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1 yr ago
Current Heiress of Hell has passed away due to health complications. Thank you to this guild, you truly made her happy.
1 yr ago
Going in for a CT scan, the doc think it’s either a problem with the pancreas or the gallbladder. Posts will be delayed.
1 yr ago
To my partners; I have a friend over so I will not be able to reply very often. Will go back to regular replies Sunday night.
1 yr ago
I’m a damsel in distress, I need a knight to save me from this winding tower of boredom.
1 yr ago
I feel like a heathen using the safari browser...
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Tim 1 yr ago
I didn't know you. I found this profile by browing the 1x1 section, which I usually find funny because of some of the topics. Coming across yours, Admin-locked, I thought I was in for a laugh. But finding out the context has made me incredibly remorseful. I am sorry if you felt alone. You weren't.
Starboard Watch 1 yr ago
In the next turn of the Wheel, the laurel will be green once more.

May the Gods bless you in the next life.
Smystar99 1 yr ago
We weren't acquainted with eachother, but I hope wherever you are that you are at peace and not feeling any pain. The universe gave you the gift to write and that's a beautiful thing. Rest in peace ♡
Pilatus 1 yr ago
Well said on the status bar.
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