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Obscene found dead in miami. Final recorded words: "oof ouch fuck maybe i was wrong oh god a"
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Obscene Symphony? More like... O-obese... Simp Pony.... G-...Gottem...
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That kind of shit thinking is the kind that will instigate a huge second wave of covid-19 cases within your borders.
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You guys ever just put all your effort into a character/story for a good two hours then realize you don't want to do it anymore? I just want my time back.


I'm playing with an anomalous cat that makes you procrasinate. So... I'm gonna do this bio later.

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Here's a bump. In the next one, I'll add a bit more info - pertaining to the "pre-expedition" phase, or "arc". I'll also include my own character sheet.

In an undetermined time period, the world echoes with anxious fear and anticipation. A century old expedition has been resurrected before the public conscious by a previously unknown sect of the Hunter Association. Nations have begun preparing for a new calamity to arrive, while thrill-seeking factions and hunter hopefuls drool at the proposition…

“The Dark Continent can be inhabited!”

A former Zodiac - a double-star hunter, by the name of Koki Kokkaku searches the numerous continents of the Hunter x Hunter world in hopes of rallying together a death defying team of hunters. He has tested the collective mettle of dozens of powerful figures to form a tightly-knit team of beast hunters. A previously unknown path across the colossal Lake Mobius has been revealed to the public, and an expedition verdict proposed to the ears of powerful nen users around the world.

Whether you are a simple laymen, or a veteran hunter - Kokkaku invites you on a spectacular adventure -- one that could turn the world upside down.

This adventure includes heavy emphasis on world building and character development. You have the chance to introduce a character that is either completely ignorant to things like hunters or the power of nen, to a prominent hunter with exceptionally dynamic abilities. All bets are off in this capricious adventure into the Dark Continent - a land where prey, predator and everything between fight against each other and even mother nature herself.

The roleplay will be delivered in several phases which are absolutely malleable to serve and adapt to the plot’s climate in any way:

Pre-Expedition Phase: This phase is for introducing characters, developing nen abilities (if your character hasn’t awakened them prior or finalized them) and showing off your powers. Various enemies will be introduced, including supernatural fauna, other malicious hunters with incredibly dangerous abilities and much, much more. This takes place in the “known world”, before the events of the Dark Continent expedition take place.

Lake Mobius Phase: This phase can involve heavy emphasis on politics depending on how your character interacts with the world, and also sea-faring travel. The group will traverse an endless expanse of water in order to arrive south of the Dark Continent. In this phase, the group will face terrifying sea monsters, and discover a potential race of merfolk… Depending on your choices.

Dark Continent Phase: We arrive at a section of The Dark Continent, uninhabited by any life recognizable back home. The “final” phase which could extend infinitely depending on your choices, which is an all-out battle against mother nature in the hopes of preserving a small chunk of land mass within the dark continent for humanity to develop in. This will be where “late-game” creatures come into play and begin terrorizing the team.

Rules: There are a few rules that need to be followed during, and before roleplay.
For starters, we will be playing by T1 Combat roleplay rules. PvP is something that will potentially happen, whether it be simple skirmishes between player characters or genuine rivalry. A lot of rules are based on common sense, such as no god-modding, or no controlling other people’s characters. A basic rule to follow during combat roleplay is to “attempt” actions rather than “do” them. When punching someone else, you have to describe “throwing” the punch rather than “confirming” the punch, e.g “I throw a punch towards x” instead of “I punch x”. This means the player being punched has to confirm the hit itself, though it should be noted abusing this rule is a direct violation of the “no god-modding” rule. The same rules apply to PvE battles (where I will be controlling most if not all of the enemies present).

Any and all details will be elaborated on in a seperate thread. Post your interest in the replies section below! A discord server will eventually be created, so PM me your usernames so that I can add you. If you have any character ideas already, a TL;DR in your reply is appreciated, and can be detailed in the new thread that will be created.

