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Skulduggery Pleasant
Valkyrie Cain

Location - Snowy Forest

As they continued walking through the forest, Skulduggery and Valkyrie suddenly heard an ungodly monstrous roar rang out from the direction they had come from. Their first instinct was to hide again, and so they did.

Valkyrie dived behind a boulder that was luckily large enough to conceal her for the most part while the slender frame of Skulduggery hid behind a nearby tree. The two detectives waited carefully for a couple short minutes before coming out from cover.

”What the hell was that?!”

”I have no idea. Though, it doesn’t sound good, as you could probably tell.” Skulduggery looked back at the direction the roar came from, scanning the area with his vision. After not seeing anything that would pose a threat to either of them, Skulduggery turned his attention back to Valkyrie briefly. ”We should get away from here as soon as we can. I, for one, wouldn’t want to stick around in case that creature comes back.”

Just as the two detectives were about to set off again, Skulduggery stopped all of a sudden, which caused Valkyrie to stop as well. He was listening, as he thought he could hear the faint sound of footsteps. His suspicions were proven right when a man wearing a boar mask jumped out at them from the tree line. In response to this, Skulduggery flexed his fingers and both him and Valkyrie were pushed backwards by the air. Valkyrie hadn’t expected this and ended up falling over backwards onto her ass. Skulduggery, on the other hand, landed on his feet and quickly pulled out his revolver from inside his coat, pointing it at their attacker.

”Do you know it is quite rude to attack someone out of the blue like that. At least you had the common courtesy to shout out to us as you did. Now, do me a favour and tell me who you are.”

Vader’s Fist

Location: City - Office Building

The Commander was surprised at Chief’s insistence that THEY be the ones to drop their weapons. ”We have you outnumbered six to one. I’d suggest you surrender.”

The Commander motioned to the rest of his squad and the other stormtroopers moved to surround themselves around Chief. They kept their blasters steadily aimed at all times, watching for any sudden movements. ”This is your last warning. Drop the weapon or will we be forced to fire upon you.”

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Is this still open for new people?
@kittyboy I wouldn't mind having Skulduggery and Valkyrie encountering Inosuke in the Forest
Toph Beifong

Location: Desert

Toph slowly awoke from unconsciousness. Getting to her feet, the first thing the blind girl noticed was that she was lying on what felt like sand. She tried remembering how she could have ended up wherever she was but her mind drew a blank. To make matters worse, because she was standing on sand, it was going to limit the use of her seismic sense and make it difficult to travel anywhere.

Toph took a step forward when she noticed that her foot had touched something that didn’t feel like sand. She bent down to pick up the object and while she did this, her hand brushed passed what felt like another one of the same object.

After patting around the desert sand for a tiny bit, Toph managed to find a total of five of those small, coin-like objects. She also found a scroll along with the small tokens that no doubt had something potentially important on it that could be helpful to her but with no way of actually reading it, Toph stashed it away like she did with the tokens. She would have to find some other way to find out what is written on the scroll.

Before she moved on though, Toph wanted to see if she could bend the sand around her. Placing both feet firmly on the ground and stretching her arms out in front of herself, a small portion of the sand directly in front of her began to rise up on it’s own. Toph twisted her arms in a circular motion and the sand copied the motion. Satisfied, the blind girl stopped bending and let the sand drop back down.

Now that she was done with that, Toph thought that this would be a good time to try and find out where she was. She didn’t know how expanse this desert she was in was or how to travel through one by herself. After all, the last time she had been in a desert she had some company with her. With not much else she could do about the situation, Toph simply started walking forward, trying her best not to fall over in the process. With any luck, she would be able to run into something other than just the emptiness of a desert.
I'm still trying to figure out a good way to get Toph into this.
I don't remember but is there anyone that's still in the desert right now?
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