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Just as Isabella quickly left the building and rode off, a masked figure wearing a birdlike jacket and concealing their face with a beak mask peeked her head from above the nearby rooftop. She gave the area a good scan-over of energy, immediately surprised to see the large spike of energy following Isabella as he left. Completely caught off guard, Arianna pressed the side of the Huginn-Module's hood, activating it's communications.

"Alright, he's gone. The only subject guarding the package is clearly off-guard. Package is ripe for the taking."

Ever since the battle in Antarctica, Arianna had been tasked with observing the group that reclaimed the Power Stone themselves from afar, as they traveled back to Gold City. For months, she'd been tracking down the Power Stone, using process of elimination to find out who didn't have the stone, and who did. Even after narrowing it down to the demonic mercenary in her own vacation suite, she'd been waiting for weeks to make a proper move, observing people's comings and goings, trying to formulate a plan for Horizon to make a complete and clean smash and grab. That is, until notorious terrorist Abel flew in with his gunship, turned a few buildings into rubble, and announced that the entire city had a half hour to hand over the Power Stone before the gunship resumes the destruction, throwing the biggest wrench possible at their plans.

"Alright, Arianna, good work. Your new directions are to retrieve the Stone yourself." An ethereal, authoritative voice began to give directions through the built-in communicator, completely bypassing the radio static or acoustic aberrances.

"Wait, me?! What about Daren, or Ulric?" she pleaded, looking for literally any other alternative.

"There's no time, Arianna. That fool, Abel, is threatening to rip the city brick by brick within the hour. Before that, something's going to happen with the stone. Obtain it as quickly as you can, and arrive back at the outpost for evacuation. Understood?"

"yes," Arianna answered quietly, signing off. Sheathing the communicator, she unzipped the Huginn-Module, and pulled out three robotic birds strapped to the inner jacket. Placing them down on the rooftop's edge, she let out a sharp whistle, causing them to flutter their robotic wings and light up their eyes, looking at her for directions. She then held up her arm, tapping away her fingers on the back of the jacket's forearm, causing various squares to light up in response to each tap. After a moment of pressing several "buttons", the drones turned around and locked onto the building Arianna had been observing, stretching out their wings outward and necks forward.

"Guess it's like they say... You want something done right..." Arianna began. she pressed a red flash of light, and all three of the drones screeched as they descended from the roof, taking flight in an upward curve as they flew straight towards the wall of the building. The drones she sent slammed into the wall closest to where the Power Stone was being held, each one causing a small detonation, which combined to create enough force to blow a large hole through.

"...Stick it to the least capable person..." she finished, before leaping from the roof and gliding towards the opening she created, the featherlike cuffs at the sleeves of the Huginn-Module suddenly straightening and sharpening into thick blades. Unfortunately, she was completely aware that the Power Stone she sought after was now a good mile or so away and counting.


"Yes... Fascinating... Amazing..."

Ulric Dotair sat in a lab room, analyzing various materials and samples laid out on the table in front of him, along with various other electronic equipment and sheets of data. On a laptop sitting on the desk played a distant video recording of the battle in Antarctica; Most importantly, the fight between Oh-One and Jill... or rather, whatever she became for the short duration she thrashed him in. Shortly after the battle ended, Jill was admitted to a hospital that was a secretly a front for Horizon Frontiers. During the duration of her recovery, they ran several tests, gathering data and samples to better analyze the anomaly, as well as it's effects.

Behind him in the corner sat Daren Metzger, who perpetually sharpened his ridiculously large meat cleaver with a whetstone, his only defense against mind-gnawing boredom. Bodyguard... Yeah right. For weeks now, he'd been sitting in a Horizon Frontiers' facility, guarding an old-man who could probably kick his own ass in a fight, when the Power Stone was literally just a few blocks away. When was something exciting going to happen?

Suddenly, the small TV sitting on Ulric's desk changed channels as the current broadcast was hijacked. Abel, terrorist leader of MIRAGE, informed the viewer that had he not a Power Stone sitting in his hand within half an hour, he'd obliterate the entire city, before changing to a countdown matching that time. Instead of being overcome with dread, Daren stood himself up, tossing his whetstone aside.

"Alrighty! Guess I'll see you in a bit, doc," He bid farewell, gathering his various other supplies.

"What do you mean? You can't just leave, you're under strict orders to protect me and this facility!" Ulric protested, swiveling around in his chair.

"I know. And how else to protect you besides going to give the big-scary-TV-guy a good few chops before he blows up the entire city?" Daren countered, sheathing his cleaver behind his back. He unlocked the reinforced metal door to the room, heading out into the hallway.

"Hey, Hey! Stop! Get-- Oh what do I care..." Ulric retired, slowly turning back to his desk, "Atleast now I can get some research done without that damned shining noise..."

Daren head out of the facility and into the chaotic streets of Gold City, seeing Abel's battleship blot out the sun, as well as a few buildings on fire or in ruins, creating massive pillars of black smoke. Daren's constant grin ever-so-slightly widened as he went out into the streets, cleaver in hand and trouble in mind.
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