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@Hank @odin @tangletail @lauder @andreyich @stormflyx The OOC is live here. I'll continue updating and cleaning things up, but we can move conversations there.

If you've already had your character accepted please put your CS's in the Character section. Those who have already submitted and are waiting for feedback can expect a PM tomorrow.
Mission Log

Pyrdwen Internal Network
Moss MS-357PR PM-067

Fr: Elder Maxon MX-001E
To: Paladin Moss MS-357PR

The following is strictly confidential. Members of our Brotherhood are need of assistance. A squad led by Paladin Brandis departed to the Commonwealth to follow-up on a compelling lead. We lost contact soon after. It's been three months and we cannot afford to wait any longer. I want you to track down and rescue the surviving members of Recon Squad Artemis. I want this done quietly. Coordinate with Paladin Danse and Lancer-Captain Kells to organize a team. The lives of our brothers are sisters are on the line, so this needs to be your top priority.

Pyrdwen Internal Network
Moss MS-357PR PM-069

Fr: Paladin Moss MS-357PR
To: Senior Scribe Algarín AG-379SS

You have been recommended for a highly classified mission. Please do not share this message with anyone. The appropriate parties have already been informed of your upcoming absence. Please have any gear you need for an extended mission in the field prepared in an unassuming location. We do not want to draw attention to our departure.

Be in the Mess Hall at 2000 hours and we will discuss further details. Do not disappoint me, Algarín.

Pyrdwen Internal Network
Moss MS-357PR PM-071

Fr: Paladin Moss MS-357PR
To: Recon Squad Zero

You have been recommended for a highly classified mission. Please do not share this message with anyone. The appropriate parties have already been informed of your upcoming absence. Please have any gear you need for an extended mission in the field prepared in an unassuming location. We do not want to draw attention to our departure.

A vertibird will be waiting at 0400 hours tomorrow to take our squad to the Commonwealth. Expect cold weather conditions with limited relief from local inhabitants. Threats will vary, be prepared to adapt. Continued access to the vertibird will be limited depending on the condition of outposts in the mission area. Report to Proctor Teagen to collect gas masks and traceable dog tags.

Senior Scribe O. Algarín - Personal Log
27 October 2284

Preparing for a mission is about foresight. You consider the objective, the environment, the timeline, and you imagine how each scenario might play out. A combination of inference and experience that hopefully totals to a general vision of the future. You don't prepare for a random storm. To crash land hours after departing, then promptly coming under siege from just about every nightmare the wasteland has to offer. You certainly don't prepare to lose a brother-in-arms on the first day of the mission.

Senior Lancer Frank McCarthy. Killed in action during transport to find our missing comrades.

Knight-Sergeant Gregory McDowell. Killed in action while fending off deathclaws, ghouls, and raiders so that his squad might survive.

A noble sacrifice, however, one that needn't have occurred. His death is on Paladin Elliot Moss. Our commanding officer, so quick to abandon a brother, so slow to even try to save him. My first stop upon returning to Pyrdwen will be to report McDowell's sacrifice and Moss's failure.

We're holed up in a pre-war military facility. Some are lightly injured, but nothing in comparison to the damage to morale. Maybe we'll run a rescue mission after people cool down. Not sure if Moss will allow that. Maybe he won't have a choice.

Fallout: Rust and Steel

Pyrdwen Internal Network
Outgoing Mail PEM786A-016

Oliver, I hope this reaches you. Knowing how invested you are in your work, I realize it's possible you haven't noticed I left. That isn't meant to sound spiteful. Don't get me wrong, it hurt at first. You went from tinkering with old tech to going away for weeks at a time with the Followers of the Apocalypse. In a way, you left me a long time ago. But I'm not angry anymore. Actually, I'm happier than I've been in a long time.

I'm not coming back. Like you, I found my calling and it's a long way from shoveling brahmin shit. Don't come looking for me. I mean that for your own safety.

End message...

Pyrdwen Internal Network
Moss MS-357PR PM-067

Fr: Elder Maxon MX-001E
To: Paladin Moss MS-357PR

The following is strictly confidential. Members of our Brotherhood are need of assistance. A squad led by Paladin Brandis departed to the Commonwealth to follow-up on a compelling lead. We lost contact soon after. It's been three months and we cannot afford to wait any longer. I want you to track down and rescue the surviving members of Recon Squad Artemis. I want this done quietly. Coordinate with Paladin Danse and Lancer-Captain Kells to organize a team. The lives of our brothers are sisters are on the line, so this needs to be your top priority.

