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"No one can escape the fate given to them.
All that remains is the end, where you will all perish.
Eternal greatness exists only within myself.
Sing a song of sorrow in a world where time has vanished."

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The commotion had been broken up by none other than the chairman's assistant, Cereus. Joseph had always felt the slightest bit of resentment from him. There could only be so many blondies. But either way, it was time for the ceremony to start. The main gym leaders would be out on the field, while the minor league leaders would be on the sidelines. Joseph was perfectly fine being on the sidelines, what with the enormous influx of trainers he just finished fighting, he was kinda tired, all things considered.

The ceremony itself was about what you'd expect, the chairman introducing the leaders, the crowd cheering, and deafening noise. So much noise. Though there was one discrepancy. Where was Elijah? Or the champion for that matter? Maybe they both coincidentally hot sick? How odd. He noticed a few of his fellow leaders let out their pokemon, so why not join them? Ares or Athena would probably be his best bet, but with how much fighting Ares had been doing, he probably just wanted to rest. Athena it was then. Joseph tapped the button on his pokeball, letting Athena the Aggron out next to him. As she appeared, her metal armor glistened in the various lights. "Hope you like the celebration, Athena. We wouldn't be here if bot for you guys. Everyone else is either too big, or too tired to come out right now, but have fun and hang out for a while why don't you?"

The ceremony was over at last, and everyone had started to filter out, and the gym leaders reconvened. From what he could overhear, apparently the champion had gone missing quite suddenly. Either something terrible had happened, or she was planning a really big surprise party. But apparently, that wasn't important, because who cares about two missing people who are important to one of the biggest events, if not the biggest, in Galar?

As he thought, there were suggestions of what and where to eat. The first thought to cross his mind was Nordin's restaurant, but he didn't exactly seem like the kind of guy who'd treat them for free. Especially with Athena's appetite. Fiona suggested somewhere Johtonian. "Actually, if you're looking for somewhere Johtonian, there's a place in Hammerlocke that's been around since I was a kid. The folks who run it are a little old now, but they still make good food when I go there on occasion. The place is called 'Surfing Charizard'. It's even got a surfing charizard on the front of the building. I know the owners pretty well, so I could probably call and get us the restaurant reserved if you guys wanted."


To Ting's surprise, the Sylveon had managed to control the situation quite nicely. Perhaps there was more to this Sylveon than she let on. She had suggested introductions from everybody, and a few had already gone ahead and introduced themselves and some of their skills. Learning about each others skillset would definitely be advantageous considering they'd likely be working together for quite some time. But then came the question: What is he good at?

Well, he was good at survival, for starters. Then again, he could eat metal and survive off of it, while the others couldn't, so that certainly put a damper on his plans. Not to mention his immunity to poison from various poisonous plants and berries. What else was he good at? Loathe as he was to say it, he wasn't half bad at fighting. He could take hits and dish them out just as hard, too, provided they were physical moves. Anything else? Diligence? No, that wouldn't exactly be a skill. Maybe he would have to rely on his tenacity after all. He was good at taking hits, could survive on his own, and isn't afraid to get his "hands" dirty.

"Well, my name is Ting, and I suppose my strong suit would be my survival capabilities. I can survive in the wilderness on my own, surviving off of iron or other metals, and I have a natural immunity to poison because I'm a steel type. Not to mention I've got solid defenses, and can take more than just a couple of hits."

There. That wasn't so hard. Hopefully his skills would come in handy should they ever need them. Perhaps he could act as some sort of scout? He'd learned to mask his footsteps over the years, to the best of his ability, anyways. Maybe he should've included that in his little introduction? Though, looking at some of the others, like the Sneasel, their dexterity and skinnier bodies would likely make them better at stealth.

There was the distinct sound of wings beating as Joseph sat on the back of his Corviknight, Hermes. "I swear, like a billion people just crawled out of the woodwork for this gym challenge. I don't think I've ever had that many challengers." Joseph gripped the steel feathers of Hermes slightly harder, as a signal to speed up. "Well, at least there's no sky police. I imagine we'd probably be speeding right now."

At last the city of Motosoke was with landing distance. There was a large group of people all gathered around the stadium, many here to see the champion. Looking closer, Liam and his bright pink outfit stuck out like a sore thumb. Looks like the other leaders were here, too. Hopefully he wasn't too late.

