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9 hrs ago
Current This did my heart some good. youtu.be/TVzqd6wNdKs
13 hrs ago
History shows again and again how Nature points out the folly of Man.
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15 hrs ago
To the people leaving comments on the trailer for Batwoman: thank you for making me laugh. I needed it today. 😂
17 hrs ago
I'm way too young to unironically say, "Oh, my back!" Thank God for heating pads.
20 hrs ago
"Please, Captain. Not in front of the Klingons."


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Foster 1 mo ago
You ask about sepculative evolution... and yet you know I've got an RP that the entire premise tried to explain and rationalize undead monster-girls piloting mechas in a quasi W40k universe for the Emperium of Man.
QueenOfTheLand 2 mos ago
Imagine you're snuggling with me once you get home, darling. Might help a bit.~ <3
SubjectVision 2 mos ago
I hereby claim this territory for the Great Confederacy of Profile Creepers. Submít your tributes or be stalked.
Vampiretwilight 3 mos ago
Vampiretwilight 3 mos ago
Bea 3 mos ago
My favorite kind of cookie <3

Fabricant451 3 mos ago
Lord Wraith 3 mos ago

Why have cookies when you can have tree stars?
POOHEAD189 3 mos ago
What if you don't see me yet I still VM?
Altered Tundra 3 mos ago
But do they VM you?
AlternateMan 3 mos ago
The lurking continues.
MissCapnCrunch 3 mos ago
This is so true. I didn't do buffet this time.
But they were doing the PRICE IS RIGHT this weekend, so I had to get in on it.
Howilng Zinogre 3 mos ago
Dig the avatar
BlackDragonSol 6 mos ago
hey you, check my status. :v
QueenOfTheLand 6 mos ago
Happy Turkey Day, you big ol' dork, you!~ <3
Quote5 6 mos ago
CAS1006 7 mos ago
Not really sure how this visitor stuff works.

But initially World was for me and someone I was with at the time. (I'll admit, it was to fill s void for who I actually am with. Which is ironically the game we bonded over.)

It was my first MH. It was fun for the first 5 months.
Quote5 8 mos ago
Happy very early birthday I guess.
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