~ ~ ~

The Idea

Welcome to Rust and Steel, a Fallout RP. Our setting will be the Commonwealth, 2284. Players will begin as members of the Brotherhood of Steel tasked with rescuing the lost team, Recon Squad Artemis. Don't worry about breaking canon, though. This mission will serve as the launchpad into a vast world chalk full of dangerous challenges, moral decisions, and the chance to explore the world of Fallout in ways the games simply don't allow.

Expect action, adventure, and a chance to develop your characters and the world. Just because we start within the ranks of the Brotherhood doesn't mean we'll stay there long. I have a rough plot sketched out with plenty of room for player-driven stories so long as they include others (interaction is key).

The Characters
Players must begin as members of the Brotherhood of Steel. How, when, and why your character enlists is entirely up to you. I prefer a well-thought out reason, whether your character has simple motivations (food and shelter ain't nothing to scoff at) or more complex ambitions (subterfuge, anyone?). Just know this is a starting point. Everyone can evolve and change. That said, folks set on a ghoul and super mutant aren't totally out of luck -- shoot me a PM.

Ranks will follow the Maxon Model. Because the squad leader will be a NPC, all members should be ranked Knight-Sergeant/Senior Scribe or lower. The game can support up to two lancers for story purposes. The distinction between Lancer (pilot), Knight, and Scribe will be more important than your place in the hierarchy. You can find brief descriptions about how each class differs in the dossier section.

The Gameplay
Combat is realistic...ish. Taking a bullet or meeting the business-end of a super sledge will ruin anybody's day, but we're all here to have fun. You can bet all those chems don't make the raider trying to turn you into a corpse the best shot. That mutant with the sledgehammer is going to take time to swing. Keep things grounded and respect the intended level of challenge, but remember that this isn't Dark Souls.

There will be situations where the stakes are high. These moments will be clearly called out and will require the squad or individuals to make game-altering decisions. They may require a dice roll or consideration based on character motivations. While these situations can cost limbs and lives, they also come with the promise of powerful rewards.

The World

The Commonwealth in 2284 is a familiar place to those who've played Fallout 4. Diamond City is still a thriving pocket of civilization and most goods flow through Bunker Hill. Unless your character is specifically from the area, that's all they likely know. Remember that our characters are members of the Brotherhood of Steel, specifically ones assigned to the Pyrdwen. They might not be from the Capital Wasteland originally, but they certainly resided there before being deployed.

For most characters the journey into the Commonwealth will be an adventure into the unknown. As we explore the land, the repercussions of our decisions and even the weather will reveal new mysteries. We might even find our story leads beyond the greater-Boston area.

The Weapons and Armor
Don't get caught up by in-game stats. Any armor is better than nothing and none of it guarantees a bullet won't penetrate. Likewise, just about any weapon can kill if used properly. For our purposes, you can think of weapons and armor in three general categories: pre-war, modern, and advanced. Explanations below.

PRE-WAR: Say what you will of the old days, they sure built things to last. Classics like the 10mm Pistol, Hunting Rifle, and .45 M1911 can still be found in ruins today. With a little cleaning and fine-tuning you'll have a pretty decent weapon, too. This category also includes weapons from outside the game like the MP-5 or AK-47. In terms of armor, we're talking about Combat Armor, Riot Gear, and other protective clothing from past. It's easier to find usable pre-war supplies in police stations and outdoor stores. Military-grade hardware is, surprise, almost exclusively found in military facilities or outposts (usually with plenty of robots and ghouls).

MODERN: Ingenuity and necessity. This is the gear borne from the rubble in a world still obsessed with violence. Pipe rifles and pistols assembled from old lamps, car engines, and vacuums. The breastplate that uses a sturdy frame of a grocery cart to protect the chest and neck. It might not be pretty, but it works... well, usually. What this gear lacks in appearance, it delivers in diversity and potential. If you've got the skills and scrap you can build yourself some of the best gear around. It's easy to find modern gear just about anywhere, but don't make the mistake of trusting a weapon you just picked up.

Special Note: Pre-war and advanced weapons that don't get proper maintenance or are modified in the field can blur into this category. This comes with advantages and drawbacks. Fixing your power armor with scrap let's you customize the armor, but might leave you exposed to radiation. Modifying a 10mm Pistol to take 9mm rounds might sacrifice damage, but the rounds will be easier to find.

