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4 days ago
Current Imagine swallowing a bunch of pills as the police begin to get on your plans , couldn't be me but it was juice wrld apparently
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5 days ago
(Continuation )Germany and Soviet Russia
5 days ago
Yo everyone who says America is bad right now just think at least we aren't Nazi h
6 days ago
"Me and my friends haven't thrown up in so long ,oh how we grown... I can't wait to go home "
6 days ago
"Sue so help me God if you say nurture one more time I will walk into those woods and never come out . "
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I am busy in the morning a lot so I post mostly afternoon /night

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Shay eventually caught sight of a pub and smiled"that's amazin g a pub just like the homeland."He walked in to find it empty except for two people. " must not be very popular. "He sits at the bar and motions for the barkeep." I would like some whiskey. "
Nic stood up while lacey laughed at him " wimp"Nic looked at her" hey I dropped fifty pounds on my foot I'd like to see you laugh it off"
Yeah don't get attached
Nic nods" thank you for that nothing's broken it just hurts super bad but the pain is subsiding now"
Shay walked into the forest out of a tree " This seems nice"he said in a lilting Irish accent "Hopefully people here are nice."He says and starts walking off whistling while flipping a gold coin with a four leaf clover as tails and a pot of gold as heads.
It's good but sadd

Name: Shay O'leary
Age: a couple hundred years (he stopped counting) looks 22
Race: leprechaun
Bio: shay migrated to the forest from Ireland as it was getting a little bland for his taste
Other(optional): turns out leprechauns aren't short Shay stands at five foot 7, he can make good coins appear out of thin air and is always lucky, has one gold coin that holds all of his luck he keeps it safe.
Nic looked up" I'm sorry what? I didn't even know you were out here"Nic looked at Peter and reached out a hand at him" I'm dying on the inside because of pain peter"
Ok got it
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