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Cole rolled over onto his back and starred at ceiling in a unsuccessful attempt to will his hangover away. He hadn’t remembered bringing anyway back here last night but sure enough he woke up this morning to some girl sneaking out with his Misfits t-shirt. Wasn’t too bad though, last time he brought someone back here she’d ended up stealing a lot more than a t-shirt. He finally got out of bed and made his way towards the bathroom, found a bottle of aspirin, and washed a few down with an old stale beer that had been left on the counter. He smelled the shirt he was currently wearing and decided it was definitely time for a shower. He had a weird feeling like he was forgetting something but continued to ignore, he kind of had that feeling a lot. He then went on to fix his mohawk, using quite a bit of the cheap hair gel that kept it in place and it wasn’t until a good while later, while eating a bowl of cereal that he remembered what he was supposed to do today.

”Shit.” He muttered, he was supposed to meet that Marcus guy for an audition. He looked over at his alarm clock which was blinking a 12:00 and clearly no help, he really needed to fix that sometime. He searched around a bit until he found his phone, he was very much late, and quickly threw on some clothes. Luckily the rehearsal studio wasn’t too far from his apartment, actually pretty much everything in town wasn’t too far; it was a pretty small town. He left his apartment, hopped on his bike, and grinned as the engine made a satisfying sound as it started up.

He parked near the studio and walked the rest of way until he spotted Marcus laying on the ground with a girl, and a couple of others gathered around. “Hey Marcus, you forming a band or a harem? Cause I’m only interested in the first one.” He asked grinning before offering out his hand to help them up.
Down for a skater dude
Well then, expect a post from the strange man in bed who happens to be a frequently late for everything drummer later today
Still looking for a drummer?

Location: The Church
Tags: Lilith (@dragonbutts), Nicole (@Silence Sounds), Father Luca (@Metronome)

Wyatt sized up Father Luca as he entered the room, the man was not at all what he expected, and he looked nothing like the other men of faith involved in vampire hunting. Truthfully, he didn’t look like he’d last more than a minute against a hungry vampire and he certainly carried himself like a priest more than like a hunter. Lilith addressed the man first, letting some questionable language slip out in front of the Father. Wyatt managed to not audibly chuckle at the exchange, but by the time Nicole let out a ‘speak of the devil’ he was smirking slightly. His mother had been a relatively faithful Irish Catholic so it would take more than a doe-eyed priest to make him lose composure. Just from looking at him Luca seemed much more laid back than the fire and brimstone preachers that he normally encountered while hunting or during his youth. Nicole requested, not for the first, nor he would guess, for the last time, that he call her simply Nicole rather than Miss Jackson. ”Is that a request or a command, ma’am?” He half joked in response.

”Father Luca, it’s great to finally meet you, glad we’re able to help with you, Wyatt paused for a brief second before adding, ”infestation.” He said, greeting Luca before following him and the others to the side chapel to discuss business. He also gave Lilith a gentle nudge as they walked. “Hey, I’m sure years of vampire hunting more than makes up for swearing in church. I mean, probably at least…” He joked to Lilith in a hushed tone.

Location: Vampire Manor
Tags: Kyle (@Metronome), Seb (@dragonbutts)

Bas nodded in agreement as Kyle explained the strike at the post office. “I remember the good ol’ days when the fat cats would get out of line, heads would roll, and revolutions would bring bloody chaos to entire countries. All that adrenalin puts a nice flavor to the blood, makes for some real good eatin’.” Bas rambled on, losing himself for just a moment in his memories. He took a long drag on his cigar and allowed the ash to fall to the floor. He vaguely remembered someone asking him not to smoke in the house but couldn’t recall who or even if they were still around. Quite a few vampire’s he’d known had come and gone from their coven. Kyle was flipping through channels on the television and Bas was far too restless to be interested in television.

Daytime was boring, this town was getting stale, and Bas growing sick of blood bags and animals. He wanted a hunt, or a fight, or something new to do, he hadn’t done anything new for a while. Kyle had paused on the Animal Planet channel, a lion or something was hunting its prey and Bas faintly wondered if it would draw too much attention if he tried to break into the zoo and sample some of the more dangerous exhibits. That would probably cause the rest of the coven to get even more annoyed with him, so then he wondered if there were any bears nearby. A bear hunt would be exciting, hunting other predators was always more fun than deer or some other prey animal. He threw the rest of his cigar into the kitchen sink and headed back towards the study. For now, he’d have to be content with poking a different bear.

Recently they had added another vampire to the coven, one who was practically as old as dirt and who shared his name. Seb, or Sebby as he hated to be called, could usually be found trying to be alone in the study and Bas always found amusement in messing with their new ally. He knocked hard on the door to the study, ”Hope you got yer pants on Sebby.” He announced before throwing the door open and strutting in, one could never be too careful when living in a house full of lonely vampire bros. The study was one of the more boring rooms in the manor, full of dusty old books and equally old and dusty junk. He wandered around the room a bit, touched one of the old knick knacks on the book shelf which subsequently fell and broke, and pretended, fairly poorly, like he was looking for a book. He opened a few books, closed them loudly, and put them back on the shelf. Bas seemed to have a talent for making more noise than was necessary no matter the situation. ”Whatcha up too? He asked the vampire who seemed to be sitting in a chair literally doing nothing.

Eli shrugged at Jessica’s suggestion at rationing the cigarettes. “I could always steal us some more.” He offered and flashed a mischievous grin. Then with the rest of the group all gathered in one room, and Jess standing in the midst of all of them she took her place as de facto leader. He was fine with that, it was a burden he would never want for himself, and although he didn’t know her all that well he thought she seemed like good people, he got a good vibe from her at least. She had nervous energy, he could tell she wanted to do right by them, and he decided he trusted her. Not that he had much of a choice whether or not to trust his fellow “chosen” anyway, they were all kind of stuck in the same boat and he had to make the best of it.

She mentioned wanting vengeance on the people who did this to him, and training for that eventual goal. He truly hadn’t thought about that, first his focus was survival, then escaping the facility, then focused on survival again. Before now vengeance was never really his way but no one had ever basically kidnapped him, used him as an experiment, and planning to force him to fight other teenagers to the death before either. Then he thought about how if they had done it to them they would either try and recapture them to continue their plan, start a new batch of experiments, or maybe even both. They had to train to make sure they weren’t taken back, they had to stop the people who did this from doing it to anyone else and as for vengeance, well, hadn’t they kind of earned that through their suffering?

She opened up the floor for any suggestions, and Eli, personally felt that gathering some supplies should be high on their list of things to do today. “Well, if everyone else is down for some vengeance I am too, and I agree we need to train. We need to make sure we’re strong enough to take on a shadowy government agency if, or when, I guess, they come after us. Right now, though, we need food and water, maybe some other supplies and definitely more cigarettes. We’re gonna have to steal, either the supplies or some money. I’ve got some experience with both but I’m open to suggestions if someone has a plan for it.” Eli said, offering his assessment of the situation.
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