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Persona 5... Once again consuming me whole--such a good series.
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Welp, I did the thing. Check out my bio for details. I think two has always been a pretty good number.
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Fate. It has to be fate. And it is glorious.
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B r a e l y n n , V a r r i n a

" J a c k - k n i f e "


Twenty - Eight



ethnicity / nationality

Native of Eastern Europe, Citizen of the United States of America




Automatic Riflemen

physical description

One can immediately begin to decipher the meaning of her nickname upon seeing Varrina Braelynn in person. At 5'6 and approximately 140 lbs, her physicality can oft incite the term "compact" as compared to her fellow comrades. Slender limbs and defined tone shape and line the contour of her silhouette though her feminine assets remain proportional and even somewhat subdued. Cream complexion falls in line with the Eastern European traits she was born with alongside naturally arched eyebrows and unnaturally smoky eyes that radiate a faint, dark brown underneath the black liner. Long, brown hair crowns her head and falls just past her shoulders when loosed though the beast of strands is usually held captive in a neat bun or short ponytail.

The RI-1 harnessed by the corporal bears many marks denoting many different owners and operators, but Varrina deigns to claim only one patch of space on the right pectoral of the advanced suit. An image of of a laughing skull and two crossed jackknives beneath put a unique spin on the typical skull and crossbones insignia and alerts any other operator right then and there that Jack-Knife is also an operator of this particular tactical armor. Seemingly to match her shared shell, Varrina herself bears the same marking on her right shoulder and it is the sole tattoo she bears on her person.

psychological analysis

With a rigid gaze forged from military discipline and dutiful dedication, most assume Varrina to be that of the serious and cold nature, but in fact, the corporal is simply a measure of calm and composed, opting to reign in unnecessary energetic outbursts in favor of a more relaxed and laid back persona. Easy-going would be an apt description and this kind of subdued nature affords the woman social opportunity and coveted approachability. Within a group surrounding, she is often one of the members with a more rational and level-headed perspective on things while consistently maintaining this same composure even during tense and heated situations. It was this admirable mental constitution and composition that helped in securing her place within the Remote Infantry Corps and it is this favorable disposition that allows her to engage in conversation with just about anyone she comes across.

service record

Jack-Knife was not a name earned through reputable and honorable service, rather it was a moniker burned onto the identity of Varrina Braelynn during her stay in federal prison. At the ripe age of eighteen, Varrina was as successful as a child of any district attorney could hope to be. She graduated high school with a 4.0 GPA and academic scholarship offers to many of North Carolina's best and brightest universities. Her time spent in Student Government opened doors to external organizations that would set her up with work to gain experience during her college years and a guaranteed job upon acquisition of a Bachelors Degree. She was well liked in her class and was generally known as the "chill" girl that somehow seemed to always know the correct answer to the question. As is their course however, one mistake ruined the entirety of the grand future laid out for the respected Braelynn family member--almost.

As vices go, there were worse things to gain an addiction too. Unbeknownst to her proud and single mother, Varrina had developed a marijuana and alcohol addiction in her early teens that spanned her high school years. Though she appeared successful on the surface, the duality of her hidden life and prim and proper tapestry laid on top proved too much for the girl to handle. Her then boyfriend had allowed her to peddle small amounts of drugs for him on occasion and it was one of these trips that spelled her downfall. She was set to deliver a backpack of marijuana, the biggest she'd ever taken at once, to a friend for her boyfriend. The first problem was that the "friend" turned out to be an undercover police officer. The second problem was that her bag of simple weed suddenly became a large amount of heroin and nondescript pills. Varrina was arrested on the spot and, as if to teach her a lesson, her mother allowed her own daughter to be prosecuted and convicted. She was sentenced to five years in federal prison in spite of this being her first offense.

