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Sorry about my lack of appearances. At this point Im taking a much needed hiatus from here after 5 long years. Not sure when I'll be back, but it won't be for awhile... sorry about that... : (
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Revenge of the 5th has always been a thing tho...
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Do not forget about the GOD DAMN bacon.
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Once upon a time, I used to cheer for May the 4th... now I cry with disappointment. *Except Clone Wars S7 and the Mandalorian - they are awesome*


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Nathan slowly opened his dazed eyes as he looked blankly into the smokey night sky. He felt himself firmly planted against the ground as if he had weights strapped onto his back. He couldn't feel much of his body at all really, minus the aching pain from all sides and the warm sweat that glistened on his face. The smelled the thick smoke wasn't pleasing at all either. He could feel and he could see, and he could smell too. But there was one thing that he still could not accomplish.

He could not hear.

Or at the very least he couldn't hear very well against the barrage of white noise that assaulted his mind. Nathan's eyes shut as he tried to cancel the noise out, but it simply grew more and more obnoxious. It didn't help either that he felt warm liquid running down his ears either. Once enough was enough, he rolled onto his belly with all the strength he could muster. A pained groan sighed from his gritted teeth as flashes of red signaled his need to take it slow. Nathan slowed his breathing - inhaling slowly through his mouth before exhaling it all out. Bit by bit, he slowly rose his body upwards, being careful not to strain himself too harshly. Soon he found himself on all fours. His arms still wobbled from shock, almost threatening to give way, but Nathan wasn't going to let it stop him.

Eventually he perched his left leg up into a kneeling position and then slowly lifted himself to stand up. The green-haired man cocked his neck back and carefully stretched his body as a groan aspirated into the night.

"Ohhhhhh..." he sighed to himself as he almost stumbled forward, "What... the hell happened?"

As Nathan finished speaking, he would pause before lifting his right index finger against his matching ear. He felt the liquid running down it, a kind of watery yet sticky substance. When he brought it up to his finger, he'd see a reddish-yellow discharge stick against his fingertips. Was this... blood? A mixture of his blood and wax running down the side of his head? That damn firework seemed to have done more damage than he thought... or was it the explosion shortly after? Still...

This couldn't be good.

As he began to wipe the waxy fluid off his leather jacket, he would fail to notice a squad of security forces running right behind him. He'd get accidentally shouldered by one of them, taking a few steps back before looking at one of the armored men glaring at him through his goggles.

"Hey! Check your zone!" the man would bark before he continued running with his patrol unit.

Nathan barely caught what he said, most of it being nothing but very muffled speech. Had the man spoken more softly, then he might not have understood him at all.

"S-Sorry!" Nathan yelled as he regained his footing.

More surprising was the fact that could also barely hear the sounds and vibrations of thunderous mechanical stomps that were no more than a few meters away from him. He quickly noted the giant hulking bio-mech that lumbered by, being nearly shocked that he didn't get accidentally squished by it through his own obliviousness. He'd bang his palms against his temples before rapidly shaking his head.

"Ugh, cmon Nathan." he growled to himself aloud, "Cmon. Get it together man!"

Once he gained relative control of his consciousness, he'd turn around to inspect his flaming van. There didn't seem to be anything he could take from it, other than some spare change and, thankfully, his phone. The bandits that ruined his ride didn't seem to have the chance to take anything major out, but what would be the point if his equipment was totally ruined beyond repair. His speakers and soundboards were all completely wrecked and on fire. It would be fruitless to try and salvage their remains. With a heavy heart, Nathan walked away from the wreckage and began wandering aimlessly into would soon find himself wandering into Takari Square.

To normal civilians, they would be bombarded with the sounds of sirens and cries for help. Yet Nathan barely heard anything, only hearing a mixture of his internal consciousness and the muffled ambience that created an eerie ambiance of an almost surreal dream-like sequence. He'd also notice odd string-like translucent waves dancing around his vision in a rainbow of different colors. What were they? He blinked his eyes rapidly in an attempt to rid himself of these visions, yet they wouldn't go away. They all came from various directions at random, yet they otherwise didn't interfere with his vision too much. Nathan simply couldn't wrap his head upon these strange bizarre events.

How hard had he hit his head in that crash?

As he walked across the street towards the square center, he would see the ruins of a large statue crumbled into the park plaza. Really the entire place was a complete mess - and judging from what Nathan could remember from the blast, it seemed to have started here. What exactly happened here? What triggered this explosion? And for what purpose? He had a whole lot of questions and a whole lack of answers. Yet from the rubble he would spot someone struggling underneath. Nathan instinctually sprinted towards the body before kneeling to inspect it.

"Hang on, I'm coming!" he cried in a slightly louder then necessary voice as he began to comfort the man.

He could barely hear the man crying in pain, but frankly Nathan didn't need to hear in order to recognize how brutal the situation for him was. His spine was absolutely crushed from a thick concrete slab that pierced it so. He was in very bad shape, perhaps mortally so from the looks of it. If he survives this ordeal, he will be paralyzed for the rest of his life. Nathan took pity for the man as he quickly scanned his body for any other wounds. While he was inspecting his arms, he'd catch his eye upon the man's bracelet that was wrapped around his left wrist. Taking a closer look, he would notice that it sported a symbol... a very familiar symbol. Nathan's heart sank once he realized what it was.

The man was an MLI agent - he was one of his own!

"No," he breathed solemnly as he looked at the pained expression of his fellow comrade.

Things had been made much more personal for him now. Quickly, Nathan grabbed ahold of the giant slab lodged in the victim's spinal cord before trying to lift it with all his might. Alas his weakened state and general overall physique made it nearly impossible for him to move it. He was soon forced to give up to catch his breath.

Still he wasn't going to leave him here to die. Not like this. But he'll certainly need help if he was going to have any chance in saving him. Hopping atop a pile of rubble Nathan would begin to call for help by screaming and waving his arms towards anyone nearby.

"HEEEEY!" he yelled as he jumped up and down like a maddened crazy person, "SOMEBODY HELP! I HAVE A SURVIVOR HERE! I NEED HELP REMOVING THE RUBBLE OFF HIM!"

He wondered if anyone was willing enough to help... or perhaps this would be nothing but a fruitless venture.

Good! With everyone having posted, I'll try and move things along a little later. I do have a character ready but I'll make his profile later.
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