Thanks so much! Hopefully this is the beginning of a new adventure!
Aw, has this been dropped? I love the idea. Just a bunch of skavens cheating, lying and backstabbing their way to the top. I'd be so down.
Heya. I'm looking to coordinate a medieval-themed roleplay with anybody willing. I have an established Player Character that can be easily adapted to any scenario - even for the more supernaturally inclined roleplays. While I don't have any clear-cut starters propose, I'm happy to brainstorm and discuss with a willing participant over things like plot, settings (aside from the defined medieval setting) and any miscellaneous properties that would like to be added (magical abilities, gods, etc).

The character I will use is explained in the spoiler below.
If variety is your kind of spice, I'm willing to invest time in creating deep and multi-dimensional NPCs to supplement the story.

Thank you very much for reading.

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Name: Terrowin
Alias: "Rusty Swing"
Epithet(s): The Executioner, The Outcast

Age: 21
Height: 6’5”
Weight: 105 kg

Sexuality: Pansexual
Residence: N/A
Occupation(s): Executioner
Affiliation(s): Rathaus Torture Chamber


Race: Human - Caucasian

Physical Appearance: Terrowin is a towering figure; 84 kilograms of pure muscular bulk (80% of his body mass, while having 20% of body fat), outlined with a tight body definition and rigid stature. Uncharacteristically, his face is gentle and feminine, with a head full of long, thick hair that reaches down to his shoulders. His expression is often neutral and apathetic which can flash with brief moments of excitement; emphasized by a tight-lipped smile.

Clothing: Terrowin’s civilian garbs consist of a simple weathered pair of brais which reach a little bit below his knees, which are fitted around Terrowin’s legs by a studded leather belt. This is ended with a pair of black Caliage. While Terrowin doesn’t wear a shirt normally while out in public, he will resort to putting on an unbuttoned, black lapel coat when times are cold. When Terrowin is working in his trade, he will wear a costume of black garbs, with an enigmatic black hood draped over his head.

Accessories (tattoos, piercings, jewelry, etc): N/A


Traits & Characteristics: Terrowin is a gentle giant, despite his association with violence and death. He is calm and collected, and usually interacts with others in hushed tones and respectful volumes. While he normally upholds a presence of indifference and neutrality, in some isolated, brief moments he smiles as bright as the sun - like an overcompensating jester, showing a side to him that is anything but black & and white.

Morals & Philosophies: Terrowin does not conform to any particular morals and/or philosophies, but his acted philosophy is rounded closest to “an eye for an eye”.

Goals: Unknown.

Overall Alignment: True Neutral.


Family: His father was a baker, and his mother a nun. Terrowin’s trade was not inherited; instead thrusted upon him. His family still talk to him regardless of his stained reputation, albeit in secret.

Interpersonal Relationships: The only true relationship he had throughout his career was with an imprisoned woman, who was sanctioned due to being apparently “pregnant”. In the days where society’s values were based on religion, it was seen as a religious crime to kill a pregnant woman, so she was only incarcerated with a number of comforts in her cell. Terrowin routinely interacted with her, albeit with a monotone participation, but still held deep feelings for the woman, which she shared. When it was discovered the woman lied about her pregnancy, Terrowin was forced to send her through a torturous hell, and an inevitable death on the breaking wheel. Terrowin has feared relationships ever since.

Rivals: None.

Enemies: None (none incredibly personal anyway). (Currently the monsters of the “Blight” storyline).


Past: Terrowin was born in a humble peasant family and was raised with his future already established; that he would be a baker - after his father, and would inherit his small merchant tent. Instead, due to the mischief of some foul, paganistic entity or the cruel, indiscriminate hand of lady luck, Terrowin was singled out of a reluctant group of commoners to deliver the killing blow to a thief. This was at a public execution, where the usual executioner was nowhere to be seen. Terrowin reluctantly pulled the heavy axe over his head, and messily butchered the neck of the convicted.. After a rusty first attempt. Two swings were necessary. His beginner’s experience and a dull blade made the thief’s last god-given moments a nightmare. While the negative connotations surrounding the Executioner’s trade would have been enough to socially outcast Terrowin to begin with; the botched first attempt made him out as a sadistic deviant. This was his only path now - having stained his reputation and his future prospects, he moved into the local rathaus as an apprentice executioner. Throughout his life he was routinely mocked and feared as a devil, and groups of Tithing (the lowest unit of medieval law enforcement) would briefly put down their pitchforks and torches and divert their attention to Terrowin, in which he was beaten. He took these beatings with incredible apathy, and grew all the more stronger for it. The heavy metal of his blade and the uncomfortable weight of the various torture devices he utilized gave him a powerful figure. He was now a dark clad beast, with his stocky body in tandem with his height making him look like a monster. No longer was he singled out by the local populace, but instead willfully ignored and revered - fearing what a creature like him would do to them. Once again, Terrowin paid no mind to this sudden shift in perception, and continued to execute the various victims of the system without any remorse.

