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The Chosen Hunter

Well, the Chosen would have went ahead, and continued with his day, until he heard the word’s coming from Ultron, stopping him in his tracks. Hmm… you know, this man does bring up such a point. Why would they be stupid enough to even be in a environment that was bound to bring disadvantages to their fighting style, especially if they were called the ‘Firefly’ of all people. Of course, he wouldn’t start automatically assuming things completely, after all, there are some people who just use such names as codenames or something relating to what they do, and doesn’t completely fit what their name is. But, for now, he’ll accept this fact with a ‘hint of salt’, especially with the thought of this man at the very least, being competent enough to stay out of his own act of terrorizing this poor, helpless city, and well, if they weren’t, then he is sure to claim his head the same like the others he’ll come across in the future.

And that was until a certain yell has caught his attention, straight from behind. Turning around to face the strange and unknown voice in the room that didn’t fit any other individual’s voices he had heard so far, the Hunter could only widen his eyes in surprise, as the new arrival from before was charging straight towards him. And from what he can tell in his heightened reaction timing, they were wielding a very blade of the ‘Templars’, he recognize that familiar shape and the way it was forming out of their hand. Then again, it didn’t appear to be created by one of their ‘gauntlets’ like the Templars normally would, but no time to dwell upon that, the fact still remains the same, and unless he wants to end up getting a new scar across the chest just like when facing the Templars as well, then he needs to take evasive maneuvers.

Luckily for him, it appears his opponent was at the very least, looked all the much distracted… perhaps it was his recent killing that did so. Heh, well, he’ll take advantage of things such as this anyday. From his own perspective, time seem to have slowed (although, in reality, nothing to time has occurred), as he made his move, quickly going into a leap, he made his jump straight over Nahobino themself, manuerving his body when needed to avoid the blade touching his body. Time went ahead normally within his perspective, as he watched what was a close call heading towards him. But he wasn’t done yet, oh no, he wasn’t gonna let them get another chance at getting a slice at him, especially without him at the very least being in the advantage here. So, raising his left wrist, the Chosen did a small flick of the arm, as the grappling hook came forth from the device on the top of his left arm, moving ahead to quickly wrap up his ‘opponent’s’ legs if they weren’t quickly enough on the draw.

If successful, the Hunter would merely used his enhanced strength to pull on the grapple hook, and make Nahobino tumble straight down onto the floor. Well, that was much needed excitement for the day, but he much rather prefer not being the one on the receiving end of the attack. He could gone ahead and shot the person, but they initially didn’t seem hostile, only after commuting the deed of wiping out that thug from the face of the planet, but he was pretty sure his ’comrades’ wouldn’t enjoy the sight of that either. Best not to anger the whole room filled with superpowered junkies after all. The Hunter. Oils only stare down at Nahobino, a smirk rising on his face, as he said out loud in return “Well, rather quick to the draw, aren’t we. But I do suppose you ‘hero’ types much rather ‘curbstomp this villain into next week, think later’ sort of deals. But neat little attack you have there, but here’s a little tip for the future. Never go through with an attack unless you are sure you can land it, after all, every little hit matters, doesn’t it?

Now, onto ‘defusing’ the situation, because he much rather not deal with this for much longer. “Now, onto the real matter at hand. You only went after me because I ‘killed that man without any hesitation’, am I correct? I’ll just assume it as such… now, I don’t know about where you have been 5 minutes ago, probably playing ‘Princess’ with the lizard of yours. But, this man here along with the ones being escorted out have been causing a little trouble to my teammates here, blowing up the very tower we stand in, taking hostages within the very building, and even opening fire on us. The man I just murdered? He was nothing more but another pathetic excuse for a hireling, even going ahead just to kill his own comrades in cold-blood just to get a kill against my teammates. The only difference was the very fact that you couldn’t see it, yet, here you are, assuming things right off the bat, how cute. I’m sure my other ‘buddies’ here can confirm the very words I’m saying right now… and with that, the Hunter had finished his rather wordy speech, looking towards his ‘buddies’ for confirmation of the information he had provided the ‘target’ with. He just wants to get this done with already, there are far more interesting things to watch and perform… and well, he intends on doing them, most preferably without a goody-two shoes attempting to stop him from having fun.

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The Chosen Hunter

Ah… information, something he so clearly craved for in this situation. And information he shall receive, as the recent pieces of information and memories rushed into his own head, the Hunter quickly organized and chose which ones he wanted to see. So he definitely ignored things like this man having a pet golden retriever or a wife and two kids, and doing this job as a veteran of the U.S. Military, eh, not useful unless he wanted to blackmail this man, but he wasn’t even worth as much to the Hunter. May as well be an ant at this point.

But here’s the money, who this man was working for. And, ah, it appears they weren’t working for Superman, who would’ve thought. Apparently, the man was working for someone called ‘Firefly’… hmm, not a name he knows. Perhaps he can ask the MEC to- And that’s when ‘elephant’ of the room made its entrance, and what better way to make a entrance by having a large dragon of all creature tore open the roof, and down came the man controlling it. Well, this person certainly was one for flashy entrances, suppose that collateral damage wasn’t on their mind today.

And as the small pieces of rubble bounced off his armor, the Hunter could only give a smirk at this newcomer. Although, it looks like they scared the thug he was interrogating to death… oh well, not like he needed them to be conscious or even alive to perform his ‘interrogation’, but it makes it far more easier to collect information from than a individual who was missing half a skull. No need to cry over spilt milk, as the Hunter gotten back to his full height, the 9’2’ Chosen looking down at Nahobino, before saying “You certainly are one to make a ‘quick’ entrance a rather flashy one, especially riding on the back of a oversized winged lizard now. But, if your plan was to accidentally crush the individuals you were attempting to reach, then you surely have almost completed that goal. But I suppose you wouldn’t care much for a few crushed people you never met before in your life.”

