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Current I have lots more writing on wattpad by the same username if you guys wanna read some more of my writing
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I have lots more writing on wattpad by the same username if you guys wanna read some more of my writing
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Hey did you guys know I have art on my profile.
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Today I've decided that my fursona will I'm fact be a giant octopus with five tentacles only. Five is a sacred number, so I thought it would be appropriate for the character. know...
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Oh what a glorious day to be a three eyed deer, and the catalyst for the Lord's wrath! Blessed are those who cower at his hooves.
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Hello, My name is Liseran. I'm a writer, an artist, and I usually spend my time fucking off and watching cat videos instead of doing important things. Like fixing my grades. I study whatever I feel is interesting so Wiccans, Satanists, and all that spooky stuff is kinda cool in my book. Though I wouldn't consider my self to be a goth or a...whatever you call the peeps at hot topic, I do know loads of people who love that shit with a reckless and childlike abandon, so don't worry I am very well handled with talking to people of the spoopy persuasion. It's been awhile since I've role played with anyone. I used to frequent fanfiction forums with a coupple of internet buds but they've all but dropped off the face of the Earth.

So I've come here because the urge to rp was strong again, and you all seem like nice people.

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welcome aboard new comer, don't worry though, they're not as crazy as they seem i promise.
you guys know there's this great mental excercise called "patience" right?
Eris' post is up!

“So we’re supposed to be looking for someone by the name of....what now? Adolow?” Eris asked, their arms behind their head. Roland and Phoenix had insisted on stopping for a break on the investigation, so they chose a small, quaint dessert shop. Eris propped their feet up on the table, much to Roland’s dismay who gently pushed them off the table.

“Yes. I’ve been trying to find out more on this Jerome Adolow, but so far no luck. We’ll just have to keep searching. In the meantime…” Roland leaned forward. “You two are going to have to question Charlton more about Eric Garland, and” Eris nodded, turning to where Charlton was standing by the checkout counter, presumably waiting for a receipt.

“I feel I should talk to him about it. I mean, we usually talk about stuff like this so…” Eris said, quietly.

“I feel that is for the best as well.” Phoenix spoke, his hands in his lap. “I...neither of us know Charlton very well, Roland.”

Roland flinched, but nodded. “Yeah, you’re right.” He cleared his throat. Charlton walked back to the table, setting down a cup of steaming tea, his face a dower mask. Charlton looked at them all, somewhat more uncomfortable with their silence.

“So..what next?” He asked. Roland quickly explained that he would be at one of the local stations to set up a little office of his own until they can go back to Georgia, and that Phoenix and Eris would ask him more about Eric. Charlton shifted in his chair when he heard Eric’s name, but soon straightened his posture. “Yes. Of course.”

Roland nodded to all of them, and then got up to leave. Phoenix watched him go, a troubled look in his eyes “Uh..I will go more research on Jerome Adolow, like Roland is.” He announced to the two of them, and then he too followed suit and walked out of the door, leaving Charlton and Eris alone.

Eris turned to look at Charlton, who seemed to not even be able to look them in the eye. “Charlton-”

“Eris, there’s too much history. Too many things that have happened in the past, I don’t think I could unpack all of that at once.” He whispered. Eris heard him perfectly though, and raised a hand on comfort.

“Hey it’s fine. We can work our way up. How about you start somewhere easy, like how you and Eric met?” Eris suggested lightly. Charlton laughed bitterly.

“That is the hardest story to tell, because it is the start of everything.”

Eris looked down, not sure what to say to that, but then Charlton continued. “I fear I don’t have a choice anymore, Eris. I’m going to start with someone else. He was very close to me, though it wasn’t always like that…”

The wind was a nuisance that night, it was so terrible that it had ripped Charlton’s winter scarf down the middle, fraying it like an old flag on a pole. He could do nothing against the buffeting air hitting him from all sides but brace his shoulders and take the brunt of its power. I can’t believe the weather here, He thought bitterly. He was a young, 17 year old boy, still looking for work in the middle of Canton, Georgia and he was experiencing some of the worst that nature had to offer. The sidewalk he stood on was making his feet numb with how long he had been standing there, waiting for the doors to the old record shop to open.

