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Current There are two wolves inside of you. Both want cheese but you are lactose intolerant
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Dad's have entered the chat
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That sounds like a dope rp though
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I have never seen something more relatable


I'm non-binary (They/Them), 24 and live in GMT. I'm new to roleplay but keen to learn.

I'm mostly interested in 1x1. Anything in scifi, light fantasy is perfect for me. I love romance (and smut) so pop me a mag if any of that takes your fancy!

Reading, video games and tv are my main hobbies. I'm also learning Gàidhlig so anyone willing to involve that would be fab!

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Welcome back!
Markula watched the king fall of his horse and onto his back. He was bemused by the kings ranting and escape attempts. When you live a long life you have to find humour in the little things.

"Did you think that would work?" Said Markula grinning, while standing over the king. "It really doesn't suite a man of your... bloodline... to behave in such foolish ways."

"Get away you foul beast, I'll have nothing to do with you!" The king yelled, frantically making his way to his feet.

"Now now, now need to be so rude, Galenodel. We have a deal you and I" The vampire idly picked his teeth revealing his fanged canines. "And it is time for me to collect!"

The kings face filled with fury "You will never touch my daughter you fiend!"

Markula laughed, finding the anger amusing "Your kingdom or your daughter. Those are the terms. Now scuttle off back to your family; I want her ready for my arrival."

The kings fury bubble to the surface and he spat in Markula's face. He raised his fist and launched it towards the Vampire but before he could make contact he was set upon by Jaen Luc who grabbed his hand tight. A loud snap filled the forest as the bones in Galendol's hand broke. The werewolf tossed the king into a nearby tree.

Galendol's back aches as he stood up to continue the fight. Markula had not moved an inch, his face twisted and his body twitching.

"How... Dare... You..." His eyes grew wide and a his mouth grew wide. The vampire rushed forward and pinned the king to the wall. "You will pay for that!" Markula screamed as bit into the kings neck. Galendol's blood felt like it was on fire. The king dropped to the ground after Markula withdrew his fangs. Dark tendrils pulsed out from the wound.

"Leave him there, Jean. Let his family find him like this. Give them a taste of what's to come." jean nodded in agreement as they both wandered off.
Oh sorry I must have misread!
Sorry just catching up. I thought that the king would already know who the vampire lord is from the start post?
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Welcome back!
Markula watched the king hunt a buck from the treetops. The elf's subtle, almost elegant movements seemed impossible. He breathed in, smelling the blood of everything around, the bland blood of a few rabbits and the buck, The sickly sweet smell of the kings elven blood but above all the stench of lycanthrope blood filled the air. Jean Luc had served Him well but Markula hated the smell of him.

"Good boy." Markula grinned as he watched Jean stalk the king "Now get him."

Jean took down the buck. The king ran towards his horse and Jean let out a howl and followed. Jean caught the king just before he reached his horse. Jean roared in the kings face before howling to celebrate his achievement. The kings face locked in a state of terror.

"Hello Galenadol. How's the family?" Markula Smirked.
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