The Hunter finished, as he focused his sight once more to the comical scene of the spandix wearing man, attempting to slap the unconscious thug away, as if physicsl tramua would make them move. Only giving a small roll of his eyes, the Chosen grabbed the Darkclaw revolver with his left hand from the hip, giving the revolver a spin as he approached the sight. Only giving a small whistle, he didn’t even wait for Spider-Man to look at him before saying out loud “You know, I already got the information we need. If you didn’t see me ‘interrogating’ the man earlier. But, go ahead, continue slapping the man, let’s see how far you go-“ and it wasn’t long, before the Hunter raised his revolver, and fired a plasma fueled shot into the skull of the thug, surely ending the man’s life, and then saying “-Oops… well, it looks like you wouldn’t be spending the rest of your days attempting to wake up the man. Heh, now, that I have your attention.”

And with that, the Hunter then turned to face everyone here, acknowledging their presence and then saying “Before this man’s diagnosis of ‘permanent’ brain damage, I got some information out of him. Apparently, Superman wasn’t even involved in this, much less, relate to everything here. However, I do know that this man works for someone called ‘Firefly’, yeah, real menacing name, I know. That does mean that either, A) Firefly is somewhere in this very building, on the lower floors running the whole fireworks show here, or B) was the one who sent his little goons to do the job here. Nonetheless, waiting here wouldn’t be beneficial to our time.” The Hunter said, before turning to face and pointing at Ultron “You there, MEC, Lex did mention earlier that you were capable of accessing the ‘internet’ around here. Suppose you should start devoting your time to figuring out anything about this ‘Firefly’, if there’s any information about them out here. Any little tip would be appreciated.” The Hunter gave a smile towards Ultron. In all honesty, he wouldn’t have to go out of his way, and ask other people to give him ‘aid’ in such a thing, but due to being in a situation that cannot allow for such, may as well get every opportunity he can get.

“Now, if you wanna continue standing around, gasping at every little single thing that happens-“ although, he was interrupted with the sudden appearance of Bardock, only giving an amuse brow of acknowledgement, before continuing “as I was saying. I’m gonna start heading down to the lower floors and start hunting down anything else down below, if you wanna come join in on the fun, then do come with.” As the Hunter made his way to the staircase, slouching as he went through the stairway (and staying out of the way of Ciri) as he calmly made his way down. Huh, well it appears like he may have been a bit too calm for all this happening, but hey, he honestly could care less about wheter or not he should stop and think about what has happened. Far more easier on the mind.

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The Chosen Hunter

Heh, well, it looks like the job here was practically over. Watching over from his piece of cover, a random wall of a cubicle, the blue skinned man watched as the remainder of the two got a shocking experience from the man who just jumped into the room, and set them within restraints, perfect for a little interrogation now. Other notable things was the smell of burnt flesh coming from the air, as a armored man came over, threatening to ‘give this man a makeover’ with a axe that looks like it should be in a museum instead. As well as the woman who looked like she belonged in a museum, especially with that gear and set-up she is wearing. And finally, a red glowing robot coming in with similar looking blue glowing ones, far more ‘human’ looking than every other MEC he has seen before, although, that isn’t saying much with the lack of skin adding more to its look.

The Hunter could only let off a small chuckle, as he walked out of his cover, standing back to his full height of 9’2’, the blue skinned Chosen slowly clapping as he walked towards what was basically a swarm of ants surrounding a crippled animal, waiting to tear it all into pieces for the information they want, other than the robot, who seemed as if money would get the man to speak now. It was a hilarious sight to see now. May as well show them why interrogation should just be thrown out of the window when the Professionals get involved.

Only giving a small grin towards his ‘allies’, the Chosen said “Not afraid of taking some lives… I like that. Makes the job all the more easier when we aren’t prancing around, knocking ‘every’ single person out we come across. Although, we gotta make do with what we have, I suppose. And I’m the plus-side, we got a prime candidate ready for some interrogation. the Chosen finally stopped clapping, as he covered the last couple of feet needed to reach the very unorganized ‘interrogation’ in front of him. Nearby crouching down to the masked man’s level, he could only glance at Ciri’s sword, before moving his right hand to gently nudge it out of his way.

“As much as you wanna go about, ready to rip this man apart looking for some information like beasts, or in the MEC’s case, influence them with money, I have a far easier solution to this problem. Just let me work my magic… and you’ll be seeing how I don’t even need to say a word to get the information I want. the Chosen finished, before turning to face the gas-masked man once more. With his right hand still raises, it then began to glow in a eerie purple foggy glow, before the Hunter quickly grasped onto the side of the man’s head, and well, things certainly started to go well, as he began to interrogate the man. The Chosen’s eyes were to glow purple, as well as the gas-masked man’s (which wasn’t as bright due to the lenses of the gas-mask dimming the glow) own eyes, as the Hunter pry deep into the man’s own head, siphoning useful and relevant information needed to them, without ever having the need to cut Mr. Pinky finger off. Although, this wasn’t a completely ‘harmless’ action either, as while it did no harm to the man’s physical state, it felt as if the man’s own brain was set on fire, and there would certainly be some screaming involved when something like that is involved, but mostly, no harm was done in the process.

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The Chosen Hunter

Hmm, well, it appears like no one was taking up on his offer. Fortunate for him, he was more or less… ‘attempting’ to get on the good side of some others, just to make it far more easier to get the drop on them later once he finally gets out of this mess, especially once he figures out whether or not ole Lex will keep his end of the bargain or has proven to have removed the very thing stung into their necks. After all, having valuable assets such as them under his control would surely be something to not give up as easily, after all, the business types are always the ones not to throw away an opportunity Such as that.