“Can I help you with something? This is my shop.” He turned around meeting strange, silver eyes. The boy was short, slightly stocky but only a little. He had very light, blonde hair that was neatly combed and cut. The stranger stared at Charlton, questioningly.

“Oh. I came about the job opportunity. I saw your ad in the paper.” He answered. “You need someone to watch your records, right?” Charlton thought the boy looked rather young to own any kind of shop, but judging by the expensive crest on his shirt, he knew age had nothing on money.

“Yes I do.” The stranger said. He looked Charlton up and down, probably judging if he could do anything relating to record keeping. “You don’t seem like the type who likes records.” He said.

Charlton cocked his head, confused. The wind had calmed down by now, and the boy had decided to unlock the doors to the small store front. “What do you mean by that? I know plenty about records.” Charlton said. The boy scoffed.

“Sure you do. With those kinds of clothes? Are you kidding me?” He chuckled, patronizingly. “But it’s fine. I am hiring after all, and I guess someone like you can think of this as a money grab, right?” He smiled at Charlton. Charlton just met his amused glint with level, impassive eyes.

“Do I get the job?” Charlton asked. The boy laughed.

“Of course! The jobs yours. You just have to prove yourself now. Paychecks start rolling in around the fifth, make sure you’re here everyday for the next month and a half.” He said. “What’s your name anyways? I probably won’t remember but-”

“It’s Charlton. Charlton Gaslowe. And I’ll make you remember it.”

The boy smiled, softer this time. “Thaddeus Goodoire. It’s a pleasure.” Charlton nodded at Thaddeus, who in turn just smirked.

Charlton looked around the small store, eyeing the darkened interior. Boxes were piled high in the corner, and Charlton could only guess that they were filled with records of every shape and size. He moved to one pile in the corner, and Thaddeus left him alone for the evening.

As the weeks dragged on into a full month, Charlton saw Thaddeus everyday after that, and their relationship was still strained with Thaddeus essentially teasing and making light of Charlton’s poverty stricken life. One day in particular, Charlton sat at the counter, now cleaned off and clear of any stray records or vinyls laying around, when Thaddeus came into the shop. He was wearing expensive clothing, as usual, and he also seemed to be in a sour mood. Charlton spotted a dark smudge of something on his shirt, and judging by the look he had on his face, it wasn’t anything nice.

“What’s got you in such a bad?” He asked Thaddeus.

Grumbling, and swiping at the stain on his shirt, he muttered “Some brat at the coffee shop spilled coffee all over my shirt when she handed me my order.” He stalked over to the counter. “You probably wouldn’t even know how much it’s gonna cost to get this stain out.”

Charlton was used to the jabs at his money, so he just responded with a weak shrug. “I probably don’t. But I can guess way more than what’s necessary.” He said. Thaddeus scoffed.

“Are you kidding? This shirt is satin, it requires special care.” He leaned on the counter, Charlton scowled slightly at his elbows on the polished wood. “It’ll cost at least 100,000 to clean and press. And that includes the cute little bag they’ll put it in.” Charlton laughed, and Thaddeus glared at him. “What are you laughing at?”

“You. You’re wasting your money for something so small.” He said, smirking.

“You’ve never even seen satin unless it were on curtains in a store. How would you even know how to clean it, huh?” Thaddeus pouted. “Are you implying that you know more than me about things like this?”

“Yeah, basically.” He chuckled. Thaddeus glared at him, before smirking in turn.

“Fine then, since you know so much about clothes this rich, you can do my laundry. How’s that sound?” He asked.

“Nope. I refuse. Go ahead and blow 100 grand on your shirt.”

Thaddeus laughed, lowly. “Oh no. It’s final. You can start with this shirt. I’m going home now, and when I come back I’ll have all of my laundry ready for washing.”

