has my (final needed) approval! Welcome to the council.

On a sidenote he probably will be friendly with Kyla as they both sit on the council.
Gonna put down my approval as well!
The frantic sounds of mass activity aboard the Sith freighter made Zes feel cramped. The shifty assassin had joined the mission at the request of the powerful Darth Katherion. She had personally ordered him to take part in it, feeling his skillset was ideal for the job. It was not the type of mission that he would've personally volunteered for. He was not typically one for ordering around soldiers, too much potential for risk or getting caught in a massive firefight. His fellow Sith did not strike any fear in the veteran assassin, he kept his distance from them, only keeping distance watchful eyes upon them. Two pretty human apprentices and a hulking brute of a pureblood. They would not interfere with his own mission plan, which he'd hatched in the hours before launch of assault. The dashing Falleen would slip onto the Republic vessel containing the one known as 'Selene', slice into a console. map the ship and find her location. It ran some high risk in that he would be slinking by himself through a heavily guarded enemy ship but every mission came with its own risk and yet success was quite often in the cards for the accomplished assassin.

As he walked through the bustling hangar his eyes danced through its confines at all the soldiers readying themselves for a difficult operation. He could sense the nerves in several of them, some of them were not even Sith troopers. They were freelancers who were paid to fight in the raid, from different walks of life than the rank and file trooper elite. He could feel how a group of them looked at him as he ascended the ramp of one of the boarding craft, clad in his fearsome Sith armor, helmet in hand. Some were already inside, seated and chattering among themselves while a trio stood outside having a vulgar chat about some twi'lek women. Laser beam gazes were upon him as he walked silently towards one of the empty seats in the corner of the ship. One of the freelance soldiers across from him leaned over to another, letting out a whisper and a quick laugh as both men stared at Zes. A third stood near them, a mean looking human man with an intense tribal tattoo across the right side of his face smirking widely. The group continued their chit chat as the Sith assassin sat silently, eyes towards the floor, deep in thought.

Zes wondered if he was the first falleen these mercenaries had seen, at least one within the Empire. Aliens in the Sith ranks were not a common sight, he was the only of his people that he knew of who was in the Sith order. He wagered to guess they had been expecting either a human or a pureblood, but more likely not a Force user to be accompanying them. He'd noticed that the other Sith warriors had elected to stick closer together, Ves had put in a direct request with Captain Corvinian to be aboard a more discreet ship in the boarding party entourage. Multiple Sith warriors altogether would draw all sorts of eyes, blasters and lightsabers, as would a ship emptying elite troopers onto the Republic vessel. As soon as Zes and the freelancers were aboard he would split from them, direct them to go cause mayhem in a different part then he was going. Hopefully he'd be able to sneak away and avoid any major Republic forces. Even if he did then his strength with the Force would allow him to succeed.

"So you're fighting with us, sir?" A voice broke Zes from his thoughts, as he glanced up from his seated position to find the tattooed mercenary speaking to him. The smile had gone from the man's expression, though his friends across the eisle were still smiling and watching the conversation with interest. He was surprised the man had addressed him formally, but that might've mostly been the merc not wanting to anger the 'fierce Sith warrior'.

"Briefly, yes." Zes firmly replied, placing his helmet in the empty seat beside him as he looked the man in the eyes.

"Briefly, sir?" The mercenary replied, apparently slightly confused at the assassin's reply.

"Yes. I'm not one for charging down corridors and blowing everything up. I'll leave that honor to you, you can take all the glory. All I ask is that when we get aboard the ship is that you and your, friends, cause a commotion. Any republic soldiers you see I want them gunned down immediately and brutally. Throw detonators, make them soil themselves in shock and fear. I'm going to slip away and hack into their systems." Zes stated with a nod, speaking plainly and calmly.

"What about any Jedi?" The human replied, scratching the back of his bald head.

"They're not immune to blasters or explosives. Just don't allow them to close in on you. Open fire with everything you've got and they won't be an issue." The assassin replied, staring at the man with his blazing orange eyes.

"Yes, sir." The mercenary replied.

"Excellent. I am sure you will all do a great job." He added, then stopped looking at the freelancer, eyes returning towards the floor. The mercenary took it as an abrupt sign that the conversation was over and returned to his friends.

Zes remained silent as the shuttle slowly filled up with gathered mercenaries. Each one trying to look more fearsome than the last one. Some of them were non-humans, aliens that had signed up to kill at the reward of credits. All that mattered to him was that they could hold their own and provide an ample distraction for him to accomplish his own battle plans. He had faith that the Empire would not have hired them if they couldn't fight. The assassin was confident in the mission, as he always was.

