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Current Time to blow the dust off this account then. Been quite awhile since I checked out the site, so I'm excited to see what I find!
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Zelda Breath of the Wild hype!
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High school is about 90% more bearable with a spare
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Gotta head into the dentists tomorrow to get my wisdom teeth out. Pain killers and delirium ahoy
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Welp, they removed the tracker in a location Good one Niantic, Pokémon hunting in GO just had to be more random didn't it?
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Roleplay topics of interest: Pokémon is a big one. The canon of the main series games specifically, though I'm cool with a few select points from the anime thrown in. I'm also a big fan of the Mystery Dungeon universe. I'm good with RP'ing as a Trainer, but I can handle playing a Pokémon too. I prefer to have alot of interactions between the characters in an RP. I enjoy to flesh things out and give my character actual 'character'. Original worlds? Eh, I'm ok with as long as I got alot of background to them.

Recently, I've been in the mood to try RP in other series/fandoms, so if I can be sold on an idea, I'll probably look into it. Let it be known that I'm not into anything 18+ or sexual in nature. It's just not my thing.

Roleplay style: For each post that I make, I write about a paragraph or two. I try to include a bit of environmental detail, physical character detail, and sometimes delve into the mind of my characters to see what they think about the situation at hand. I'm trying to get better at expressing my characters emotion through body language since I tend to run out of descriptive words after a few posts. Most of my characters will most likely be teen aged or occasionally young adult. I also try to keep my characters male, but I can play a girl well enough.

Timezone: I feel this is an important thing to mention. My timezone is EST (GMT/UTC-5). During pretty much every month of the year baring July, August, and the later half of December, I'll be going though school during the week. So I'll most likely be able to get posts out on the weekends or later in the day when I get home.

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Pokémon Super Mystery Dungeon: Crossroads of Time
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Glyph the Flygon
[Folio Town - Glyde's House]

@Shiny Keldeo
The unbelieving expression stuck to the old Flygon's face remained as he continued to stare at the rather broken form of the Typhlosion before him. His claws lacing together as he stuttered a bit. "But you've been gone for years, Pepper. We all assumed the worst in that long period. I....I apologise for ever doubting you. Where in the world have you been, for all this time?"

The veteran Explorer quickly dismissed his question, Glyph's antennae drooping a bit at the news of a warning. I can only hope it's more information about our current predicament, and not another entirely.... The large green dragon gasped at Pepper fell to his knee in weakness, as he quickly leaned down to catch the Fire-type by the shoulders and meet his gaze with red domed eyes. "Save your strength Pepper. If it is truly that urgent, tell me now, but make it brief. You need medical attention as soon as possible."

Devon the Totodile and Brick the Poliwrath
[Folio's Trunk - Waypoint]

@Shiny Keldeo@Ninian
The defensive Bayleef didn't do much to persuade the concerned Totodile. The rather meek explanation, in addition to the sudden reappearance of her shyness, caused Devon to bite his lip and grab at his arm. She's definitely not acting like she's ok....

Glancing sideways at Ember as she approached him and Lilisette, the little Water-type whispered back. "I don't really wanna pressure her or anything either but...I just don't know why she won't tell us? Is she worried about slowing us down? I hope not...I'd rather know what's up now, then have to keep worrying about her..."

Moving his deep brown eyes back to Selena as she moved away, he opened his maw to speak, but was distracted by the sounds of voices off to his right. His head turning towards the two Eeveelutions and the Dark-type as the Kirlia beside him mounted her complaint, his tiny little arm raising up and waving at them as he smiled. "Sure are! We're on a mission to deliver food to one of the shop keepers there. You guys wanna go there together?"
Devon the Totodile and Brick the Poliwrath
[Folio's Trunk - Waypoint]

@Shiny Keldeo@Ninian
The Totodile followed his friends over towards the tiny spring, approaching the water and peering into it for a moment before dipping his face into it. A moment later pulling out and tilting his head back to drink the cool liquid that remained in his long mouth. His hands fumbling with his bag as he pulled out his canteen, and dipped it inside before turning his head and frowning at Selena as she once again claimed she was fine. She didn't seem very fine back there....She could barely keep up when we were just walking....

The barrage of complaints from the nearby blue Kirlia caused Devon to sigh quietly, shaking his head and popping a cap back onto his dripping bottle as he pulled it out of the water, and waddled over to the two girls as they stared off into the blazing sands beyond Folio's Trunk. A tiny, encouraging smile growing across his maw as he jumped before them. "Come on guys, we can't give up yet. Gerudo's only supposed to be a half hour walk, we can totally make that if we're careful about it."

