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Current There are two wolves inside of you. Both want cheese but you are lactose intolerant
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Dad's have entered the chat
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That sounds like a dope rp though
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I have never seen something more relatable


I'm non-binary (They/Them), 24 and live in GMT. I'm new to roleplay but keen to learn.

I'm mostly interested in 1x1. Anything in scifi, light fantasy is perfect for me. I love romance (and smut) so pop me a mag if any of that takes your fancy!

Reading, video games and tv are my main hobbies. I'm also learning Gàidhlig so anyone willing to involve that would be fab!

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Plot: Two woman meet at a bar and go home together. During the night they get to know each other as both physically and as people.

I'm looking for someone who will really flesh out their characters though obviously this will involve heavy amounts of smut.

Pm me if interested
Im pretty swamped with work and family right now so i dont Think ill have the time to post for a while. If you someone wants to take over the vampire lord role I'm happy for that as I'll just be holding yah back
Welcome to non lurkerdom!
That makes a lot more sense
<Snipped quote by Hybridjelly>

He would not have ran back to the castle for one, he would have fought back, and got his ass kicked, but he would have fought.
The vampire threatened to take his daughter. Any father would have attacked even if they had no chance.

I just didn't like the last part, where he quickly left back to the castle, plus his horse aint there.

Of course the horse isn't there! Super silly of me. Give me an hour and I can rewrite it to better suite your idea of the character
How is he portrayed as a coward?
Oh well
Sprry have been really busy and didn't have time to give this rp the time of thought it deserves. Im not sure where to start my character off do you have some pointers?
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