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4 mos ago
Current House cleaning day! Open windows loud music! Let's get this done!
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4 mos ago
I am currently fighting with Excel. It is not going well. I am losing. I may call a first grader and pay him $10 to do this shit for me.
6 mos ago
Pulled a split shift. So done today. Got my snacks and soda. Bring on the RP's
6 mos ago
Pretty sure I am getting fired. Oh joy! Although it will be a relief.
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6 mos ago
@ZAVA I wish! Unfortunately I will continue and will deal with these people some more today


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Color me interested!
You won't regret RPing with Mitheral! He is incredibly creative and keeps things very interesting!
Did you ever find someone to play opposite of Hector in your Reaper RP? HOW did I not see that idea before now is beyond me, but it looks awesome!
Courtesy bump!

Ya'll will never regret starting an RP with Sinful. Two years, and I am still in love with the story we are working on :)

I missed you too!!! I will take a look through your stuff tomorrow and see if we ant get something going again, although shit was just getting super interesting with Sergei and Lu. Lmfao
Welcome back!!! I was just thinking about you!
I generally do 1x1 only because they are easier for me to keep track of with my work schedule. Group RP's tend to move too quickly for me leaving me with 20+ posts to read and integrate into my own posting by the time I get off work.
LOL It will be lots of fun I promise!
Get out while you still can.


Ignore Casual, and stick around, we are a lovely addiction...err addition to your schedule
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