The ship rumbled and rocked as it streamlined through the stars towards the formerly unsuspecting Republic convoy. As they zoomed across the emptiness of space the pilot hollered from the cockpit, screaming for everyone onboard to strap in tight and hold on. One of the mercenaries laughed with cockiness at the comment before he was bounced out of his seat and skid across the floor by an intense rumble. He embarrassingly tried to get to his feet and make his way back to his seat. Zes smirked at the sight from underneath his helmet, his hands clenching onto the straps of his seatbelts. The Sith had the element of surprise but the damn Republic were defending themselves now. There were no windows in the back of the boarding vessel to peek out of and see the chaos occurring but with every single shake of the ship Zes could feel it in his bones. He did not believe they were being directly hit by laser fire, the sounds and shaking would be even more intense.

"We're getting close! Woah!" The pilot exclaimed, as he swiveled the controls sharply and avoided a barrage of rapid laser bolts.

One of the freelancers lurched over and vomited, gagging as he he held onto his gut. Several of the mercenaries left as one of them sitting next to him patted the unfortunate man on the back. Zes himself was not custom to such aggressive flight, but he'd managed to keep from losing his last meal, thankfully.

"Alright we're in the clear, boarding gear deploying. Got some fighters covering our entrance, keeping anyone off our asses." The pilot shouted as their rapid flight through the stars had slowed down, the rumbling have calmed as they idled beside one of the the large Republic vessels. Then he flipped a switch as the mercenaries began to unbuckle themselves and ready for their deployment.

"Form up on me, we're gonna tear through this ship and make those bastards bleed. We have to provide our Sith friend here a distraction so he can break off and hack into the ship's systems." The bald mercenary shouted as he removed his blaster rifle from his back, around him the others did the same. A scarred trandoshan clad in heavy armor readied a massive heavy blaster rifle, a wide smile on his face.

"We're not gonna be the only ones boarding this vessel, if we find allies we link up with them and carry on the attack. Whoever guns down the most Republic dogs gets a cozy bonus." The freelancer added with a laugh as the side door opened, the breach about to begin. Zes was on his feet, in the back of the group.

"Go, go!" The pilot shouted from the front of the ship, as he slapped his hand against the back wall of the cockpit, emphasizing the need for everyone to pile out and start the attack.

The mercenaries charged through the boarding tube, hollering as they slammed out the otherside into the Republic ship. They nearly trampled each other over as they bull-rushed through, bloodlust in their minds. Zes was the last one to emerge, as an orgy of combat exploded around him. He ducked to avoid a shot which slammed into the ceiling, leaving a black smoulder where it crashed. Blaster bolts careened down the corridor as the freelancers pushed down the hall to their left, drawing the attention of the Republic soldiers who greeted the boarding party with returned fire. Flash grenades exploded down the alley, blinding Republic eyes caught in the blasts. The trandoshan screamed as he popped from a side wall of cover, slamming an angry stream of blaster bolts towards their enemies. The Sith assassin smiled as he dropped a smoke grenade where he emerged, expertly covering his retreat down the opposite corridor, away from the action.

As Zes paced down it the sounds of action only increased, he could hear more Republic boots storming down the opposite hallways, drawing more attention away from the one in which he moved down. The Sith had to give the mercenary band some credit, they did what he had asked of them perfectly. He only hoped they would hold their own and keep as much attention on themselves as possible. He turned his head briefly towards their direction, as he heard more screams as they pushed even more ahead. Then he glanced ahead of himself, finding several winding corridors and hallways in which he could head down. He had a momentary stealth advantage, though he was certain there were cameras which he'd have to make short work of. Thankfully Zes had made sure to pack several computer spikes, he would need to properly map the vessel so he knew where was going. As he slipped down one of the corridors he felt the Force tinge in the back of his head, as if he it called out to him. He'd bet this was the ship 'Selene' was being held on.


As Owen slumped against brick wall, then slid down it into a seated position on the cold, hard floor. The parahuman let out a sigh as police sirens blared in the distance. He ran both of his hands through his hair, then held his head down towards his chest. Frustrated at what he had done, the chaos he had caused and the deaths he'd brought upon the unlucky innocents inside the now malformed diner. The wanted man angrily grasped at his hair, letting out a deep breath as he tried his damnedest to remove the image of the dying bystander from his mind. The silent shock evident within the dying eyes as the poor fellow ceased to breathe.