He had considered coming as Eden, rather than as himself, but decided that for such a large event dressing up might not be the best idea. Not to mention, Hermes would probably be a lot slower if he was wearing such heavy armor. That, and he had been slightly paranoid of flying with it on after his helmet flew off during a flight. It ended up hitting someone's Wooloo, but fortunately the Wooloo barely noticed it with all of its thick wool. He let the trainer keep the helmet as a means of apology, and autographed it, just on the off chance he ever got famous.

Hermes descended from the sky near the crowd, before quickly being returned to his poké ball. Approaching the crowd, Joseph spotted the group of leaders, mostly due to Liam's bright pink outfit, and Hestia's Charizard. He walked to the group with his arms out to his sides before speaking. "'Sup nerds! Guess who!" Joseph put his arms down. "Sorry I'm late, there were an innumerable number of challengers for some strange reason. Maybe I'm cursed or something." Joseph shrugged. "So, did I miss anything important?"


To Ting, the Arcanine stood several times taller than him. Granted, just about everybody else stood taller than him. He was only a foot and a half tall anyways. If he wasn't so used to seeing other big pokemon during his job as a miner and construction worker, he might've been a little intimidated.

According to Scorch, they were supposed to all be adults. Well, he wasn't exactly a child, but he was only barely an adult by most people's standards. "Well, sorry to say but I think this is the best you're going to get. Besides, being younger just means we have more time to learn and gain experience."

Unfortunately, his little comment probably ended up getting overshadowed by the others' loud antics. Something about kissing ass? The Litten certainly seemed into it. Perhaps silence would suit him better. Perhaps he'd blend into the crowd better if kept his mouth shut. Getting noticed was the best way to get dragged into unnecessary drama. Maybe things would resolve themselves if he just waited.

Ting tried his best to walk to the edge of the crowd unnoticed, hoping nobody would try and stop him. The Sylveon was probably his biggest obstacle for staying anonymous. She wasn't in on the whole argument that seemed to be rising, yet she seemed aloof enough that he might not even be paying attention. Granted, it could all just be an act, and she might be significantly more perceptive than she lets on, perhaps as a way of keeping attention away from her, and to seem inconspicuous. Ting wasn't exactly all about that, and his bright orange cloth wrapped around him kind of naturally drew attention to him. A small price to pay to hide his past.
His swordplay skills are based around theatrics, and less actual fighting, though he could probably learn how to given his experience using a sword

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As the wind whipped wildly through the streets of Cloudgate, making the ends of the bright orange cloth wrapped around Ting dance around, he wandered through the streets, his mind on autopilot. He was about halfway to his old construction job when he suddenly remembered that he needed to go to orientation for the Scorch's guild. He hadn't had any trouble getting there the first time, so it shouldn't be that hard to get back to right?

Well, unfortunately, it was. With the combination of much taller pokemon blinding his sight, as well as his stubby legs not offering him much in the way of speed, he spent a good hour pacing the streets, looking for the entrance to the building. "It's supposed to look like a castle, right? Why the hell's this place so hard to find?" But finally, a bright red flag caught his attention, which he followed to see several more, right by the entrance of the guild. Now the other problem: it's right across a busy street. This would not be fun.

After what felt like an eternity of trying to get through the crowd, and having to say "Excuse me!" and "Sorry!" about a thousand times, he had finally made it across the street. The structure seemed to loom on forever to him, now that he had the time to take a better look at it. It looked like it would've taken decades to build. But that was enough about the outside. It was time to head in and begin his new life. Or so he hoped.

Inside the building sat several other pokemon, many of them seeming to be crowded around a buneary handing out something. Perhaps it was worth investigating? Taking a few slow steps forward he inspected further, eventually seeing that pastries of some sort were being handed out. Ting wasn't very familiar with pastries, he just knew they were sweet in flavor. Sweets were a rarity for him, as he often decided his money would be better spent on more important things. He considered for a moment about getting one.

He'd really rather try to to make himself stand out. But then again, the bright orange cloth wrapped around him makes him stand out like a fire type in a lake. Standing off to the side and trying not to interact with anyone might make him stand out more since he's not with the group. But at the same time, standing around so many people is bound to draw attention to him. What a dilemma. Those pastries were starting to smell pretty good though. If he just kept his head down and his mouth shut, they might not pay him much mind.

He approached the group surrounding the buneary holding the basket of sweets. Ting's eyes never met the buneary's as he reached for the sweetbread. "Thank you." he said meekishly, trying not to make too much noise. The sweet taste was somewhat foreign to him, though not unpleasant, and before he knew it, he had finished the loaf he was given. Taking another look around the room, a Sylveon sat somewhat farther away, likely some sort of official for the guild. For now though he decided to stay put however.
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