“There isn’t even a place to wash clothes here.”

“You can do it at your house, can’t you?”

“No I can’t, I have other things to do, you know.”

“What happened, just a moment ago you were ready to lecture me on my own clothing.”

“I wasn’t lecturing you on any-”

The door to the shop opened, the tiny bell sounded announcing someone’s entrance. In stepped another young man, this one with equally immaculate blonde, combed hair. “Thaddeus? Is this the dump you were talking about earlier?” He said, walking in.

“Eric, nice of you to finally drop by after all these weeks. I finally found someone to look after it for me.” Thaddeus gestured toward Charlton, who in turned nodded at him. Eric smiled at him, extending a hand.

“Eric Garland, nice to meet you.”


Prepare for a little short story with Charlton for the next few posts!

<Snipped quote by PrinceAlexus>

And are you aware of all the planning happening behind the scenes? Have you been collaborating with other RPers in terms of plot and character development? When you are laying out the groundwork and want quality, it takes time, especially with something of this size. It isn't a single RP with one GM and maybe five plus players, you know.

and besides, waiting for them to get everything in place instead of just dropping everything as it is now would make the game less fun or at least make it lose some of the quality it would have if they had put their all into it.

you wouldn't ask for a half written movie script right.
<Snipped quote by Liseran Thistle>

Could you change the speech color in your Bobbi post? That shade of blue is really hard to read on the guild's gray background.

alrighty i fixed it!
welp i've finally gotten on top of things now, bobi's post is finally up.

The lab was feeling cramped and tight, Bobi hadn’t left it in days. Her arm laid flat on a cold, metal table. Her forearm was open and visible, tiny blue wires poking out here and there. She sighed, rubbing the dark circles under her eyes as she continued to work on it. Tiredness was not usually something she felt, but it hit her like a freight truck that night. She didn’t technically need to sleep, though it would help her immensely right now. A soft knock sounded on her door, and her head slowly turned toward the noise. She shuffled over to the door handle, leaving a tiny sliver to see. There, standing in the darkened hallway of HQ was a very young, obtrusive Thomas Beastly. He smiled lightly up at her, being far too short even for his young age. He looked like any normal, teenage boy with dark combed hair, and hazel eyes. Bobi kept a hand on the door, keeping it slightly open, as she stared at him with cold, pools of cobalt.

“H-hey, Bobi! Um, me and the other Agents wanted to get you something, since it’s your ‘Agent Day’ and all-” He said, clutching something small and white in his hands. It was a folded piece of paper, that much Bobi’s eyes could make out.

“You’ve made me a card.”She said simply. She automatically held her hand out waiting for him to place it in her palm, but Tom was so shocked that she actually responded that he just stood there for a few short moments. He shook his head vigorously, then shoved the card over to her.

“I hope you like it! Really, I do. We worked hard on it this year.” He chuckled nervously. Bobi nodded at him, not sparing even a smile, then closed the door gently. She locked it, but for what she didn’t know. The card was nice, Bobi thought, but her mind lingered on it for only a second before returning to her arm that was on the table. Tom seemed to have not noticed that she was missing one arm, for which she was grateful for. She couldn’t handle him being even more weirded out by her than he already seemed to be.

The longer she stared at the arm, the less it seemed to make sense. 8081 was buzzing softly, and she could feel that familiar heat on her back that meant it was close to reaching its limit. Nothing. 8081, a super AI that knew virtually everything about the world, knew nothing about itself. She grimaced, a terrible sense of uneasiness settling in the pit of her stomach. She wasn’t used to such a feeling, but ever since she joined Paradox around 5 years ago it’s been showing up unannounced. Particularly when she was faced with 8081; she felt it claw at her insides slowly.