Looking towards Selena in particular, he tilted his head. "Oh yeah, Selena, we lost you around a few corners back in the dungeon...Are you sure it's just cause you're not used to it?"
Crap, it's getting late. Was working on a sheet, but I'll have to save it for tomorrow when I got free time.
Mad interested in this, might throw up a sheet tomorrow!
I've got interest, but I might wait to see how this plays out for a bit until I look further into this.
Delsin Grey
Tomo the EmpoleonShu the Croagunk
[Aether Sanctuary]

@Ninian@Shiny Keldeo@MankeyMankey
It seems the muted teen was only inside of the room for a mere minute or two before he appeared back out in the hallway. The red bag and sweater tied around his stomach gone. Though the two Poké Balls were still secured to the thick belt around his waist. Lucius' question was met with a simple affirmative nod as Delsin walked along near the other two victors. A thoughtful cloud over taking his visage. Eldes....Another one of the facilities operators most likely.

Arriving back into the main sanctuary lit up brightly by the over head light, the focused Trainer didn't let the beauty distract him as his jade eyes settled on the robed man before them. The man's words caused suspicion to cross Deslin's face as his brow raised up, but suspicion soon turned into full on caution as Lovrina's attempt to run and her resulting restraint did nothing to settle his unease. This 'true purpose' thing isn't sounding too promising...I know about Aether's history in Alola when they cooperated with that gang....This is on a larger scale. No one would go through all this trouble just for petty crime. But what would it be?

Eldes' question confirmed the teen's mindset. Delsin's hand hovered near the plain red and white ball on his belt. His voice coming out quickly and with intensity as he glanced at the two girls after they spoke their pieces before looking back to the red headed man. "That's exactly what they are Shannon. Eldes and Lovrina must be former members. Unless this entire thing was a set up for a shot at revival? Because if so, sorry, I don't agree with breaking a Pokémon's will to make them stronger."

@1Charak2 That patch of green is actually the location of the Tree of Life in PSMD, and is heavily implied to be a secret to almost everyone.
Devon the Totodile and Brick the Poliwrath
[Town Path - F7]

@Shiny Keldeo@Ninian
The fluster that over took Ember once she was casually elected by Lilisette to lead the party caused Devon to smirk and roll his eyes. Once Selena looked over at him, he quickly nodded and walked up to give Ember a reassuring light slug in the side. "Come on, don't put yourself down like that dude. You were pretty good at leading the charge against the thief yesterday."

Gesturing to the narrow hall to his right, the blue crocodile leaned in close to the Quilava and shook her a bit. "How about you lead for a bit, and then I'll switch in when you want me to? That way we can both have some experience with this."

Snapping a claw, the human turned Pokémon struck a pose and pointed out into the dungeon. "Lead on, Ember!"

About an hour later...

[Folio's Trunk - Waypoint]

After a rather uneventful trek through the length of the giant tree's trunk, Team Horizon, along with Brick, arrived at the large moss covered room that marked the divide between the Town Path and the Treacherous Roots. The large room had an oddly dome shaped roof, the interior smooth wood walls marked with the writings and small doodles left by passerbys. Evidence of a recent camp fire in the form of charred wood logs lay in a pile of ash near the center of the room. A large gaping hole shaded by overhanging moss lay on the far side of the room from the group, while on their left, was a carved wood arch that lead out into the heated sands of the Sand Continent proper.

While no more worse for wear than he already was, the brown spiked Totodile rubbed the sole of his left foot a bit before turning his head towards the various claw and charcoal marks on the walls. A crude sketch of what looked to be some sort of long necked Pokémon with an orb on the end of it's tail caused him to stare bit dumbly. Shaking his head, his brown eyes then shifted to the front at the sound of a grunt.

Their Poliwrath guide and slipped in front of the kids wordlessly, his unwavering glare remaining as he pointed a gloved finger towards the exit of the tree. "Alright guys, I know it hasn't been that....Exciting so far. Usually the Town Path has more varied terrain and hostile Pokémon, but never the less you're doing fine. We can break here for a bit and give you a bit of time to look over your gear and prep if you want, the desert isn't nearly as forgiving as this Dungeon has been."

"Works for me. My feet are starting to hurt." Sighing in a bit of relief, the Water-type then smiled before waddling around to face everyone. The three glittering stones embedded in the Looplet on his wrist shimmering. "I can't believe we've made it this far and had such good luck! We've picked up a bunch of coins, a bunch of Emeras, those Confusion Wands...." Putting a clawed hand to his head, he deflated a bit, groaning. "I really wish I wouldn't have stepped on one of those things. My heads still spinning. Anyways, should we break or nah?"

Glyph the Flygon
[Folio Town - Glyde's House]

@Shiny Keldeo
The cry at the door was met with a small gasp, and the rapid sounds of tiny feet scuttling across wood flooring. "Ah! I got it I got it!"

The solid wood door with the stylised carving of a Dragonair on it shuddered a bit. Squeaking grunts coming from the other side, despite there being no one visible in the small window near the top of the door. The knob soon clicked, and the door swung back. The Trapinch attached to the interior handle of the door via it's large mouth flailing a bit before falling to the floor onto it's back with a tiny cry. "OW! I really wish I had hands...."

Rolling onto it's side, the little orange Mon blinked it's starry eyes at the two much larger Pokémon at the door, and put a stubby leg to his chin. "Whoooa. Are you guys from Uncle Glyph's Guild?"