Present: Terrowin is currently the chief executioner of the rathaus torture chamber.

Present - Blight Version: With the discovery of the slowly accelerating “infection”, a statement was issued to all able and suitable tradespeople of arms to “purify the sinners” by the highest catholic authority. Terrowin had taken up a combative role at the beginning of the verdict - working with a tightly knit Tithling of “purifiers” coming from various walks of life; including a long-beaked plague doctor, a knight of catholic standing and an experienced hunter. These three companions died within the first few clashes with the infected army. Terrowin had persevered unlike his group, as he was already estranged from their plans and decidedly set off on his own without the three. Now a lone wanderer that had left his burning, corpse-ridden village; Terrowin seeked comfort for the first time of his life - taking the madness of the world as his cue to leave and discover a more meaningful existence. The only thing that resists his dreams now are the hundreds of infected monsters - and for the first time in his life, he’s made his dream worth fighting for.


Notable Feats: N/A (to be added).

Physical Abilities: Terrowin is incredibly physically fit and powerful. His body is also durable and rigid.

Intellectual Abilities: While it would be assumed Terrowin is a mindless brute without a cognitive process; Terrowin is incredibly emotionally intelligent and perceptive. Terrowin is keenly aware and invested in the politics of his town and the kingdom it is affiliated with. Terrowin also has loose medical knowledge due to his time spent around corpses, and understands the various parts of the body - inside and out - albeit with his own personalized terminology, e.g he calls arteries something whimsical like “life thread”.

Supernatural Abilities: None(?)

Misc Abilities: Terrowin has very intimate knowledge of the human body, as well as its various exploitable weak points.

FLAWS: Due to Terrowin’s lack of care for his own body, he has no motivation to protect himself from any physical harm. This has left him with various scars across his body and some minor weakness in the kneecaps, in which he usually ignores until the damage is irreversible.


Utilities: When out on work-related duties, Terrowin carries a portable breaking wheel on his back, tied to him by thick chains. He also carries a small pair of clamps hooked to his belt, presumably for both the removal of finger nails and crushing of finger bones.

Weapons: Terrowin carries a small hatchet for free-lance executions and self defense.

Misc: N/A.


Likes: Isolation, small animals, the smell of coal smoke, home-made meals.

Dislikes: Loud noises, screaming, memories of what could have been.

Trivia (OOC Information): Terrowin is primarily inspired by Franz Schmidt - an executioner from the renaissance era. He is also inspired by Grenouille; the protagonist of the book “Perfume”. Most aspects of his character are also taken from the manga "Berserk" and the video game series "Dark Souls".

Quotes: “I’m sorry… Pleading towards me won't save you… This was the court’s verdict, not mine. No hard feelings.”, "Don't feel ashamed - averting you eyes from me. I'm a monster; it's only instinct to hide away."

Musical Themes:
Main Theme
Combat Theme
Adrenaline Theme
In Blight 1 yr ago Forum: 1x1 Roleplay
Heya @Hyde. As I mentioned in discord, with characters, I generally invest in one or at most three. Keen to just wing it in terms of potential NPC's that show up in the story - don't think they'd need any thorough definitions. As for formatting, this is the format I use generally, but you obviously don't need to copy it -- it's also a malleable format, so touch it up to your own standards:

I'll go ahead and drop my main PC in the character's section as well. DM me if there's any changes needed.

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