Well, that was until his line of thought was interrupted by a certain short grey man with floating disembodied hands. Awfully ready for a fight now, heh, hopefully he’ll last long, because he certainly want a good chuckle out once he sees them and their ‘enthusiasm’ throw them into dire situations within combat now. Only giving a smirk in return, the Hunter said “Well, congratulations on your ‘first class ticket’ with the Chosen Teleportation services. Now, I would have made a joke relating to huddling like penguins, but it appears we have a surprising lack of people to perform the ‘jump’ with, oh well, always more chances in the future.” The Hunter finished, before walking towards the Nevadan, preparing to teleport onto the rooftop.

Although, a quick glance back towards the building, and he certainly caught something that would have been otherwise missed normally. Well, it looks like they weren’t waiting for something on that particular floor now, especially with the Nevadan’s words about ‘Goons’… so, that means that Supes wasn’t the one who did the explosion. Perhaps he should ask Luthor to get his facts right sometime before assuming things. Nonetheless, he could only grin at the very thought of claiming new information, especially that of this own world. Looking back towards the Nevadan, the man could only say. “Well, it appears we may have a little situation somewhere up there, and not the rooftop. I suppose you wouldn’t mind if we took a little ‘detour’ now to check it out, would you? Eh, I’m sure it’s fine anyway. the Hunter ended without getting a response first from the grey man, as he focused upon the particular floor he wants to ‘visit’, a purple aura beginning to glow around him, as well as the Nevadan due to the close proximity.

And now, with that out of the way, the Hunter could only say “oh, and make sure to keep all limbs- eh, hands and feet, along with equipment nearby, or else, risk having it either left behind or you missing a limb or two. Now, let’s get going… without much word, the purple glow intensified, before finally, a grand purple beam emerged from their spot of origin, soaring straight into the air, as the light on the ground disappeared, leaving no trace of the two who was were here a couple of seconds ago.

Some seconds later

Within the office space of the building, a particular scene was playing out. Especially that of familiarity, a hostage situation. Now, the Hunter wasn’t one to be going around rescuing the hostages now, usually, he was the one taking people hostage, kidnapping Xcom’s soldiers once they were weakened and putting them into high security prisons for interrogation. But, nonetheless, within the very office space the hostage situation was occurring with, a beam of purple light descended nearby, away from the line of fire from the hostage takers.

And who else was it that appeared into view?

What came out of the beam, other than the grey skinned Nevadan, Sanford, who was teleported up with him, there was the Hunter, caressing the Darklance sniper rifle within his arms, using his right arm to while some dust off of it. The ‘man’ merely gave a glance towards the gas-masked hostage takers, giving a grin off towards his ‘prey’, as he said “Right on Schedule-“

As the Hunter then aimed his rifle towards the group, as he continued with “-I appreciate that.” and now, the Hunter has joined the fray. Using the element of surprise with his arrival to fire off a quick shot towards one of the hostage takers, lining up the sights of his rifle, before-


And out came a highly lethal bullet fired straight from the magnetic rifle, the bullet speeding towards one of the chest of the Hostage Takers, seeking to punch a rather large hole into their body if they weren’t fast enough to dodge it, although, considering they may as well be fighting normal humans at this point, the chances of dodging this were awfully slim for the men out of cover. And without another word, the Hunter went ahead and straight into cover after firing his weapon, seeking to spot a chance to get another shot off them, if they weren’t gonna be taken out by his allies soon enough. He do ‘hope’ the Nevadan was quick enough to follow suit in dodging the eventual switching of aim by the Hostage Takers with his arrival, after all, he wouldn’t want to see them get turned to Swiss cheese too quickly now.

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The Chosen Hunter

…well, the Hunter would have continued standing about, waiting for the action to finally start after all this time doing nothing, because honestly, this lack of actually doing something to begin hunting down this ‘Superman’ was a bit boring. Yadda yadda yadda, Bald man spoke about how ‘indestructible’ and ‘dangerous’ this man was, said some words that weren’t even menacing (at least to him) in the first place, but one thing that did caught his attention was this so called ‘Kryptonite’, heh, seems like this man wasn’t as invincible as they say. Unfortunately, Lex here didn’t have any left after a particular fight, and as such, relied on the aid of complete strangers to do what he couldn’t. Well, he couldn’t wait to prove this man wrong.

Although, he didn’t expect the very man they were gonna hunt for, to go on the offensive, and cause a ‘little’ property damage nearby. Heh, getting interesting already. Looks like there wasn’t more time to wait, and without much word, quickly made his way out of the building to go and deal with this man. After reaching outside, the Hunter merely brushed some of the civilians that got a bit to close, although, did little to stop this ‘Chosen’ from getting to his target destination. Aw, it looks like Superman had already set up the ‘welcoming party’ already for them. Can’t keep him waiting for too long now.

And looking around, it seems like his ‘comrades’ were already recklessly charging in, either to save some civilians from the fire, or to face the threat head on. Well, he couldn’t stop people from rushing into the burning building now… if they got stuck underneath a burning piece of rubble, that was just natural selection working at this point.

The Chosen Hunter then turned to face the others nearby, and well, what’s wrong with a lil ‘charity’ for the unfortunate ones unable to reach the rooftop as fast as they can. Saying out loud, the Hunter said with a grin “Well, it seems like ole Superman decided to throw a ‘welcoming party’ for us, how kind of him to do so. And it would be rather rude not to attend, so, might as well not keeping him waiting for much longer. Although, if you wanna play hero instead, and go and rescues the unfortunate souls in that building, be my guest, but if you wanna make sure that more lives wouldn’t be at risk of dying if we allow this ‘Superzero’ to continue rampaging around unless we hit him hard here and now, then I’ve got an idea. For those of you unfortunate enough to have a way up quickly enough the hunter said, with a small chuckle being put out as well before continuing. “I have a special little ability… allows me to ‘teleport’ around. Neat thing is that I can bring others with me along for the ride as well. Of course, can’t bring everyone now, but I can bring two of you with me, four if personal space isn’t your thing. Now, if you do want the quickest way up there, do approach now. Don’t worry, it’ll feel funny at first, but your organs would definitely be all in the right places. The Hunter finished, offering a chance up to the rooftop for anyone who wishes to do so.

