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24 days ago
Current Coffee and Music. With their powers combined, I am able to write.
1 mo ago
Burning of Volstryggr hmm? I might relaunch it if I get some free time. Would need to iron out a few things
5 mos ago
Sometimes I to imagine what my characters are up to in their respective worlds
7 mos ago
I would never want to live in the fantasy world I created because I would be the first to die
1 yr ago
There will always be a few people in the world who are unhappy with your decisions. The only thing you can do is push forward and make the best of your situation.


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Are you really looking at my bio? What are you, some kind of creep? Well if you that interested, I suppose I can indulge you a little. I am college student currently studying Digital Forensics but I have a deep passion for writing and making stories so naturally role-playing has been a favorite hobby of mine. I love to explore worlds created by others' imagination and create them as well. To me, there is nothing better than getting lost in a good story with meaningful character development. Magic tends to be my favorite concept to write about and play with though I like a little bit of everything. Since I'm in college, I enjoy role-plays that generally have about 2-3 paragraphs a post and nothing much more than that. I played a lot of video games and watch plenty of anime since I'm a sucker for engaging stories.

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