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29 days ago
Level up! Happy Birthday to me! 🧁
2 mos ago
If things get real bad and you have to resort to cannibalism remember: Vegans first, they are the closest thing to grass fed.
2 mos ago
March didn't come in like a lion... It came in like a T-Rex with PMS, and hemorrhoids, wearing barbed wire undies....
3 mos ago
So this week in the we have - 1: The Time Change - 2: A Full Moon - 3: Friday The 13th.... Shit just got real.... May the odds be ever in your favor....
5 mos ago
Build-a-Bear is just the Kids Bop version of taxidermy.


✾ 𝙻𝚊𝚍𝚢 𝙰𝚋𝚜𝚒𝚗𝚝𝚑𝚒𝚊
Keep moving forward ۩
⚘ A Brief History
I've been at this a long time and when I say a long time I mean a long long damn time. I started out with table top, ADnD, back in the 80's, then dived into others: Nightlife, Mage the Ascension, Shadow Run, HoL, etc. Moved onto Online in the 90's. I've been running various incarnations of a single RP group for twenty years now. Worked helping setting up, building, and/or admining/modding various RP forums over the years: Adventure Quest, Priston Tales, War Gods, etc. It's been a long road filled with ups and downs. I'm an evil GM, you've been warned.

Outside of RP, I am a mom. Yup, I've reproduced and there are little Lady A's running around plotting their own take over of the world. I am a published author and once upon a time an award winning poet. I've done a lot in my life. I haven't done as much as I would like. I've grown a lot. I have a lot more growing to do. I love to cook, baker by trade currently. I went to university and majored in Mathematics. I've programmed websites, worked as a model, worked as a 3d modeler. Shit, I even used to dance. And have been known to sing a bit. Jack of all trades. Master of like 3, lol.

⚘ Looking Inside
This is where I go into my personality. In the past I would normally make some self deprecating remark about how I am a bitch of a GM, pushing my rpers as hard as I push myself and so forth. Not anymore. People change, or perhaps they just come into their own. This can happen at any age. More than that it can happen several times over the course of your life as you discover and rediscover yourself. Everything happens for a reason, usually that reason is ones owns actions. Or inaction's. Right now, I am in a better place than I can remember being in the longest time. I am happy and at peace. I have no regrets. Maybe I should but I don't. I plan on keeping this peace I have found, I went far too long without it.

Currently I am enjoying several things. Some are things I have enjoyed most of my life: Coffee, chocolate, bacon, M*A*S*H. One isn't something I have enjoyed since I was seventeen: being clean and free of poisons in my system. It is beyond description and I love it: One-hundred and twenty days and counting. Music taste is shifting to more mood oriented than anything, strange I am finding a lot of newer Country I am enjoying and I have NEVER liked country. Watching things like Lark Rise to Candleford and being hooked to the point of reading the trilogy. Recently added yoga to my workouts and all I can say is, "Fuckmaste: the fucked up in me accepts the fucked up in you."


The first step is scary.
Take it anyway.

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Lord Wraith 3 mos ago
POOHEAD189 12 mos ago
+15 respect for getting the reference!

This would have been me if no one responded
Mistiel 1 yr ago
RPGuild (to Lady A):
Crab Bane 1 yr ago
I'm more than a little curious about what could induce this kind of PTSD.
Ayla 2 yrs ago
Kudos to the fact that you're basically a walking advert for The Last Unicorn! ^-^
Aewin 2 yrs ago
I love your avatar ♡
Jurassic Weeb 2 yrs ago
Reoccurring theme for me this month:

My brain has been saying this after dealing with people for years, especially the last couple of months.
Charnobylisk 2 yrs ago
mablesyrup 2 yrs ago
I love the Last Unicorn owo
Super cute username
POOHEAD189 2 yrs ago
Had to stop by and say I love the Avatar/Sig theme.
Saint Dismas 3 yrs ago
Hi excuse me I'm a stranger
Do you have any templates for your bio?
I love it!
Hedgehawk 3 yrs ago
I think since no one has left this on your profile and given your profile theme I think I need to say:


And I didn't need Google to spell that :p okay... Maybe I did.
Inkarnate 3 yrs ago
Mucho Respect, Amalthea.
Mistiel 3 yrs ago
Good grief, why are you NOT a mod on this forum? You should be. Or even admin.
Majoras End 4 yrs ago
Im just here to say that I LOVE your choice of the theme of your profile!

Also here, have a bear! >>> ʕノ•ᴥ•ʔノ ︵ ┻━┻

I'm a fan of the Adams family movies as well.
Wade Wilson 4 yrs ago
hey, i like the whole cs shtick you've got going on with your profile right now. i'd originally planned to do something like that but never got around to it. mind if i borrow your template as guidelines for my own profile? i might as well revamp my bio now i know i'm not the only one w/ the cs idea.
FantasyChic 4 yrs ago
I am going to keep an eye on you. You seem to have a good grasp on RPs and making sure they are not on;y fun, but that they last a while too. I am hoping to be in Miranda for the long haul, but I look forward to being in more of your games in the future.
SgtEasy 4 yrs ago

It's sooooo goooooood, it actually made me cry. Good job Lady! ^^
Lord Wraith 4 yrs ago
Lord Wraith 4 yrs ago
I have decided that we shall be friends after viewing your profile, signature and avatar. Browncoats will always be united.
NuttsnBolts 4 yrs ago
Just been reading you GM 101 guide and think it's rather awesome. While most should be common sense and general knowledge, the breakdown and detailed explinations has helped with those elements that I didn't really think of, or know about. :)
Thank you.
Pair of Hearts 4 yrs ago
Your tuts are half the reason why I direly need the :O button. Liking doesn't justify the extent of how bravo-kudos-slowclapping my heart feels.
Pair of Hearts 4 yrs ago
Your tuts are half the reason why I direly need the :O button. Liking doesn't justify the extent of how bravo-kudos-slowclapping my heart feels.
WilsonTurner 5 yrs ago
Sir, are we taking this too literally?
WilsonTurner 5 yrs ago
Might I just say, good madam, that your status provoked a mighty "Double-u tee eff."
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