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How much money?
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Just drink Bangs and fuck your shit up as it ends up being too strong and you start tweaking and then you have extra fun when you crash
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Tuariel? Isn't that one of the ingredients in energy drinks?
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That's unfortunate, but things happen. Wish you the best.

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Luckily for Flint, by the time the chaos at the bar started he had already left. Not to say he was without some degree of suspicion regarding that fortune reading. He had chosen not to ask about the other cards and instead left. Somehow he new trouble was in the air and while he'd like to help he also wanted to get those supplies he said he'd get. It was going to be a big trip and they needed to be well prepared especially with the new crew coming in.

As he walked to the merchants he thought about also perhaps needing to upgrade the boat. Wasn't there a giantess coming aboard? That little sloop would be pretty uncomfortable with all these people, especially a giant. He also thought about that news he was told about the pirate. "So a noble is playing pirate. Sounds like I'm being set up to take care of a problem on behalf of someone. Of course it could be more complicated too. After all even absolute justice can be bent if you're the right type of person, like this Duke.

"What'll be yer order sir?" The merchant said breaking his thought.

"Oh right, hold on.." Flint said in response. He then rattled off a list of various supplies of which food was large percentage of. It also included medical supplies, powder, cannonballs, and other various important things. He'd paid it and then oversaw and helped out the loading of the supplies with the dockworkers there.
"Damn it! He's getting away." He thought to himself. The blinded cultists would acquaint themselves to his bamboo staff. With a satisfactory "thwacking" sound he'd defeat his toes. All that was left was Smit who already had made some distance as he scrambled to get to the top.

"Damn..." He said to himself.

Alone. He now found himself alone again. It felt odd he had managed to get by, but it hardly felt like victory. It felt like he had made a mistake of some sort separating himself. Now he was alone, tired, and feeling miserable from all the deterrents he had been subjected to. He tried to think positively, he wasn't and this experience with the deterrents would help him overcome them in the next fight.

Still he was already weakened from the pollen and he felt a bit fatigued from this long battle. Also, his mind was racing as he faltered in walking up the stairs. He cursed silently as he knew if he had his power he'd be up already. He felt the pressure of time on him as his neck felt hot and with this annoying, dull, prickling sensation. It was at this point he decided to stay still and focus on breathing. It was interrupted after all, having been disrupted by the pollen.

It was tough as he felt all stopped up and dulled by the effects. But he willed himself to just simply breathe. Breathe and walk up the stairs. Discard these feelings of the deterrents, tiredness, and urgency. He would get there eventually so long as he kept his pace and breath. "I'm sorry Týfurkh, Karina... If you can wait just a bit longer I should get there."
I'll make a post up tommorow
Chiran had spent the morning earlier in the hangar inside his ship. He was making some preparations for whatever mission they were tasked with accomplishing. One of such preparations was with fine tuning his engine. In dim lighting next to smoldering incense projector casting a haze, ornate metallic structures emitting a rhythmic chime, and orbiting orbs, sat alone the man. He was controlling the mana flow through him and casted it around him and the engine. As the chime rang, he'd weave the mana in a certain way and then in another way as he heard another tone. While doing this he was also paying attention to the feedback the engine was giving him as he continued to calibrate it to him feeding it his mana.


Chiran had to struggle to maintain his mana flow in this state of concentration. Soon he'd try and wrap this calibrating session up while trying to ignore the alarm which was making itself known. The ships lighting would brighten, and he'd start cleaning up the area. He looked at the time on his watch, he saw that it was an hour before the meeting proper. He'd continue to put things away and tidy himself up. It was important after all, it was his and many others' first official mission right after getting their membership. After getting dressed in his usual outfit, he'd make his way to the mess and get a couple of food items and eat until he was close to the actual meeting time. He was slowly sipping his coffee as he waited for his communicator to ping with the SADI alert.

He'd make his way to the meeting room once he got the notice. Inside he decided to briefly take a gaze around him before seating himself. So these were his fellow recruits huh? As to be expected of the Wind Riders, they were pretty diverse looking. Commander Wulfram would begin to speak and he'd straighten up to avoid any unnecessary attention and chiding from the woman. After the obligatory, motivational, introductory speech she'd get to the mission. A patrol mission with the other newbies? While others would no doubt bemoan the lack of glamour to the mission, it suited him just fine.

