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20 days ago
Current Why do I get the feeling that Chloe from LiS would be like a final boss in a post apocalyptic RPG
21 days ago
Work on Friday should be made illegal. Ugh.
22 days ago
There are days I really want to let my inner Sasha Banks out haha
28 days ago
Mulling a possible SoL RP idea. Might get an Interest Check up this weekend.
1 mo ago
Hmmm. Really need to go find an RP to join. If I can be arsed looking haha.


Twenty-Seven - Male - UK - GMT

Name: Jake. or just call me Hedge.
Age: 27
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"You can only have more for yourself by giving it away to others."

Been at this game for a good while now. Starting RPing at the tender age of 15 back when Bebo was a thing. A year later I found myself forum Roleplaying and haven't really looked back since. Over these past ten years I have done practically every kind of RP you could imagine from Nation RPs and Arena RPs to 1x1s and Large group RPs. My last RP hobby was fighting RPs, which I have now decided to leave behind in order to pursue more SoL style Rps.

Outside of RP I am an aspiring writer, despite being terrible with words, as well as an avid gamer. If I am not on discord with the Guild or RPing in some way, I am probably on either my PlayStation or on Steam. I tend to enjoy Sci-Fi and Strategy games mostly, but will play most things... except battle royale games.

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Location: Dorm Then Apollo Cafe
Interactions: Anyone who notices him

Ito would have joined the party sooner, if he didn’t arrive to the campus late. Thankfully he wouldn’t get a slap around the back of the head as he was afterall on Campus business. Being a messenger had its benefits, like being able to arrive late, and perhaps skipping the annoying first day festivities. He had been here long enough to know that everyone always went off the rails on the first night and that the true ‘first’ day didn’t start til the day after.

Lazing around on the bed Ito had to convince himself to get up, this was too early in the morning for someone who didn’t get into bed until three in the morning. Like it or not he did have things to do today. Rising out of bed he began to get dressed, putting on a black and grey jumper and black jeans. He couldn’t be arsed to walk to the bathroom so he simply closed his eyes, felt a small rush of magical energy rush past his hair and opened his eyes again. And there he was, in the bathroom in front of the sink, toothbrush in his hand.

He carried on the routine, teeth brushed, teleport to the kitchen to make food and then teleport to the sink when he was done. Walking was for chumps afterall. He could teleport where he wanted as well as go between every dimension imaginable without limits. Sure he didn’t have super muscles, or was a child of war, but he made do. With his morning routine now done, he took a moment to look around the dorm. It was clearly made for two but so far no one was in the second bedroom. Maybe someone would appear soon enough. If not he could always turn the spare room into a workshop or something like that.

Now that he was ready to face the outside world, Ito needed a pick me up. There was no coffee in the dorm so it seemed like he had to go get some. No bother, it would take only a minute. Closing his eyes once more he would disappear and reappear right at the front of the queue at the Apollo Cafe. Queues were for losers after all. He was fairly sure he could hear some mumbles of annoyance from behind, but he didn’t care.

He quickly placed his order; a Caramel Latte Macchiato with extra cream and chocolate sprinkles in the largest possible coffee container possible. It was his first day. He could splash out. Once he received his drink he was getting ready to go home when he noticed the number of people hanging around. He noticed alot of them from the previous year, but no one stuck out as a person he would hang around with. He had a very mutual relationship with people around here, sometimes he helped them and other times he hindered them. Other times it was for business other times it was for his own amusement. It couldn’t hurt to hang around a bit on the sides, observer and see if he could garnish any useful information. Picking up his drink he took a seat at a table or two away form the groups of people gathering, taking a moment to focus on his drink and enjoy the taste before he began survilaling the scene. It was only his first day and detective Ito was out to play.
Well, On recommendation of @HaleyTheRandom I have decided to join up to get back into the swing of things. Please find enclosed my character submission :)

I've been jumping about the map the past few weeks and I forgot to back up my work so I could complete it on the go. Finishing up now!
So sorry guys!

It's fine. A lot of people in the RP have been faced with personal issues the past month or so, so the speed has dropped down, just glad to have ya back. Post when you can and we can move on from there.
Hey everyone just checking to see how you are all getting on, I know it all of you are in the discord. If you are getting stuck and need help, please feel free to drop us a PM :)
Okay so seeing as this is open, I think I might be interested in writing up a character for this, even though it's a lot larger population than my usual.
But I'm kinda new to the actual community here on RPG so I do have a couple questions
<Snipped quote>
I have absolutely no idea what a faceclaim is and I'm not sure I'm getting any actual idea of it from trying to just search the term on the forum.
Also I'm really unaccustomed to the whole idea of just using an image for a character, instead of a written appearance. After the first several look arounds though I'm starting to very quickly realize that they are by far the norm here in most threads I've looked into, but I have no idea what the right way to go about getting a pic like that is or where to even begin searching for something. I would love if someone could point me in the right direction regarding that.

