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Also, now I realize I got the 501st post.

This requires a suitable theme:

Hmmmmmmm… My headcanon is that grimoires are pretty much self-regenerating and self-evolving or else all magical girls will be dependent on a “grimoire tuner” to grow, which I don’t like.

I think a more interesting angle would be that she’s a “Grimoire Modder” that provides various buffs and mods to enhance and/or modify a grimoire’s power. Perhaps she can also hasten the repair process of a truly damaged grimoire.

That's an interesting idea to consider. Grimoires self regenerating and evolving is probably how they work to some extent indeed. My idea was always to provide a boost to that or fine tune the direction of the changes.

<Snipped quote by KoL>

Or she’s the Librarian. I think this is the route I’m going to decide with.

She was already gonna live in the library and hard ever leave for any reason anyway. Since she has a body too weak to fight in the frontlines.

By the way, I'm thinking of introducing a new Support character later. A "Grimoire Tuner", after all, the girls will need someone to repair and enhance their grimoires if they hope to survive the endless war against the tides of darkness.
Goddamn, they really do look-alike, and better yet, it's a total coincidence at that. An exquisite meme. Simply magnifique.

On an IC note, I have posted.

Lilian: "But, as the older sister, I have a more appealing figure."
[...] Lucy preferred to be paired with new students anyway. In fact, she wouldn't mind being roomed with all of the new girls [...]

Lilian: "I don't think the board of directors would approve of a girl trying to build a harem with all the newbies, but I appreciate your devotion nonetheless."

Lilian's face warped into a beaming, catlike grin when she heard Lucette comply with her request. She always felt the angelic magical girl was a little too straight-laced. Hearing her call Lilian sister in such a serious yet honest way, filled the old magician with joy. The obvious embarrassment in her voice was a nice bonus as well, of course.

"Ahh yes, erm..." Lilian murmured as she sat, or rather sunk, into the overly-soft chair opposite to the one Lucette took and listened to the other girl's report. "Ahh yes," she repeated, before answering in a reminiscing tone, "I remember it like yesterday. That boy Arthur was quite a troublemaker, always trying to help everyone no matter the cost. In a way, I think it's only natural that someone who inherited his will would be like that."

"Anyway, thanks for bringing that up. I've been thinking about that—and a few other things—as well. But the truth is that confronting her about it would only cause needless friction between you girls. With that in mind, I'd like to ask you a favor," Lilian said, making a purposeful pause right before she came to her request. "Would you like to, hmm... be her guardian angel?" she finished in the most shameless manner.

I'll reply soonish. I don't think we'll need to do a collab for this one.
Well, there we go. A post right on time.

"And so, another day comes, casting down those who dwell in the dark back onto their rightful place. Daybreak illusion, huh?" Lilian thought as she set her book aside after a long night. Come to think of it, Winter was approaching fast. London's chill would only get chillier with every day, and the grip of the Pageless upon the world would extend itself for much longer in the coming months.

Perhaps, was it a good sign that they forged a new ally now? Only time would tell...

Talking about time, it was about the right time for another school day to begin. Certainly, it would be rough to ask the girls that fought their hardest until a few minutes ago to keep on keeping on, but it was all about the masquerade, right? They even had a new "last-minute transfer student" to introduce.

"I can already see that today's gonna be a hectic day," the silver-haired magical girl said as she took a glance of the courtyard. A slightly wistful smile crept its way to her lips as she looked at Charlotte's antics. Regardless of whatever reminiscence the Grand Minister could be indulging herself with at the time, her attention was snapped back to the present a moment later.

"Yes, yes. You can come in," Liliana said as doors swung open by themselves. "You girls are always welcome here, after all," she added as she turned away from the courtyard window, welcoming Lucette with a warm smile.

"By the way, you can call me Big Sis if you want. There's no need for those kinds of formalities between us, right~?"

I'll have a post up to Saturday, if all goes well. Then, we can move from there.
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