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The Chosen Hunter

Oh, it appears the little rat isn’t as primitive as he thought it out would be, ohoho, this will be all the more interesting now. Especially so after the rat has mentioned his… well, ‘less’ than human nature. An apparent side-effect of being transformed from a human to a ‘Chosen’ through the experiments the Elders had put him through, he would have hated such a thing even more, if it didn’t gave him so many new ways in order to combat. Especially in ways that he would otherwise wouldn’t have been able to do-so, not even in his entire lifetime. So it was a ‘fine’ investment in his part, other than the occasional nagging from the Elders to go do this, and go do that.

Only a smirk formed on his face, as he replied to his new ratty ‘friend’… saying out loud “Of course I am… I suppose it wasn’t obvious enough with the blue skin, sharp teeth, glowing purple eyes, and tall stature. Although, I suppose I am ‘half-human’ in that regard, but I was a former human nonetheless. The Hunter said, stopping somewhat as to hear more from the rat before responding. Ah, compensation, what he was gonna speak abo next, or rather, what he would now speak about. Only giving a small shrug, the ‘man’ responded with “Compensation must be rather great if we are facing against a seemingly ‘invincible’ individual, although, I bet that like any other person, he’s got a weakness to exploit. After all, no one is completely perfect. Let’s just see whether or not he is dumb enough to cover said weaknesses. Still, onto the topic of compensation once more, I suppose it would be rather grand, especially if it’s coming from someone who was capable of bringing us all from different places. After all, it would have cost some grand amount in order to get the materials needed. But I suppose the main part is if we manage to hunt this ‘big game’” The Hunter finished.

Now, while whether or not Luthor would actually give them something worth their time, but, staying here is already worth his time. So many choices of trophies to pick, and yet, if they were gonna be sent home immediately after claiming the head of this ‘Superman’, then he may as well find some way to get another prize. Perhaps a small talk with the man would suffice enough. The Hunter didn’t get to think much longer, as Dris went ahead to mention another human, with a ‘primitive phone’ of all things in their hands. Dhar-ll had forgotten that Advent had banned the usage of completely untracked and monitored devices for home use within the everyday lives of those ‘cattle’ in the cities. Wouldn’t want some misinformation being spread around causing painful after all.

The Hunter merely only gave a chuckle, before crouching back down to Dris’s level, pointing at Rindo’s phone and then saying “That thing he just used? It’s called a ‘smart phone’, although, clearly, it’s operated by a bunch of idiots back where I’m from. Doesn’t make them feel any smarter, only act like such. Nonetheless, the ‘Smart Phone’ is capable of taking ‘miniature art pieces’ with a simple snap of the button and a flash, in fact, he may as well be looking at a ‘image’ of you right now, sending it around for all his friends to see.” the Hunter finished, as he generally waited to see the response of Dris for the matter. In all honesty, he was pretty sure he gotten the description completely wrong now, but, what’s a little harm in some tomfoolery? Not like it would result in anything too bad for that matter, although, even with the little time he had spent with this group, he was pretty sure that the chances of a fight breaking out were plausible. And he would enjoy seeing that.

However, the skin-tight suit wearing superhero mentioned something about creating ‘teams’. Aw, how cute, little superhero finally got his chance to boss around people and throw around ideas as if they were bullets loaded within a Mec’s rifle. Although, it appears that everyone else seemed to be enjoying the idea of such a thing. And well, he wouldn’t want to miss out a chance to ‘show-off’ bit about their own skill set. May as well show a few cards from his deck now, but not too much, after all, wouldn’t wanna remove the element of surprise in the off-chance something would go wrong. Going back to his full-height, the Hunter merely went ahead to grab the large magnetic sniper rifle, Darklance, from his back, as he began to properly show-off his weapon, speaking at the same time.

“Neat little powers and abilities that you have there… although, it appears to be lacking something. Something greatly important here, the element of range, capable of shooting from afar, attacking at a distance at ranges that no close combat specialist can ever normally reach. Especially with this man’s ability of flight. But luckily for you-

“-I got exactly what you need. The Darklance, a highly accurate magnetic sniper rifle, capable of firing from miles away, and still retaining the kinetic energy needed to punch a large hole into just about anything. A single shot… all that it takes. Paired with my capability to land my shots, and you’ve got yourself a deadeye. Although, I’m not just a one-trick pony, because we all know how far those people go in life. He gave a sort of small grin while saying that, as if he expected the ‘team recruiters’ to get what he means. Placing the rifle back onto his back, he continued with “High mobility paired with a durable suit capable of sustaining even direct plasma shots without much damage to it, grapple hook system to maintain said mobility. Along with powers not bounded by regular equipment he said, with him raising his right hand, as it seemed to glow with a purple foggy hue as the psionic energy flowed within the concentrated point.

“My enhanced form is nothing to laugh at either, regeneration, immunity to impairments, perfect choice for a sniper who isn’t scared to get himself into a head on fight now. So might as well put me in the strike team already, unless you feel as if Im better pushing papers around and writing down someone’s favorite coffee store is a better place for me, but, if you do happen to come across any individuals who may harbor some information, then do pass them to me. After all, I have other ways of ‘interrogating’ someone, usually involves the way of the mind, so, being somewhat within the information team would suffice as well.” the Hunter said in a voice that awfully sounds like he was trying to sound menacing with such. But, closing his right hand, the energy dissipated into thin air, as he went back to a more casual pose. Was it completely unnecessary for all that right now? Yes, but, to the Hunter, it feels all but necessary to include. Plus, he wanted to ‘show-off’ after all.