During her prison tenure, Varrina was exposed to a dramatically different way of life. She experienced the fear of going to sleep every night and waking up every day. She experienced the distrust of every person she came into contact with as she tried to live quietly and under the radar. She experienced the pain of the beatings she had to take in order to stay under said radar from time to time. Then, she accidentally stumbled into a reluctant alliance when her regular attackers took the girl under their wing, admiring her resilience to their beatings and her general silence when it came to the infirmary and guards asking what happened. She was taught to fight, prison-style, taught who to watch out for, who to befriend, and who to screw over, and, most importantly, she was taught how to survive.

Unfortunately, learning these skills added new time to her sentence. In light of her previous record of academic excellence--and at the behest of her powerful mother--Varrina was given a choice; she could spend more time in prison or join the military. She chose the latter. She joined the US Army and it was the start of her military career that finally brought an end to the addictions and a beginning to her new, as of yet unknown future. She was placed in the infantry division and she learned to love the thrill of combat. It was never the act of fighting that excited the woman, rather the calculation involved in deciding what risks to take, what doors to breach, and the adrenaline rush that accompanied being deployed to a hot zone.

After serving for five years, now aged 28, Varrina was recommended to enlist with the US Marine Corps and join the RIC as a pilot. Though she knew she would not be serving physically, the prospect of being part of a unit composed of something so advanced excited her more than anything she'd done before.


- HK416 Carbine Rifle and SOPMOD Kit

Knight's Armament Company (KAC) Rail Interface System (RIS) forearm

KAC's vertical foregrip

KAC's backup iron sight (BUIS)

Trijicon's Model TA01NSN 4x32mm ACOG

ECOS-N optical sight (a variant of the Aimpoint CompM2)

Tactical Ordnance and Equipment Improved combat sling which allows for secure cross body/patrol carry

PRI Bracket mount for AN/PVS-14 night vision

Trijicon's Model RX01M4A1 reflex sight

- M249 Squad Automatic Weapon (SAW)

RFI Collapsible Stock

5.56 mm ammunition and magazines

- M45 MEUSOC Semiautomatic Pistol

.45 ACP Cartridge and magazines

- Combat Knife
Hey everyone! I hear good things about the IC... As in, it'll likely be up very soon. Rockette just came off a pretty long and continuous couple work shifts just to provide a small update. Sorry for the wait and hopefully you guys are ready to jump into this.
I'm also interested, though I've already submitted a sheet--great concept.
Happy 4th everyone!
@Holy Soldier

If you're saying Andrew Garfield's series of Amazing Spider-Man movies aren't amazing, I agree with you. If you're saying Tom Holland, the new and present Peter Parker in the Marvel Movie Universe, is not amazing in his portrayal of the character, I gotta disagree there. I'll admit my bias due to Spider-Man being my favorite hero character of anything and the fact that Ultimate Spider-Man--the line in which he is portrayed as a teenager in high school--is my favorite of all the comic versions, but Tom Holland is a damn good Peter Parker and Spider-Man from the little we've seen of him. It remains to be seen if this performance holds up in his solo movie, but I'm massively excited for it.
I want to see the Golden Circle as well, if only because I need to see how the hell Harry is still alive. That aside, it looks like a great movie. I loved the first one, funnier than I thought it was gonna be.
S h e i a r a F a y e b y e n e

O M I N A R | D a y 3 | 4 : 3 5 A M

The silver briefcase sounded with a click once the combination had be input on both of the locks and as the top was slowly opened to reveal the contents, the man standing on the side of the double-stacked crates couldn't help but allow one corner of his lips to curl upwards. His dull, brown eyes immediately honed it and absorbed the reality before them; there was no mistaking it, he was well and truly staring at two-hundred grand. Each bundle of bills was packed meticulously and with the exact same amount as the bundle next to it. Even without touching it, the somehow composed man could see the crispness of the tender and a fleeting thought bubbled at the prospect that the money was even fresh. Keeping his ringed hands clasped in front of him, the man rolled his shoulders and reclaimed the visage of the buyer across from him. "It's all there, ain't it?" He asked, a slight rhetorical undertow infecting his tone.

