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Current Sorry for not being around the past few days. I've caught up with requests people PMed me. Just not been feeling myself these past few days. Feeling rather hollow and a bit of a failure to be honest.
5 mos ago
So no one told you life was going to be this way....
5 mos ago
Really wish my body clock would stop waking me up at 5am because the sun is rising. I am exhausted. I need more sleep.
5 mos ago
I would much rather not have the status bar flooded by all cap statuses.
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Twenty-Seven - Male - UK - GMT

Name: Jake. or just call me Hedge.
Age: 27
D.O.B: 08/08/1993
Personality Type:
ISFJ-T Turbulent Defender
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Constant Improvement
"You can only have more for yourself by giving it away to others."

Been at this game for a good while now. Starting RPing at the tender age of 15 back when Bebo was a thing. A year later I found myself forum Roleplaying and haven't really looked back since. Over these past ten years I have done practically every kind of RP you could imagine from Nation RPs and Arena RPs to 1x1s and Large group RPs. My last RP hobby was fighting RPs, which I have now decided to leave behind in order to pursue more SoL style Rps.

Outside of RP I am an aspiring writer, despite being terrible with words, as well as an avid gamer. If I am not on discord with the Guild or RPing in some way, I am probably on either my PlayStation or on Steam. I tend to enjoy Sci-Fi and Strategy games mostly, but will play most things... except battle royale games.

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That's a new lurker I do not recognize. So, in the words of Hadvar of Riverwood -- Who... are you?
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