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The Chosen Hunter

Before the main man of the room could go and respond to the Hunter, a man in what appears to be some sort of comic book superhero get-up attempted to ge a rise outta him by attempting to save their diminishing pride by saying in a nutshell ‘don’t assume things about people until you see them’. Heh, as if he could take them more seriously if it weren’t for the fact they were wearing such a get-up. In his own opinion, he couldn’t help but give small chuckle at the statement made from this. Did this man ever heard the phrase ‘back up your bark with some bite’? The Chosen only turned his head over his shoulder to face the man before saying. “Perhaps you can do better than what is considered the weaker ones of this room, but we all know that happening is useless unless you got some actions to back up your claim. After all, wouldn’t want to be too boastful now of our own skills when it can very well be out of our own league oh how ironic this is coming from the same man who enjoyed speaking so highly of his own skill.

Yet, he didn’t get much of an response before Luthor went ahead to continue his statement. Yet again, the information being provided to them was barebones, just enough to keep him very much interested, but he was wanting for more of the fine details. After all, this next ‘hunt’ for some ‘big game’ was certainly no pushover if they were capable of bursting through walls like some drugged up Andromedon while also being capable of flight and shooting lasers from his eyeballs. Certainly no pushover from what he is seeing, and this Luthor expects a man with a bat to be any use in taking this ‘protector of Metropolis’ down? Heh, the very fact right there was enough to make him smirk at such a sight of individuals uselessly fighting against the man, getting donutted through the chest before leaving the actual competent ones here to deal with cleanup. He definitely had mixed reactions about such disregard for life, especially when his own might be in danger (as well as returning back to his own world to be reformed within his base), but as long as he wasn’t in the frontlines, they he could very well sneak away if things get dicey, and enjoy this fun opportunity within another world as another group would deal with supes.

Before the Hunter can even get a small joke in if the situation, it appears like someone here was a bit too ‘vocal’ with their ‘words’, and gave the bald man a piece of their own mind. The things people would do when family and friends are on the line, ah, he so too enjoyed seeing that sight, especially seeing Xcom soldiers get particularly angry and go into a blind rage when their buddy gets killed in combat. The bloodbath was nice to see on both sides. He couldn’t help but chuckle alongside the leather wearing ‘big balls’ as he nicknamed the bat-wielding man, saying no more as he let the situation handle itself.

And right in schedule, the same man who spoke to him earlier decided to shut up Mr. Family over here, by tying them up in what appears to be some sort of web like substance and tied them to the floor. Well, at least the super-hero suited man was capable of doing something useful now, but whether or not he actually had more in store was left unknown. “Well, your aim is certainly better than some others now, you didn’t even accidentally hit Luth here with a single shot. Although, I’m hoping that your ability isn’t just shooting sticky white stuff at any enemy we come across now. yeah, as much as usefulness would go, all it would take is a simple spark to set the entire thing ablaze. And we all know how much the Hunter hated fire now.

Next to be of current interest was the purple haired woman he mentioned earlier, who had spoken out in shock as if him saying ‘stripper’ was quite literally ‘killing then’ (not like he wouldn’t enjoy that option either), only to be stopped midway by phantom before a real conversation can start now. He could only give a smirk at such a sight. Quick to pipe up about things, but shut-up as soon as someone else tells them to do so. Oh, it will be fun trying to catch them off guard within conversations from now on, and seeing their reaction. Maybe he could actually get a full response from them soon enough instead of a small peep.

Other than that, within the corner of his eye, the same comically large rat creature looked like it was about to speak to him, before shutting up and just getting closer to the Hunter. Now that definitely interested the Chosen. What was this rat thinking of accomplishing? Was it looking for some cheese in his back pocket? The tall blue skinned ‘man’ didn’t care for the reason, only the fact they did such.

May as well ‘poke the bear with a stick’, as the Chosen squatted down from his full height of 9’2’ (and even then, was somewhat taller than Dris due to the size comparison here), as he gave one good look at the face of the rat humankind, before saying “You know, it’s rude to be going up to people, and not introducing yourselves. Although, I’m not bothered by this fact, just… mentioning it for further guidance. Nonetheless, you got a specific reason for coming up to me? Perhaps my weapons surely interest you… considering your get-up, I take it you don’t even know what a ‘firearm’ is, much less, a magnetic-rifle.” the Chosen said, more or less wanting to start a conversation regarding his own weapons, the somewhat large sniper rifle on his back called the ‘Darklance’, as well as the revolver like pistol attached to the right hip of his body called ‘Darkclaw’. He especially loved telling stories about these weapons, so, may as well provoke the chance of such occurring.

And yet, the ‘babbling’ on the sideline brought him back to full attention, slowly going back to his full height as he watched these ‘morally righteous folk’ speaking about irrelevant things such as… well, he did agree with them about the bringing of children to this, but all for the wrong reasons. They definitely would serve little purpose in all of this, hell, even the standard Advent Trooper would be better as an meatshield and more competent with magnetic assault rifles than something he needed to babysit everytime combat starts. But things certainly gotten too chaotic, even for his own good after the man ‘teleported’ away the man’s (who assaulted Luthor earlier) daughter in a cloud of smoke. Not the kind of teleportation he is used to, but one he is familiar with, at least concept wise.

And it certainly seemed like the more ‘hero’ types of this room didn’t like the sight of this, and as such, well, he was definitely amazed about how much chaos and ‘disharmony’ could occur in one place at the same time. It was as if Luthor didn’t even look at making a team that would at least tolerate each other, especially if they were gonna face something as dangerous as this ‘Super-Man’ now. But he supposed this man is either sadistic, or ‘stupid’ in the ways of most corporate CEO’s would be. Not surprising at all, the Hunter May as well guess that Luthor puts forth 25% of his earnings from ‘LexCorp’ into giving his head a good shine that is bound to make someone blind if staring at him underneath the sun for too long.

