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Current Uh.. Bazinga.
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Obscene found dead in miami. Final recorded words: "oof ouch fuck maybe i was wrong oh god a"
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Obscene Symphony? More like... O-obese... Simp Pony.... G-...Gottem...
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That kind of shit thinking is the kind that will instigate a huge second wave of covid-19 cases within your borders.
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You guys ever just put all your effort into a character/story for a good two hours then realize you don't want to do it anymore? I just want my time back.


I'm playing with an anomalous cat that makes you procrasinate. So... I'm gonna do this bio later.

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Heya. I'm a noob to this RP website, and I wanted to try a 1v1 with my One Piece OC (which you can see here in the "The Delinquent" spoiler in the Original Characters section). If anyone's willing, I hope we can have a good time with it.
Section 2: Existing Characters I Play


Section 1: OCs (Completely Original/Universe Specific)



"Ladies and gentlemen!
Boys and girls..
Creatures of all ages!
Entities of varying dimensions!
I welcome you, to the best performance of your lifecycle..."


Music to scroll to:
Elevator music to scroll & read to.
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Everything's a work in progress -- so uh, yeah.
Just wanted to say thank you guys for the greetings.

@Hyde I enjoy all sorts, but usually action based roleplays. T2 combat sort. I also enjoy romance on the off day. Those two are the most prominent, but again, I enjoy all sorts.

Also I changed my signature... I'm gonna include links to character sheets when I make them eventually.
@LegendBegins thanks a gazillion friend-o. threw it together in the heat of the moment but stay tuned for a more colourful edit.
what's up? new guy here, self-proclaimed veteran (this title hasn't been peer reviewed - but i've been writing/role-playing for a good 8 years so ;D) with not enough time on my hands. lovely to meet y'all.
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