She picked her arm up, and attached it easily back onto the stump. She winced as she felt the wires twist and snake their way back into their proper places. The pain slowly subsided, and Bobi braced herself against the metal table with one hand as she tried to think on what she would do next. She had no assignments, and 8081 was getting her nowhere fast. All she had left to arguably busy herself with was the card that Thomas brought over, and she didn’t think she could quite muster the emotional strength to socialize with the rest of them. The lab had a tiny cot in the corner a thin, cotton blanket strewn haphazardly across it. That’s where she slept when she stayed in the lab overnight, though she hadn’t been using it for awhile. Just as she was about to take a few steps towards it however, another knock resounded against the door. She clenched her teeth, holding in a silent groan. Leila stood outside, her hands in front of her, leaning on a nice, dark green cane. “Happy Agent Day, Agent Adolow.” She greeted, with a demure smile.

Bobi stood there, trying to figure out why Leila would come to her, and not just call Bobi to her office like she normally did when it was time for assignments. Leile chuckled, lightly. “Ah, as curious as ever. But, I didn’t come here for idle chit chat. You now have a new assignment, but it has to be a secret between just the two of us I’m afraid.” Leila said, walking into the small lab.

“What’s the assignment?” Bobi asked. Leila hummed softly to herself, tracing a hand across the metal table.

“You are familiar with an Agent named Shou Hanamura, correct?” Leila asked. Bobi stood there as 8081 frantically dug up as much information on him, before answering confidently.

“Yes. I am now, anyways.” She told her.

“Great! Because he’s gone missing. And no one can find him. Not even Charlotte.” Leila said, turning to Bobi.

“It’s been a month now, since he and his partner split up.” Leila explained. “He ran away for seemingly no reason other than that he was upset about his partners actions.”

Bobi nodded, folding her arms, still reading over 8081’s findings. “His partner was a Maxwell Heighnsworth? I remember hearing his name around HQ, everyone was talking about him a couple of weeks ago, but…” She shook her head. “I wasn’t paying attention to the gossip it seemed.”

Leila winked, cheerily. “I guess it didn’t seem all that important to you then huh?” She sighed. “But nevermind that, if there was ever anyone who could find him, I believe it’s you.”

Bobi nodded, but there was a nagging sense of curiosity that she felt. “Uh...If you don’t mind me asking...why me particularly?” She said, quietly.

Leila raised an eyebrow. “Well I think it’s fairly obvious. You’re a very capable person, with an amazing ability, and you’ve proven yourself to be able to solve even the most confounded of mysteries.” She said. “This should be a cake walk for the amazing Miss Adolow, should it not?”

Bobi didn’t know how to feel about Leila’s confidence in her work as an Agent. She supposed she ought to feel happy, but lately it’s been tough to feel anything. “Also,” Leila added. “You need to get out some more. I can sense you’re apathy from all the way over here, and it’s distressing.” She grinned. “This way, you will have to talk to people, and the people you talk to will be more than uplifting, I can guarantee you that.”

Bobi let out that groan she had been holding in. Agitation was also a feeling she was getting used to, though slowly it was becoming more and more familiar.“Are you certain-?”
“Yes.” Leila said, before she could finish speaking. “I am 100% certain that you are the right Agent for this assignment.”

Bobi shook her head, “That’s great, but it’s not what I was going to say. I meant ‘Are you sure this Shou Hanamura person went missing?’ Maybe he ran away.” She suggested. Leila cocked her head to the side, in contemplation.

“Interesting theory. You can test it once you track him down.” She said, walking toward the door. Bobi sat down gently on the cot, her eyes trained to the gray walls of her lab. She hadn’t a clue as to where she should start with her assignment, all she knew is that she had a measly week to figure it all out.

here's bobi's first post and I'm using that image above as a banner so i guess it fits the atmosphere a bit!

also damn thats a dark blue, or rather my eyes are just THAT bad lol.

okay so ya girl is back, and she's learnt her a few a things about star wars that sort of helped me to make a character, im excited to begin.
hey everyone, its ya girl, i went ahead and joined the discord server, and am currently reading over the star wars old republic wiki because i honestly have no knowledge of starwars other than that one "its a trap" meme.
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