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nein und abermals nein
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honestly PETA is the only group that I've heard get mad at over pokemon for animal abuse
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I would direct any questions about site development in the suggestions section or here:…
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wouldn't a rp tinder just be interest checks tho


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@Dead Cruiser That's basically how RPN and discord does things, so I think it could work on new-guild.
I would like a block function. The real question is how to deal with all of the intricacies of "blocking" a user. Does it black out all of their posts like Discord? Does it warn you before joining an RP with that user? Given that this site is about collaboration, it's a non-trivial problem.

How does RPN handle it?

It isn't a true "block system", according to RPN. They can still see your content, but you won't see theirs, which replaces it with a discord-esque warning that you're blocking content from them.

There are also more specific features that you can toggle in privacy settings by who can see them (all visitors/members only/people you follow [follows are like RPG's friends list]/nobody) if you want:

@Kuro I'm sure that you can understand that this is an... inelegant solution. Especially considering there is nothing "wrong" with the status in question besides it being a dogwhistle for the person posting it being a massive shitheel. Thus why I'd much rather just block this person and move on with my life, were such a functionality in place.

Oh, yeah. I totally understand what you mean. But it's about all we can do for right now unless the mods decide to implement a feature. There was someone asking about block functionality on the guild awhile back, but I don't know if anything came out of it.
I cannot flag or report their status, either.

You can report statuses to mods through PMs/discord DMs, but as far as I'm aware that's the only option users have unless the mods (likely Legend and/or Mahz) decide to develop a block/reporting system such as what RPN has.
Still can't do anything until interacted with outside of the library.

I'm waiting for replies from those with Will & Co (excluding Will and Jess, obv), so I'm currently at a deadlock in terms of posting.
@Foster I think a good portion of the guild is in the Midwest or CST timezone, tbh.

Also, @Tamamo no Mae, welcome to the guild.
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