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Current I thought Lion King was a furry version of Hamlet?
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"Look New User, everything the light touches is a part of RPG for you to explore." "But what about that shadowy place?" "That's the 1x1 Section, you must never go there."
2 mos ago
Love keeps her in the air when she oughta fall down...tell you she's hurtin' 'fore she keens...makes her a home.
2 mos ago
After nine years of writing together, I had the pleasure of finally meeting my good friend Stein in person.
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“What do you call a male Mary Sue? … A protagonist.”


"Y O U E I T H E R D I E A H E R O O R L I V E L O N G E N O U G H T O S E E Y O U R S E L F B E C O M E T H E V I L L A I N"
"I figure the turning point is around the age of thirty."


Lord Wraith
1990/02/21 | 29 | Caucasian
Married | | Heterosexual
University & College | Electrical Technologist

▼ The Lord's Tale:
I have been roleplaying since 2005,
and been with the Guild since 2010.
I am from Ontario, Canada.

▼ Ongoing Projects:
► Pacific Royal Collegiate and University
► The Yurazen Prince: A Tale of Redwall

▼ Future Projects:
► Section 31: A Star Trek Story
► Agents of H.I.T.: A Vigilance RP
► VIGILANCE: Brand New Day
▼ Roleplays I GM:

▼ Roleplays I'm Playing:
► None at this time.

▼ Genres I Enjoy:
▼ Fantasy
► Dark
▼ Historical
► Assassin's Creed
► Black Sails
▼ High
► Lord of the Rings
► Tales of Redwall
► The Elder Scrolls
▼ Low
► Game of Thrones
► Modern
► Mythic
► Urban

▼ Science Fiction
► Firefly
► Mass Effect
► Stargate
► Star Trek
► Star Wars

► Slice of Life

▼ Superhuman
► DC Comics
► Heroes
► Marvel Comics

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And the award for best quip goes to...

"I was building military grade weaponry before I got my first erection, asshat."

Danke !

@Inkarnate@Lord Wraith Do we have a solid location for Metropolis? I've been assuming Delaware but I've also heard everywhere from Jersey to Massachusetts.

Gotham is New Jersey, Metropolis is Delaware.
Oh I understand that, just messing around with my choice of words. I'm not gonna try and go full on OC on y'all. If I was, I'd post my own Interest Check

No worries, just figured I'd be clear just in case. Had a few cases of people applying as OCs so better to make sure you're aware up front then let you waste time on a CS I can't accept. Glad to see this was not the case.
Y'all still looking? I've yet to know who I want to try out as other than some shoddy spider-gwen knockoff, but y'all already have a web slinger so I'm now reliving my childhood to see who I want to try out.

We're still accepting applications yes, just keep in mind only applications for canon characters are being accepted. While you're allowed a certain degree of reimaging, the character should still be recognizable so a 'knockoff' wouldn't be considered but an alternate take would be.
@Star Lord I'm really glad you were able to make the Iron Man situation work. The scene is unfolding really well and I'm rather enjoying watching the villains stay one step ahead of Wonder Woman. Whoever this 'Aladdin' is, he has been a delight to read and I am looking forward to the rest of his plot being revealed.

@Inkarnate It wasn't as good as Simple's newest Blade post As far as introductory posts go, Lex definitely make an entrance in your latest post. While it's probably not your intention, there's a lot about him that makes me think more of Michael Rosenbaum's iteration from Smallville and that to me at least is great. I can't wait to see Lex and Kara lock horns nor can I wait and see how you play Lex coming out of the Crisis. I feel like there's a lot of playability potential for him coming out of it.

@Ceta de Cloyes Single line of dialogue be damned, the description of the ship's systems alone was great. Plus you managed to get a Green Lantern reference tucked in there, so that's a bonus. I love the way you write, each paragraph is rich with descriptions without going into fluff. I am definitely looking forward to your next post.

@Simple Unicycle I always have to applaud anyone who takes the initiative to write in the first person. In a lot of other RPs I dislike it but here in Absolute and other like games, I find it really works. Your latest post is a great example of that because there's so much personality to Blade's narrative in addition to that projected through his dialogue. The shot at the X-Men/Doom Patrol was also very nicely snuck into your dialogue. Can't wait to see more Blade in the near future.
<Snipped quote by Lord Wraith>

Ahh I see. Thank you for letting me know!

If Black Panther or Martian Manhunter are still available as well then I might work on an app for one of those as well just in case ^^

Both of those characters are currently free and I do not know of anyone interested in either of them at this time.

I was wondering if Aquaman was still available to play?

At this time yes, however, I do know of one other potential player who is also working on an application for Aquaman. We do welcome competing apps but I figured the heads up would be nice.
Wait, it does?



That's not true, I really lik-

Damnit! He almost got me.
Apparently, fishing for compliments really does work...
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