ADVANCED: Past and future, all-in-one. Power armor, energy weapons, and just about everything from Fallout that lands squarely in the realm of science fiction. This is the kind of gear most people swoon over. Armor that allows a woman without legs to not only walk, but fly. A rifle capable of reducing feral ghouls into red hot ash. While we might start with access to this kind of choice gear as members of the Brotherhood, it does come with one massive drawback: advanced gear needs special maintenance. A scribe might be able to patch up some bullet holes in your power armor, but they'll need the engineers on the Pyrdwen to keep it running long-term. Energy weapons need serious attention or their power will reduce over time. You aren't likely to find this gear out in the world and certainly not in pristine condition.

Fallout is post-apocalyptic story built off an alternate history. That means some technology, weapons, and armor may exist in one world, but not the other. You can find a nice explanation here. That means if a weapon was built after the 1950's, you might want to do a lore check or just ask a question in the OOC. Nobody here is going to be overly critical, but we don't want this going from a Fallout game to some generic post-apoc adventure. Below you can find some quick information to help orient us all.

Communication is in a funny place. Developed communities like Diamond City, Bunker Hill, and some others have the limited ability to send and receive messages through terminals. The Brotherhood of Steel is unique. Terminals on the Pyrdwen is usually capable of talking to those in Capitol Wasteland, though poor weather and other conditions can cause extended interruptions. Messages sent further out, say the West Coast, utilizes a relay system relying on a number of outposts to be functional and clear at once. Such long-distance messages are worth a try, but often unreliable. Couriers are often a better choice. Terminals can be found in many ruins or cities. Generally, you can only message computers in the same settlement (or nearby area).

Vehicles often appear to be little more than hunks of rusted metal. Don't assume they're all so useless. At worst, a vehicle can provide an excellent source of large scrap metal ideal for reinforcing a wall or even power armor. Some say there might be another use for them. Given the skills, gear, and a well-preserved vehicle, who knows, it might just be possible to get one of those pre-war beauties roaring back to life. Please PM before restoring a vehicle.

Cybernetics are a reality, but in the Commonwealth, they aren't something to advertise. The line between human and machine is already blurred and the Brotherhood is still deciding where they fall on cybernetics. If you somehow joined the organization without being noticed it's better to keep that secret to yourself. Should you manage to survive losing a limb, think long and hard before seeking out a cybernetic replacement.

Short range radio and mapping is available to those in the squad. All members will be able to speak through a radio comm system via microphones embedded into their helmets. Losing your helmet will, in most cases, mean losing access to this feature. Weather and other interference can make this system unreliable. Because the Brotherhood has yet to recon the Commonwealth, the map will be filled out as the squad discovers the world. Key locations like Diamond City, Bunker Hill, rivers, and so on can be seen on the maps.

Gas masks are a part of basic field gear with extra stored in every vertibird and Brotherhood supply cache. Rad-X and Radaway are also kept in on-hand in these locations. It's a best practice to equip your mask before entering unknown buildings or when approaching suspicious areas.


I'm looking for three-to-five players comfortable with a weekly posting schedule. You should be fine with writing at least a few hearty paragraphs that add something to the story or your character. Collaborations are fine, but let's avoid making endless walls of text and long waiting periods the norm. If you sign up, I assume you enjoy Fallout, post-apocalyptic settings, or both. I bet you have some great ideas, so please share them!