He did stop and listen to the speech that one of the few only competent individuals within this very room had spoken up. This man certainly has his priorities set straight, and had spoken up about one of the things he was thinking was lacking on Luthor’s part, ‘information’. He wouldn’t wanna be running blindfolded and running off a cliff now if he wasn’t properly informed of what would be happening and his to avoid it. He could only wait to see if this man had some sort of common sense to speak about it, because either he was attempting to throw them headfirst into danger with disregard for their lives, or this man was hiding something from them. Not that he couldn’t blame him, some people have secrets that they may as well keep to themselves, and yet, it made it all the more satisfying to steal such information when going through their heads by Interrogating them. And he was sure this man has a wealth of information he wanted to access.

But before the Hunter could think more about the use of such information, he only mentally face palmed at the very next words coming from some blue haired swordsman (seriously, what is the deal with this group and swords, are they asking to be shot from someone one mile away while they flailing around with their out-of-date weapons, attempting to make them relevant again only to fail miserably when introduced to the wonders of modern technology) who had completely changed the tone of the situation from something actually serious for once to that of a sit-com. Other than the arrival of some confident looking woman who looked more like they belonged in some sort of fashion show, the Hunter merely turned back to face Dris once again, crouching down to his level once more and saying “And to think we are gonna be dealing with this for the rest of our ‘little stay’ here. Heh, hopefully there’s some sort of compensation for going through this kind of ‘torture’ in the coming days.” The Chosen finished, and while it was said quieter than usual, it didn’t take much for others to hear him, especially with him taking a quick glance at the other individuals here.

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The Chosen Hunter

After a couple of seconds squatting around, awaiting a oh so glorious answer from none other than their ‘captor’, the Chosen went ahead to listen to a couple of sentences being thrown around the room by a few others, although, he did chuckle mentally to himself about the comment relating to the ‘elephant of the room’, or in this case, Luthor’s bald head. He especially poke fun at this very fact earlier within his own head as well, and well, you couldn’t blame him. As if Luthor needed some sort of shield to protect himself from everyone in this room, he could very well just point his head forward and reflect all the attacks heading towards him back at their sender.

Now, enough jokes, a… ‘sufficient’ enough answer had arrived, and well, not one the one he wanted. Other than some minor details such as the company this man works for being ‘LexCorp’, the transition from here to the glass cage (to which, he still felt as if this man was using a stick to poke the very agitated animals in the same room and have them fight against each other. Hey, still entertainment for him) and to here inside this very room. If using some sort of device to temporarily paralyze them was considered ‘rough’ and a ‘precautionary measure’. Hmm, maybe he can press more information about that. Although, the bounty part definitely caught his attention. They were claiming another trophy for this man…? Heh, he definitely came to the right person then.

For once, the Hunter responded with “I see, and yet, you still went ahead and grabbed some folk who is otherwise could be called ‘above average’ at best, and yet, expect them to work on the same efficiency as the stronger individuals now. I suppose you do have some sort of plan regarding the use of all our abilities considering that doesn’t seem to be the specific criteria you are looking for. But, I have one more question-” the Chosen stopped a bit in his sentence, before moving his right hand to directly the back of his neck (even though his hood hid said neck), and tapped it as to explain his point, before saying out loud “-What is it exactly that you used to ‘tranq’ us with. Must have been one hell of a device, considering the very fact that Mr. Big Balls over there received some sort of ‘shock therapy’ to his head now, so, it wouldn’t be much to guess that you also have stuck us all with the same thing now. Let me guess, one of your ‘precaution methods’, or do you do this to everyone you meet up with? And don’t let me get started on how you managed to find us in the first place The Hunter finished, his face being rather blank as of the moment, and one that seems to be more… was it focused?

But, he did stand up to his full height, stretching somewhat as the cracking of his ligments and bones could be heard. Yet again, a smile creeped onto his face, as the ‘man’ finished with “Although, if it’s a bounty you are looking to be claimed, you have come to the right individual. Dhar-ll Vallino, Chosen Hunter of the Elders, at your ‘service’ the Chosen said, before squatting back down to half height as to continue the ‘conversation’. He did mentally note the words coming out from Sougo, something relating to the ‘dangerous bounty’. Heh, if it bleeds, he can kill it… after all, there was little that escaped his clutches more than once, and the only person who managed to do so multiple times was none other than that Commander. But soon, the Commander will get what’s coming to them, and he’ll make sure he will be the one who claims his rightful prize.

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The Chosen Hunter

Before arrival, a couple of hours ago

The place was… in chaos. Fires were spread throughout the entire small ‘town’ made up of poorly put together houses made of scrap and old buildings from a less modern age, as well vehicles, either broken or dirtied were scattered about. But there was more to this scene than just that, and it’s the very fact of the very tragedy occurring here. A nearby man was running from something, panic and fear within his very breath as he maneuvered around the side of the building, hoping to escape whatever was chasing him. He didn’t expect this to happen, he thought he would be safe here, safe from the hands of ‘Advent’, he only wanted to keep him and his family away from their clutches, hearing about the crimes and deaths they caused, the experiments done upon them as if they were human Guinea pigs, mere playthings to them, to so many people, and he didn’t want his own family to suffer the same fate.

He thought by staying within one of the many Resistance Safe Havens, he’ll finally have a chance to lay low while the war for humanity’s freedom occurs outside, eventually coming back once everything was done. But no, he didn’t expect this… to be separated by his family and friends, all alone while they are either being killed without any hint of mercy, or being ‘captured’ and prepared for whatever experiments they have in store for them. However, something did stop the man, who was currently approaching the corner of the building he was hiding behind. It was… eccentric and heavy breathing. That was before he jumped back a bit, as a fist that broke through the corner of the brick wall he was hiding behind, falling onto his back and slowly inching backwards, as the thing that came out was hideous.

