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Whelp, here's where you learn a little bit about me whether you like it or not.

Hi! You can call me Effie or ineffable or basically whatever you'd like but welcome to my little corner of the guild! I've been here for about 3 years, starting on my adventure in roleplaying in a free roleplay and moving my way up towards more high casual roleplays, which is what I'm working on right now. You can find me a lot in Slice of Life roleplays and every so often in Fantasy or Sci-fi. As for a little bit about me: I love 80s era movies and music and play an inhumane amount of video games. I am also kind of low key addicted to Dungeons and Dragons and a total bookworm with a favoring towards contemporary fiction.

Hit me up to talk about everything and anything!


And welcome to where I store all of the stuff that I don't need but turn out to need anyway.

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And we're done!

EDIT: Sorry, edited and lengthened some bits real quick

Adding myself to the mix! Here's my draft (that I will update and tag you in once I'm done):

Location: Salvador's
Interacting with: Mackenzie Davenport, Oliver and Stella Lambert
Indirectly Interacting with: Max Wallenberg

Georgie parted ways with Carter, giving him a quick small wave as she threaded through the crowds towards the liquor table on the other side. The room was just about heavy with sweat as people danced their way around her, bodies rubbing unpleasantly against each other as Georgie gave herself time to pull a disgusted face. While she did like dancing, she never liked the sweat and exertion that came with it. Finally, she managed to make her way to the table lined with discarded red solo cups and a couple of tall glass bottles of alcohol, along with a small cooler of beer. She poured herself some whiskey and downed some of it before she glanced down at her phone, pulling up Chrysler's name on the screen and quickly sending him a text.

GEORGIA F: chrys, where in hell are you? do u have any idea who i had to come w/ to the party???

CHRYSLER T: calm down, i know all about your antics. too bad im still stuck at home nursing a 101 degree fever.

GEORGIA F: are u actually kidding me? i'm here because i thought that sometime around hell or nothing you'd show up

CHRYSLER T: whoops, guess i didnt get the message then 🤷‍♂️

"Honestly?" Georgie scoffed and pocketed her phone. Guess she'd just have to find another person to encourage her partying then. Chrysler had always been such a flake, she should really learn to expect this but yet Georgie always had an optimistic view when it came towards her beloved friends. As she walked through the crowd Georgie managed to pick up a few faces and waved towards them, her fingers itching just to touch her camera and take a few shots of the gorgeous, privileged faces in such a typical high school fashion (i.e: drunk and partying way too hard) not that she had an issue with that.

Georgie pushed her way through a couple of witches before she saw him. Max looked hot. Of course he did. She let her eyes sweep over him once, thinking of their day at the lake together and just how cute he was. But that was stupid, her thoughts shouldn't get out of control. She'd gone through her fair share of crushes before but up until Sawyer...well, let's just say she didn't expect that level of hurt again. And she wasn't even able to face it herself if she'd had a crush on Sawyer or not, or if anything had ever happened between them on the romantic spectrum, that was just how weak she was. God, she was hopeless wasn't she?

Georgie adjusted her hat, running a hand over the velvet rim before she turned away from the alluring boy god and focused her attention instead on Mackenzie Davenport, standing with Stella some paces away. She hadn't talked to Mac in a long time and Georgie was looking for a fun time so this seemed like the absolute perfect signal. Her shined loafers instantly tapped their way over to the two girls, hoping she wasn't interrupting them as Georgie looped an arm around Mac's shoulders and whispered teasingly:
"Missed me, Mac?"

God knows she needed all the distraction she could get.

Location: The Island (meeting hall) ♡
Interacting with: @Tootsiepop@GhostMami@Hoekage@QueenNugget

Irene slowly looked at the faces around her, her eyes darting from one familiar face to another and trying to piece together that information with what she remembered from the reading that she had done on them the couple of nights before she'd reached the Island. She knew that the person speaking to her was Kasania, of course and that she'd certainly done something wrong by looking at the man radiating evil over there. She quickly averted her glance and settled her large doe eyed gaze on Kasania instead who had blocked her view of the man, stretching her lips into a genuine smile.
"I'm sorry, I just couldn't place the face of him. I'm Irene. Uhm...Irene Artois. It's nice to meet you, Kasania, truly."
As she spoke and continued to listen to the others talk she noticed the small warning that Octavius seemed to be telling her. She was right, he radiated something that she did not feel any remotely drawn to and she'd noticed that. Even looking at him had been a mistake, she knew that now.

How was she ever going to survive in such a group if some of them may turn out evil like this? Irene fretted to herself silently as she bit her lip. She certainly wasn't cut out for this. She was so young compared to the others and she knew that she was insanely weak. Her father had always told her that her heart would be the death of her (very funny, dad) and she knew it, even though she tried hard to keep to her morals. It was going to ruin her in this game, that was for sure. More than anything Irene just wanted to call her parents and talk to them about this but that was impossible at the moment. Her parents had wanted her to handle whatever came next alone, she had already been so protected and her parents knew that. They wanted her out and for that she was equal parts annoyed and grateful. At least she could grow but at the expense of being exploited. And this place, this time was the best moment in history that she could ever be used. It was just her luck.

“Niklaus Tepes, pleased to meet you both. Could I get you anything to drink? I would most love to hear the tales that brought you here today.” Irene was knocked out of her thoughts by the smooth sounding voice from the lips of Niklaus and she quickly stroked a piece of hair from her face all the while giving him another one of her trademark happy smiles.
"I'm pleased to meet you as well, Niklaus. You don't have to get me anything. My drink is just on my table over there." Irene moved with vampire speed towards the table that she'd been sitting at, picking up her champagne glass of iced water before she made her way back to the others, the water barely spilling a drop over the side of the crystal clear glass as she lifted it to her lips, tipping it slightly in his direction as a small sign of respect before she drew out another of her sweet smiles.


Count me in, I’ll report if I’m too busy but hopefully I should be good to go!
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