The buyer, another male, simply nodded his head. He was taller than his buyer, but thinner and wore an expensive looking suit versus the black leather jacket, button-down, and chinos of his prospective patron. He was also visibly younger with a less wrinkled skin and a fresh buzz-cut rounding out his professional appearance. He wore thin-rimmed glasses with dark lenses covering his eyes and his hands were also clasped at the front--clearly two men engaging in a business proposition, though the respective entourage accompanying each brought doubt as to the trust built between the two. Behind the dealer stood a group of similarly dressed yes-men, some standing with hands behind the back and others just casually awaiting the conclusion of the deal. Behind the buyer was a similar group although there was one standout. A woman, quite clearly taller than the average, stood next to the dealer with an unrelenting glare aimed at the buyer and his group.

She was dressed in a form-fitting, dark-colored top and a much lighter pair of jeans with a jacket that only fell to her mid-torso and boots that matched the goldish-brown of the unzipped attire. Her elongated arms hung loosely at her sides and her auburn hair was pulled back into a hanging ponytail. Hazel eyes scanned over each of the men that stood on the other side of the crates over and over. She figured the actual exchange would be tense, but time seemed to go on forever as the men had taken to discussion before getting down to the meat and potatoes of everything. It didn't help that the meeting was set in a classically stereotypical warehouse with crates upon crates of anything and everything stacked up high towards the even higher ceiling in all directions. The densely packed area was of some strategic value however with the only accessible entries some distance behind each of the two groups. Two of the bigger crates had been brought to the center of the building beforehand and stacked on top of one another to create a table of sorts beforehand and it was also planned that each group would enter through one of the two entries created so that everyone knew there was no one hiding away in advance, waiting to pop out of some corner and snipe everyone. The woman was still distrustful of the people across from her though.

"We'll need to make sure it's real, o'course. Gimme a few minutes," the dealer said, taking the open briefcase and turning to one of his men who had immediately stepped forward. Some of the others set up another crate and began pulling bundles from the case while the dealer looked on with eager, greedy eyes. The woman shook her head.

"I've already informed you of my distaste for this transaction, Melvin," she said in a low voice to the well-dressed buyer. Melvin kept his gaze on the counters and the dealer.

"And I heard you the first time, Shei. Don't worry. I got this." He replied calmly. Sheiara sighed. She had been in business with Melvin for some time now, but these exchanges never made her feel comfortable. Then again, Sheiara Fayebyene had never been known as the most trusting person--at least, in this century of her lifespan. She folded her arms and also kept her gaze on the counting men.

"I understand that we have been party to many of these types of deals in the past, usually on the other side of the table. However, there is something that just... Strikes me irregularly about this one. About this man."

"Well, we wouldn't want you to feel irregularly struck, of course," Melvin said, "But again, I got this. Even in those rare instances where we have to play the buyer role, we still vet every guy we work with. Just don't do anything unless I give you the word. Promise me?"

Sheiara was silent for a moment, closing her eyes to seemingly search her soul for the strength to calm down before reopening them and exhaling. Her hands dropped back down to her sides. "Okay, okay. The word it is," she replied simply. Melvin nodded softly in acknowledgement just as the dealer turned back around, a sleazy grin on his face and the glint of a gold tooth in his mouth. His men took on newly alert and reinvigorated stances as their boss returned to the forefront at the one side of the makeshift table. Sheiara did nothing.

"Well now, seems we got a bit of a problem," the dealer began. Melvin stood completely still, composed.

"How's that? It was simple. Two-hundred grand for a bulk shipment of hardware. No one can mess that up."

"Except for you, apparently." The dealer pointed a gold-ringed finger at Melvin. Melvin remained composed, though the hint of a smirk began to form. Sheiara did nothing.