"Alright SADI, tell me about the area and if there's any urgent calls from them too." He said as the ship left the massive base and cruised towards the area of the colonies. There was a bit of time before he'd arrive to the location of the patrol. Might as well use the additional information to pass the time.
I'll get a post up soon.
"Hey Alesia wait up!" Flint would shout as he chased after the girl. He was mildly annoyed as he really wanted to get his shopping done, and Alesia was the one carrying the money. Sure he had the reward money, but that was to be supplementary to their funds. Luckily for him, the captain would give up on chasing after that suspicious dog and head to a Tavern. He'd follow her in and get chewed out for losing her "pet". Now was a good time to get the money for supplies. "Sorry about losing Scruffy Cap'. I thought someone had him tied down. If you want I can try and find another pet while I'm out getting supplies. Speaking of them, could you try and keep out of trouble long enough for me do to that?"

As he looked around, his gaze stopped and lingered. It was that man! He looked just like the description the mayor gave him. Well, at least he wouldn't need to spend too much time to hunt him down. He also noticed there some people coming in. He chuckled as he heard her discuss the spread of the treasure they took from the Shade pirates. He didn't mind it being generous, but if they needed a new ship. Well those weren't cheap. Flint would definitely add his share to that new ship reserve. "Seems like you're quite charming cap. If we get more people you might need to trade in the Sloop for a larger ship or at least buy one if it you're unwilling to part with it. Of course we probably shuffled out some old crew since I could have sworn some of them just disappeared into the crowd. Anyway I'm going to take some money and get some supplies."

Flint would get up and take the money and then moved to the fortune teller's table. He'd take a close seat to the man and then slide him the cash and the letter. "You mind if make this fortune private or at least close to it as possible? I was told to deliver this letter to you, by a certain someone." He tried not to draw too much attention from the crew. He had no clue what he'd end up getting involved in by delivering this letter. But it would be for the best to keep other people's involvement to a minimum unless he really needed help.
Still here.
Name: Chiran Endoz
A dark skinned human male with dark caramel skin-tone, short cobalt blue hair, and orange eyes. He's of a pretty athletic build which was cultivated due to him wanting to be fit to win fights and do all sorts of exploration. He dresses casually in a semi-scruffy navy blue duster with some various patches and decorations added to it over a t-shirt and space blue jeans with some sturdy boots. Within his coat and on his utility belt he carries all sorts of gizmos that mainly are there to channel his magic through to do things with.

He was being semi-orphaned on the aquatic moon, Tirina. En route to a neighboring planet, an attack by alleged space pirates, that is actually thought to be a splinter group Mythless, leaves the ship damaged and everyone scrambling to the escape pods. Tirina is where his pod would land, and he ended up crashing in the wilderness next to a beach. He would run through the streets until he met with the family of a future friend who would take care of him until he was reunited with a relative. Having gotten used to Tirina, he refused to leave the moon and continue growing up there.

Years later Chiran would grow up and do various things. One of them being developing his latent magical talent. When he was alone on Tirina, he had found a cavern filled with odd rocks that glowed and seemed to hum when in his presence. He'd find a mentor with a retired Wind Rider. There Chiran would learn he is one of the lucky few to be a true a mage. From there he'd learn more about the art of magic, piloting, fighting, and some other useful skills. The romanticism and thrilling tales from the mentor would guide him to seriously thinking about joining the Wind Riders.

Chiran's early experience has definitely scarred him. while he's capable of being friendly, he finds himself with difficulty opening up to people and he has given him certain iciness at times. On the other hand he finds himself with a vagrant's soul. Early on he knew that the universe was large and mysterious. Furthermore one of the few comforts he had when he was alone was just taking in the sites of Tirina. Had it been different circumstances, it would have been quite nice just wandering the wilderness of Tirina. Chiran possesses a rather unsurprising enmity towards the Mythless. Not only were they suspected of this very traumatic incident he had experienced, but now they were an actual threat to him due to his status as a mage.

Core Belief: Be fickle as the wind.
While some may bemoan the current calm the Wind Riders face, he doesn't mind it all. The relative lack of duties to has mean he could follow his whims and drift like a leaf in the galactic winds fairly stress free. This also extends to how he may decide to take up tasks however lucrative or non-lucrative they may be.

Given his magic, he carries a handful of gizmos that attune to that. However the most important/used things would be: his space smartphone device that enables communication, navigation, and lets him access data. His cast-gun, shields, and metallic bottle filled with energy drink.

Ship: The Golden Leaf
Chiran acquired this ship during a salvage mission. It was a derelict found floating in a scrapfield. It has since been retrofitted and remodeled to make it spaceworthy. It has the basics to support him and some other crew members. Most importantly it has a hybrid engine that allow him to channel his own magic to fuel it. Currently he flies alone but is willing to pick up people to travel with him if they're agreeable. It is cylindrical in shape with drab brown paint save for a logo on the side of a large gold leaf drifting from a tree.

Chiran mainly sticks to using augmentative magic to go with hand to hand fighting skills on top of channeling it through devices that are attuned to mages. Such as charging his gun, operating small drone like machinery, and fueling the engine of his ship.
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