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13 hrs ago
Current @Volen— Popped some Tylenol and watched hamsters run obstacle courses on YouTube. Definitely better now.
14 hrs ago
Can't sleep. Teeth hurt like a motherfucker.
17 hrs ago
@Blaze— You're on a forum with geeks and nerds. If not GoT, people will find another popular thing to whine about.
18 hrs ago
You kids have fun! I'll be waiting for the whining and bitching to hit Twitter later! 😁
21 hrs ago
"How much Keefe is in this movie?" "Miles O'Keefe!"


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Asuka almost responded to the other woman when she was cut off. She recognized his armor from around the Wycademy. She offered a smile. "My name's Asuka," she introduced herself. She shook Masaru's hand. "This is Marta."


Sakuya spaced out for a bit. "S-Sorry," she said. The young woman cleared her throat. "My name is Sakuya Grady, and I'm from Gaia." She offered the pale-haired woman a smile, noting that she seemed uneasy about her monster being restrained only by a rope around his neck. "Don't worry about Barro. I raised him from the egg. He's very well behaved."

I'll work on my reply tomorrow.
A convenient place to report bots.

Fire for effect.

Sakuya got off of the saddle, patting the Sunsai affectionately under the chin. "Good boy, Barro," she crooned. She scratched the warm scales under the monster's jaw, and a deep sound, somewhere between a purr and a hum, emanated from the creature's chest. The sound was more felt than heard, even from a distance. Sakuya looped a rope around the monster's neck.

"Down." Sakuya's tone was firm. The Sunsai sat back on his haunches, and Sakuya tied the rope to a nearby tree. She made her way to the tent, eyeing the others around her. However, the woman behind her desk had her attention. She seemed nice enough. The girl held out the letter she'd received. "Where do I sign, Miss…?"

@Jollan Barroth was a big inspiration for the Sunsai, so the Stories version with a saddle was the closest image I could get.

Hopefully that was okay. Please tell me if I should change that, boss.
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