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1 mo ago
Current @Gunther Since when was I fueled by dreams without a goal?
2 mos ago
@LadyAnnaLee I won't hope to understand what you're going through right now, so I can only say this: No storm lasts forever. Take care of yourself, and it'll be alright, in the end.
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2 mos ago
Understandable. Have a good day, nonetheless!
2 mos ago
@Ruby Do you, too, require emotional assistance?
2 mos ago
@LadyAnnaLee Or so you thought. *Long-distance hug.*


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Banned for that left there!
Banned for making a joke I didn't get.
Banned for lack of comprehension of a stupid sentence. smh my eyelids.
Banned for banning the person that banned you for banning me before I banned them. D:
Banned for banning someone for banning you because you're not the vampire queen yet.
I'm not a big mage person. The occasional dabbling in magic is fine, such as Patrick, but a full-blown wizard? It's too abstract for a solely-narrative roleplay for me.
No problem.
Yeah. The poke was to everyone who hasn't posted up yet.
Welcome to existence.
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