  • 1. This is our game. All voices and will be considered. We ask questions respectfully and thoughtfully. We treat each other with patience, always remembering that nobody is perfect and everyone contributes something to the whole.
  • 2. We're here to have fun. We all have school, jobs, families, and other obligations. We all choose to take some time to join one another here. Let's be thankful of one another and make sure we're keeping things enjoyable in- and off-game.
  • 3. Powergaming and godmoding will not be tolerated. Our characters are mortal. Even the strongest person in the thickest power armor can fall, often times in the most surprising of ways. This keeps things fun and fair. The wasteland has a way of reminding you of your limits.
  • 4. Respect canon, but don't be over the top. The nature of this game means we'll encounter some in-game characters. Remember we're not the Sole Survivor or the Prince That Was Promised (wait, wrong lore). Don't over-play the connections or intentionally blow holes in canon. If you have questions check the timelineor ask them in the OOC.
  • 5. Post weekly and communicate. If you can't make a weekly post let us know. We might find this group prefers a slower approach and that's fine. The goal is to make sure we all know what's going on and that we're all committed. That helps the game survive.
  • 6. Submit idea and be patient. Some plot points are easy to integrate and others take some work. This story has a lot of ability to adapt to the players, but hey, some ideas are so big or unexpected that they'll need time to naturally introduce.
  • 7. A note about weapons and armor. My approach is similar to @Dervish here. You can do very well with a pipe pistol or a .50 caliber revolver. One might have certain advantages, but neither makes you a virtual titan or solves all your woes. Play it cool. Follow this rule and you'll likely find some sweet loot in your future.
  • 8. Add to the story. I'm guilty of being long-winded. A wise man once sent me a PM with the definition of purple prose. Whatever your post ends up containing, make sure you push things forward or participate in what's going on.
  • 9. Know when to roll. Use your best judgment. A small firefight with a few raiders is clearly different from encountering a horde of super mutants. A quick roll of the die does a lot for immersion (and our creativity!).
  • 10. Respect the GM. Call my bullshit respectfully. If I do or say something that seems weird, disagreeable, or off-putting, please speak up. Just show some courtesy. Some questions are great for OOC, others for PM. Whatever the situation, I rather we talk, clear the air, and get back to having a damned good time.
  • 11. This is a safe space. Some themes in Fallout 4 open up conversations around prejudice, human rights, and who even deserves to live. We'll likely explore these topics. It's my goal to approach them mindfully and I expect us all to do our best with what can be sensitive issues. Just know this game is for everyone and our message will always be that everyone, whatever our differences, matters.

The Character Sheet

@Jade113 Not a problem. We will have a posting schedule of once a week, so if your schedule opens up feel free to submit a character.
Are you going to be full any time soon? I want to throw in a character, but I also don't want to step on anyone's toes because they'd expressed interest before me.

I don't go by first-come first-served. If you've got a character idea feel free to run it by us here or simply dive in and toss in your character sheet. Should enough characters be good enough that we need to accept more than five, I'll ask if anyone is interested in serving as Co-GM. It's better to me to have a strong cast than to keep to a specific size.
@Tangletail Don't worry, this is isn't first-come first-served. If you've got a solid character with something to add to the team, you've a great chance of being accepted into the game. We certainly could use a lancer. As far as the turrets go, I might guide you more toward an Eyebot re-purposed as a mobile turret. I wouldn't want to see any of those MKII turrets popping out of nowhere ;).

@Lauder A gunslinger seeking revenge against the Legion? That sounds like fertile ground for someone interesting. If you do start in the west, you can assume the Brotherhood around New Vegas reconnected with the eastern leadership. Several members were able to travel to the east, while others established a new base outside of New Vegas. The city itself went dark after the Second Battle of Hoover Dam. The NCR doesn't advertise the outcome and the Legion seem to have relocated the bulk of their forces, instead obtaining easier wins in the mid-west.
@Stormflyx That’s a very creative way to use “equipment” and I love it.
@Stormflyx Sounds like quite the character. I very much hope to learn more about her. If potentially turns to definitely, of course. I certainly hope that happens, too.

@Andreyich Follow Fallout 4 for everything to do with power armor, except that only those with training can use them. Training comes standard for those in the knight path, though it's not odd for scribes to have a vague understanding. Lancers are not trained to man them, but they're also great with vehicles so they could certainly learn given time and help.

For anyone thinking of going Lancer, trust me, there are other benefits in store.

@Hank & @Andreyich: Thanks for submitting your characters. I will be giving feedback, praise, and condemnation via PM. The intention is to allow you to share as much or as little as you'd like should I ask questions (which I always do).
I'm loving the interest so far! Expect the OOC to launch by Wednesday.

@Lauder I certainly appreciate your interest. Others have taken to sharing brief concepts for characters and, I believe, are working on full CSs. You're welcome to follow suit or dive into creation. Folks will either be accepted based on their character sheets (it's not a race and I'm more likely to help workshop solutions than deny people).

@Jade113 Just replied. Already making me bust out that thinking cap, I like it!
@Hank Montana to Massachusetts, talk about a journey! I bet she'll have some stories to tell on the vertiberd.

@Andreyich You know, that isn't too far off Arthur Maxon's background. I wonder how much of Maxon's background your character will know and if that factors into his headstrong attitude. Just thinking aloud here.

Both of your concepts already have me dreaming up the interactions. I like what I see so far!
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