"We brought the hardware, as promised. Even let ya see some of the product in good faith." The dealer motioned to an opened crate off to one side. Rows of long guns stacked on top of one another filled the box. "We understand your normal supplier was... Unlucky, we'll say... When the Prae came down on'im. I feel like the relationship he described was just a bit inaccurate, though."

Melvin nonchalantly removed his glasses and tucked them neatly into his suit jacket's front pocket. Stern, but still composed azure eyes bore into the dealer. "What's the matter? You want to change the arrangement now? Is that it?" He asked, his smirk slowly, almost invisibly growing. Sheiara did nothing.

"Oh no, I'm a man of my word, sir! We agreed on two-hundred grand and that's all I expect to take, nothin' more. The only problem is... Well, that's not exactly two-hundred grand. Of course, you knew this already."

Melvin remained still. "How would I know something like that if isn't the case? It's not like we're hurting for money. We don't need to rip someone like you off."

The dealer chuckled. "Someone like me, huh? That little insult aside, if that's true, then why in the hell is there is only one-fifty? Fifty thousand of that neat-lookin' pile is fraudulent as fuck. Sir."

Melvin's men shuffled positions and changed stances behind him. Melvin raised a hand, his gaze locked with the dealers. "Ahh, so that's your game."


"See, as friend once said to me, it always struck me as irregular how your income seemed to grow in such a short period of time yet not even one of my connections can name you or speak to the quality of your hardware. A guy as successful as you would surely be more popular, right? I mean, your weapons should be the stuff of legend at this rate."

The dealer remained silent.

"We looked into your finances before accepting this meeting. I know, 'how could you possibly have access to our books' is what you're thinking, right? I'll let you take that up with the man who gave up your info. He's currently employed with your organization."

The dealer glanced over his shoulder as his men all looked at one another, a new distrust suddenly formed between each of them. The grin on his face disappeared.

"In any case, what we found was pretty par for the course, but I had to see it for myself before just outright accusing you, you know? You acquire your vast wealth by pulling this fake money stunt on the smaller, less known businesses. Now, none of them order the amount of stock I did, of course, but you seem to thrive on getting them to agree to more than they can truly afford by showing them quality weaponry before you claim they're trying to deceive you with, how did you put, fraudulent money?"

The dealer remained silent.

"Since you employ more men and, obviously, you have the better weapons, they have no choice but to submit to your demands or face death and lose everything anyway. You take the money, which was real the whole time of course, and you force them into working for your organization, growing your numbers and your finances at the same time. Good enough to work on the smaller guys, I suppose."

The dealer folded his arms. "I'm glad you understand that you owe us. Now, considering we're the biggest suppliers of your particular product at the moment, even if what ya say is true, you can't do a anything about it. We're pretty evenly matched right now, but if ya take us out, you gotta know what that'll do to your own business. So," the dealer pulled a rolled sheet of paper from his inner jacket and unrolled it on the top of the crate in front of Melvin. Melvin zeroed in on the signature line at the bottom at the page. "Why don't you go ahead and just sign this contract right here. We'll give you a small, but fair, cut of the profits as you conduct deals like this for us. Since you don't really a choice, whaddya say?"

Melvin continued to stare into the eyes of the dealer even as his smirk broke into an open-toothed smile. The dealer reciprocated the expression. Each man's group behind him stayed in their places, the tension even thicker in the air than it was before. Sheiara did nothing. After a moment of silence, Melvin finally took a look back at his men, then to Sheiara, then to the dealer. "Okay," he said, beginning to take steps back, "I say... Go for it."

Sheiara immediately stamped her foot, the force and vibration instantly travelling up her leg in reaction to the hard stomp to the floor. Following just as quickly, the ground began to shake. The phenomenon went from subtle to violent earthquake much faster than anything that would naturally occur. The dealer and his men, along with Melvin and his subordinates all went down, unable to compete with the increasingly furious quaking. When the last of the dealer's men fell to the floor, the quaking stopped abruptly and Sheiara quickly moved around the crate and approached the dealer. The surprised man had little time to react as the woman leaned in, bending down just a little and looked him straight in the eye. "We'll politely decline your offer," she plainly stated. What followed after was the kind of violence one hopes to never actually be witness to.