Fast as lighting, a pair of green hands reached down to pluck the young Trapinch off of the floor, and raise him up to the green face of worry belonging the Flygon. "Glen, are you alright? You must stop jumping at the door like that! One of these times, that fall will..."

Glyph's lecture was soon cut short as his stern red glass stare drifted away from the wide eyed face of his nephew. His domed eyes growing wide at the sight of the badger in the doorway. "Oh....Oh my goodness."

The large green Dragon awkwardly bent down to put the Trapinch softly on the floor next to him, before stand up hesitantly taking a step forwards to lean out onto the porch. The Guildmaster appeared to be at a loss for words as his maw went agape, swallowing before he finally got his speech together. "Pepper? Is that truly you? Have you come back?"

Raiden the Feraligatr
[Folio Town - Outskirts]

A cool southern wind scattered a few stray leaves along the path. The deserted branches far from town proper whispered with the chatter of surrounding plant life. The harsh desert sun occasionally peaking in through gaps in the canopy and bringing light to the scarred visage of the lone alligator as he walked the forgotten road. His orange eyes flicking about at every sound, and shudder the ancient oak tree produced due to the desert gales.

Eventually his gaze settled for the sight directly in front of him. Far up the path, stood another reptile. Though shorter than the towering Water-type, the red and black Ground-type with it's natural 'eye mask' meeting his piercing glare with a fanged grin was none the less an unsettling sight.

"Fancy meeting you here. I was under the assumption that you preferred the cooler climate of the Water Continent."

The Krookodile's comment was met with a stoic stare from the Feraligatr as his slow stomping walk came to a halt. "You knew I'd come here."

A hearty laugh echoed out of the croc's long, pointed maw as he put a clawed hand on his hip. "Getting sick of the scent of blood are we? Raiden, Raiden, Raiden! You know that taking a vacation isn't going to get you anywhere! How very selfish of you! Your friends are out there getting things done, while you're here, talking with strangers."

The taunting of the stripped Dark-type seemed to not phase the Feraligatr as he narrowed his eyes and tilted his head forward. "You know damn well that's not the reason. The bigger question is why you're here, and why you haven't tried to kill anyone yet."

The Intimidation Pokémon's tail dragged along the ground behind him as he waltzed to his left, and put a thoughtful had to his chin. "The war, isn't the payoff. I had hoped you've realized that by now. All I want is for things to be a bit more simple. And while a war may make things simpler, I couldn't care for it. I'd rather it not happen." Turning his head towards Raiden, his beady eyes bore into Raiden's as the grin returned. "That isn't very heroic of you, is it Raiden? To want to cause a war? You do have other plans, don't you?"

The Feraligatr continued to stare, before letting off a throaty growl. "I'm just a Pokémon trying to protect what he cares about. I don't care who thinks it's heroic or not."

A shadow cast over both scarred reptiles from the leaves above as they continued to stare one another down. Minuano turning to face the Big Jaw Pokémon and tap his chin. "Then I have a question for you, Raiden. Is what you care about worth it? Lately it's been nothing but a pain in your ass. You're a predator; you could easily survive on your own like you used to. That village, and that spoiled girl, are lost causes. You just can't bring yourself to admit it."

A loud slam echoed through the foliage as the ragged old bag hit the ground next to the scarred Feraligatr's left foot. His arms positioned down towards his stomach, a long white blade of light clutched in his claws. "I'm tired of talking to you. You came here to end this, so let's do it."

A smirk crossed the Krookodile's jaws as he put out his right arm to the side. "Oh? No more chit chat? Well good, I guess we can skip right to the last part then. I like that." The three short claws glowing a menacing red before extending out into a singular sharp blade of aura. The croc's hand closed around the blade as he spun it around in a circle. "But you're wrong. I didn't come to end this, Raiden. Your death or mine won't end anything."

Minuano's arm was a blur as the crimson energy blade now positioned itself towards Raiden. "You were just alone, and you happen to owe me that eye of yours."

Devon Lyton
Shock the Ampharos, Cyan the Azumarill, Quill the Monferno, Missy the Mismagius, Nasir the Zoroark, Ace the Starly
[Vertigo City - Pokémon Center]

@Ninian@Shiny Keldeo
A confident smirk grew across the crowd shy Trainer's face as the idea made his Dark-type's face practically glow. "Well, that's what your 'crowd training' you've been giving me has been for right? Of course I'll give it another shot for you Fuzzy. Just say the word."

After grabbing his own small plate of various food and fruit, Devon followed the rest of the group outside, and also caught sight of the lonely looking girl. A curious smile coming across his lips as he went over to the table with everyone and looked the girl over. She sort of looks like a younger Clair....I wonder if she's from around here?

Everyone else began to introduce themselves, with Devon raising a hand to do a short wave and intro himself as well. "I'm Devon, and this Starly is Ace. What were you thinking about Alicia?"
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