Suddenly Owen was pulled from his dark thoughts, absorbed out of reality as all outside noise had silenced and faded for an astonishing moment. A familar face appeared before him, giant in its size and scope as the voice hammered into his eardrums. The words were more soothing, addressing him directly. It sent a shiver down the parahuman's spine as the unknown face spoke. He had scrambled to his feet, eyes going wide as they had ever been as he simply stared astonished at the giant face. The symptoms which he had felt at its first appearance did not reoccur, it was as if this figure had displayed itself directly into his mind. It did not manifest itself on every single screen across the city, which led Owen to believe that is what had caused his breakdown.

"P-para Protection Society? Wait!" He exclaimed, stepping forward as the face had fallen apart like shattered glass, leaving no trail behind as reality came back to him.

Owen scratched his neck, looking around to find himself in the same place he had been before the bizarre moment. The sirens were once more ablaze in the distance, as the other sounds of the megacity echoed around him as well. He turned and strolled out of the alleyway, even more unsure of things than he had been minutes before. That being was tracking him, it must have had some unsettling powers to do what it had done on this eventful day. Its words were softly spoken in this most recent encounter, as if it was trying to help him. He briefly debated taking the nearest train and just running as far as he could away, but that would lead nowhere. And in all honesty the constant running was wearing thin. He had nowhere to go except where this mysterious face had advised him to. He just hoped he wasn't walking into some horrific trap.

Against his better judgement he returned to the deformed diner scene, albeit with a new change of clothes. He stared at the pure mass of police presence surrounding it, watching it from a safe distance. It was not the first time Owen needed to be just another face in the crowd, as long as he did not do anything to draw attention to himself then he'd seen as just one more random bystander going about their daily business. His eyes shifted to the police drones, pausing briefly as he stared at them. They always used so much technology and machinery, it at least gave Owen multiple routes of escape if he were ever cornered or worse, captured.

That was not on the agenda though, he needed to find the Parahuman Protection Society, though did not have the faintest idea of where to start. He'd heard faint rumbles of their existence, seen graffiti on the sides of buildings and heard the rejects of society preach their noble goals. While also hearing plenty of news headlines of their misdeeds and alleged crimes. In his tumultuous time as a para Owen had realized some of the things in which you had to do in order to get by, so as to not end up locked up in a Lorne facility somewhere, undergoing whatever terrifying things they do to captured parahumans.

As he walked along the sidewalk he rubbed his hands gently together, paying no mind to any ideal chit chat or the people staring at the result of his outburst. Most of them would see it as another example of parahuman terror even if it was truthfully a bizarre incident in which he'd lost control. Then he paused in his stride at an older man walking towards the crime scene. Something click in Owen's mind as he brought an identity to the face. A face which had been plastered on the news or on billboards as a wanted man, like Owen was. Another para, the one with the prosthetic arm.

"Hey, I wouldn't go there if I were you." Owen stated as he moved his fingers gently, enough to seize momentariyl control of the robotic prosthetic and point fingers towards himself. An ignorable gesture to others around them, but a bold one to the other para.

@King Cosmos
The sound of casual conversation filled Otto's bustling diner, as a soft rock song played lightly over the sound system. An elderly couple stared out the window to their side while they held each others hands on the tabletop. The busy city of Marlon was alive with activity as it always was. Cars zoomed down the streets as pedestrians walked and talked, each in their own little conversations. A single mother tried her best to occupy her three young children as one of them scribbled intently at a coloring book. All while a busy waitress carried a trey of food with top level carefulness, as she tried her very to avoid bumping into any of the customers in the crowded restaurant. Nestled in the corner of the quaint establishment was a solitary figure, heavily bearded and silent in his seat. Across from him on one of the walls was a television screen replaying an old baseball game, a close pitcher's duel between two teams from opposite sides of the country.

As the lanky pitcher in blue fired a rocket of a fastball towards homeplate Owen took a slow sip of his coffee. The light brown liquid swirled in the mug as he set it down as gently as he sipped it. Then he wiped his lips with the linen napkin and his eyes wandered around the diner. The trio of patrons in the booth next to his were going on about parahumans, one of them clearly stating his anti-para views plain as day. If only that fool knew who was sitting a few feet from him. A quick smile came onto Owen's face but faded as rapidly as it came as he glanced back at the television. The hitter trotted around the diamond, victoriously having knocked the pitch over the fences, pumping his fist as he rounded third base.

"Here we go, your sandwich," A female voice entered into Owen's ear as a plate was placed in front of him. His lunch sandwhich which smelled absolutely delicious. The bacon's crispiness as perfect as one could ask for. "Would you like a coffee refill?"

"No, I'm alright thank you." The parahuman replied, eagerly putting his hands on one of the slices of his sandwich.

