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2 days ago
Current The truth will set you free, but first it will piss you off.
19 days ago
No matter how great of a day you're having, there's always someone who wants to piss in your drink.
2 mos ago
Someone told me "You don't have kids so you shouldn't be tired." LMAO...girl, fuck you and your kids.
2 mos ago
I thought the dryer made my clothes shrink. Turns out it was the refrigerator.
2 mos ago
If each day is a "gift", I'd like to know where I can return Mondays.


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If this is still a thing, I'm def interested.
I don’t know, it’s like I woke up one day,
looked at my hands and felt the ache in my feet
from being on them for so long each day,
and I realized that I didn’t need anyone to take care of me.

I could do it myself.

I looked in the mirror and ran my fingers over the glass.
Studied the face there, eyes piercing into mine,
looked at the dark circles forming there.
Scanned each plateau and sharp angle of my face,
and suddenly saw the warrior under there.

Found the warrior that fought for themselves,
because they found worth in their life.

Those eyes held galaxies in them, galaxies of fire.
They held the understanding that my life mattered,
no matter how many times I wanted to snuff it out.

How I felt, mattered.

For the first time in my life,
I understood what it meant to be alive,
what it meant to matter.

Welcome to the Guild.
Welcome to the Guild.
Sai’rys Vytar

s l i c e r

[:: The Noreaster | Cargo Bay ::]

The events unfolded in the cargo bay not exactly as Sai'rys had expected, but was glad things didn't escalate to the point that he would have had to pull his blaster. Such things weren't always necessary, but at the same time, he could count on one hand the number of times he'd actually needed to use -or brandish- his sidearm. While growing up in a fairly rough environment for most of his life, violence was never his resolution, but he often allowed things like this to bother him nonetheless. Anxiety wasn't a foreign concept, as it seemed he worried quite often about things that were essentially out of his control. *Control.* Living the life of a slicer, the Chiss felt he could manage all the variables that presented themselves each day. Because we are all really just chunks of data living within a great mainframe, streaming from one waypoint to another, gathering, exchanging, redistributing, and perhaps even altering our path to better ourselves. There is no destiny. No fate. Only infinite lines of shifting source code that eventually settles on a path determined by just how one lives their life. We aren't gods of our future, but drones.

“What the?...” He muttered, snapping out of the self-imposed reverie.

Sai'rys initially caught the furry creatures presence in the corner of his eye, and turned his attention toward that direction. He'd never seen anything like that, -not unlike the Ewok anyway- and while cute as the Kushiban was, it was no doubt vicious enough. The young Chiss held little trust in most known species, but more so in those foreign to him.

His attention snapped back to Brin, who appeared to be going quietly with Airus. In this relatively short experience, Sai’rys had never actually met a Jedi or Sith, and while the Twi’lek carried the lightsaber indicative of their kind, who was to say she was either of those? Could it have been found laying around, or perhaps stolen from one, if that was even possible? Either way, it wasn’t worth pondering over even while his mind continued to cycle through one conspiracy theory after another. The red-skinned female didn’t kill anyone, so there was that at least.

Allowing a sigh to escape, he was about to turn on one heel and head back out into the corridor, thinking again about the ongoing diagnostics work that was being auto-run on the mysterious datacube in his quarters. Obsessing over such tech wasn’t unusual for the young slicer, but this particular artifact had way more questions than answers, which was -in and of itself- fascinating. He wondered though, if a few extra data spikes and/or breakers might do the trick, but he knew he would need a great level of penetration as well. From what he gathered about the planet. There were plenty of underground markets which meant plenty of hard-to-find tech to break just about security protocols.

Then...the shots were heard out of nowhere, and instinctively Sai'rys ducked behind one of the stacks of storage containers, fumbling to pull his blaster from it's holster strapped to his leg. He could hear the commotion of the others, but wasn't sure where the hell the original blaster fire came from. A few moments passed, and an explosion was heard in the distance, Sai'rys throwing his hands up to his ears as the blast verbertated off the durasteel walls and echoed back.

This was definitely not how he planned to spend the day. At all.
How many did you get to?

On the first rep, I can usually do about 40 before my arms turn to spaghetti, and then it just goes downhill from there...
Welcome to the Guild.
So, at about 12:30a last night I had the urge to see how many pushups I could do before my arms collapsed. Sadly it wasn't as many as I though, but I'm pretty sure that the "midnight crazies" my cats have on an almost nightly basis is slowly permeating my mind. :/
Pure love...

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