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Current Anyone ever try to rp while high as a kite lol
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kinda wanna do a ddlg RP
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Replies will come this evening im getting hoed at work
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Where my nightowls @ lmao
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noy doing to hot mentally ill respond tomorrow when i can


Completely Random

The Name be Varin

I used to be a Graphic Design Major

I love animals specifically Wolves

I cook a shitload that's cause i love to eat

I draw a shitload cause i like writing stories for my characters

i tend to weird people out their loss

i am a practicing Wiccan Still in the extremely early stages so ALOT of reading is taking place right now

Chronic binge watcher of most recommended shows

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Reserve please???



Quiet. Caring. Hard working. Stoic. Contemplative. Not one to waste Words.

Farmer/Gardener in Scotland.

Work gloves. Wedding ring of his deceased life partner. Wallet. Pocket Almanac. Extremely Tough Jerky.

Beyond enhanced sense of smell, hearing. Unrealistic stamina. Strength. Speed.

A scar that looks like 3 massive slashes across his chest.

Erste was his name and among the pack that he ran with he was the beta. It’s not that he couldn’t have been the alpha he CHOSE not to he had no interest in it. At least until he met Nephry she wasn’t a were but understood them better than most humans. Erste was a real piece of work before he met Nephry, he could outdrink and outfuck most of the Wolves in his pack and had a more commanding aura than even his alpha. Nephry saw this and even with her understanding she pushed Erste to start his own pack. She saw the potential he had and wanted to bring that ALPHA side of him forth. Erste after talking with her for awhile he agreed and left his old pack. Erste’s older alpha wasn’t ok with this and wasn’t about to lose his right hand man. However, to Erste’s face his alpha was very congratulatory. Then like a thief in the night Nephry was taken away from him and and in her stead was left a message.

What right do you think you have to leave the Fang of Fenrir. You are apart of this until otherwise stated. And as for this bitch that has been pumping your head full of this nonsensical bullshit well...we have to remove her. Feel free to mate with any of the other bitches we keep around. Erste saw and read this. and in a fit of rage so violent so aggressive that the form he took was twisted, distorted even as he took of running to where his Alpha resided and the two fought and fought hard. Leaving Erste with the scar on his chest. And a dead Alpha. But in his dying breath he gave the kill order and in moments he saw a flash of blue, Neprys eyes and tears as she was broken torn and shredded before his very eyes. This turned into a long night as Erste had begun to fight an unwinnable battle against his packmates and bearing more scars he took the lives of the entirety of his pack and left a bloody and torn mess.

Years later, Erste had moved to Scotland and began a new life of solitude.

My writings not perfect but i loves me some diablo and am in the midst of playing. That being said if there are still openings id love to give this a go. This actually sounds pretty damn good. If there is an opening id give it my all at playing a mage.

this sounds fun im in
Still alive will try to get a post up tomorrow
Alex enjoyed the moments in which he got to pet the newfoundland she was a sweetheart but he couldnt make her the main attraction of the date. In all truthfullness while this was a new experience for Ale it was a welcome one in deed. Aside from the weather the day had seemed to be going quite well.

As Alex stood from the position he once took he smiled as Fluffy got a bit assertive and pushed Astrid closer to him. Alex couldnt help but chuckle as he for the first time got to see how diva treated him through fluffy and astrid. Well well looks like diva rubbed off on your pup... before Ale could finish his sentence he felt a pair of warm lips pressed to his cheek for barely a moment. your lips are warm realizing how bad that sounded Alex smiled before quickly fixing what he said. or at least trying. Im sorry i didnt mean for that to come off that way dammit, i mean that was a welcome reaction i dont remember the last time i...its... instead of rambling on he simply gave Astrid a hug returning a kiss to her supple cheek.

[i][color=lightsalmon]Damn Alex has it really been that long? Yeah the last time you did the dating thing was MaKenna that was 5yrs ago. shit well i guess its time to make this date worthwhile./color][/i]he thought to himself as he turned and held astrids hand in his own Whats say we get out of this rain. Maybe we could get some coffee for starters and take it from there.
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