It was as if the creature was made of pure muscle, easily dwarfing him in size, the alien creature was staring upon its environment, looking for the very thing that caught its attention, before settling its eyes on him. The man tried to get back, away from what appears to be Death itself, arriving to claim it’s due, and yet, not even a full scream was shed as the alien grabbed onto the man’s legs, pulling the man back, before being brutally slammed onto the floor three times, sickening cracks of bone and limbs breaking, before being thrown like a ragdoll behind the alien and back into the hole it came from. A life… gone that easily. Many years of existence, and now, it came to an unforeseen and unfortunate end.

Some distance away, only a chuckle was heard, as a lone figure lowered his rifle, watching upon the similar acts of chaos with Advent Troopers and aliens alike shooting down civilians, or in particular cases, beating up and knocking out some people to bring back as prisoners. The Chosen Hunter could only watch with amusement at the familiar sight of death occurring over there, the man merely muttering to himself “It appears like Advent’s minions and meat shields are enjoying their new ‘play dates’, especially since they aren’t getting the bite back. Even the so called ‘Resistance Soldiers’ can barely hold the line before getting overrun. No wonder why the Resistance was failing before- And, as if to answer his question, the familiar hum of a aircraft coming down from above caught his attention. It appears they arrived just on time to deal with the enemy forces here.

Well, you know what they say. One more hunt, one more chance to claim the life of the real ‘big-game’ now, nothing like those brutish Berserkers or the annoying Chrysallids. Now, he’s finally gonna get a real fight here. The Chosen merely raised their rifle once more, the weapon trained upon the very craft used to deploy soldiers that belonged to none other than Xcom, the only competent ones bringing the fight to the table now. Skirmishers? Nothing more than a disorganized group of traitors attempting to fight back against the Assassin. The Reapers? Merely a berry bush thorn to the finger, nothing to major other than the great annoyances they cause from time to time. The Templars? Don’t let him get started upon them now. But Xcom… the same faction who not only brought a real threat to the Elders, but also gained the aid of all the other factions at the same time as well, and uniting them together.

Clearly, the Commander has something that was making the Elders quake in their collective ethereal underwears if they want them back and captured, away from leading Xcom to victory. Usually, they are the ones pulling all the shots in these kinds of situations, and it is almost always expected to see them here trying to put a Randy to this. And here they were, a six-man squad repelling down from the ramp of the aircraft, and getting ready to engage the alien forces. The Chosen Hunter gave a signature smirk of his, as he trained his rifle onto the head’s of the soldiers deployed. It was so easy… to just pull the trigger, and without warning, end a life.

Although, not everything goes to plan, as something bite the back of his own neck with an accompanying buzzing that annoyed the hell out of him. Quickly turning around to face whatever was doing that, he found nothing, and yet, the pain wouldn’t go away. It was as if an Elder was standing in front of him, making him beg in his own knees in front of the psionic power. In fact, the pain was so similar to that, he could only kneel down as the pain was overwhelming and too great for even him to handle. The last thing he saw before blacking out, was the Xcom soldiers engaging Advent within the Safe haven, an large explosion accompanying the start of the battle. And then… darkness

Present time

In what appeared to be hours asleep, the Chosen Hunter finally woken up from his state of dormancy, eyes darting around, as the blue skinned man gotten up (although slowly due to the pain still affecting him a bit) from the floor, hand resting over his pistol, Darkclaw, as he investigated his new environment. Well, whatever it was, it was sure not the Safe Haven within Brazil, or even outside for that matter. A singular glass cage… and in it, the strangest things he have ever seen before in his life mixed in with humans. The latter he was all but used to, and yet, the former was filled with a wide variety of folk. Large man sized rats, some furry human thing, he’ll, even a grey human with a cross for a face and floating disembodied hands. Seems like they were ‘handy’ with what they got, hehe.

Anyway, it appeared like they were all caged in here, like beasts. Also like beasts, most of the folk here started acting no better than savage animals when cornered, ’biting’ and ‘snarling’ at each other, the most notable of which being repaid in kind by being the most targeted out of everyone here, a normal old man with a bat of all things. Clearly, Luthor, who have them trapped here here, cared not about the ‘quality’ of his ‘wares’, only that he has enough of it. And he couldn’t agree more, seemed like they were better used as cannon fodder at this rate, especially after seeing how much pain that man went through, he may as well believe that the man was watching them at this very second, looking at them through the cameras.

Of course, as usual, he kept to himself, mostly not wanting to be a part of this nonsense, and merely taking a look at some notable individuals here, thinking about the potential ‘trophies’ he can claim, such as that white haired man’s katana, that even made his sister’s own katana look pale in comparison. And he definitely had the strength to back up his own bark. The joy in what could be a new opportunity of hunting dangerous ‘game’ was already apparent to him, a smirk on his face as he wondered about telling the Elders of this new planet and- No, he wouldn’t do that. Why ruin all the fun he can have by himself at this very moment, when he has an entire planet to himself, without even having to claim the body of the Commander for the Elders. He’ll most likely wouldn’t be leaving anytime soon, although, he needs to make sure to claim his own freedom first from the hands of this ‘Luthor’ as well.

Wasn’t long before someone eventually came to ‘pick them up’ and bring them to Luthor, being guided by some woman who clearly looks like she was done with the chaos they have been causing to each other so far, and went into a elevator. He once again had to keep his distance from the others, who knows what kinds of abilities they got under their belt. But even then, he wasn’t scared of this, merely cautious and wanting to be the one at a more comfortable distance. Pissing off this amount of people right at this very second would ensure a one-way ticket back to his stronghold to eventually be revived once again, losing out on this chance to being on another world. And he wouldn’t want that to happen now.

