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If something isn't for you, then just move on lol. Or do your own thing.
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Club going up... on a Tuesday.


Yo, what's up? The name's Day (or you can call me LG). I've been roleplaying for a good while and I've got experience in Group and 1x1 RPs. These days, I'm more inclined for 1x1s or small groups (3 people max)
PM me for Discord or if you want to plot or chat!

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Today, the Angel Grove Youth Center is hosting a community event with a combination of different attractions. For some of the kids, there is a carnival, games, rides and other fun activities to partake. As for the adults, they can also partake in these attractions, but there is also a concert going on along with a job fair a short distance away from all of the fun activities. Essentially, there is something for everyone today.

Unfortunately, things will not be peaceful for too long, especially with what Dr. Raymond Ogden brought with him at the job fair. As a representative of GENESIS, Dr. O is in search of people that are compatible with the Power Crystals, hiding behind the facade that GENESIS needs more full-time workers and interns. GENESIS's research has led to an opening in the Morphin Grid that has brought on a grave danger.

Oblivious to the circumstances and just doing her job as an intern, Charlie is working the table with Dr. Ogden, but when he has to step away for a little while, she is left alone to man the station. She's passionate about what the company offers, but doesn't want to look incompetent at her post.

Perhaps Ryan is part of the performing arts portion of the fair. Or maybe his parents are funding the event in a small or big fashion. Either way, he's certainly making his presence felt one way or another given his tendency to float around conspicuously.

Jordan is probably attending the festivities to get out of the house and maybe look for a job. The job fair has several opportunities for her as well as a familiar face in Charlie. Does she stop by the GENESIS table?

The former high school athlete Nick would probably enjoy the beach volleyball setup a distance away from the concert area. A couple of kids are playing, but he may be open to showing them his skills. Angel Grove hasn't been feeling like home since his family left, but maybe it's also time to consider a job?

A big event as such tends to rub Aiden the wrong way. Too many people, too much stimulation. He would rather be alone. But the fact that he has a cool bike is probably going to bring attention to himself given where he's parked at from a distance. Does he stay where he is in the parking area or does he dare see what's going on at the event?

Regardless, the fun times won't last too long as the Dark Empire has intentions on making its presence felt in a huge way just as things get going.


1. Interact with the other future Rangers/NPCs (or simply observe if you choose not to).
2. Protect the Angel Grove community event from the Muddie Patrollers.
3. Retrieve the stolen Power Crystals from the mysterious figure.

Location: Angel Grove Community Event
Interacting w/: Jordan

Being an intern with a prestigious company like GENESIS was something that Charlie always dreamed of. At an early age, she was a child prodigy, taking an interest in how devices were created and how they operated to the point where she disassembled one of her aunt's telephones to get a closer look at the inside. The result? She was able to actually get the phone to operate faster and more smoothly after she got her hands on it. Needless to say, Charlie had a future in this business which was why Dr. Ogden was adamant about bringing her on as an intern.

What she wasn't expecting within her intern duties was manning a table in the absence of her internship coordinator. Something about needing to run back to headquarters for an emergency left Charlie responsible for handing out flyers and directing prospective employees to tablets so that they could fill out an internship application. As far as she knew, GENESIS was looking for a variety of workers: from cafeteria staff all the way up to engineers.

Fiddling with the cuff of her emerald hoodie, Charlie avoided eye contact with some of the passers by, lowering her gaze to the titanium briefcase that Dr. O left behind.

"Hm... did he mean to leave this?" Charlie mumbled to herself, reaching to pick it up and setting it on the table next to her bag. "Whatever... I'll just let him know it's here if he's looking for it."

Pulling out her phone, Charlie leaned against cloth-covered table with GENESIS's logo on it and shot her mentor a text message. All the while, there was random uproar coming from the other parts of the event. Had she not been working, maybe Charlie would have partook in the activities.

"That funnel cake is calling my name, ugh," Charlie said with a sigh after sending the message to Dr. O, rubbing her stomach to settle it. Narrowing her eyes, she could have swore she saw the all too familiar face of a close friend. "Is that... Jordan!" she called out, waving her friend over. Was she still looking for a job? Being coworkers (technically not coworkers since Charlie was an intern) seemed like a good idea.

Meanwhile, unbeknownst to the attenders of the event, there was a watchful eye on the perimeter. With an army of Muddie Patrollers forming behind him where he stood at a higher elevation than the event, General Maskaraid began to rally the troops.

"Those Power Crystals are around here somewhere. Lord Galza has given us direct orders to do what is necessary to steal them and bring them back to him."

Turning to face his army, he lifted his scepter up high which prompted a rabid chant in unison.

"On my signal, you attack those humans and capture the Power Crystals!"
@Crimson Flame Yep. That’ll come once I finish up the first post. I have a one track mind right now with it 😂. But yes, it is coming.
Gonna get us going at some point! Glad you all are getting along well 🙂. Be on the lookout for the first post soon.
First, I want to thank everyone who applied for the roleplay. You could have dedicated your time and energy somewhere else and you took a chance on this RP, so I am thankful. If you didn't get into this RP, I promise it's not the end! The hope is to expand the Rangerverse into multiple RPs at some point, so there may be an opportunity down the road.

Without further ado, introducing:

Red Crystal Ranger: Aidan Gregor (@BenG85)
Yellow Crystal Ranger: Orville Nicholson (@rocketrobie2)
Green Crystal Ranger: Charlie Fox (@LG)
Blue Crystal Ranger: Jordan Hall (@Akayaofthemoon
Pink Crystal Ranger: Ryan McPhee (@Crimson Flame)

Congrats to those who have made it! When you get a chance, post your CS in the Characters area with a hider. If you have been given a color that is not what you submitted initially, be sure to make that change when you post.

The RP will start some time this week so be on the lookout for that! Any questions, shoot me a PM, post in the OOC, or hit me up on Discord. LG#9189.
Announcing the cast later today!
Less than 1 day!

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