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1 yr ago
Current Depression hit me hard recently. Slowly regaining my bearings. Will reply when I can.
1 yr ago
Why do people have to lie? It's quite honestly the most annoying thing in the world, next to not tipping.
1 yr ago
I am so ready for my day off...
1 yr ago
I know I was supposed to get to replies yesterday, but hubby drug me out for dinner when I got home. I'll try to get to them today once I cool down.
1 yr ago
Work was insane yesterday. Between training and how busy we were, I didn't get home until late. Will hopefully get home early and with enough energy to reply today.


Momma, wife, and all around goof in that order.

Days off are normally Wednesdays and Saturdays, with Saturdays being mostly reserved for family whenever everyone is actually home. Online times vary depending on my work schedule. Some days I get home early, other days I get home half-dead and late. My time to actually write depends entirely on my day. I can get some writing done at work when things are slow, but then there are days I'm lucky if I can even look at the time on my phone.

I'm an advanced writer and I have a tendency to get ideas stuck in my head constantly for directions I want stories to go. I try not to be overly aggressive, but don't be surprised if I lean that way.

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Bumping this up.
Still open.
Another idea has popped into my head and I cannot shake it. I am looking for someone to play a bad-boy rockstar who is spiraling downhill and losing popularity because of his antics.

I would like someone who can post at least twice a week. More is always welcomed, but as I can only guarantee replies on my days off, twice a week is the most I can promise.

I would like someone who is willing to communicate and plot out the story along with me.

This plot will contain adult content, so please be 18+.

Since this is a realistic plot, I would prefer realistic images. Sorry.

Please PM me if interested. Do not respond to this thread.
Threw in some plots rather than basic pairings. Hoping to find one or two more partners.
Added a few more plots. Really craving 1 and 2, but open to all of them.
Still looking for partners.
Hello again! I am looking for a partner for a few specific plots. I will warn you, that in a few of the plots my partner would have to play two characters. However, I intend to play quite a few myself.

I am looking for an advanced writer who will contribute to the story rather than simply go with the flow.

I prefer to play the female main character, but I will play plenty of other characters of different genders and orientations. Note: I will only play a male in a M x F pairing under certain circumstances.

I would like someone who could post at least every other day, more is always welcomed.

I do have mature content in my roleplays so I ask that you be 18+.

For a few of these plots, I would like to start in the past to build up some interaction with the characters before jumping into the present in the rp. I feel like it gives a better sense of how the characters mesh.

I will warn you, I prefer realistic images.

I do use CS and ask that you use them as well. I do have characters in mind for all of these plots and I will share them if you are interested in a particular plot.

There is probably a ton I should add, but most of it can be discussed during plotting.

The Plots:

Plot 2:

Plot 3:

Plot 4:

If you're interested, feel free to send me a PM.
Still looking.
Still looking for partners.
I haven't been on this site in quite a while, so I decided to blow off the dust and seek out some partners. I am currently in a slump and hoping to fall in love (With a story, not a person) to reinvigorate my zest for writing and perhaps rouse my muse from her comatose state.

As far as writing goes, I consider myself an advanced writer with a minimum post length of four paragraphs. My main characters tend to be female, but I do play multiple characters of various genders and orientations.

I work full time and have a family as well so my reply times can range from multiple times a day to once a week, depending on the current chaos level within my household and at work.

I am looking for someone who is willing to play a male main character. The gender of the writer does not matter to me.

I would like someone capable of helping to move the story along as well as play multiple characters as well. I do enjoy OOC chat, but I won't push.

All my RPs have adult content. I am only looking for partners who are 18+.

I am currently having a Slice of Life craving and have a few ideas floating around in my head.


Best friends

Married Ex's
Younger sister x Older brother's best friend******

Best Friend x Best Friend's brother


Girl Next Door x Married Neighbor

Rockstar x Regular woman

Detective x Victim

Fantasy Plots:

Angel x Demon

A God Among Men:

Possible Fandoms:
Into The Badlands
The Dark Tower (Universe, OOC characters only)
American Gods
The Gifted

If you are interested, feel free to send me a PM or leave me a message here.
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