Welcome to the thread and welcome to the community! A faceclaim is just a fancy way of saying that I use pictures of person x to represent character y. If ypy feel more comfortable writing out a apperance rather than using a picture then go ahead! Nothing wrong with that at all. Some people prefer pictires, others prefer words.
@HaleyTheRandom May I create a Guild character and reserve that Dark character for later use if it becomes available ?

I will have to read the sheet in more detail, but DS slots won't be open for a good while, So for now i would focus on creating a Guild character
After Ty and Jaz left, Aloysius stayed in his office for a good hour. He had no idea what to do right now. Ty was pissed at him, and despite Aloysius's devil may care, I am superior attitude, Ty was the only one he cared about when it came to what he thought of Aloysius. He had contemplated texting him, or doing something to convey how he felt, but the closing words of the conversation previously had rooted his hands away from his phone.

In reality, Aloysius didn't know what to do next. The attack was mostly out of revenge after discovering the evidence that led Al to conclude that Lana was dead. It wasn't part of some master plan like he made out to Ty and Jaz. He knew Salem was pissed right now, and that she would be looking for any excuse for revenge. The Dark Shadow HQ was possibly the only safe place right now. Well, as about as safe as could be; Salem had broken the door down once before.

Standing up he walked over to the office window overlooking the main atrium. There he saw his followers gathering around and eating pizza, acting like a family. His eyes scanned around as he picked up familiar faces, others he hadn't bothered learning their names. But they were his followers. He had a duty to protect them, from both the Non-magi and Salem and The Guild. With a hefty sigh, Aloysius lifted his hand and ran his finger through his black lockes, trying his hardest not to suddenly crack and have a break down as the reality of the situation sunk in.

Lana was gone. Dead. Finished. No longer of this mortal plane of existence. As much as they didn't get on, spent a good part of their time together arguing or physically fighting, Lana was an important part of the Dark Shadow equation. She was the glue that bound everyone. Most people found Aloysius too egotistical to listen to, or perhaps he was just crazy. Lana was the down to earth one, able to translate Aloysius's crazy ideas into a format that people could understand. With her gone, it was just Aloysius alone in his ivory tower again.

Moving back to his desk he opened up his phone and rather than opening his messages he instead opened his Spotify app and began to flick through artists. He needed a pick me up and he knew exactly who to choose for that: Willow Fitzgerald. He knew that she was a Magi, and she worked for the Guild, but he also knew how nice it was to just feel happy from time to time. Putting a song on he melted into his leather seat and began waving his fingers in the air like a conductor as the music played.

His body entered a state of bliss, his mind numbing and muscles relaxing. He knew if Lana was here she would be lecturing him about how he shouldn't be listening to the enemy, and how it was quite sad how a low level mage could influence someone like Aloysius. He could imagine her pointing out that it would be just as easy to have Willow imbue orders like 'shoot yourself' into her songs and silly old Al would do just that.

That very thought pulled Aloysius out of his trance and straightened him up like a stiff bolt. "Ohhhh…. Music… that's it. What better way to control large groups of people." Aloysius muttered to himself as got up and began to walk over through the bookcase the opposite side of his desk. His fingers scanned each book, specifically each edition of the Magi Encyclopedia. Eventually he found the book he was looking and made his way back to his desk. Flicking through the pages he eventually found the article he was looking for: 'Sirens' The fabled destroyers of ships. Of course, no one believed they did exist, they always had assumed the sailors had been drunk, lonely or riddled with disease to think straight. But no, a bunch of voice welding magi in the early 1400s thought it would be funny to play pranks on ships by singing at them. Of course, nowadays it didn't really work that well for ships, but what about large groups of people at concerts?

With a smirk, Aloysius collected his phone stopped the music and began to phone up his business department, the ones who held all his money and had no idea he was actually a Magi. "Bill it's Al. Yeah Hi. How are the kids? Good. Glad to hear. Listen I need you to incorporate a new company for me. I want to make a new record label. Yes I am more than aware I have no idea what makes good music, but that is beside the point. Just message me when it is made." With that he hung the phone up and placed it on the desk, a smirk forming at the corners of his lips.
@everyone Just a reminder the final deadline for the first cycle of posts is next Thursday. If you are going to have any trouble posting do let me know.
<Snipped quote by Mae>

"People come to this website and find this forum specifically because they are looking to write and create stories. If they wanted to just play a game they could go on Steam. Even tabletop RPGs still focus on creating a narrative at their heart, even if you've got someone who just wants to kill everything and become all powerful, that's still a story they're telling about who that character is.

I like this quote from you because it proves my point.

The action--the character wanting to kill everything and become all power--BECOMES the narrative.

Actually Theo you are defeating your own point. You can't even argue rationally. Your argument is that Stats are superior to narrative. And yet... Honestly I can't keep typing with this level of stupidity.

Yes the action becomes the narrative, because it is the narrative to start... Geez... What poor @Mae was trying to say is people come here to tell a story, not to pull up a spreadsheet and work out stats and numbers. If they want that they play Civ or games like that. Of course your brain can't seem to understand this point. Despite the fact multiple people tell you otherwise. Why don't you just run off to your little closed group NRPs before you scare other people from joining the genre?
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