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Current Damn just remembered Barkley 2 is never going to come out.
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I wish the rise preorder had an option to pay extra to get sunbreak when it comes out
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Yeah cuz all the modders fix your shit up in between all the anime titty mods
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If you don’t rock and stone, you ain’t coming home!
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kanye trolling everyone with this wait


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"It's fine, just remember." Marco would reply.

Marco would continue tinkering, but it wouldn't last that long. Finally, the real estate agent came here. He was a creature whose inner beauty matched with his external, the platonic ideal of your scuzzy real estate guy. It seemed he saw the camera and was more than a little spooked by its presence. While Marco, had the intention of doing a very bog-standard grand tour of the facilities his aim quickly changed.

The sort of bad attitude that came from the realtor, and his partner's suggestion put more than a little mischief into his spirit. Screwing with the guy who was going to try screw them was going to be fun, if they could pull it off. "Ahh, don't worry about this little thing. I know the rules about people's consent about having their faces broadcasted. Thing's not even on, and besides I don't really have an interest in you. This is for making the social media posts afterwards which'll help drum up some publicity, as I'm aware our business is in the fringe spooky-land, magic crystal territory, and posting about it online is going to help us reach those people more than putting out some print ads you know?"
Yeah just being bad at responding in a timely manner.

Anyway, I'll get a post up tomorrow and as well as doing the honors of the first roll of the game. With regards to the ghost die is it rolling a 1 or 6 that causes chaos?
Jen had been walking in the back trying to catch his breath and take something of a break before this fight. It was interesting to listen about the other pact crew and how they came here. Of course, when Chres directed the question came to Týfurkh and Jen, he almost jumped. The tranquil pond that was his mind, now had a boulder crashing into its waters. He was trying to avoid thinking too much about he was going to probably worsen things by throwing the man to the Cult, but damn it the Syella's point was too strong.

"Riiiiight..." Jen mumbled as he was trying to reorganize his thoughts as he looked like a deer in the headlights.

He wondered why he still was feeling so coy about revealing this detail. It certainly was something of a sore spot for him, and what wasn't helping with speaking was having glanced at Chres, the man he was supposed to screw over in some indeterminate amount of time in the future. Still, would they even care that much beyond passing interest? Perhaps the potential indifference was making him hesitant. An unconscious part of wounded feelings looking for some sort of commiseration, as heaven knows he already tried to drown his sorrows in drink to no effect.

Jen tried to ram through some words as he felt himself falling deeper into all sorts of thoughts. An awkward silence was filling the tunnels as he was stumbling. "So, it was, uh like I said before. Coming into this town was serendipity of sorts. I was following a lead about the cult to some other town, and this was on the way. I've come to rescue someone that was dear to me in the past."
Sorry for letting this slide, I'll get around to writing a response.
Marco shot Dave a glance of disapproval. Amongst the crowd watching some were amused at the usage of Go-Za's real name, while some of the uninitiated were a little confused. Regardless, there was a torrent of messages all containing some form of emoji, particularly involving pizza. The pizza avatar on stream would jankily wiggle around as the camera no longer detected the face but registered some movement. "Alright, so the thing is while I'm on air, the name is Go-Za. It's the name of my character." Marco would say to Dave as he fiddled around with a go-pro.

He would then sit down and face the camera. "Hey there folks, sorry for the wait. I was just messing with another camera. the reason being as Dave said, we're going to have a tour of the place once the real estate agent arrives and then you too will get to see our base. However, we're still waiting on them. So, you guys have any questions about my new adventure?" Marco's voice would almost lilt towards the end as he shook his face around to get the pizza to wiggle. Marco was hoping the realtor would arrive, as they were approaching an hour's wait. Also, he figured showing off the building would result in a boost in viewership and interest. In the meanwhile, he'd stall.

"Hey there, the name's Marco Cabrero. " The man's voice was calm as he sipped his coffee. Under his arm was a fairly high-end laptop, a bundle of wires, camera, and mic. With extremely practiced motions he plugged in everything and reviewed the paperwork before signing it. He would then speak again, "Alright let me look over this, yeah looks fine." He'd sign the agreement.

"Anyway, let just turn this on and hold on a sec... Hey everyone, it's Go-za here and I'm here with the beginning of my new adventure! Take a look at this paper! Starting from today, I'll be a co-franchisee of what will be the local Ghostbusters. I look forward to streaming our outings which will sure to be loads of spooky fun." His voice had a more energetic candor as he took on the persona of a talking pizza slice to his audience floating.

Side-eyeing Dave, he'd whisper, "So do you want to introduce yourself or not? "
Slowly working on a post for this.
@Dark Cloud

Honestly, I forgot about this thing even existing.
Nah I just need to post, but I'm focusing on like least recent to newest

Blurb: Go-za is another johnny-come-lately that's decided to try his chances as a streamer. More specifically, as one of those virtual streamer types. However, his success has been limited due to the fact that he is not a cartoon girl with a cute voice. Rather, his avatar is totally not a pizza head clone with far more expressiveness. While playing games is fine and all, he has a thrill-seeking core that can't be sated with games. Unsure of how well this ghost-busting gig is gonna pay, he hatched the brilliant idea of streaming his gigs for subsidizing his ventures into spooky places with the pretext that it's good for publicity should it prove entertaining to gain a large enough audience.

Notes: Not the actual name of the person, whose name I have not come up with yet. Go-Za is a contraction of Chicago deep-dish Pizza which he will argue is a real pizza.


It's finally up

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It's the opposite for me, where I keep putting it off by a day until way too much time has passed.
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