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Current Bean Bag Boys for life ......"Howls"
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You know you’re from Canada when…. Driving in the winter is better because all the potholes are filled in with snow.
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12 year old Oklahoma boy died from Tik Tok challenge"Blackout" , Hey dumbass ,quit choking yourselves out!!!
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A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.~John Lennon
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I know you’re supposed to tell kids not to do drugs, but, kids, do it! Do weed! Don’t do the other stuff, but weed is good. Kevin Smith


I am always looking for RPs that involve D&D Fantasy, Horror, Westerns, Zombies.

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Name: Benjamin "Ben" Savage
Age: 30
Gender: Male
Job: Security Patrol
Weapon: XR7 full auto pulse rifle
Bio: to be told in story
Gear: Standard issued Kevlar body armor,S.P.

On a routine mission to explore new planets and seek out new lifeforms that could expand our deepest knowledge, the crew of Eden Seven an exploration ship passed near a black hole, causing the controls to malfunction.
The ship's engines overheated, and then suddenly, the crew and ship began to plummet towards an unknown planet.
Captain Stevenson, the best damn pilot in the galaxy, did he best to land the ship, but when it came in contact with the ground.
The ship broke in half, exploding into a fiery ball of flames, as most the crew perished.
The only two survivors of the ship, was the cook and a member of security patrol.
Now the two must work together, surviving on an uncharted hostile planet infested with carnivorous plants, and dinosaurs.

@Kale19 is Action Surge on your character sheet? If no, ya need to put it on there.

@Dracorex@LostDestiny@Lurking Krog posted i did, IC Hmmmmm.
"I am no slave nor will I have some goat woman hold it over my head."
"So she beast, tell me what you want from me, and let's just get it over with."
"If I am going to be so bold here, and say, I was paid much cheaper, because I asked for no payment."
Cullen's words were harsh,"There's ome thing I hate worse than Paladins, Giants."
" And don't ask me why, cause that's my fucking business." he growled.

The rest of the way back to the original camp was uneventful.
Once everyone returns, Mahir and Alaric are both sound asleep.
Drucia wakes up Alaric for his shift, and briefly explains, they have a new member of the group.
She kept the part of hating paladins out, didn't need a huge fight in the group when they are in for danger, on this god forsaken mountain.

The rest of the night goes uneventful, wake up and gain 6 hitpoints back to all who were wounded. Now would also be a good time to heal if you need to, as well as make new introductions.
As Cullen tends to the campfire, stroking it up, and adding a couple logs onto it, for breakfast.
Second wind 8+3=11 hit points back, roll hunting check 16+2=18
Rolled natural 20 with my sling, and brought back a plump rabbit to cook for breakfast.
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God of Wargames

I like the cinematic video, and singing, but the music just dont stand out.
I got mixed feelings on this band.
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