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8 days ago
Current 4 weeks off work, therapy and grief counciling. Aaa
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3 mos ago
Me: I have tons of books to read at home, I don't need more. *Enters bookstore*
4 mos ago
I went to the LEGO STORE
4 mos ago
That's the funeral over and done with.
5 mos ago
It's been a week since my stepdad passed and it's still like not sinking in properly. I feel like I'm not grieving properly. I've not cried, hot like... IDK


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WitchHunter 11 mos ago
It's simple. I see a screenname like that, I drop by to offer a thumbs up.

-A fellow hockey nerd

Malice 5 yrs ago
Hi-five to the fellow Britlander though.
Malice 5 yrs ago
British, already use it, that's why I laughed.
Gunther 5 yrs ago
I just read your current status. Congratulations on making yourself smaller! That is no small feat. Way to go! I wish I could do the same. I am a XXL and would love to fit into an L. The shirt I am currently wearing is an XL and busting out at the buttons. LOL
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