"Well just let me know if you need anything, don't eat that too fast." The waitress said with a laugh then turned and went on her way as Owen chewed down the first bite of his meal.

Good food wasn't always something Owen had the privilege of having. The whole living life on the run as a wanted super powered wanted criminal tended to put a damper on that. Still, he frequented lower key restaurants when he could. His bank account had been locked when his parahuman identity was revealed so he could only pay in cold hard cash for everything. The occasional robbery helped him with that. Though he hated living like a runaway, having to rob or scrounge to get by. His current residence in one of the poorest parts of the city in a rundown apartment complex was a far cry from his previous living conditions. Every night he slept, when he could actually sleep he had nightmares of his childhood. Owen felt weak and utterly alone, like the bullies were after him again. Like he was pinned against the wall and struggling as the people after him breathed down his neck.

He shut his eyes briefly and dashed away the dark thoughts to try to clear his mind. He chewed down another bite as his eyes drifted back to the baseball game. It had cut to commercial break as Owen took a longer sip of his coffee. An ad about car insurance lit up the screen. An older man, some formerly much more famous actor gave some speech about discount insurance as Owen gulped down his coffee. Then the television screen lit up, as did every other digital screen in the entire diner. Even the digital billboard outside that had previously displayed an ad for a pickup truck rapidly changed to static. Every single cell phone flickered in similar fashion, Owen not having one himself. He had smashed it shortly after his exile from his apartment. A chill crept down the parahuman's spine at the bizarre sight.

Owen was more in tuned to technology and machinery than others, even when he was peacefully sitting he always felt an odd, but not painful feeling in the back of his head. Over the last month he'd gotten more used to it, but this time it utterly terrified him and caused his whole body to begin to shake. As the face appeared he felt his hands tense and the mug fall from his fingers, shattering like glass on the desk as drops of coffee shot everywhere. The parahuman did not even register the scalding hotness that splashed onto his shirt as he stared at the screen. His breathing had slowed to a snail's pace in the surreal moment, feeling as if he was gonna choke on the air in which he breathed. His ears ringed powerfully, as the robotic tone forcefully burrowed its way into his ears.

"You are not alone."

By the time the words had been uttered the parahuman had already lost it in the moment. Metal screeched all around Owen as the diner's foundations shook terribly. The walls roared as the bars holding them bent in different, unpredictable directions. Tables collapsed upon themselves while silverware crumbled like leaves under foot. Cell phones shattered in hands, crackling like glass under duress. The metal manipulator's hands wildly twitched and shook as he lost control, eyes directly forward at the television screen as it was compressed telekinetically, sparks flying as the electronics inside were manipulated, disfigured and then destroyed. The inside of the building reverberated under intense strain as the confused and frightened customers dove for the floor or ran in panic. Some were caught in the chaos, metal crashing into them while an unlucky woman was momentarily choked as her silver necklace tightened against her flesh. Watches and the clock on the wall rapidly sped ahead, disorienting the displayed time into total nonsense. Windows exploded as their metallic frames were manipulated, shooting glass onto the sidewalks and street.

Then everything returned to normal as the eerie display on every single screen vanished. Owen returned to normalcy as well, slowly coming down from his horrific moment. As he tried to steady his breathing his eyes dashed rapidly around, cloudy and hazed, taking in sights of the disfigured diner and patrons flooding out of it. Some unlucky ones tangled in the madness, momentarily constricted or even brutally injured in the chaos. The parahuman stared at his hands as the shaking stopped, once more he was in full control. In a large fragment of glass he saw his reflection and gazed at how pale his skin had become, color returning slowly. Owen tried to get out of his booth but found the act of walking far more difficult than it typically was. He fell forward, landing besides an unlucky customer. A middle aged man with a heavy piece of steel through his gut, blood seeping into a pool beneath him. Terror in his eyes, realization of imminent death.

"I-I'm sorry. I didn't mean to, oh god." Owen stammered, words flying out of his mouth as he pulled himself to his feet. Crimson red blood dripped from the man's lips, staining his shirt as he simply stared at the parahuman. Owen moved to pull the steel bar from out of the man's stomach but only watched him die, life flicker from confused, terrified eyes.

Then he ran, senses, mind and body back to working order as his legs carried him out of the diner, leaping through a horribly bent window. His boots shattered the already broken glass into even smaller pieces as he ran down the sidewalk as fast as he could, bystanders staring at him then at the mutilated diner. After a sharp right then left turn he finally slowed himself, overwhelmed with emotion and physical exertion. A forceful headache filled his head as he walked down an alleyway, shocked and exhausted from releasing so much raw power uncontrollably.
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