Finally, they reached the main man’s room, rather fancy for his own tastes, reminds him of the higher class citizens within Advent’s cities. And the main man sitting down as if he held all the cards in his favor within the very room even when outnumbered and possibly outmatched, at least, what it looks like so far. Although, it wouldn’t be a surprise if he went to shoot the man’s head only for it to bounce off like the reflecting looking dome it is. Unusually bright as well. Well, may as well perform introductions, as the Chosen approached Luthor’s table, a small grin accompanying his face as he went to stop a couple of feet away. Now, Dhar-ll was by no means, a ‘short individual’, especially after going through the Elders little experiments to ‘create’ him. He would have easily dwarfed the size of most people in the room, standing at the size of 9’2’ feet tall, definitely not short by any means. And yet, to put some, ‘humor’ into this, the Chosen crouched down in some sort of squat to have his head be on the same level as Luthor, before saying out loud.

“And I’m sure you have a lot to talk about as well. Especially since this doesn’t seem like the ‘average’ job employment meeting as it looks like so far. I second the statement coming from the ‘Purple haired stripper’ as well, you surely must have something important to say of you have people such as the like’s of me in one large group. Although, I do have a few questions of my own… what was going through your own head for the recruitment process for some of the folk here. Clearly, they don’t look like they can hold a proper engagement with a real combat force unless they get lucky now, and we all know how unforgiving lady lucky can be at times as well. Did ‘anyone with combat experience’ was the only criteria to fit this bill, or are you planning on giving them some gear as to make their lives a bit easier. Oh, and while you are thinking of an answer, make sure to fetch some cheese for the rodent currently going through your fruit bowl, pretty sure big rats like them gonna need all the food they can get. The Hunter finished saying, merely mentioning Dris at the end, as he awaited an response. And he was downright ready to laugh if Luthor had decided to bring normal people into the fray and have them babysit the weaker ones as if it was their duty to begin with.

Interacting with:

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Alex Redd, ‘professional’ thief

Location: “Gotham city… my home. As for specifics, I believe I was near none other than ‘Wayne Tower’ itself… was it a good idea to be robbin someone near the very place which is owned by an orphan who lost their parents to a robber now?”

Mood: “I just need some quick cash, and then I’ll be fine to continue on. Although, not happy someone else is going after the same target.”

Health: “Been keeping up with my exercises, so things aren’t as bad physically wise. Maybe I could use a bit more sleep tonight after this robbery”

Interacting With: “Some xenomorph looking woman and another thief going after my target…”

Another day… another time to be alive right now. Well, he wished he wasn’t alive in this kind of state, but hey, anything to make a living out here in the city with the highest crime rate in the whole world, at least, for him. Not like he could afford leaving the entire place… and he much rather live underneath something that is a roof than out in the alleyways and in the trash, certainly far better to have been known as someone infamous (or not as infamous) like a bandit than a total nobody at all. The beginning of the day went fine, woke up in the same old ‘one star’ apartment building he has been living in for years now, having been interrupted in his sleep a couple of times due to his neighbor and their ‘buddy’ testing the bed springs again for the 2nd time in the week. It’s like they didn’t have anything better to do.

Anyway, there he was, preparing for yet another day of the same routine, eat the cereal that was affordable with a budget such as his, recount the money hidden somewhere (location shall not be mentioned, you thieves!) just in case someone tried stealing from it and reset all his progress back to zero, and cleaning his ‘equipment’ for ‘work’ today. What kind of work? Well, it’s a rather common way for others to get by in this city if they weren’t as fortunate enough to have a good childhood or school life.

And that was none other than robbery. Preparing the gas mask and grabbing his custom rifle and sheathed bayonet, putting both within the backpack, he decided to bring his ukulele as well. If he couldn’t find some good targets today, he could just provide entertainment to some streetfolk for small coin. Although, he need to make sure he is ready in the chance someone tries to pull the ole switcharoo on him. And now, returning to the present. Here he was, walking down the streets in his classic hoodie and jeans, is looks already seeming suspicious enough to look like someone who would rob you, especially down here in Gotham City. But some folk know best, and rather turn blind eye to such things. He couldn’t blame them, out here, much better being alive than dead.

It didn’t seem like he found any good targets so far, at least, not until he got closer to the Wayne Tower, what could be considered, well, for him, the center of all greed in the city. That’s where the billionaire Bruce Wayne lives, pretty famous man. Going out to parties, drinking pina co latas and all this fancy shit, while people like him are suffering out here in the streets, scraping by with barely enough to survive. But out here, it’s survival of the fittest, and Wayne was just given the ‘top dog’ position ever since his birth. Lucky bastard. Anyway, before he lost track, he found a potential target.

Some strange lookin woman, looked like her brain was shaped to be a banana or something. Weird, and the clothes and attitude surely didn’t fit as well. But, a target is a target, and it looks like no one is around to help them. So, quickly going through his bag, equipping his gas mask, grabbing his rifle and attaching the bayonet to the weapon, he was just about to start the good ole fashioned robbery, when he found another man, doing exactly that. Not surprising to see two people going after the same person, or maybe it was? He was clearly surprised by this.

But he wouldn’t let this stop him… he needed to survive after all. One missed chance could spell disaster if he couldn’t find more targets to steal from. So, he needed to take this risk. Approaching the two, the man aimed his rifle forward, mostly at the other man with the weapon considering he is the most apparent threat so far. He then said out loud “I’m sorry, I believe what he is trying to say, is that your ‘property’ belongs to me, and that he should leave at this very moment if he savors his own life. Beat it chump, I’m here to claim my prize, and I’m not letting some two-bit junkie attempting to threaten someone while failing miserably at the same time get this payout. Now, move along… or do I have to show you the proper way of threatening someone? as he kept his rifle trained upon the other man. Now, as much as it seemed like he would just go ahead and fire, he wanted to play the intimidation game. After all, being in the receiving end of the gun either ends in two ways, either A, this man clearly wasn’t expecting someone opposing him, and would run away. Or B, this man is either too high or too stupid to know the risks, and attempt to start a fight. We’ll, if it does come down to that, he’ll make sure he remains the last one standing in this…

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