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The city sped by in the window. Sheiara and Melvin sat in the back of a large SUV, the woman staring at the scenery going by and the man texting on his phone. Melvin didn't look up before he spoke. "You're still as ruthless as ever."

Sheiara continued to gaze out the window. "I told you I did not like him. And he tried to swindle us. Those kinds of actions only result in the proper reactions taking place."

Melvin chuckled. "Proper reactions, huh? If a bunch badly injured and mutilated humans are proper, I don't know what to think of this world anymore."

"From what I've heard, the Prae will do far worse to their prisoners. Mutilated they may be, but they should thank their respective gods for their lives."

"More like they should be thanking me. I did tell you not to kill anyone this time, after all."

"Your proposition merely made sense to me. If we're to achieve the kind of repute that brings more trustworthy business our way, I need to hold back the savagery on occasion. I understand how that could be perceived by those on the outside looking in. I am sensible, Melvin, you know."

"No one would argue that. They would just wonder if you're batshit crazy under that eloquent exterior, waiting to tear faces off and eat them and shit." Melvin broke into a soft laughter and, though she tried to hold it in, Sheiara found herself joining her partner. The fleet of black SUVs continued to roll in formation through the city, trunks filled with product and clientele awaiting purchase and delivery of said product. As the others rolled on, however, Sheiara and Melvin's vehicle stopped on the curb of the darkened street. "It's early as hell in the morning, you really gonna go to a bar right now?" Melvin asked.

Sheiara opened her side and walked around back to the sidewalk and right up to the window which Melvin had already rolled down. "I told you you wouldn't see me for a while after this final transaction. I still have something I need to do in this city and you're going to leave in preparation of expansion. The Prae don't frighten me in the slightest. I'll be fine."

Melvin sighed, but ended up grinning. "Yeah, I know. Hopefully whatever you have to do doesn't take too long. The guys are gonna get soft if the head of security isn't around to keep them in shape. Finish your business and get outta here as soon as possible. I get that you aren't afraid of the Prae, but there's not telling what this oppression is gonna turn into. Besides that, I hear rumblings of some kind of rebellion and you know those never end well. Just... Be careful, Sheiara. This city is full of all kinds of characters. Who the hell knows what kind of people you'll run into?"

Sheiara looked at the ground briefly before looking back up with a genuine smile. "Don't worry, Mel," she said as she turned and began to walk towards the bar they had stopped in front of, "they also don't know who they are about to run into as well." She disappeared through the front doors and Melvin stared a second before rolling up his window and motioning the driver to continue onward. He had known this day was coming for a while, though he had to admit to himself that he never though he would end up missing the woman. He suddenly wished he had offered to have one last drink with her before leaving, especially considering the fame of the bar itself.

One Night In Hell was an iconic sort of name, after all.
Great! Looking forward to it! I've been in a weird state these past few days where I was sick and then entered some kind of slump and now I'm here finishing up a post for another RP and I'm well and truly ready for this one. I'm also ready for Spider-Man: Homecoming this Thursday and anybody who is not going to see it, you're breaking my heart. I also need to see Baby Driver cause it randomly got a 97% rotten tomatoes and I'm just like Da fuuuucqq??

Sorry for the slight rambling. I like movies, people.
@Kefka Palazzo

Lol, better watch that high praise though. Rockette likes to act modest, but that ego is real and it can be a serious threat hahaha. I think everyone will enjoy it though. I'll admit, it's a pretty good plot and the world is fleshed out enough that we might be able to even do some side excursions and maybe include a few b-plots as well. There's lots of potential for character growth and exploration here. It's a well built universe.
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